College Hockey:
Boston College near-unanimous No. 1 in men’s poll

Boston College received 47 of 50 first place votes and for the second week in a row sits atop the USCHO.com Division I Men’s Poll.

Last week’s No. 2, Denver, falls to No. 4, while Yale jumps to No. 2 from No. 3 and Minnesota-Duluth rises one to No. 3.

North Dakota remains the fifth-ranked squad in the nation, New Hampshire holds down No. 6 and Wisconsin is again No. 7.

Rensselaer is up one spot to No. 8, Union jumps two to No. 9 and Notre Dame stays at No. 10 this week.

Merrimack rises one notch to No. 11, Miami is up one to No. 12, but Michigan tumbles to No. 13 from No. 8.

Boston University again occupies No. 14, Western Michigan and their 13-game nation’s-best unbeaten streak go up one to No. 15 and Nebraska-Omaha is up two this week to No. 16.

Dartmouth is still No. 17, Maine drops three to No. 18 and Colorado College (No. 19) and Princeton (No. 20) flip-flop this week.

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  • Kmeal1918

    It’s kind of funny that BC received all those first place votes when they’re not even the best team in Hockey East. Gotta love polls.

    • collegehockeyfan

      Polls factor in non-conference. BC does have a better non-conference showing than UNH.

      • Anonymous

        Its too bad that the polls obviously dont care too much about conference games seeing that Merrimack has beaten BC twice and won 10 out of their last 11, yet can’t seem to crack the top 10. How can a team with 8 losses be in the top 5????? Thats college hockey for ya!

        • Dittoheadadt

          Um, Merrimack beat BC more than two months ago and more than three months ago. I think the USCHO polls are a wee bit more timely than that.

          Army, RIT, Alabama-Huntsville, Vermont, UMass, UMass-Lowell, Northeastern – they account for EIGHT of Merrimack’s 10 wins, and none of them is ranked in the Top 20.

          Maybe that’s why Merrimack can’t crack the Top 10.

          • Anonymous

            Yea, because a road win against say BU would be SOOOOO much more impressive than beating the number one ranked team twice in a season. I don’t think Merrimack has to prove anything more this regular season. Come playoff time, they will have to prove they belong though.

            With that said, you all know what I am saying about the poll is true but you are just homers so you can’t admit it. Polls are dumb. They have no usefulness in a sport that has a end of the year playoff. And the selection committee shouldn’t need any sort of voting poll to pick the non-automatic bids. In NCAA Football, polls serve a purpose seeing that there is no playoff. They are still flawed in that sport, but at least they actually serve a purpose.

          • FightingSioux4ever

            That poll would mean a lot more to you if Merrimack was rated higher. Easy to dismiss it when you’ve got a so-so team.

          • Mike885

            The Sioux sucks! Seriously there are no good hockey players that come from North Dakota. Their fans think theyre the greatest, but in reality theyre all fat shits who suck at sports.. The get destroyed by hockey east teams every year in NCAA’s.. It seems like BC or BU runs through them and the gophers every year winning by 5-6 goals.

          • B.D.

            Well, you gotta admit that BC and BU are well rested at the end of each season having played no one of consequense through the year.

          • hockeyeast

            Funny they spanked Denver convincingly twice earlier this year out there. It’s not worth the travel when they can play better teams on the east coast.. Tell yourself whatever you need.. Boston teams have been in the last 5 national championship games and have run through ND and the gophers every year… Bc also beat Wisco in the title game last year!

          • B.D.

            Like I said, well rested.
            Vermont? Massachussetts Lowell? Maine?
            When do they face Mother Blackmores Nursery School?

          • hockey east

            Youre aware that Maine is a ranked team right? Would do damage out west. You guys just make excuses bc u know youre wrong. Well rested? LOL that is a pathetic excuse. Then again it’s your only defense.

          • B.D.

            Maine? Yhey are barely breaking 50%.
            Are they allowed to travel without parental permission slips?

          • Jim

            How come UND fans argue that since their schedule is so hard they are the best no matter how many games they lose. They obviously cant handle the tough schedule then. And how do you claim Maine is a weak school when they destroyed UND twice this year?

          • Anonymous

            Apparently you dont pro or college hockey… last time I checked Jonathan Toews was the captain of the Blackhawks and just won the Stanley Cup… guess where he came from?

          • Anonymous

            Your team has lost 8 games…lolol

        • Road Wins

          Why doesn’t Merrimack try winning a road game against a respectable D1 team first before you start flapping your gums about Merrimack. Try going to Denver and sweeping them convincingly.

          • Fear_the_Warrior

            Playing home and home vs UNH this weekend… should be telling. Thus far has season series vs both BC and BU and up 1-0 (7-2 I believe) on Maine. As a fan I’ll admit beating BC in November/December is different then in February/March. Hopefully we’ll see them again in the Garden.

    • It’s not UNH, that’s for sure.

      If you don’t think BC is the best team in the league then you’ve been doing some serious drugs.

    • Dittoheadadt

      They’re the best team in the country. The USCHO polls consider a team’s ENTIRE schedule, not just their conference schedule. Hockey East only considers conference schedule, and even then, it only considers points, not quality of wins or strength of schedule. The national poll is NATIONAL. The Hockey East standings are parochial.

    • Jim

      UNH always has this problem. They play well against hockey east opponents but they get crushed in non-conference games and in the tournament. So yeah UNH might have the best record against hockey east teams, but they are certainly not the best team in the hockey east with a losing record in non-conference games

  • Where Eagles Dare

    oh, you want UNH, the kings of the regular season, to be anointed the best in HE at the moment…go ahead, they win.

    gosh, I just wish the Wildcats would enjoy playing in April…it’s been a long time coming!

  • Dittoheadadt

    Also, 4 of North Dakota’s 8 losses occurred more than 3 months ago, and 2 of their recent losses were to ranked teams.

    • UNDalumCHITOWN

      I love my Sioux, but they are struggling right now. BC undoubtedly deserves to be #1, UMD and Denver deserve their sports as well.

      • UNDalumCHITOWN

        Spots, my apologies.

        • booooring

          But not Yale. Because you UND fans just have it in for Yale.

          • B.D.

            No, we just have it in for those who assume because a hockey program comes from “Fly Over Country” it cannot rightfully be considered the nations best.
            Yale plays virtually no one of consequense, yet is highly rated. UND plays in the toughest conference and yet Yale is near the top for so long?

          • Mike88585

            hockey east is without question the toughest conference

          • B.D.

            Massachussetts Lowell?

            Good God, any Highschool hockey team in North Dakota would spank them HARD!

            Maybe three team in that conference would survive a year in the WCHA.

          • hockey east

            UVM has made it to NCAA’s and have had some great teams.. You forgot BU, BC, UNH, Maine, Merrimack.. Ya UMAss and UML have had down years, but just a few years ago they were both ranked in the top 10. A HS team in North Dakota? That’s a joke.. How many players from North Dakota have ever made it to the nhl? 13!! That’s how many and all of them are a joke.. MA has produced 182!! Roenick, Amonte, Tkachuk, Barrasso, Guerin, Young, Poti, Yandle, Carlson, Boyle, Gill, Dipietro, Leach, Mceachern, Kevin Stevens, Ryan Whitney just to name a few.

          • B.D.

            You misconstrue size with quality. A state of approximately 300,000 (Normed) would be hard pressed to field itself on a numbers basis with a state numbering well into the millions.

            Yet, my highschool has the highest percentage of NHL players per school (Exterior to Shattuck) starting with Cliff “Fido” Purper back in the 1940′s.

            You can say all you want about the much vaunted UVM (is that Vermont by the way? Hell the state is so small there is no point to having more than one school) but Hockey East only has two, possibly three teams that could survive out west.

          • Mike88585

            your stupidity is laughable. By far the best college conference. MA is a hockey hot bed ND is nothing.

          • B.D.

            Obviously, like your teams, you have never been west of the “Original 13.”

          • hockey east

            no need to.. Plenty of good teams on the east coast.. They wait until march to run a train on west coast teams. Youre probably still rockin a starter jacket from the last time ND actually won something.

          • B.D.

            You wear starter jackets?

          • hockey east

            Your comment on the highest nhl players per school is up for debate as well. My town has produced more nhl players than any other town in the country. There was a high school team a few years ago in Needham mass that had five draft picks! Also thayer had amonte and roenick on the same line in high school. Also these guys all played at mount st charles hs Brian Lawton
            Garth Snow
            Brian Boucher
            Paul Gauy
            Jeff Jillson
            Mattheu Schnieder
            Chris Carney
            Bryan Berard 2 number one picks too.

          • hockey east

            sorry keith carney not Chris Carney.

          • B.D.

            Please look up Shattuck St Mary’s. Then realize that the school has under 1000 students.
            No understand that my highschool can compete with this team

          • hockey east

            Dude I have heard of shattuck.. They recruit kids from czech, sweden and Canada.. Kinda reminds me of ND. Rely on other countries to do your dirty work.

          • B.D.

            Soooooooo…. You dislike foreigners?
            Your world view is probably very shallow. Like I always imagined, most Hockey East fans have never been west of the original 13…. Nor east of it as well…

          • Mike88585

            East coast teams do go west.. West coast teams are afraid to come east.. Either way East owns west in hockey and proves it every year in march.. Where does it say that I dislike foreigners? I said Shattuck recruits players from all over the world so the fact that they have under 1000 students ir irrelevant.

          • B.D.

            In rank order – Schools by most final four championships.
            1.) Michigan x9
            2.) Denver, North Dakota x7
            3.) Wisconsin x6
            4.) Boston, Minnesota x5
            Um, looks like not…..

            Then why the crack about UND and foreigners?

          • Mike

            Alaska Anchorage?
            St. Cloud State?
            Minnesota State?
            Bemidji State?
            Michigan Tech?

            Are you joking? Is this the same big, bad conference that BC spanked 5-0 in the final last year?

          • Anonymous

            Well St. Cloud just beat UMD 8-2 and tied 3-3 this weekend and were ranked 2nd in preseason polls… very good team just been struggling a bit, Bemidji is in its first year in the WCHA coming out of the pit of hell known as CHA and was a contender last year in the NCAA tournament. Mich tech and Mankato are nothing to talk about… and UAA is a pretty good team considering how far they travel every weekend and the teams they play. Not to mention playing them on home ice tends to break even the toughest teams. How is the bottom half of HE looking? all below .500 I believe… with weak schedules.

          • Just askin

            Why does every poll article create a pissing contest about which league is better? It’s irrelevant to the topic at hand. There is no award for best league.

          • Stop before you hurt yourself

            Well St. Cloud just beat UMD 8-2 and tied 3-3 this weekend and were ranked 2nd in preseason polls.

            Hilarious. If top team from another conference slipped up against inferior competition you would be all over them screaming “I told you so!”. You’re such a hypocrite.

          • Anonymous

            thats funny considering half your conference win percentages are below .500 and their strength of schedules fall short ALL WCHA. Not to mention WCHA has more teams ranked in the top 10 and top 5.

          • You have it backwards

            No, we just have it in for those who assume because a hockey program comes from “Fly Over Country” it cannot rightfully be considered the nations best.

            That’s hilarious. Has anyone said UND should never be number one? You’re the guys that have went ballistic when Yale was made number one and said they didn’t deserve it. Then you guys went on and one about the strength of the WCHA and how many titles you have won in the past. You’re the ones who were implying that the top team in the poll had to come from the best league even though logically that makes no sense.

  • Anonymous

    No, they can’t crack the top 10 because…like all college polls, the major flaw is that teams that are ranked higher at the start of the season have an easier road. Merrimack has had to climb the entire season from not being ranked to now at #11. I guarantee you if BC had Merrimack’s exact same schedule and exact same results, they would be #1, not 11. But I’m stating the obvious here. Which is why any sports polls that begin before the midway point of the season are inherently dumb.

    And I don’t care how tough your schedule is…when you lose 8 games, you shouldn’t be ranked 5. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. When you schedule difficult opponents, you need to perform. Not brag about what a tough schedule you have when you win and use the excuse of a tough schedule when you lose.

    • You’re out of your element

      I guess you don’t like these mathematical things like RPI and the PWR system then, huh? Merrimack is a nice team. 10th in RPI and PWR and KRACH. Quit your crying, they aren’t that great and if they are, they haven’t proven it yet over the course of their 40th ranked strength of schedule. You know, 40 out of 58 D1 teams. That is pathetic. Now go back to the kid’s table.

      • downyear

        Nobody in Hockey East has a good Strength of Schedule because there are four awful teams out of 10 – Lowell, Providence, Vermont and UMass. Northeastern isn’t much better. Even Maine is just slightly over .500. But Merrimack’s OOC schedule isn’t very good either.

    • FightingSioux4ever

      When was the last time Merrimack did anything in the Frozen Four? Win a meaningfull game and we’ll talk. And where would they sit in the WCHA? Middle of the pack at best. Yet the Sioux sit one point out of first, being overtaken because of having a week off. I will take the Sioux against any Merrimack, Yale, RIT, you name it. They are a big-time program that will take it to the max with anyone come tourney time.

      • Give_it_a_rest

        Not having won a “meaningful game” in the past has no bearing on the quality of a team in the present. Apparently they need to teach logic at the University of North Dakota. Maybe one of your former players could endow a lecture series.

        • B.D.

          Nonsense, a good hockey program “Sharpens itself against others” much like a blade against a diamond block and Merrimack has no program of significant quality to sharpen itself against.

          • Give_it_a_rest

            FightingSioux4ever clearly said: “When was the last time Merrimack did anything in the Frozen Four? Win a meaningfull (sic) game and we’ll talk.” Getting to a Frozen Four in the past is irrelevant since the roster changes. There is some truth that playing higher level competition during the regular season will better prepare you for the post season but you can’t say with absolute certainty that at this moment in time Merrimack is not a good team. Maybe they will win a game or two in the NCAAs or maybe they will flame out. Maybe they will flame out before that. I don’t know. And you don’t know either. Point is, you’re writing them off now based on Strength of Schedule. You won’t even entertain the possibility that they could be good. Same thing with Yale.

          • collegehockeyfan

            I’m a WCHA follower for the most part but keep track of most of college hockey. Merrimack went up to UND last year and got swept. I will agree this is a new year and new players bring new teams and their record this year shows they are competing. I see that side. But what I do not agree with is putting them as ‘THE’ championship contender with BC.

            This kind of reminds me of the Yale fans about a month and half ago. They can claim they are the best, but as Yale did(most notibly the loss to st. lawrence) will have to prove that statement. I challenge Merrimack to do this, It’s fun to watch programs without much of a history make a statement when it comes to tournament time. As you can see, I do not argue with BU, BC, UND, or the other top programs in the country because year in and year out they manage to be atop the country. It’s enough arguing who is best and who is the worst. Because quit frankly it wont matter until they are on the big stage. its a matter of who will prove it.

    • UNDalumCHITOWN

      Nebraska Omaha was unranked at the beginning of the season, climbed to #4 at one point and received 2 first place votes. UNO’s SOS is 20th, Merrimack’s is 40th.

  • J

    north dakota will win it all this year, and i know they have been up and down but soooo much depth its gonna happen

    • Eagle

      like UMD, Denver and BC (all ranked ahead of UND) don’t have depth? Get over yourself and your seven titles. Big deal. BC has done more in the past five years than UND has. There isn’t a single player on the team who was older than fifth grade the last time UND won a championship. BC 5 UND 1 f they get that far. And depth? Check the website stats. Not a single N Dak player among the top 20 or so in points, goals, assists except for the kid who got arrested Frattin

    • JB

      BC will eat ND alive. I have seen both teams in person twice and ND doesn’t belong on the ice with BC. You haven’t seen depth yet.

  • Maxie

    Yale wins it all, easily

  • HEhockey

    BU fan here. BC is the best college hockey team this year. Merrimack will stun their opponents if they get into the NCAA tournament

  • Getlives

    Why do the fans of the fifth ranked team get to dominate the boards and why are they pounding on Merrimack? First they troll around after Yale now it’s Merrimack. Are you guys so desperate that you need to rip apart any team that’s not your own? You guys come across as sadistic, defensive paranoids for one thing. Besides who cares about the polls? It’s about who makes it to the tournament. I guess the high use of crystal meth in North Dakota explains it but I wish the board wasn’t full of Sioux tweakers

    • B.D.

      No, we can just spot quality.

      • You Do Need Lives

        It would amazing if you guys could articulate it some way other than “WHO HAVE THEY PLAYED!?!?!?!?”

  • Mike88585

    I’m so sick of Sioux fans.. Bc rapes them every year

    • Really western college hockey fans are sick and tired of chest thumping arrogant Eastern fans as well. For the most part the Eastern Bias of the college hockey sites are sickening as well because they can’t see anything west of Michigan.

      • B.D.

        Arrogance is a good and discriptive term.

        • hockey east

          Arrogant? Ya tell yourself whatever you need.. Boston teams have won 3 straight national titles and have been in the last 5.. Enough said.. Not to mention they smoke a wcha team every year to get there.

          • B.D.

            Yup, arrogance.
            I wonder when a team playing in the final four will be allowed to actually get physical again.
            After all, including those teams from the east coast precludes that – ref’s have to protect em don’t you know.

          • hockey east

            you people make more excuses christ!

          • B.D.

            Then allow me to invite your team to play under 1970′s rules.

          • Mike88585

            but we are not in the 70′s are we? People couldn’t even skate back then and goalies couldn’t stop [deleted]. No wonder you miss the 70′s.

          • B.D.

            But you were allowed to actually check someone without worrying if you would do time… At least in the WCHA, you were NEVER allowed to do it back east.

          • Mike

            ahahahahahahahahahha. In last year’s final, Wisconsin tried to be physical. However, they couldn’t catch the BC players. They were skating circles around them.

  • Boston_Joe

    Well looks like we have ourselves a little peeing competition boys. For starters, I saw Merrimack beat BC in November. They have a pretty solid team. Must I remind you that at the end of last season Merrimack was playing real well and almost knocked of BU in the Hockey East quarterfinals. Now since then I’ve seen BC vs. Providence, @ BU, vs. BU (Beanpot) and they’re playing much better now then they played in the beginning of the season, the same beginning of the season they embarrased Denver twice. Which bring me to North Dakota, a fanbase that talks much more then their team play can. In fact, Hockey East fans do know all about the west teams. We just consider them the teams we play after the Hockey East championship to get the offense playing well for the National Championship. Wait there is more, because sometimes hockey east will have to play a cupcake like Yale. The ECAC is the biggest joke of the bunch. See Vermont and their success pre Hockey East (ECAC) and post entering Hockey East. And just to end, all you North Dakota fans knocking Merrimack just remember, Maine beat you pretty good and Merrimack is ahead of Maine by 5 points in the Hockey East standings.

    I hope you enjoyed the truth. Go BC.

    • B.D.

      The furthest west Merrimack has come this year is Huntsville Alabama.
      Perhaps next year they will be allowed on airplanes….

      • Steve

        The BC Eagles fly eagles to their away games. It was a tough flight back from the Frozen Four however, seeing as they had to lug the 2010 national championship back with them.

    • Lefty

      Folks, you can wait until Monday afternoon to see the updated Top 20, but I’ll give them to you now in advance as I have a built-in pairwise calculator:

      Division 1 Men’s Poll (February 14, 2011)

      1. BC
      2. North Dakota
      3. Yale
      4. Denver
      5. MN-Duluth
      6. Merrimack
      7. Union
      8. Notre Dame
      9. UNH
      10. Wisconsin
      11. RPI
      12. Michigan
      13. Miami
      14. BU
      15. Nebraska-Omaha
      16. Dartmouth
      17. W. Michigan
      18. Maine
      19. Colorado College
      20. Ferris State

  • S-e-xade

    Just remember University of North Dakota is the best … always will be the best. Please read your statistics on how many players from UND are being drafted to the NHL before you open your mouth. You watch BC get dropped like a child with bad parents. WCHA has the toughest conference by far and most east teams are terrible. You wonder why they even have decent records.

    • Pats

      If the 10 teams in the HE played the top 10 teams of the WCHA, each team playing its respected rank (1 plays 1, 2 plays 2,…) then I see the HE going no worse than 7-3

      • Anonymous

        Lol thats funny… lets think realistically if they played at neutral sites and myself being unbiased

        BC vs UND – split
        UNH vs. Denver – split
        Merrimack vs. UMD – split
        BU vs. UNO – UNO
        Maine vs. Wisc – Wisc
        Northeastern vs. CC – CC
        Mass. vs. Minnesota – Minnesota
        Vermont vs. UAA – Split
        Providence vs. St Cloud – St. Cloud
        Mass-Lowell vs. Mankato – Split

        I see 15 – 5 – 0 for WCHA 5 – 15 – 0 for HE…. would love some other opinions from either HE fans or others.

        • John

          I see the top 6 hockey east having their way with the top 6 wcha. Then after that i can see hockey east going 1-3 with the bottom 4 and finishing 7-3

        • Nobody Cares

          Who cares? So the WCHA’s crap teams are better than Hockey East’s crap teams. Congratulations. I’m going to go fish your trophy out of the toilet.

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