College Hockey:
North Dakota still No. 1 in men’s poll

North Dakota earned 42 of 50 first place votes this week to remain the No. 1 team in the USCHO.com Division I Men’s Poll.

Boston College and Yale stay No. 2 and No. 3, respectively, but Michigan jumps one to No. 4 and Denver jumps a notch to No. 5.

Miami is also up one to No. 6, while Merrimack is up two to No. 7, Notre Dame stays eighth, Union takes a five-spot dive to No. 9 and New Hampshire remains the 10th-ranked team in the nation.

At No. 11, Minnesota-Duluth holds steady, Western Michigan leaps to No. 12 from No. 15 a week ago, while Colorado College also jumps three ranks to No. 13, Nebraska-Omaha falls to No. 14 and Dartmouth cracks the top 15.

Boston University is down to No. 16 from No. 13, Maine drops three to No. 17, Rensselaer is up two to No. 18, Wisconsin remains No. 19 and Cornell enters the top 20 at No. 20.

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  • Plastikjeebus

    How does Denver drop after a sweep??????????????????

    • Plastikjeebus

      My mistake I read the pairwise….

    • Jdorf40

      It doesn’t matter. The polls don’t mean jack anyway. I’m a Sioux fan and it’s bitter sweet to see your team ranked 1st in 4 polls, yet the PairWise says that as long as Yale can beat the team that finished 12th in their conference, there’s nothing anyone else can do to take the #1 spot from them. I will switch to Colgate toothpaste and buy a lifetime supply of whitening strips if they can pull off an upset of Yale.

      • Css228

        Yes but that makes possible the 5 team ECAC Scenario

        • Jdorf40

          For the sake of the Sioux, I hope there are 5 teams from the ECAC in the tournament. I’d rather play them than some of the other WCHA teams that are on the bubble like UNO or CC.

        • Nyqi

          Not really possible at all for 5 ECAC teams. With two bubble teams more than likely one of them gets knocked out if a lower seeded team wins the auto bid for the ECAC.

      • SiouxFan69

        The Sioux are racists!

        • B.D.

          Now socky, I am going to ask you to prove that and we all know you cannot. So why not stop the embarrassment for yourself.?

  • TheWeasel

    Someone please tell me how Yale loses to another team with a losing record receives a first place vote. There must be one faithful allumni out there that doesn’t care about how a team does on the ice. All others in the top 5 swept there weekend series.

    Once someone explains that, try to explain how they remain on top of the pairwise.

    • Nyqi

      There is no way to explain that. Yale is going to go in as the #1 unless they loose both games this weekend and that is just not going to happen. Sucks but they are not the team out east that worries me as a UND fan. I just hope that we end up with a better seed than BC.

      • Jdorf40

        Actually, if Yale loses to Colgate and BC and the Sioux both win out…I believe Yale falls to 3. I think that was the only scenario where BC or UND can jump them. Which is comical. What killed the Sioux and BC was playing games before November 1st. Since that time the Sioux are 25-5-2 with all losses to TUC being Duluth, Minnesota, Colorado College and UNO (X2). During that same span Yale went 24-6-1 with losses to Air Force, Brown, Union, Rensselaer, and St. Lawrence (X2). How it doesn’t punish them to lose to such subpar teams is pretty ridiculous. If you look at the last 20 games Yale is 14-5-1. With 2 losses to St. Lawrence and 1 to Brown. The Sioux are 16-3-1. Again…playing games in October killed the Sioux.

        • Nyqi

          When I ran it Yale had to lose both the Colgate game and the third place game but maybe something has changed.

        • you are embarrassing yourself

          playing games in October killed the Sioux.

          Are you actually implying that they wouldn’t have had a “slow” start if they started their season on the same date as Yale? Your whining knows no bounds.

          • Nyqi

            I don’t think that is what he is saying. Overall I believe he is talking about the fact that UND has played more games and against tougher competition like going on the road to play at Maine early in the season. Next year maybe Yale will act like a top flight team and go on the road early in the season to play someone that is ranked (Maine was ranked 12th that week).

    • duh

      you are stupid

  • #1 Ranked

    What gets Yale to remain at the top of Pairwise?? Wins…… simple wins. Their percentage of wins is higher than UND/BC.

    What isn’t considered in that mix? The team’s strength of schedule from the RPI. So, if you want to get a great seed in the final tournament, just set up a bunch of loser games and clean house.

    Computer computations like the NCAA uses for D-1 hockey can be compromised by those who schedule teams for each school. Don’t worry, though, Yale may not understand the depth of WCHA / HE. Soon enough…. soon enough….

    • simple math

      What isn’t considered in that mix? The team’s strength of schedule from the RPI.

      Except that it is. Nice try, dummy.

      • Nyqi

        But you would have to agree that wins is obviously much more heavily weighted right? If the SOS or RPI were more important than how could Yale be #1? They are in the bottom half of SOS and third in RPI so obviously wins is the most important factor and I think a lot of people feel like winning against lesser competition shouldn’t count as much as if you play better teams and have a slightly lower winning %.

        And stop calling people names, you just look silly doing it.

  • Where Eagles Dare

    I begging to play the Fighting Sue again…just another embarrassment awaits Western Hockey, and their 25 yr olds

    • TheWeasel

      Can’t wait to see BC in st. paul. It will be a hometown atmosphere with the crowd filled with Green and White.

      • Lennyak1

        Now let’s think about this. BC is 6 – 3 against UND in the National tourney.

        • GeauxSioux

          BC is 0-0 vs UND in the national tourney this year. Your argument is invalid.

          • SiouxFan69

            You are a racist.

          • B.D.

            Adequate logic.

      • FightinSue

        Sounds great. It will be just like St. Louis. That is if the Sue don’t choke first.

        • Name Coincidence, HaHa

          I hope you are under 13 years of age, because then you have an excuse for speaking like a 4th grader…

          • B.D.

            Don’t mind old Socky…. He has about ten different persona he uses on this board, but all make the same grammatical Phrasealogical choices.
            He likes no particular team, but aboslutely hates everything from North Dakota.
            He does not understand hockey to any great depth so you will be disappointed in any form of conversation with him.

            Life has disappointed old Socky and he is embarrassed sitting in mom’s basement thinking up new sock puppet persona.

            Someday he will tire of this board and simply move on to some other board such as knitting or herpatology in order to make up for his shortcomings by antagonizing those who are actually interested.

      • Duh

        you are still stupid

    • Lennyak1

      Exactly right! But somebody has to provide an education to these Canadian guys.

  • RealDealYale

    ok..so if Yale ends up going deep in the NCAA’s it ll be because they were fresh because of their “lame” schedule….if they lose it’ll be that they’re “posers”… if they win it all, it ‘ll be because they “had the easiest road there”..If UND chokes it’ll be because they didnt get the seed they deserved….if they go deep it’ll be because they are battle tested…if UND wins it all it’ll be “we knew we are the best”…Bottom line, BC is the defending champs….they won it last year on the ice, whoever gets there this year will have to do it the same way……whoever doesn’t will either tip their hat, or make excuses….for God, for country, and for Yale!

    • FightinSue

      Who cares? In the end Yale is going to get romped by a legit squad just like they did last year in Worcester. Their win against ND was clearly lucky; we all know this. Thankfully for Yale, Jerry York called off the dogs and started rolling out their freshmen and sophomores every other shift and Yale got a few garbage goals to put some lipstick on that pig.

      If they even get a decent team in their regional (Merrimack?) they will never see St Paul.

      • B.D.

        Still cannot spell eh?

  • WTF

    Amazing to see how this article comes out with UND as number one but the lunatics from North Dakota write only about Yale. Cberkas and a few of these others come across as obsessed with Yale and are more focused on trashing the Elis than anything else. They certainly are low class. The obsession is very similar to these conservative figures who are outed as gay after being anti-homosexual for years. There is zero Yale obsession with North Dakota. It’s disturbing bullying behavior, but probably what you’d expect in an evironment where meth, alcohol and weapons are as common as lack of socialization and serious anger

  • EliBlue

    Hey UND fans, what is your problem? Is all you do just trolling this board to attack Yale?

    • TheWeasel

      Not one person is going to give them the respect you think they deserve when you play a week schedule and you lose teams like you do, You didn’t even get the top seed in the EZAC. It will be a change when you actually get put against a ranked team in the NCAA tourney. My prediction you don’t make it out of your regional.

      • Duh

        yup… still stupid

        • GeauxSioux

          I can’t tell if you thinks he’s stupid yet. Please clarify.

          • SiouxFan69

            Are you stupid? You are a Sioux fan

      • SiouxFan69

        Sioux are racist.

        • B.D.

          Socky, give it a rest, okay? Its tired…..

    • You Betcha

      Okay, I’m a UND fan and these polls don’t mean anything right now.. Remember the past two seasons when UND got knocked out by two lower ranked teams? I definitely do… Who knows what will happen? All I know is that our farm boys are sure tearing it up right now, and we finally have a goaltender that doesn’t fold when faced with adversity.. Oh Oh, Aaron Dell is so hot right now

  • TheGopher

    The racists are number one? Figures.

    • GeauxSioux

      Figures why? Because the Sioux have played well in the past month and are #1? Or because they are racists which makes them #1?

    • Cake Eater Hater

      The racists? I believe you are one of those kids that grew up in Edina? Eden Praire? Minnetonka? You see where I’m going with this???? I’m going to call you Adam Banks

      • SiouxFan69

        The difference is a gopher and a racist mascot – enough said you alcoholic.

        • B.D.

          Yes, what it means is that you cannot see the value in emulating great people, but rather seek to identify with what. a rodent?

  • Craven Moorehead III


  • siouxfanforlife

    As a Sioux fan, I wish the rest of the UND fans here would quit worrying not only about games we aren’t even preparing for yet, but quit worrying about other schools. This weekend we have the WCHA tournament. After that, we will play who we are paired up against, and there is nothing that complaining on here can do about it. With the team we have this year, we can win any game we show up to, hands down. Who cares what happens with Yale? We are almost guaranteed to be a #1 seed in our regional. We still have to win two regional games, and two games after that in St. Paul. All I can say is that I hope the best team wins each game. As long as no one loses because of poor reffing or anything like that, then no team can blame their loss on anything except the fact that the other team played better than them. Long story short, lets focus on what we have to do, and stop worrying about everyone else.

    • SiouxFan69

      Yeah, the Sioux fans should focus on the best place to get drunk in St Paul. This is what they’re good at.

      • B.D.

        Ahhhhh. the sock puppet returns….

  • Duh, I’m “Winning”

    I’m a pretty happy dude, and I have a good social life.. and I drink everclear, I smoke rocks, and I shoot deer and kids.. what are you trying to say?

  • B.D.

    Hey sock puppet, using two names in one night? I AM impressed.

    • http://www.uscho.com/ USCHO

      B. D., please tone down the “sock puppet” posts. There’s no need for a constant barrage of snide comments.

  • PeaceandLove4Hockey

    why cant everyone just be friends? i mean, we all like hockey and stuff. we just think that some teams are better then others and that is okay, right? i mean yale and ND are both good. so why does it matter guys and girl? i mean, im just a michigan fan but you dont see me here going *^%$# the Yale and the *&*#%@$ ECAC or WCHA and such.

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