College Hockey:
1999 NHL Entry Draft

The following college players or recruits were chosen in the National Hockey League’s free agent entry draft on June
26, 1999: (R) = Recruit expected to enroll at that school

Round One
Pick NHL Team       Name, Pos        School (Conference)
14  San Jose Sharks   Jeff Jillson, D     Michigan (CCHA)
16  Carolina Hurricanes David Tanabe, D     Wisconsin (WCHA)
20  Buffalo Sabres    Barrett Heisten, LW   Maine (Hockey East)

Round Two
Pick NHL Team       Name, Pos        School (Conference)
32  Dallas Stars     Mike Ryan (R), C    Northeastern (Hockey East)
38  Calgary Flames    Dan Cavanaugh, C/RW   Boston University (Hockey East)
42  New Jersey Devils  Mike Commodore, D    North Dakota (WCHA)
44  Anaheim Mighty Ducks Jordan Leopold, D    Minnesota (WCHA)
51  Pittsburgh Penguins Matt Murley, LW     Rensselaer (ECAC)
52  Nashville Predators Adam Hall, RW      Michigan State (CCHA)
54  Nashville Predators Andrew Hutchinson, D  Michigan State (CCHA)
55  Buffalo Sabres    Doug Janik, D      Maine (Hockey East)
59  New York Rangers   David Inman, C     Notre Dame (CCHA)

Round Three
Pick NHL Team       Name, Pos        School (Conference)
74  Los Angeles Kings  Jason Crain, D     Ohio State (CCHA)
81  Edmonton Oilers   Adam Hauser, G     Minnesota (WCHA)
82  San Jose Sharks   Mark Concannon (R), LW UMass Lowell (Hockey East)
84  Carolina Hurricanes Brad Fast (R), D    Michigan State (CCHA)
87  New York Islanders  Brian Collins (R), C  Boston University (Hockey East)
90  New York Rangers   Pat Aufiero, D     Boston University (Hockey East)
91  Edmonton Oilers   Mike Comrie, C     Michigan (CCHA)

Round Four
Pick NHL Team       Name, Pos        School (Conference)
97  Montreal Canadiens  Chris Dyment, D     Boston University (Hockey East)
111 San Jose Sharks   Willie Levesque, F   Northeastern (Hockey East)
113 Carolina Hurricanes Ryan Murphy (R), LW   Bowling Green (CCHA)
115 Pittsburgh Penguins Ryan Malone (R), LW   St. Cloud (WCHA)

Round Five
Pick NHL Team       Name, Pos        School (Conference)
135 Calgary Flames    Matt Doman, RW     Wisconsin (WCHA)
138 Buffalo Sabres    Ryan Miller (R), G   Michigan State (CCHA)
142 Colorado Avalanche  Will Magnuson, D    Lake Superior (CCHA)
143 St. Louis Blues   Trevor Byrne (R), D   Dartmouth (ECAC)
150 Montreal Canadiens  Matt Shasby, D     Alaska-Anchorage (WCHA)
153 Calgary Flames    Jesse Cook, D      Denver (WCHA)
155 San Jose Sharks   Niko Dimitrakos, RW   Maine (Hockey East)

Round Six
Pick NHL Team       Name, Pos        School (Conference)
170 Calgary Flames    Matt Underhill, G    Cornell (ECAC)
171 Edmonton Oilers   Chris Legg (R), LW   Brown (ECAC)
172 Vancouver Canucks  Josh Reed (R), D    UMass Lowell (Hockey East)
175 Washington Capitals Kyle Clark, RW     Harvard (ECAC)
176 Pittsburgh Penguins Doug Meyer, LW     Minnesota (WCHA)
177 New York Rangers   Jay Dardis (R), C    St. Cloud (WCHA) [2000]

Round Seven
Pick NHL Team       Name, Pos        School (Conference)
188 Atlanta Thrashers  Steve Baby (R), RW   Cornell (ECAC)
195 Chicago Black Hawks Yorick Treille, RW   UMass Lowell (Hockey East)
201 Ottawa Senators   Mikko Ruutu (R), F   Clarkson (ECAC)
203 St. Louis Blues   Phil Osaer, G      Ferris State (CCHA)
207 Boston Bruins    Greg Barber, RW     Denver (WCHA)
214 New Jersey Devils  Chris Hartsburg, C   Colorado College (WCHA)

Round Eight
Pick NHL Team       Name, Pos        School (Conference)
216 Tampa Bay Lightning Erkki Rajamaki (R), LW Colgate (ECAC)
221 St. Louis Blues   Colin Hemingway (R), RW New Hampshire (Hockey East)
222 Los Angeles Kings  George Parros (R), RW  Princeton (ECAC)
231 Carolina Hurricanes David Evans, RW     Clarkson (ECAC)
236 Boston Bruins    John Cronin (R), D   Boston University (Hockey East)
240 Colorado Avalanche  Jeff Finger (R), D   Michigan Tech (WCHA)
241 San Jose Sharks   Doug Murray (R), D   Cornell (ECAC)
242 New Jersey Devils  Justin Dziama (R), RW  Boston College (Hockey East)
243 Dallas Stars     Brian Sullivan (R), D  Northeastern (Hockey East)

Round Nine
Pick NHL Team       Name, Pos        School (Conference)
246 Atlanta Thrashers  Ray DiLauro, D     St. Lawrence (ECAC)
248 Nashville Predators Darren Haydar, LW    New Hampshire (Hockey East)
250 Los Angeles Kings  Noah Clarke (R), C   Colorado College (WCHA)
255 New York Islanders  Brett Henning (R), C  Notre Dame (CCHA)
258 Anaheim Mighty Ducks Brian Gornick, C    Air Force (CHA)
260 St. Louis Blues   Brian McMeekin, D    Cornell (ECAC)
261 Pittsburgh Penguins Andrew McPherson, RW  Rensselaer (ECAC)
267 Toronto Maple Leafs Peter Metcalf, D    Maine (Hockey East)
268 New York Islanders  Tyler Scott (R), D   New Hampshire (Hockey East)

Below is a listing of most of the US collegians eligible for the 1999 NHL entry draft. The table will let you know
exactly where your favorite collegian was picked in the draft.


CSB Name        Team        Pos Picked Rd. By 
 11 Jeff Jillson    Michigan      D   14   1  San Jose Sharks 
 14 Barrett Heisten  Maine       LW  20   1  Buffalo Sabres 
 16 Jordan Leopold   Minnesota     D   44   2  Anaheim Mighty Ducks 
 17 Doug Janik     Maine       D   55   2  Buffalo Sabres 
 19 David Inman    Notre Dame     C   59   2  New York Rangers 
 23 Matt Murley    Rensselaer     LW  51   2  Pittsburgh Penguins 
 24 Mike Commodore   North Dakota    D   42   2  New Jersey Devils 
 27 Dave Tanabe    Wisconsin     D   16   1  Carolina Hurricanes 
 34 Mike Comrie    Michigan      C   91   3  Edmonton Oilers 
 38 Mike Ryan     Northeastern    C   32   2  Dallas Stars 
 40 Andrew Hutchinson Michigan State   D   54   2  Nashville Predators 
 45 Adam Hall     Michigan State   RW  52   2  Nashville Predators 
 47 Pat Aufiero    Boston University D   90   3  New York Rangers 
 49 Chris Dyment    Boston University D   97   3  Montreal Canadiens 
 54 Dan Cavanaugh   Boston University C/RW 38   2  Calgary Flames 
 56 Willie Levesque  Northeastern    F  111   4  San Jose Sharks 
 62 Ryan Malone    St. Cloud     LW  115   4  Pittsburgh Penguins  
 63 Trevor Byrne    Dartmouth     D  143   5  St. Louis Blues  
 65 Jason Crain    Ohio State     D   74   3  Los Angeles Kings 
 76 Will Magnuson   Lake Superior   D  142   5  Colorado Avalanche  
 77 Matt Shasby    Alaska-Anchorage  D  150   5  Montreal Canadiens  
 79 Jesse Cook     Denver       D  153   5  Calgary Flames  
 80 Matt Doman     Wisconsin     RW  135   5  Calgary Flames  
 88 Brian Collins   Boston University C   87   3  New York Islanders 
 91 David Evans    Clarkson      RW  231   8  Carolina Hurricanes  
 93 Yorick Treille   UMass Lowell    RW  195   7  Chicago Black Hawks  
 98 John Conboy    Minnesota-Duluth  D   
100 Kyle Clark     Harvard      RW  175   6  Washington Capitals  
103 Doug Meyer     Minnesota     LW  176   6  Pittsburgh Penguins  
104 Ryan Murphy    Bowling Green   LW  113   4  Carolina Hurricanes  
112 Doug Murray    Cornell      D  241   8  San Jose Sharks  
140 Chris Brannen   UMass Amherst   D   
142 Darren Haydar   New Hampshire   LW  248   9  Nashville Predators 
144 John Cronin    Boston University D  236   8  Boston Bruins  
149 Jeff Finger    Michigan Tech   D  240   8  Colorado Avalanche  
151 Mark Concannon   UMass Lowell    LW  82   3  San Jose Sharks 
153 Bryson Busniuk   UMass Lowell    C   
156 Niko Dimitrakos  Maine       RW  155   5  San Jose Sharks  
158 Brett Henning   Notre Dame     C  255   9  New York Islanders 
160 Pavel Nejezchleb  Miami       D   
169 Justin Dziama   Boston College   RW  242   8  New Jersey Devils  
173 Mike Stuart    Colorado College  D   
176 Joe Goodenow    Michigan State   C   
178 Phillipe Choiniere Vermont      RW   
180 Jeff Yurecko    North Dakota    RW   
182 Chris Legg     Brown       LW  171   6  Edmonton Oilers 
185 Andrew Bogle    Michigan State   C/W   
186 George Parros   Princeton     RW  222   8  Los Angeles Kings 
187 Brian Gornick   Air Force     C  258   9  Anaheim Mighty Ducks 
191 Brad Fast     Michigan State   D   84   3  Carolina Hurricanes 
192 Kevin Kotyluk   UMass Lowell    D   
194 Matt Dzieduszycki New Hampshire   C   
195 Graham Mink    Vermont      RW
NR  Josh Reed     UMass Lowell    D  172   6  Vancouver Canucks 
NR  Jay Dardis     St. Cloud [2000]  C  177   6  New York Rangers 
NR  Steve Baby     Cornell      RW  188   7  Atlanta Thrashers 
NR  Mikko Ruutu    Clarkson      F  201   7  Ottawa Senators 
NR  Greg Barber    Denver       RW  207   7  Boston Bruins 
NR  Chris Hartsburg  Colorado College  C  214   7  New Jersey Devils 
NR  Erkki Rajamaki   Colgate      LW  216   8  Tampa Bay Lightning 
NR  Colin Hemingway  New Hampshire   RW  221   8  St. Louis Blues 
NR  Brian Sullivan   Northeastern    D  243   8  Dallas Stars 
NR  Ray DiLauro    St. Lawrence    D  246   9  Atlanta Thrashers 
NR  Noah Clarke    Colorado College  C  250   9  Los Angeles Kings 
NR  Brian McMeekin   Cornell      D  260   9  St. Louis Blues 
NR  Andrew McPherson  Rensselaer     RW  261   9  Pittsburgh Penguins 
NR  Peter Metcalf   Maine       D  267   9  Toronto Maple Leafs 
NR  Tyler Scott    New Hampshire   D  268   9  New York Islanders 


CSB Name        Team        Picked Round By 
 8 Matt Underhill   Cornell      170   6   Calgary Flames  
 10 Adam Hauser    Minnesota      81   3   Edmonton Oilers 
 13 Phil Osaer     Ferris State    203   7   St. Louis Blues  
 18 Ryan Miller    Michigan State   138   5   Buffalo Sabres  
 25 Joe Blackburn   Michigan State   
 28 Rob Anderson    Minnesota-Duluth   
 30 Pete Samargia   Minnesota   

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