College Hockey:
Yale, North Dakota, Boston College, Miami get No. 1 seeds for 2011 NCAA tournament

Teams from four different conferences earned the No. 1 seeds in the regional brackets for the 2011 NCAA tournament when the seeds were announced on Sunday.

Yale, North Dakota, Boston College and Miami are the top teams in the four regionals.

Yale, the No. 1 overall seed, hosts the East Regional in Bridgeport, Conn., on Friday and Saturday and plays Atlantic Hockey champion Air Force in the first round. Union and Minnesota-Duluth square off in the other first-round game.

North Dakota plays in the Midwest Regional in Green Bay, Wis., playing Rensselaer on Saturday. Denver plays Western Michigan at the Resch Center.

Boston College was bracketed in the West Regional in St. Louis, where it will open play Friday against Colorado College. Michigan and Nebraska-Omaha meet in the other regional semifinal.

“When we were looking at the bracket and New Hampshire ended up as a 4 seed, we couldn’t go to New Hampshire,” Boston College coach Jerry York said. “It was either Green Bay or St. Louis. Sometimes they tweak things a little, so we weren’t really positive.

“We don’t know a lot about [Colorado College]. We’ll have tapes of them and we’ll look at them. We have a good feel of how they play. They’ve been a good skating team over the years.

“This summer, I was in Switzerland watching the U.S. Under-17 team play and [CC coach Scott Owens] was with me. We talked and said it’s been too long since we’ve played each other. We were trying to think about scheduling each other down the road.”

Miami, the CCHA playoff champion, faces New Hampshire in the Northeast Regional in Manchester, N.H. on Saturday. Merrimack and Notre Dame were slotted into the other semifinal.

“Obviously, our goal this past weekend was to win the CCHA,” Miami coach Enrico Blasi said. “In doing so, we got the No. 1 seed. It’s exciting for us to be in the national tournament. … It’s going to be a tough draw to play New Hampshire in Manchester. We’ve been there before. It was tough. Their fans are right behind them. That having been said, it was no different than last night with Western’s fans [in the CCHA final].

“We’ve been in enough times to know you’ve got play your best hockey no matter what.”

Merrimack fell short in the Hockey East final against Boston College.

“Our guys are still getting over last night but it helps when you make the selection process,” Merrimack coach Mark Dennehy said. “The only thing the president of the college asked of me when I took the job was to schedule Notre Dame. It took six years, but it’s finally happened. It will be
an honor to play such a prolific program.

“To play in front of a home crowd is huge. I’d like to think that the committee took into account our crowd [at the Hockey East tournament] when they decided to put us in Manchester.”

The brackets work out so the national semifinals put the winners of the East and Northeast regionals, and the West and Midwest regionals.

The field consists of five WCHA teams, four from the CCHA, three each from Hockey East and ECAC Hockey, and one from Atlantic Hockey.

See the printable bracket (PDF) here, and follow our NCAA tournament page here.

Contributing: Jim Connelly, Paula C. Weston

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  • Strokerdriver

    Pretty good setup for the East and NorthEast with the better teams being slotted in the West and MidWest brackets. Yale will have hands full with AF in opening round and how does #1 and #2 from WCHA end up in same bracket? I understand the whole number slotting sequence, but they tweaked for BC and NH they should also tweak to even the brackets…..

    • Knocker

      definitely see the stroker in your name. it have anything to do with two of the top three teams being from the east? or should they load up the east to punish Yale and BC?

      • Strokerdriver

        Ok Knocker, that is soooo much better than Stroker….. Point is you have BC, CC, UNO in the same bracket and then you have UND and Denver in the other bracket and any of these 5 could make a serious run to the championship. Just seems to be a bit tougher road than what the other 2 brackets have. I personally would rather see a UND-BC championship game rather than a UND or BC versus anyone from the East-NorthEast brackets. I hope Yale can make their way into the big game and then get destroyed by either one of the 5 previously mentioned.

        • FightinSue

          Whoa whoa whoa. Slow down. CC and UNO have no chance of winning a national championship. Heck, you’re talking about that bracket and Michigan is by far more likely to win the title than those two.

          • Strokerdriver

            I think Blais will have UNO ready to play come Friday. Either way I don’t believe Michigan has anything for BC or CC… Tough bracket as we all know.

          • B.D.

            UNO might surprise you.

    • I do not even like BC

      How was it tweaked for BC and UNH? UNH had to be in Manchester and BC got shifted west. What are you whining about?

      • Strokerdriver

        Not whining about anything sherlock…. I guess “shifted” and “tweaked” are different in your vocabulary…….. GO SIOUX!!!!!

    • Matto

      They didn’t tweak for BC and UNH. There were three basic rules that needed to be observed:
      1) No intra-conference matchups in the first round.
      2) No switching teams between bands.
      3) Host teams play in their host location.

      Once New Hampshire qualified, they had to play in Manchester against a team from a different conference. Since they couldn’t move UNH up to the #3 seed in the region (or BC off of being a #1 seed), that meant that BC had to be moved.

      There are no similar rules preventing a single conference from having its #1 and #2 teams as the top two seeded teams in the same bracket. In point of fact, it is also happening in Bridgeport this year, with the ECAC, and it happened last year in Fort Wayne with the CCHA.

  • Dittoheadadt

    What the hell does it matter that Miami gets a Number 1 seed? Big friggin’ deal. Just words, “Number 1 seed.” What good does that do them? They get to play UNH at UNH’s home, and then if the other Regional Semi goes according to the seedings, they get to play Merrimack in a home game for Merrimack (for all intents and purposes).

    Brilliant work, FF braintrust.

  • Mpkarine

    miami plays merrimack…then merrimac plays notre dame????

    • collegehockeyfan

      that’s what the bracket says!

  • Jdor40

    There’s really no cupcakes in any bracket. That’s how it’s supposed to go. This should be a really good tournament. I’m a Sioux fan, and I honestly think that the seedings went the only way that they could. Miami definitely gets the short end being a #1 seed and having to travel out to play UNH at home followed possibly by Merrimack, but BC definitely has nearly as tough a road in my opinion. They have to travel out west and face a very good CC team and if they win they’ll get either a rested UNO team or a team that should have been a #1 seed had they taken care of business against W. Michigan. I don’t like seeing the Sioux in the same bracket as Denver but it was unavoidable based on the rankings and where the other teams fell. Even Yale being a #1 seed has their work cut out for them. The play an Air Force team that beat them early in the year and then will face the winner of Duluth (who was ranked #1 in the country for a week or two early in the season) and Union (the team that actually finished ahead of them in the ECAC regular season). I’m fired up! The trash talking can be thrown out the door as it’s time to get it on!

    • Jason

      Well said

    • hookeyfan

      BC should be in New Hampshire and Miami should be in St Louis. Miami fans would travel 6 hours to see there team and BC would travel 2-3 hours to see their team play. Why the selection committee constantly makes changes is beyond me. Miami has had to travel east several of the last years as a number one seed. Now only a select few will get the opportunity to see their teams. Idiots simply idiots in charge

    • guest

      great comment from a UND fan. a breath of fresh air. if only there were more of you…

    • sioux_rube

      There is no easy road to the NC and as always there is a good chance UND won’t get to the big game. At the end of the day each team in each bracket has to beat someone to win, that being said please God deliver us from BC haha! Let’s see those Black Reebok Business Suits show up to work!

  • Mountain Man

    No way UND gets by Denver. No way. Denver outplayed them last night.

    • Nyqi

      I am a HUGE UND fan and agree that they got outplayed last night but remember we were missing our hottest player over the last month or so. Our team is a different group when Jason Gregoire plays as it gives us much better scoring balance and a MUCH MUCH better PP unit. They said that if last night was to make the tourney he would have played so he will play next weekend for sure. I think that there are a number of teams that could win it this year and UND is one of them for sure.

    • Jdorf40

      Considering last night means absolutely nothing today or moving forward I guess I’ll disregard your post. The Sioux won the season series with Denver and played the late game on Friday against a solid CC team. Denver was in a knock down fight until the 3rd place game against Bemidji. And if I remember correctly, Michigan Tech had 2 wins in the WCHA this year and their most recent one was a few weeks ago on Denver’s ice. I hardly think the Sioux have no chance of beating Denver if they face each other again. Also, Gregoire should be back next weekend which makes the depth of their second line as good as a few 1st lines of other teams. Having said that, Denver has some good talent up front. They’ve got as good a chance as anyone in the tourney I think. If the Wildcats Rule, you should stick to assessing their games because even though Denver outplayed UND last night (in your opinion), the Sioux were the 3rd team in WCHA history to repeat as Final 5 champs. Good day.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=501157411 Joey Loeffler Jr

      Keep in mind Denver didn’t even have to play defense the last twenty minutes. When they got beat the just dragged a player down without any concerns about the rules being enforced against them. Also, look at the crosschecking calls, etc that were called to help DU along. I’ll admit the crosscheck against Denver was weak but the two preceding that by UND were disgusting. Plus as a few others have said, we did not have Gregoire and we did not wear our Blacks. Can Denver win? Absolutely. Are they consistently the better team? No. They already ceded two trophies to the Sioux.

    • Siouxfan

      Then why did Denver lose?

    • Anonymous

      Chay Genoway was back from an injury, Gregoire, Rowney, and Rodwell were all out, and we had just gotten done playing an amazing game against CC the night before and we still held off Denver…. we may have been skating flat for awhile but Dell played fantastic and the Sioux finished the job. I’ll agree Denver outplayed the Sioux but look who is holding both the Broadmoor and McNaughton Cup.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CWPQZ32UR7QJOJ2FZTNK2MXMKI paul

    bc got screwed, unh shouldn’t even have made the tourney, and bc would be a one seed in the east

    • Wildcats Rule

      Agree. BC got screwed. They should have gotten a #1 seed in the East. Instead, the #4 seed, UNH, gets treated like a #1 seed and lands in their backyard. Harsh reality: BC will have to beat four great teams to win the tourney. They could do it, but very, very tough.

      • Jdorf40

        Yeah, UNH gets to play at home because that’s how the rules have been for years. You’re nuts if you think that just because they’re at home they’re going to walk over Miami. That’s a good hockey team.

      • Garbagegoal

        scared ther gonna lose to CC?

    • Anonymous

      Every Regional has teams that got hosed…. #1 and #2 of ECAC are in the same Regional, same with the WCHA, and CCHA. Only teams that got off well are UNH and Merrimack both basically having home games as #2 and #4 seeds

  • Wildcats Rule

    BC, best team in nation, will not repeat. They will have to beat CC, then Michigan or Omaha, then UND or Denver just to get to the finals. They are great, but that would be a string of huge, tough wins just to get to the finals. Then, they would likely face Yale, a team that almost beat them last year, but is even better this year.

    • Jdorf40

      If there’s a team that can do it, it’s BC. I refuse to doubt the ability of that hockey team as they have consistently made me eat my words. I won’t fall for that again. It is however a fact that they’ve got a tough road ahead of themselves. I see either BC or UNO coming out of that bracket.

  • Thericefamily

    The selection committee only got two things right – Yale vs. Air Force in Bridgeport and North Dakota vs. RPI in Green Bay, and other than that, they blew it.

    So much emphasis is being placed on the “integrity of the brackets” that it has gotten to the point of being absurd (is there really that much difference between a #5 seed and a #12?), and the rule where a team hosting a regional has to be placed in that regional had the selection committee go through all sort of unnecessary gyrations to accommodate New Hampshire having to be in Manchester and really botched things up this year.

    Firstly, bottom line, Yale belongs in Bridgeport, they earned it. North Dakota belongs in Green Bay. They earned it. BC belongs in Manchester. They earned it. And Miami belongs in St. Louis. They earned. Period. End of discussion. BC and Miami should not have been moved to accommodate New Hampshire.

    Second, Union won the ECAC regular season title. Why should they be placed in the same bracket as Yale? The two top teams in the ECAC should not be in the same bracket. Union should be in Manchester. Likewise, Merrimack should be in Bridgeport. The top two teams in the ECAC and the top two teams in Hockey East deserve to stay out east, and in both cases the top two teams from the same conference should not be in the same bracket. If New Hampshire has to be in Manchester, fine, let them be there with Union and BC.

    Likewise, North Dakota and Denver should not be in the same bracket. Miami and Denver should be in St. Louis, and North Dakota and Michigan should be in Green Bay.

    The NCAA wonders why they have regionals and there are thousands of empty seats. This is why.

    It also seems obsessed about not having a Frozen Four like Columbus with four teams from the same conference. Who cares? The Frozen Four is sold out. Let the teams decide who should be there.

    • Strokerdriver

      I agree, BC should be out East and Miami in the MidWest. I mean really, you jack around 2 #1 seeds for a 13 seed???? All that does is prevent a potential UND-BC Championship game. If you have 5 teams from the same conference shouldn’t there be atleast 1 in each bracket?

      • Matto

        The rule that could perhaps be changed is the one preventing conference rematches in the opening round, at least when the host team is involved and is the lower seed.

        I think it makes much more sense to try for geographical integrity, if the brackets support. That is, no, I really *don’t* care to see teams from one conference spread among all 4 brackets. But it has happened in 3 of the 6 years prior to t his one (WCHA in 2005 and 2008, and CCHA in 2009), so it’s not like there is any kind of rule against it.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IYD7NK6FTLB4LRMESZMPLSZIIU william

        So….Miami takes care of business….dominates the CCHA Championships….and they’re sent out East to essentially play a road game against UNH. They’re the better team and they’re gonna win this game but it still isn’t right to have to go into somebody else’s “home” and win when you’re the higher seed. I just don’t get it.

        • Markd

          William – since UNH is the host, they “have” to be at home. So either Miami goes on the road to to play UNH or BC does. I’m not too sure BC would have been too keen with that. Either way, one of the tops seeds gets put in a tough spot.

      • Luke_perlow

        they put all the wcha teams together, so the chance of a all wcha frozen 4 won’t happen again, like it did a few years back.

    • Brian the Brain

      Completely agree. Especially with your point about there being little difference between teams 5-12. I don’t see why the committee didn’t swap UNH and UNO, making UNH #12 (a 3 seed) and UNO #13 (a 4 seed). UNH wins the individual PWR comparison over UNO, has a higher RPI, and went further in their conference tournament. That simple (and justifiable) swap would have allowed the 1 seeds (BC and Miami) to stay closer to home without sacrificing bracket integrity.

      • UNHFAN

        Even as a UNH fan from Manchester I think that the BC/Miami swap is just wrong. There is no reason why UNH couldn’t be a (3) seed and all of these complaints could have been avoided. I like the Idea that conferences should host regionals and not specific teams.



    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=501157411 Joey Loeffler Jr

      Winning the Beanpot isn’t exactly a national bragging right . . . then again neither is winning Hockey East. Don’t get me wrong, BC is a great team and if my team is lucky enough to get my Denver they’ll have their hands full, but BCs other trophies don’t mean anything.

      • Dserpico

        Let me see, over the last 5 years:

        BC 2 National Championships, NoDak 0
        BC 4 final appearances, NoDak 0
        BC v NoDak in the Semi Finals – BC 3, NoDak 0

        • Go Sioux

          This is 2011… But if u wanna use that logic: UND has 7 natl titles and 15 conference titles. How many does BC have in their shitty conference?

          • HErulz

            Last time I checked – that “shi**y” conference has the the last 3 National Champions. And as for UND…you looked pretty “shi**y” yourself at Maine earlier this year.

          • Get Real

            Were we supposed to go undefeated?

          • HErulz

            Nope – simply making the point that before you insult a conference – you’d better have your info correct. If HE is so “bad” – as “Go Sioux” stated so eloquently, one should consider that the last 3 Natl Champions play here. Having such a “bad” conference dominate the landscape in the post-season doesn’t reflect well on the other conferences. Let’s be honest – “homer” opinions aside…there are no walk-about conferences, and if you took BC or UNH out to the WCHA or moved UND or Denver to HE, none of them would win every in-conference game. Believe it or not – there is parity in college hockey. Let’s just sit back…enjoy the show…and stop throwing rocks at each other. At least until the Frozen Four is over with. I’m a Maine fan – again watching from the sidelines. But I do hope that one of the HE teams win it all…that is simply conference pride. let me preface that statement…so long as that HE team isn’t UNH or BC. So…Go Merrimack.

  • Where Eagles Dare

    the question is, when the regionals keep going back to places like Manchester and Bridgeport, are the same teams going to get to host year after year?? The entire process is absolutely ridiculous…

    real simple, just have the conferences host the regionals, and let the #1 seeds stay home. NOT the f***ing same old wannabee teams like UNH, who haven’t won a thing in 70 years, yet keep getting to play at home each time they squeak into the NCAA’s

    • Suture1

      I couldn’t agree more! This crap about the “hosting team” is total bunch of manure. Really, what other sport in our entire country does this kind of idiotic screw job? The more I think about it the more it is absolutely laughable. Listen, you cannot “USE” a hockey tournament, much less the national championship tourney, to promote college hockey. This should be done during the year. To screw over….several….teams is so pathetic it makes me sick. It doesn’t matter which team I am rooting for, this whole NT set up is just a joke. Everybody should play in their own region and then send their best team to the FF. It is SO SIMPLE, why mess with this? Here is the real kicker…..you put teams like BC in St. Louis and guess how many fans you get? This whole idea of building the fan base by putting teams in regionals away from their home area is simply wrong. Finally, why are they even playing these regionals in places like St. Louis and Green Bay? Seriously, what is the thinking behind this? Good luck purchasing your plane ticket to Green Bay….or Bridgeport….or Manchester…. Keep the teams in their home region, play the games in locations that make sense and then put your FF in a location where hockey is on the radar. I went to St. Louis for the FF a few years ago and it was a joke!! Even though nobody really likes the Gophers it might be a good idea to keep the FF in St. Paul annually….or shift it between Boston and St. Paul (you get the idea). Whew….!!

      • Matto

        whoa, slow down there.

        What other sports have “host teams”? hmmm… nearly all of them, except to huge money-making ones.

        As to “plane ticket to Green Bay… or Bridgeport… or Manchester…” Where are you from? Checked a map lately? Ever hear of Chicago, New York or Boston? I mean, come on, you don’t really need to display that much ignorance. Each of these host cities is within an easy drive from a major metropolitan area; Green Bay is the only one that’s much of a stretch (and, if it’s that big a deal, fly to Milwaukee).

        • Where Eagles Dare

          the point is, the Regional host team (which can host many times in a given decade, since the same sights are used over and over for hockey), get too much of an advantage of playing near home. UNH is a perfect example…they’re not that good, but they once again get to play 45 minutes away from their campus.

          Meanwhile, a team like BC, who wins both the regular season and conf. tourney championship, gets sent away from their fans…same for Miami, all because of lowly UNH dropping from a possible #1 seed a month ago, down to a #4 seed. Yet, most on here don’t see this as a problem…

          Again, don’t let schools host the regions, because you get sh*t teams staying home…OR, change the rules…UNH should have to play BC next week, so they can lose their 3rd game to BC in 3 weeks.

          • Redhawk Fan

            I agree, time to change the rules and go for fairness, not putting one team in a better position. BC would have a huge following in NH, it’s just not that far and to send them to St. Louis is crazy.

            Redhawk Fan

  • A Duluth Sioux Fan

    Last season the Sioux lost to Yale not because they were sent out east or to a bracket that didn’t allow for good attendance. They lost because they forgot to show up for the game and got outworked by Yale. I could care less where the Sioux or any other team gets placed. If it’s their year to win it all then it will not matter. Shouldn’t the champion be able to win in any situation, in any arena, against any opponent? I would just assume have my Sioux play BC right now on BC’s home ice. If the Sioux are champions then they could prove it anywhere, anytime. The same goes for any other team in this tournament. Let’s quit crying about who plays where and why. Shut up and play!

    • Floppyrg

      I’m a BC fan and couldn’t agree with you more. Just play the game where you are sent. Too bad BC & ND cant possibly meet in the final. That would be a sweet game to watch. Can someone tell me exactly what a host school does?

      • Nyqi

        Good question on the host school? I’d like to see what that is as well. don’t Care if BC & UND face off in the finals or in the semis if they both get there it should be a really good game and to be honest with UND the overall #2 and BC #3 this is the way it should be. You can make the point that they should both be higher than Yale in which case they would be able to meet in the finals but that is for another time.

        Should be a great tourney.

        • Floppyrg

          I agree. Just that they both ended up #1 and #2 in the polls. Well lets see how the whole tournament turns out. Should be some great games.

          My only problem is BC also gets scheduled the late game. Would have thought as the number 1 seed thay at least could have gotten the advantage of the early game on Friday with the additional four to five hours of potential rest going into Saturday.

  • Renenyg

    BC fans cry me a river.
    How many times does UNH get screwed over the years? When as always they are the winning hockey regular season team and should get a east seed and get shipped out west like the 08 year they had to play the irsh out west as a top seed.
    UNH for once got a break. I mean for the first time they mostlikey should have been out west. Anyways UNH is the pre 2000′s red sox regular season champs post season stiffs.
    No matter what to be the best you gotta beat the best so quit crying people and realize that.

  • sloopster3

    It would be nice if they put the teams near their geographical location, ie, more fans in the stands. On any given night, any team can beat any other in DI. What’s really fun about being a fan is being at the rink, watching the games live. Saw a few people in the stands from Cornell at the ECAC finals……what a bust. Play them in Albany, Lake Placid or Worcester. Love going, but won’t travel more than 4 hours for a regional. You people out west are to be commended for your travel over expansive sections of country to see your teams.

  • DUed

    Man, these brackets are totally messed up…the western regions should be on the left side of the page, not the right side. C’mon USCHO, look at a compass, dudes.

  • TheWeasel

    At least Yale won the EZAC. The one thing this tourney didn’t need was for another team to get in by winning a weak conference. As for Yale, good luck getting out of the regional. Two games in one week against tough competition is something they haven’t had to do all season. I hope they think they actually accomplished something last weekend by winning against the powers of Cornell and Colgate because thats the last trophy for this season.

    • guest

      get a life. do you have your own team to root for or do you just go around telling everyone how bad yale is? moron

    • Guest

      They played RPI & Union back to back 2 times this year – both tournament teams the last I checked…

      • TheWeasel

        “Tough Competition” is what i wrote. I am fully capable of looking at there schedule and seeing who they played. What you seem to think that these two one and outs fit that category.

    • JHF

      Do you have an appointment with an optomotrist on the horizon? You’re a tad myopic.

  • Let’s go Sioux!!

    I’m seeing alot of people blasting the committee, and while I agree that yes BC and Miami got screwed to accomidate UNH, that really is the only gripe I see. Even if BC could play CC in Manchester it still would have to play UND in the semi-finals. So I hope they get rid of host schools starting next year cuz when a 4 seed is accomidated instead of the 1 seed we have a problem.

  • cyclops2013

    All these comments are great and can be summed up like such:
    BC and Miami Fans get screwed. It’s not so much who they play as it is the location. It would, in most people’s minds, make more sense if Boston played in New Hampshire and Miami played in St. Louis. But whatever, just get over it. The brackets are set and they’re not going to change because fans keep complaining. Wait until the weekend is over. Then everyone can debate about the Frozen Four for two weeks.

  • Anonymous

    Many of you keep repeating that “PairWise is the selection system”!!! DUH!!! What I, and others, say is that PairWise does not take Strength of Schedule into consideration at a high enough level. That works to the favor of HE teams that do not play the same, high-concentration of top level competition year-in & year-out. This is just one year, but over the past decades, Western teams traditionally play more top-level teams. Its a fact! Taking an average of PWR, RPI, KRACH, USCHO & USA TODAY, here are the rankings:
    TEAM AVG Rank
    1 UND 1.4
    2 BC 2.2
    3 YAL 2.6
    4 MI 4.8
    5 MIA 5.0
    6 DU 5.4
    7 MER 7.2
    8 UNI 8.4
    9 UMD 9.4
    10 ND 9.4
    11 UNH 11.0
    12 WMI 12.2
    13 UNO 12.6
    14 CC 13.8
    15 RPI 19.0
    16 AF 26.3

    And here are the brackets after eliminating 1st round inter-conference matchups & UNH host:
    East Regional:
    1 YALE
    4 CC
    2 DU
    3 UNH

    West Regional
    1 MI
    4 UNO
    2 MIA
    3 UMD

    MidEast Regional
    1 BC
    4 RPI
    2 MER
    3 ND

    MidWest Regional
    1 UND
    4 AF
    2 UNION
    3 WMI

    looks a lot more representative of what the actual team strem/league strengths were this season! Oh, well, enough effing-off & back to working for myself! Have fun and looking forward to some great HOCKEY!!!

  • Grover

    I’m a little confused why you all think teams should play so close to home in the post season…if that was the case it would just be conference rematches. Or we could send the four regional/conference winners from across the country to St.Paul Yale vs Miami BC vs UND. NOT! Good teams have to win anywhere. With a field of 16 teams there are no bad squads and anyone has a chance.

    • Matto

      Why should they play close to home?

      For starters, funds are not unlimited. For another, the NCAA doesn’t much like having a tournament before empty seats.

      This isn’t basketball, with a huge TV contract, millions of fan, and full (after the first weekend) 20,000 seat arenas. Yale and New Hampshire shelled out to be hosts, and that shelling out comes with a string attached: their team gets in, it plays in the host venue. In current economic circumstances, that trade-off is acceptable. IF the tournament ever becomes large enough to get a basketball-style contract (not exactly likely), then things can changes.

  • Mike

    Go Air Force!!

  • Little Big Man

    Little Big Man say Denver going to decimate Souix.

  • Djohnson_19

    UND should have got the overall number one seed noughf said


    CC is gonna take down BC

  • http://twitter.com/topherbaron Topher Baron

    Here are my thoughts…I don’t want to ever see conference rivals play in the first round, period! We can’t complain on what the committee did, because it’s straight by the book…I worked it out on Saturday night after the games, and it came out to be identical to what I thought it would be. As a UMD fan, I expected them to end up in Yale’s regional in Bridgeport. But you couldn’t have UNH playing BC first round, so there you have it.

    If you are not a host team for a regional, you should simply be expecting to travel, and if you don’t, consider yourselves fortunate. Look at UND, they have to travel 9 hours to Green Bay to get to their so called “home site”. BC fan is worried because they have a tough road, but all the teams do. And if they are the team that they’re supposed to be, it won’t be a problem. So, book your tickets to St. Paul. And if UND is there, expect mayhem and a bigger home ice advantage than you saw in any of the regionals.

  • Anonymous

    RPI vs. Union for the national championship! Yes!

    • GeauxSioux

      I had no choice but to like this.

      • B.D.

        It does contain a certain air of “Optomism…”

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