College Hockey:
Boston College moves up to second in men’s poll

Another week and another No. 1 ranking for Yale in the USCHO.com Division I Men’s Poll.

After that, though, and teams are moving around.

Boston College is the new No. 2, also receiving four first place votes, up from No. 3 a week ago, while Denver is up one spot to No. 3. North Dakota drops from No. 2 to No. 4 and Minnesota-Duluth maintains the fifth spot.

Michigan stays at No. 6, as does New Hampshire at No. 7. Wisconsin is now at No. 8, flip-flopping with Notre Dame, and Rensselaer rises four spots to No. 10.

Miami remains the 11th-ranked team, followed by Maine at No. 12, down two spots, Union down one to No. 13, Merrimack down one to No. 14 and Nebraska-Omaha, up one notch to No. 15.

Boston University falls one place to No. 16, Western Michigan stays No. 17, as does No. 18 Dartmouth. Princeton climbs to No. 19 from No. 20, where Colorado College now rounds out this week’s poll.

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  • It_Just_Doesnt_Matter

    Let the whining commence!

  • Danny


  • SiouxAlumDenver

    I think we are seeing the top 6 teams emerge. An argument can be made for each of them to be number 1. The playoffs can’t come soon enough!

  • EagleinBoston

    Finally pollsters have seen the light on BC. Posted the other day and the UND fans, even though the voters say UND isn’t number 1 will still argue about their SOS. Fine, we’re the national champions and are focused on winning again. You focus on your strength of schedule and keep cutting and pasting statistics.

    • SiouxAlumDenver

      Who is “we”? Are you saying the players on the team are focused on winning and not on SOS? Because I am pretty sure EVERY team is focused on winning and not what is said on message boards about them. The people who post here debate issues and rankings for fun, we don’t impact the games. Players and coaches could care less. And BC does not look stronger than last year. Just like every team in the top 6, they have lost some very winnable games. And just like the other top 6 teams, when they put together 60 minutes, they look unbeatable. Like I said earlier, a case can be made for any of the top 6 to be number 1 right now.

      • John

        Every team loses winnable games. But when BC wants to turn it on, watch out. Look at the tournament last year and the BU sweep this year

        • guest

          Good thing that BC doesn’t want “to turn it on” for an entire season then. I didn’t know teams picked and choosed when to “turn it on.”

          • John

            Seriously? You honestly think that BC plays with the same intensity against a mediocre team in November as they play in the national championship game or against their arch-rival?

  • Steve

    BC looks just as good, if not better, than last year

  • John

    I think BC will repeat again, with the toughest competition coming from Yale or Merrimack in the tournament

    • http://ndgoon.blogspot.com Goon

      Yeah I suppose there won’t be any competiton from teams out west eh? Give it a rest.

      • John

        for sure. I hope BC ends up playing UND. That would be a great game

        • EagleinBoston

          Like the old Saturday Night Live skit, Ditka 9 UND 0. I mean BC 6 Sioux 1

  • LincolnJim

    I think the USA poll which has UMD ahead of UND is probably more accurate. Especially the trend of the last couple of weeks you don’t get the feeling the Sioux are at the top of the conference. UNO absolutely destroyed them on the power play Friday. Ran outta gas Saturday but things looked good for 40

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_KBVOP7JEIJTGTBGPEMTI67KVLU J

      the sioux destroyed the bulldogs a few weeks ago so i think the polls are fine

    • Anonymous

      I would have to say that UNO deserved to win on Friday against UND. They came out flying and are by far the fastest team I have seen in years and played more physically then the Sioux in the 1st which is hard to do. If it weren’t for some stupid penalties (Hextall) and some pretty weak calls by the refs in the 2nd on UND and on UNO in the 3rd we would have saw one of the best games of the year in my mind. Saturday the refs actually let the teams play for once and it turned out to be a great game. Props to UNO’s goalie Faulkner for making some huge saves against the Sioux.

    • http://ndgoon.blogspot.com Goon

      Yeah! Huh! I guess you missed the part where UND destroyed UMD on 12/30/2010 5-0 in their new building.

    • Jetpants

      I tend to agree with Lincoln – when you look at overall winning percentage – UMD is higher. Sioux fans are very passionate, and sometimes passion clouds the vision. Also – UMD doesn’t get a lot of press, so they’re easily overlooked in the polls. Which is fine, flying under the radar is sometimes better. Eitherway – this will be settled in the playoffs. Unless something drastic happens – these two teams will see eachother in the WCHA playoffs, and if the hockey gods smile on our favorite teams, again in the NCAA tourney. Go ‘Dogs!

  • Wolverine2001

    think Rocco might recommit to Michigan?

    • MiamiRules

      um, you don’t get admitted to Michigan with a 720 SAT

  • Kevin

    Simply remarkable what is happening at Merrimack. Love that little rink they play in. How do you measure heart and desire? Go see a game at Merrimack.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_KBVOP7JEIJTGTBGPEMTI67KVLU J

      i saw them when they played at north dakota last year. that Da Costa guy has alot of potential as well as that merrimack team

      • BulldogBlue

        that assumes North Dakota can make it that far with their group of plummeting underachievers who major in hockey and minor in connect the dots artwork to get their degrees

        • UNDalumCHITOWN

          Here we go again with the Yale faithfuls/hopefuls antagonizing.

          • BulldogBlue

            actually read the post from J and it’s a response to that. Wouldn’t expect you to have any attention to detail

          • UNDalumCHITOWN

            His post was a positive remark about Merrimack. Yours was a bunch of ignorant BS about North Dakota. Your random stab had nothing to do with his comment therefore not a response but good try little guy.

          • http://ndgoon.blogspot.com Goon

            I agree there is no award for having the number one ranking in a meaningless poll in Jan…

          • Give_It_A_Rest_Already

            I agree there is no award for having the number one ranking in a meaningless poll in Jan…

            And yet you whine about Yale ad nauseam.

          • John

            why are the UND fans complaining about Yale? If I remember correctly Yale ended ND’s season last year.

          • Please_Go_Away_Until_March

            Pot calling the kettle black.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_KBVOP7JEIJTGTBGPEMTI67KVLU J

    looks like yale will be the number one seed and probably be in the championship but i hope the sioux can meet them there and destroy them lol

  • HEhockey

    Merrimack is lookin good. I would love to see them in the tournament his year. So far they are the only team to take 2/3 against BC. Liking Hockey East’s chances this year.


    I still think it would be great to see some sort of round robin holiday tournament in which the top 5 or 6 teams play each other. Have the games count as exhibition as to not influence standings or rankings.

    • John

      that would be pretty cool

      • BulldogBlue

        agreed, but Ivy League rules prohibit a team from playing more than 27 games I believe, and also you have a limit on your roster for away games at about 22 players, so it might mean having to have a policy exception from them, which is unlikely. It kind of puts Yale’s recent prominence in extra distinction and why previous good performances by Harvard and Cornell were impressive.

        • Hockey876

          It’s a 29 game limit in the regular season which works out to 22 ECAC games and 7 out of conference.

  • Where Eagles Dare

    we all know BC presses the magic button in March, though, admittedly, I worry each year. We’ll see if Jerry has them clicking on all cylinders when the real season begins, as he usual does…

  • Switzerland

    I don’t think Yale will go in as a 1 seed and I will bet against them in the first round of the tourney. Yale will be lucky to get out of this weekend with a win since their faithful have been talking about how union and Rensselear are wins that should help them in the pairwise. Yale takes a loss this weekend to another perennial power

    • ThetruthaboutUND

      Hey UND troll, nice try. What a loser. First off you spelled Rensselaer wrong, and every Yale fan on the site has been defending the strength of the ECAC. Why don’t you go back and worry about whether or not the fourth Hansen brother, Frattin, will go back to Lucy’s Tavern after the next home weekend split and brawl again?

      • Switzerland

        Yale still doesn’t get the 1 seed overall. They will lose this weekend to one of their fellow EZAC bottom dwellers. Can’t wait to here it next week how you are defending that union is a NCAA Title contender and has four hobey baker canidates. Tell me something Truth, when was the last time Yale played a team worth talking about. You will probably come up with something like Dartmouth or even Brown since they beat you but they hockey world would say early December if any for the year.

        • TheTruthAboutUND

          smoked you out you troll. HAH. Aren’t you the least bit embarrassed? Typical UND grad or student. Leave it to them to get caught on just trying to stir the pot. First off, RPI and Union are ranked in the top 20 and despite the fact that you UND plains dwellers think you’re the center of the universe, the polls are just that — opinions of experts in the field, e.g., hockey coaches. There isn’t a single Yale fan who expects Yale to be first. They hope, but they don’t expect. They don’t expect them to win the NCAA, but they’re optimistic they’ll do well. At UND, if they don’t win the national title, you have nothing. Zero. Empty season. Back to work at the farm or oil rig where the main thing is not losing an arm because you’re bored to death, on crystal meth or suffering from the interminable guilt of knowing that the Mandans, Hidatsa, Dakota and Nakota and Assiniboine where killed off by your grandparents and now you won’t even share any of the new oil money with the tribes. For shame. Switzerland, you picked the right name. Just like the country that turned a blind eye to the Germans. Nice

  • A_Modest_Proposal

    A series of modest proposals:

    Every year, North Dakota shall be the preseason number 1.

    In every poll thereafter through the end of the conference playoffs North Dakota shall be number 1.

    If by chance North Dakota is not already number 1 in KRACH, RPI, and the Pairwise the method of calculating these numbers shall all be adjusted such that North Dakota is number 1.

    We will not adjust the WCHA standings so it is possible North Dakota will have to travel for a playoff series. In this event North Dakota shall receive two extra travel days. However, if they split the first two games North Dakota will be declared the winner of the series so that they will never be in a situation where they have to play 6 games in 10 days. Should this series take place in Colorado or Alaska their opponent will be forced to change their clocks to match the Central Time Zone.

    North Dakota will be forced to travel to the Final Five. Sorry.

    North Dakota will always be placed in the West Region – as the number 1 seed, naturally. In the event they still have to travel to the regional they will be given travel days to acclimate. Their opponents shall arrive five minutes before the puck is dropped. Also, in the event that North Dakota’s opponent has not played the same number of games in the preceding 10 days they will be required to play “make up” games prior to taking the ice against North Dakota. The opponent will be the nearest available NHL team. Additional games will be played if North Dakota’s opponent has not reached a Strength of Schedule equal to that of North Dakota. Opponents will be chosen randomly from the top five WCHA regular season standings.

    Now, on to the Regional!

    North Dakota shall be given a one period “mulligan”. That is, in the event they play a poor period they will have the opportunity to void that period and play another.

    In the event North Dakota does not advance to the Frozen Four the regional shall be declared void and played over a maximum of three times at which point North Dakota shall be declared the winner.

    • travis

      Get a clue. UND gets sent out east every year while U of M and Wisconsin get the regional around here… Don’t hate UND because we’re at the the top of the rankings every year

      • Travis

        That is, when the Gophers make the tourney… doesn’t matter, UND goes east at the end of march. Every year.

        • Facts-Matter

          Every year


          1998 West – Ann Arbor
          1999 West – Madison
          2000 West – Minneapolis
          2001 East – Worcester
          2002 DNQ
          2003 West – Minneapolis
          2004 West – Colorado Springs
          2005 East Worcester
          2006 West – Grand Forks
          2007 West – Denver
          2008 Midwest – Madison
          2009 Northeast – Manchester
          2010 Northeast – Worcester

          Don’t hate UND because we’re at the the top of the rankings every year.

          It couldn’t possibly be that we hate your fans because they’ve been crapping on every forum about Yale’s ranking for two solid months. No. It couldn’t be that. It has to be your seven titles! Seven titles! Seven titles!

          • ByeBye#1

            Yale just crapped all over there number one rank this weekend. Bye bye number 1 for the season. Maybe your skills will be tested this weekend against more bottom feeders. Hold on to your hopes of a 1 seed. Tell us some facts about Yales NCAA tourney record.

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