College Hockey:
Hockey East reprimands coaches Cronin, Parker

Hockey East announced Thursday that it had written letters of reprimand to Northeastern head coach Greg Cronin and Boston University head coach Jack Parker for their actions following the March 13 quarterfinal game at Agganis Arena.

Post-game that night, Cronin and Parker allegedly had a face-to-face argument on the ice and the referees had to separate the two.

Both coaches have acknowledged that their behavior was inappropriate and all parties involved have issued appropriate apologies.

The reprimands were issued jointly by Hockey East commissioner Joe Bertagna and Massachusetts director of athletics John McCutcheon, the chair of the Hockey East Executive Committee.

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  • Blueliner

    Coach Parker’s behavior was inappropriate? My, oh my. I am shocked. Although if you look at how he has acted the last 20 years or so of his career, intimidation and bullying are part of his portfolio.

    • James

      Wow. You’re retarded.

      • Yorkfanclub

        Parker’s style of coaching my rub certain people the wrong way, but he is a legend in college hockey. Of course this never would have happened had Cronin not been such a scumbag. I don’t know if the official report of the referees telling only the NU players to leave the ice before the handshake for no aparrent reason is true. It doesn’t quite add up. Parker was upset because a his season was ended by a dirty coach with dirty players who insulted him and his team and the fans by not shaking hands and then proceeded to acost one of his players. Parker should have done Hockey East (and all of college hockey) a favor and punched that piece of garbage Cronin in the face.

        • Until Proven

          At least Cronin has a pretty good job… I assume you collect garbage for a living.

          • eglsfn

            Haha not for long he doesn’t. BU sucks, NU sucks. BC has dominated for the past decade and will continue this decade. Parker is just an angry old man who doesn’t belong in college hockey. NU plays dirty and everyone knows it, but the better team came through again and is gonna win another title.

            GO EAGLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • BC sucks

            Cc 8 BC 4?

        • Cantusespaces?

          Hey there bitter BU fan, good to hear from you.

        • Billy

          You are pretty tough behind a keyboard buddy. Cronin would kick your sorry behind after he kicked old man Parker’s. Take the time and drive down to Mathews Arena, and call Cronin garbage. His doors always open tough guy.

      • Jim

        That is such a terrible thing to say to someone or in general

    • neely

      I’m sure that hardly anyone remembers coach parker grabbing a referee by his jersey and pulling him back toward the bench at UNH. Oddly enough the referee threw him out of that game, weird. haha Can anyone else name a coach in Hockey East that has actually grabbed a ref and yanked him back to the bench other than “legendary” coach parker?

      • Croninisinnocent?

        I’ll bet I can name a coach who has been involved in 3 separate instances of cheating.

      • nhhkydad

        Not only did he get thrown out of that game but he also was suspended for the next game. and where was he the next night? up in the school’s pressbox feading info by mic and headphones down to the bench – thrown out again!!!

  • Bruce Crowder

    Cronin getting into a public argument with a legendary coach, post recruiting scandal…isn’t this enough from this guy? Northeastern may be a program on the rise, but if they are going to allow Cronin to be the face of the program it is truly embarassing.

    • L4x16

      A BU player hits one of your players after time expires who is chasing down BU’s last desperate shot from the red line? I think i’d rather my coach stand up for me… no point to finish your check there after time expires, cheap shot from a frustrated team

    • Timosullivanxbhs

      whats up speed racer? Have n you yet to realize that everybody else has moved on and is content with cronin

    • GoNU

      Good call on this being speed racer. Funny how he never mentions that Cronin got NU into the Garden twice in 3 years, has had the best teams in years, and the fact that his boy Crowder is out of the game completely. So much bitterness just because he’s a fan who wants to be important and involved and the current staff didn’t care.

      • Sngators

        Maybe Lowell or Providence will bring Crowder back, that would be interesting.

  • DMC Boston

    Parker is losing it….

  • Jnyc68

    Parker may be a legend, but he and his teams have been successful by being talented and well coached, but wrapped in a mean-spirited, bad sportsmanship, bullying philosphy that starts and ends with Parker.
    The real legend in Hockey East is Jerry York and he has more wins then Parker, more National Titles then Parker and has done it with class. Time to retire Jackie.

    • Murphhc16


    • Cyberump

      That is SO true, just one MORE reason why I hate BU. I remember a few years ago when BC payed BU in the regional Final! That was the night I lost ANY respect I had for Jack Parker. BC was in control late in the 3rd with a 5-0 lead, and the BU players knowing it was over started taking cheap shot after cheap shot at the BC players( not just opinion, they kept getting called for it) And Coach York, who never says much at one point during the nonsense, got up on the boards and just looked at parker as if to ask ” hey. are you gonna do something about this or not”? and parker just stood there , arms folded and ignored York letting the carnage continue. totally classless!!!

      • Unhockey

        Same thing happened against UNH at the Walter Brown. UNH came from behind and was winning 5-2. Parker sent Freddy Meyer out with 50 seconds left in the game. He skated right up behind Darren Haydar (who was the best player in the country at the time) and well away from the puck, chopped him in the back of the legs. From the bench Meyer made a b-line right to Haydar. It was obviously an intentional penalty with not even a play on the puck in between. Up to that point, it was the most disgusting, intentional dirty “play” I had ever seen on the ice. That was the day I became a defacto BC fan. That and the frat boys throwing trash at Mike Ayers while he was in his crease.

      • Blueliner

        I remember that game. It was in Worcester at the DCU.[ It may have been called the Centrum in those days]. You have described it accurately.

      • not_a_fan

        I lost respect for Jerry York when he gave a scholarship to Ulf Samuelsson’s son; already that apple isn’t falling very far from the tree. Hard to explain why Jerry York would want anything to do with a second-liner who got kicked off “Classless” Parker’s squad for disciplinary violations, if he were indeed as classy as you make him out. York and Parker are both hockey legends and fiery competitors, but don’t for a second pretend that York is some kind of saint.

    • DaveDan

      I could not disagree more. Your postulation about Parker’s ‘bullying…..’ is unsubstantiated.

      Both York and Parker are legendary. Parker runs a tight ship noted by disciplinary actions to players that do not adhere to his player conduct policy. Top notch and lesser players alike. I don’t see that same level of personal conduct player discipline with York’s teams. In the last year there was the car crash / alcohol incident involving BC hockey players – no action followed. Also, York has agreed to bring Saponari to BC following his boot off the BU program. York did not even place a courtesy call to Parker ahead of the Saponari ‘recruitment’ announcement. That, I am told, set Parker off. The “right” classy action, IMO is a conversation initiated by York with Parker. Saponari was later denied by BC admissions office. Job well done York.


  • Jimist47

    Parker, the head of Boston Hockey Mafia, gets into a tiff with Greg Cronin. What would the monsignour say?

  • NU’92, BUMed ’97

    Clendening (a BU Frosh, I mispell his name all the time) put in a late hit after game 3 that mike milbury would be proud. He was pulled off by the refs (who at this point decided to separate the two teams and told NU to forgo the handshake and hit the showers). Clendening stopped by the NU bench and said something like “Way to pull your pu$$ies off the ice..” to Cronin (I heard him say it, I was in 103 B, 2). Cronin grabbed his arm (which anyone could see pissed off Parker), and told him it was the refs decision and that he should shut his mouth or something like that (It was probably more colorful but the NU fan section was making more noise at that point then in the entire series and I couldn’t here it). Likewise, I couldn’t hear what Parker or Cronin were yelling directly at each other when at center ice, but they both said it stemmed from the CONFUSION surrounding the end of the game.

    To show their sportsmanship, Cronin shook the BU players hands off ice, and Parker shook the NU players hands off ice. Should the couches be repremanded? Yes, it looked bad. Should people be calling for their jobs?…. No. This is hockey people, remember that. Keep your politics off the ice….

    • BU93

      Until Proven,

      I was on the opposite side of the side (and most likely rooting interest), and you’ve got it right. This was at the end of what was essentially a 5 game series, and an emotional one to boot. Emotions got a bit carried away, but what happened in the end- the coaches HUGGED each other and each coach gave best wishes to the other team (though Cronin did do it on the ice).

      I fault the refs more than the coaches or the players. This ended within a half hour of the end of the game. It should have stayed that way.

  • Adevita2003

    For those commenting on this who weren’t at the game to see what happened is a joke. You have no idea what you’re talking about…Cheap shot by Clendenig…Cronin goes after said player and has to be restrained. Parker really didn’t do anything except yell over at Cronin to find out what was going on…5 Seconds later, the 2 coaching were hugging…Northeastern players left the ice gesturing classlessly towards BU players and fans. I don’t know, but I saw it with my own 2 eyes, and Jack wasn’t the one at fault here…

  • Adevita2003

    And by the way, people said Parker was losing it prior to 2009 too…How quickly people forget.

  • Douglas

    Too bad Parker’s heart surgery was successful. Only way he’ll retire is following death.

  • Jrobishaw

    Parker grabbed a ref last year and should of been suspended.He;s been intimidating refs for years.you,ll never see York do that.

  • BSIM

    Two best Hockey coaches in Boston are Jerry York and Ted Donato.

    Unlike Parker, both these coaches play clean and are good men.

    Donato may have the toughest admissions department on the planet, but he will win soon.

    • HelmetHead

      Toughest admission department on the planet? I’m so tired of that excuse. That’s true for regular students, but not athletes. I spent twelve years working at a Mass. prep-school that sent tons of kids to play college hockey, and my ex-girlfriend worked in the Harvard admission office. Getting a recruited athlete into Harvard is no different than it is for Yale, Colgate, BC, RPI, Union, or tons of other schools that have some academic standards. True, it’s not the same as Lake State or Niagara, but Harvard fans need to stop making excuses for their program by blaming their admission office.

  • Sioux8834

    Coach Parker, for all his success, is a disgrace to NCAA hockey because he so willingly displays blatant disrespect for the competition and incredibly poor sportsmanship. This is what I have come to know him for, more so than his victories. Not only is he a horrible ambassador to the game, but he clearly promotes that same lack of sportsmanship and respect in his players.

    As a North Dakota fan, I am no big supporter of BC. They have been in our path too often and we have not always been the victor. You compare a guy like Jerry York to Jack Parker though. York has been more successful overall. He has been more consistent with that success. And he has been a constant example of class and sportsmanship on and off the ice. There is a reason that even his rivals, like us at North Dakota, have great respect for him. Parker? The guy is simly a disgrace…

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=501157411 Joey Loeffler Jr

      I’m sorry, being a UND fan myself, I can’t help but remember Hakstol standing over the boards flipping off the refs. Sometimes people get emotional . . . thats a human response. Has Parker crossed the line before? Yes. Is a verbal argument with another coach a huge deal? No.

  • HelmetHead

    And that letter of reprimand is now sitting, unread, in Jack Parker’s secretary’s trash bin. What a bunch of crap this is. Parker has been a classless jackass for years. His complete lack of sportsmanship is an embarrassment (although unfortunately all-too-common in sports in this day and age). Will Hockey East ever do anything about it? No. A letter of reprimand isn’t even enough to merit the term “slap on the wrist.” It’s NOTHING. Hockey East is making a bogus show while continuing to kiss Parker’s ass because all they care about is wins and not sportsmanship.

  • Morty631

    I covered UNH hockey for six years and interviewed Parker once. I caught and complimented him for deliberately delaying line changes (which I thought was clever at the time because it drove Umile insane) and all Parker had to say to me was, “Who the F*** are you? I didn’t do anything”. I don’t expect anyone to enjoy being interviewed, but I do expect basic human respect, whick Parker clearly lacks. There were no winks or nudges and after that moment he wouldn’t give me the time of day. Perhaps he misunderstood, but I think it more likely that he’s just an unhappy person that wears corrective shoes. Umile, even when angry and frustrated managed to be professional and respectful, like the rest of HE.

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