College Hockey:
Five teams garner first place votes, BU on top

Boston University has claimed the top spot in this week’s USCHO.com Division I Men’s Poll.

Last week’s top-ranked team, Miami, falls all the way to No. 4, while Minnesota-Duluth stays in the second spot and Yale jumps from No. 5 to No. 3.

Maine, up to No. 5 from No. 7, rounds out the top five.

This week’s new sixth-ranked team, Nebraska-Omaha, received a first place vote for the first time and their No. 6 ranking is tied for their highest ranking ever. The Mavericks were also ranked sixth back on Oct. 29, 2001 and Nov. 5, 2001.

Another nugget of trivia is further down the poll where one team is in unfamiliar territory.

Western Michigan, in this week’s poll at No. 17, is ranked for the first time since March 4, 2002, when it was 14th.

Ferris State, fresh off a dominating weekend against Miami, enters the poll at No. 20 this week.

BU, Minnesota-Duluth, Yale, Miami and UNO all received first place votes this week.

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  • Slowisthenewfast

    Maine, which lost to Michigan State, tied Connecticut and was played into overtime by powerhouse VERMONT, jumps a 7-1-0 UNO team whose four wins came over ranked teams, based on a tie with the now-No. 1 team this weekend? Explain that one.

    • Guest

      Eastern bias.

      • FD8

        Eastern Bias? Is it playoff time ALREADY?!

      • guest

        where have the last 2 national champions come from? oh yeah hockey EAST, there should be eastern bias because, oh yeah the east plays better hockey

        • guest

          Last THREE National Championships… we should at least get the number right.
          BC ’08 and ’10, BU ’09

        • collegehockeyfan

          pretty easy to win in the playoffs when all the regional games are in the east, almost like home games for some teams, most notably the boston schools

          • UMaineBLACKBEARS

            haha are you serious!!!? Its pretty easy to win NCAA tournament games because all regional games are in the east?? That is a ridiculous statement! Any game in that tournament is not easy to win when your playing that level of competition, no matter what building your playing in. But what happened to the West regionals and the Mid-West regionals… are those in the east as well since all regional games are in the east according to you? Sounds like someone is bitter about Hockey East being such a powerhouse conference

          • Hckykid

            what ridiculous banter!! like a bunch of kids…..it’s all cyclical. every conference can make arguments at certain times. Instead of respecting other conferences and NCAA hockey in general we are subject to this endless pages of drivel. You people give hockey a bad name.

          • Anonymous

            lol at Hockey East being a powerhouse conference. Polls or not WCHA has easily the toughest conference year after year… and when we don’t it certainly doesn’t go to the Hockey East but to the CCHA.

            UND – 7
            Denver – 7
            Wisconsin – 6
            Minnesota – 5
            Michigan Tech – 3
            Colorado College – 2

            Total – 30

            Hockey East
            Boston U – 5
            Boston College – 4
            Maine – 2

            Total – 11

          • 4Hockeyeast

            Looked pretty easy for BC to take care of Miami and Wisconsin last year. Hockey east is the top division. It’s impossible to argue against it. I don’t think at any point in the regular season that BC won that easily against hockey east teams. I think they may have beaten Northeastern 7-1 but that’s a team that didn’t even make our post season Good luck to any team going up against BC, BU, Maine, and UNH because chances are you’re coming out of that game win a loss

        • WCHAPUCK

          hahahahahaha…. okay, well you won the last 3 years… what about the SIX YEARS before that???? oh that’s right, 5 from the WCHA 1 from the CCHA….but yes, you keep pumping your tires for winning 3 ouf of the last 9… I’m very impressed.

    • Anonymous

      nebraska omaha? give me a break….we’ll see where they are at year end

      • FireSullivan

        They should be #1 right now…they are coached by Dean Blais…look at their results

        • Anonymous

          yes they are off to a good start but obviously the experts see them as a classic overachiever but not quite a flash in the pan

          • BirthPlaceOfHockey

            Hockey East ain’t the WCHA…its like comparing the AHL to the NHL

          • Anonymous

            yeah right check out the last few years on natl champs…nebraska omaha??? cant find them anywhwere

          • collegehockeyfan

            just like seeing yale, Nowhere

          • UMaineBLACKBEARS

            haha well then CLEARLY you must be implying that Hockey East is the NHL and WCHA is the AHL, because that the was most of the nation sees it

          • UMaineBLACKBEARS

            because thats the way most of the nation sees it*****

        • Jacktheredx13

          they should not be number one right now. BU is undefeated. they have an extremely challenging schedule and play in hockey east, a very competitive league. UNO does not compare to BU, and the rankings accurately reflect that

      • unomavfan

        Have you seen UNO play? They are a strong, fast team who are going to do some great things this year!

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JRAQDMYBUWVI4OGXGZSFJP7PLU grizz man

          looked great in their 7-2 loss to Maine…simply awe inspiring, I am shaking in my boots……lets cancel the season and crown them champs…..save on all the travel expenses for the rest of college hockey

          • collegehockeyfan

            I think your thinking North Dakota, unomav fan is talking about Nebraska-Omaha

    • Bharvey13

      talk about rankings outrage… UNH only has 1 loss (against a very good Miami team) hasn’t lost a game since the first weekend of the season, then goes and beats Boston College AT Conte Forum and is still ranked lower than them. Meanwhile BC has lost in each of the last three weekends including a loss to Merrimack (a good team, but not on the same level as BC should be or UNH is)

      this is bullplocky

      • UMaineBLACKBEARS

        UNH has a GREAT team this year! Hockey East is truly a powerhouse conference this year. Should be really fun to watch it play out.

    • Guest

      Maine also beat North Dakota twice…………

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JRAQDMYBUWVI4OGXGZSFJP7PLU grizz man

        crushed them 7-2 in the second game if I recall correctly


      It doesn’t matter if they played into overtime with UVM because they won that game in superb fashion I might add. But my points is that a win is a win no matter how many periods it takes to get it. Maine also swept UND who was #2 at the time and is still in the top 10 which is a HUGE factor. Not to mention Maine has outplayed every single opponent this year, even the one game they lost to MSU (who is a ranked team) , check the game stats if you don’t believe me. Plus Maine was winning the game at BU 2-1 on the scoreboard and stats and they should have won the game if it weren’t for a lucky bounce of the puck with 1min. Technically BU was lucky to have pulled off a tie and they are #1 now. So im sure all of these things come in to play figuring out the polls and power rankings.

      • Benedetto

        Maine deserves their ranking. Personally, I’d see them in the top 3…but you’re making the BU/Maine game out to be more lopsided than it was. Dimmen’s slapshot goal was just as lucky as Connolly’s was. Millan was being screened by more than 5 skaters in the slot and somehow Dimmen’s shot found the net.
        BU’s PK was extremely impressive, completely shutting down Maine’s top-of-the-nation powerplay throughout the entire game, including two 5-on-3′s. Maine outplayed BU initially, at one point putting up a 20-7 shot total (props to Millan) but after Parker’s timeout halfway through the second period, BU picked up the pace and Maine was on their heels for the rest of the period.

        I’d say the third period was a split between the two teams. Maine really was off to the races from the draw and racked up those two quick goals which startled the Terriers…but I think BU responded well afterwards, playing a good 3rd period with multiple chances until they finally banged it through to tie. Final shot total was 36-30 in Maine’s favor, not a large margin.

        • UMaineBLACKBEARS

          but the stats are still in favor of Maine other then the PK. I will agree that BU had a very good PK during that game but Maine was an injured team missing 2 of their tops stars in Tanner House and Will Oneill when he was injured his 2nd shift on the ice. Which are also 2 key players in our Power Play who probably would have made the difference if they had played. Not to mention Maine was down a few other players to injury. So Maine did really well having to play without some key players against BU, maybe I did make it sound lopsided which wasn’t my intent but considering the way the game played out that last goal was very lucky to get off that weird bounce it took and with only 1min remaining, where the Dimmen goal was a good shot after a great defensive play to get the puck back in front of the net and then he took advantage of the screens in front of Millan. But the momentum definitely shifted back and forth, but at no point was Maine on “their heels”. Both teams are very good and I expect to see them both have really good seasons. Hockey East is a powerhouse this year

        • UMaineBLACKBEARS

          Plus each time Maine had a 5 on 3 it was for less then 1min. Maine killed of BU’s 5 on 3 as well.

      • 4Hockeyeast

        BU put plenty of pressure on Maine. The most memorable point of domination for BU was when they put so much pressure on offense that the Maine player tried to tie up the puck to get a whistle. Unfortunately for him he also received a delay of game penalty. While BU did not have many shots on net, especially when down 20 shots to 7, they still had many opportunities to score but the opportunities tended to sail a bit wide of the net. GREAT game! I’m sure both teams feel lucky to have gotten out without a loss

  • Hard Mike

    Yale…..plz. Creampuffs on ice .

    • goober

      24 goals in 4 games for Yale, how does that make them creampuffs?

      • UMaineBLACKBEARS

        look at their competition, play a team with some talent and then you can talk. YALE has a creampuff schedule this year.

        • Downeast of Nowhere

          Let’s just hope the polls, Jim and Dave continue to pay homage to the big market schools and save the smack talk for game time. Anyone at last years HE finals knows who the NCAA’s 2 best teams in the country were. No surprise here, the polls and attention go where they do.. Why advertise? Didn’t do ND any favors did it?

          • collegehockeyfan

            if yale were to play in a real conference they would end up like bemidji in the wcha this year, NOTHING because they play good competition every week, its easy to come out and play against a good team one weekend a month, wcha, ccha, and hockey east have to bring their A game every week, it wears on the players. Yale has potential but it doesn’t deserve them a #3 spot until they prove themselves against a couple real opponents.

          • Anonymous

            you’re exactly right but the Ivy leaguers have influence over the people that put the polls together….les face it..ecac is an inferior league that doesn’t even begin their schedule until 3 weeks after most school…powder puff hockey at it’s best

          • Aye-4n-aye

            The men and women who play NCAA hockey are also there to pick up a decent education. I wonder if this philosophy might be more prevalent on the East Coast than elsewhere? In any case, why condemn a team or conference based on someone else’s opinion? Cardinal rule in sports: give opposition due respect. If you defeat them, then your victory is meaningful. If you lose to an opponent you have ridiculed, you become an even bigger loser.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JRAQDMYBUWVI4OGXGZSFJP7PLU grizz man

        Lets see UNH has played 2 against Miami a split, tied 1 against Michigan, won 1 at BC and Yale has played Brown, Princeton, Dartmouth and Quin all at home …be serious…3 of those 4 teams will be hard pressed to win 12 games this year……

  • Hckyrocks

    For those who have seen Duluth and Boston play, we know they each have a small crafty forward with the Last name Connolly, Im talking about Jack and Chris. Which in your opinion is the better player? And is there any coincidence they each play for a top 2 team in the nation?

    • frozenfour11

      both have an extremely high hockey IQ and amazing hand-eye coordination, the funny thing is they play the same exact way as they did in youth hockey when they were squirts. Its close but I would say Jack is better.

      • BirthPlaceOfHockey

        UMD actually has 2 crafty small forwards named Jack AND Mike. The better question is who is better between Jack and Mike. That debate rages in Duluth. However with regards to Chris and Jack, the younger brother Jack’s better, no doubt. Chris has done well for himself since getting an opportunity at BC but Jack is a frontrunner for the Hobey this year and probably the top. UMD passed on Chris as well as most all other teams out of juniors. Hindsight is 20/20 and UMD should have taken Chris – rumor is that their old man asked UMD to split Jack’s scholarship and give half to Chris…

        • BirthPlaceOfHockey

          opps…I mean Chris plays at BU

          • frozenfour11

            I’d say when it comes down to natural ability between Jack and Mike, Jack is better. Mike is also small and very crafty but he has about 25 pounds on Jack and plays sometimes like he’s 210 and it surprises you how well he uses his body to protect the puck…However, i would say that Mike sometimes tries to do a tad too much in some cases(and not enough in others) and Jack rarely makes mistakes. All that said, still no mention of Fontaine(better in certain areas than both connolys) and all three make each other better which is scary for the competition…just ask. It is a dynamic line that makes people who know little about hockey say “wow, how did they do that?” Its very entertaining.

        • Hckyrocks

          I think the fact that Jack minimizes his mistakes every time he is on the ice will be the difference in the longevity of their careers. No matter what level he is at he excels. As for Chris, believe it or not, he is better in traffic than Jack. Either way its cool to see where they are taking their respective teams this year.

  • guest

    Cream puff schedule for Yale? So by that logic Cornell should never get a high ranking because they’re an Ivy in the ECAC. The only fault with ranking Yale at 3 is that their goaltenders are not better than any team in the top 30. Otherwise there are few teams who have comparable scoring across 3-4 linens


      well I know Maine is one of them

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6G52QLIKO6ASEPAGPBHT2NLXOI wetmullet

    People please. Let’s face it, these rankings don’t mean squat. The proof is in the fact that there have already been 4 different #1s this season. Where was BC ranked last year before they won their national title? I don’t remember but I’ll bet it wasn’t #1(Miami was #1 for most of the season). I doubt they even made it to #1 the entire season. It makes for some fun banter but let’s face it, the people that put these polls together just don’t know and have the privilege to change their minds every week. So enjoy the conversation but remember, rankings are fun but if they meant anything we wouldn’t need to play the games. Go Hockey East!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JRAQDMYBUWVI4OGXGZSFJP7PLU grizz man

      To make your case even more sound, how is it BC is ahead of UNH who went to BC and won Friday, UNH has only lost to MIAMI at Miami and they beat Miami the second night. UNH tied and outplayed Michigan – outshot them 48-30 for the game when they trailed 22-20 in shots after 2 periods..Its a joke, I thought the BCS was ridiculous..Thankfully we have a true National Tourney where the top 14 or 15 plus and outsider or two can square off and get it right

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JRAQDMYBUWVI4OGXGZSFJP7PLU grizz man

    Let me understand this, UNH goes TO BC and wins, has a split with MIAMI at Miami, ties Michigan, has 2 fewer losses than BC and is BEHIND them in the polls??? You think the BCS has a screwed up system in Football this is one of the dumbest rankings I have ever seen bar none !!!! yoohooooo get a clue, thank goodness for pairwise rankings. At least those are somewhat sane and utilize some amount of common sense…To all you voters who picked BC ahead of UNH get your heads out in the sunshine, do some due diligence and engage some brain cells…..

  • LK

    Big BU fan; happy they are #1 in the Polls, but they are probably not the best team in the country right now; great potential though

  • Hockeyeastfan12

    Damn, I was just looking … and people weren’t lying. Yale’s schedule is very weak.

  • College Hockey Fan

    Surprise to see that Ferris State only received the 20th ranking. Past two weeks they played #3UM at the time and played two tough guys which resulted in 2-2 tie with FSU winning the shootout and then losing 3-2 at Yost. Then comes #1Miami last weekend and FSU takes 5 out 6 points possible for the weekend. That being said I would have thought that they would have received more votes for playing those caliber teams.

  • Anonymous

    We can all agree that these polls are bogus until around Christmas and when the PairWise rankings come out because they actually rank teams by difficulty of schedule and their record not just by horrible analysts’ biased opinions. UMD should be #1, UNO should be higher ranked, and there is no way Miami should still be in the top 5 after being swept by an unranked team. UND got swept by Maine and dropped like a rock… Maine was ranked…. Ferris State was not. Miami dropping to only 4th is a joke.

  • Taloeppke

    Let’s go back in time a little further regarding the prowess of the various conferences….

    The WCHA has evolved over the years teams added and others moved on to other affiliations – this is not the same WCHA as when I went to school in the late 1970′s/early 1980′s.

    Using The NCAA and Wikipedia as sources here are the championships over the years for the WCHA affiliated team (at time of winning)

    Total Championships – 63
    WCHA winners – 36 (57.1%)
    WCHA runner up – 28 (44.4%)
    (In some years the champion and runner up were both from the WCHA

    Overall 1st or 2nd place finishes – 64 of 128 slots or 50.8%…not too bad considering most teams play in the East

    And give the ladies their due – ALL 10 champions have been WCHA plus 3 runners up.

    Since the Championship playoff started…the WCHA has been the strongest.

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