College Hockey:
Falling short of title a ‘failure’ for North Dakota, LaPoint says

— This was not the way North Dakota’s season was supposed to end in the eyes of any Fighting Sioux player, coach or fan. In fact, coach Dave Hakstol never envisioned it coming to an end.

“Regardless of how, I didn’t think it was going to end,” Hakstol said after his team’s 2-0 loss to Michigan in the Frozen Four semifinals Thursday at the Xcel Energy Center.

The University of Michigan Wolverines defeated the University of North Dakota 2-0 (EN) in the second semi-final of the 2011 Frozen Four at Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, Minnesota. (Melissa Wade)

Michigan's Shawn Hunwick stops North Dakota's Jason Gregoire (photo: Melissa Wade).

“I’m just going to be bluntly honest. I don’t think anyone in our locker room even considered it the option of losing down the stretch.”

And for the seven seniors who missed their shot at a national title, the end came abruptly. Assistant captain and senior Derrick LaPoint spoke for the group that includes Chay Genoway, Matt Frattin, Evan Trupp, Brad Malone, Brent Davidson and Jake Marto.

“Can you even put it into words?” LaPoint said. “The group of guys I’m graduating with are some of my best friends and for them to not win a national championship is heartbreaking.

“We were trying to win a national championship and we didn’t do it. And to not do it is a failure, at least in my mind.”

LaPoint sat at the press conference with his Sioux jersey still on with his pads on underneath. He said one of the toughest parts of coping with the loss will be removing the sweater.

“It will definitely take a long time for me to take this jersey off because it’s something I’ve worn with pride my entire career,” LaPoint said.

Genoway talked at Wednesday’s press conference about joining the current senior class before the season after he received a medical redshirt for a concussion he suffered in November 2009.

“For the senior class to take me in has been a pretty cool thing,” said Genoway, the only member of the UND team that played Michigan in the 2007 regional finals. “It’s a group of six guys that’s pretty tight-knit so it was tough to fit in.”

The core group of seniors finished 109-48-20 as a class with two Frozen Four appearances, two WCHA Final Five titles and a WCHA regular season championship.

Unable to finish

The Sioux had multiple chances throughout the entire 60 minutes to tie the game and take the lead but a combination of missed opportunities, a little puck luck and a phenomenal 40-save performance by Michigan goaltender Shawn Hunwick kept the puck out the Wolverines’ goal.

“It’s just one of those nights where the bounces weren’t going your way,” said center Corban Knight. “It’s just unfortunate that tonight had to be one of those nights.”

The Sioux trailed from the 13:26 point of the first period on but never felt nervous down a goal until Scooter Vaughan’s empty-net goal in the final minute.

“There was no tension,” LaPoint said. “There was nobody gripping their sticks too tight. Everybody was loose. Everybody felt confident the entire game.”

Added Hakstol: “Until the final buzzer, we thought we had an opportunity to win the game. There was not one minute or one second throughout the third period where any doubt crept in.”

The Sioux were shut out for 61:39 from Jake Marto’s goal with 1:39 left in the regional final against Denver until the end of Thursday’s game. It was the fourth-longest scoring drought of the season. UND went 91 minutes and nine seconds without a goal from Oct. 29 to Nov. 5 when it was shut out by Denver and took half a game to score against Minnesota-Duluth the following Friday.

Et cetera

Michigan put only three shots on goal in the second period, the fewest allowed by UND in a period all season. … The last time the Sioux were scoreless through two periods was in a Jan. 28 loss to Colorado College that ended 4-2.

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  • suesuck

    where are all the suzy fans now?

    • UNDnursing

      cool name you retarded troll

      • sioux whine

        Proving yet again that those who dish it out the most can’t take it in return. Still whining to the very end. I expected nothing less of the Sioux fans.

    • Chad Jensen


    • high on winning

      I think the Sioux fans are busy travelling back to North Dakota. Doesn’t appear as though you know what that would be like.

  • MavHockey14

    Enjoying our season and reminiscing on how wonderful it was to watch this team, and its seniors for four years.

  • gophfan156

    The Sioux had a strong team this season and I thought they were going to take it all. I respect their coach and their players. I don’t respect their loudmouthed, drunken fans who my family had to put up with at the WCHA Final Five. It was good to see them shut their traps tonight, and go home with their tails between their legs.

    • Chad Jensen

      At least we had enough game to be able to open our traps where are you the big 10 mens volleyball faggy four!

    • fluidguy

      @ Chad Jensen
      You’re an idiot and did a wonderful job of making gopherfan156′s point for him/her and a real class A moron if Chad Jensen is your real name.

    • Cyril Figgus

      As someone who was treated like crap by the Minnesota fans at the 2005 Regional, I have to say, “Go F Yourself”.

  • Where Eagles Dare

    wow, the SUE trolls, most classless in College Hockey, are no where to be seen. My only regret is that we didn’t get a chance to take them out, again, this year.

    They’re the Notre Dame football fans types, of hockey…living in the past !

  • Roben

    Pretty sure the senior class won the WCHA regular season championship in 2008-9, which includes this senior class.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QD7KSGIYMAEFXG7Z3S6CBUEAOM John Smith

    They can dish it but clearly the can’t take. The rude Sioux fans are constantly prowling the ECAC and Atlantic hockey blogs, where all the say is east hockey is trash, the Sioux are the best. Well look at this, North Dakota is out and their championship season has come to a close. They insult other leagues blogs for no reason at all except to just show how ignorant Grand Forks North Dakota is. Can anyone say karma?

    • SiouxAlumDenver

      Except we made the Frozen Four. Losing to Michigan is not exactly a bad loss. Karma has nothing to do with it. You honestly think the fans and people who post on here control the outcome of a game? That somehow if someone says something bad about the ECAC that karma will get the team? You are the ignorant one. Where did your team end up this year? I bet they have been playing golf for weeks. Get over it. The Sioux completely dominated that game and it took a career game from the Michigan goalie to beat us. That happens. There is no shame in this loss.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QD7KSGIYMAEFXG7Z3S6CBUEAOM John Smith

        I never said there was shame in the loss, and if you carefully read I never bashed the North Dakota team, or its playing last night. My previous post was about how other North Dakota fans have been very rude, throughout the season. I’m just saying where are their cocky comments now. Also when I said karma I meant other North Dakota fans have gotten what they deserve. Notice how others are saying the same thing… Where are the North Dakota fans who insult other teams and leagues. Nowhere! They are now too embarrassed to own up to their previous hubris and sureness of a national championship.

        • Goalie Fan

          Im right here Johny! Of course a person of your stature would come rant online about his fallacys and crap garbage.. Lose a game and you come out now where as I have never seen your dumb ace before on here. A career game by a stud goaltender made the difference in a much dominated game by the Sioux. Not going to make any excuses because I know the team beat itslef. But for you and your all high and mighty attitude I say stick yourself because you are by far no better than any of our classy players, coaches, and Fans

          • DannyKristo

            Wait til they change your name to the flickertails. There ain’t nothing classy about that.

          • B.D.

            Still not enough pride to use your own screen name eh? Sad.

          • Siouxpoo

            Own Screen Name = Something to be proud of???? Maybe in your pathetic life of dungeons and dragons. Does your mom still cut the crusts off your bread?

          • B.D.

            No, but the cooks at my Messhall do it for me as a favor by making cherry tarts each morning just because I like them.

        • B.D.

          I haheard that our belief that our team should be rated higher than other teams is “Rude.: To quote Inigo Montoya “I don’t think that means what you think it means…”

      • Where is B.D.

        My team has been playing golf for weeks. And that doesn’t change the fact that many of your fellow UND fans were trash talking four about four straight months. Nice try at deflecting. Or do you still not get it?

        • B.D.

          Its this thing called a “Job.”
          Perhaps you have heard of them?
          Maybe your mother has asked you to depart the basement in search of such?

          • Where is B.D.

            I don’t doubt you have a job but you had plenty of time to post all day, every day when there was an opportunity to bash BC or Yale or the entire eastern half of the country. You don’t show up for two days after the Sioux finally lose. Suspicious.

          • B.D.

            Perform analysis of my postings and you will see most postings are confined to weekends and evenings. Oh, National holidays as well.
            And I showed up the evening following the loss when I got home from work.
            Hardly suspicious, unless one is a conspiro….

          • Siouxpoo

            Sorry it has been so busy at Taco Bell lately. Maybe you should ask your manager for some time off so you could do more trolling for fat chicks at the Grand Forks VFW (now that Sioux “Season of Failure” has ended).

      • Guest

        Are you sure UND hasn’t been spending the last few weeks golfing? They sure didn’t do much against Michigan but lose. Completely dominated the game is a very large stretch. Michigan played great and limit the good opportunities. Seems to me that the wolverines dominated and set the pace of the game exactly how they wanted it. Shut down the Sioux offense completely. Isn’t the first time Hunwick has played good either.

        The no shame in the loss part is correct. So you got that part right.

        • B.D.

          They made it to the Semi’s. Seems that might be better performance than every team in HE, ECAC, and most others.
          Please provide analysis to the contrary.

          • Where is B.D.

            So that was your benchmark for a successful season? Just get further than Yale and BC? Ha!

          • B.D.

            They survived in single elimiation tournament longer than all but two other teams.
            YUP. Seems a successful season to me. THat is, unless one suffers from pathological hatred.

          • Where is B.D.

            For most other programs it would be a success. But it’s easy to doubt your sincerity after all the talk of how great the program is and the seven titles and how winning is expected, etc. And I actually don’t hate North Dakota. I just dislike the subset of fans like yourself. On the other hand, after all the trash talking we have had to endure, I’m kind of glad you guys didn’t win it all. I actually do feel a little bad for the players. I don’t feel bad for the fans.

          • B.D.

            What positin have I ever taken that leads you to the position you have stated?
            Please provide examples. What trash talking have I engaged in?
            I have stated opinions, which I have come by honestly. Yet it seems you do not allow me to posit those, but you seem free to.

            I find your position illogical. You say you do not dislike the UND program, only dislike the fans, yet take exception to the fact the team has had a successful season which is hard to deny.

            And even your selection of my name for a portion of your own is indicative.

            Tomorrow you will simply reappear on this board with another name, from another supposed location, deperately seeking anonymity in an exceedingly weak form of cowardice.

            (By the way, hows it going homeboy? Snow in GF fully melted yet?)

      • Duh!


    • SiouxFan

      Haha, gotta love someone arrogantly stating how horrible someone else’s fans are for supposedly doing what you’re definitely doing, John. So what you’re saying is the Sioux fans deserve it after a tough loss, but no one else deserves it from the Sioux fans. Maybe you should take a look in the mirror before you start spewing this stuff out.

      • unbelievable

        It’s not arrogance. That your fans were complete jerks for most of the season is fact. Whose fans complained the most about the polls? Even when UND was number one some of you complained that it wasn’t unanimous. Who complained about the pairwise – even though you were the second seed overall? Who tagged every Yale and ECAC thread in the forums with EZAC and “cupcakes”? Who said teams like Merrimack, Yale and Union for example had to “prove themselves” in the postseason before the rankings were legitimate? If the only way you guys can show support for your team is to tear down all the others then I would say you are getting exactly what you deserve. And that you are now mad about the payback is hilarious. It’s been 12 hours or so since the game ended. The rest of us have had to listen to you guys for months on end.

      • Duh!

        Sioux are…


        and the fans are…


        • Shabang99

          Think again, we are devoted fans. There is always 1 to F it up for the rest of us. I am sure you have 1 of those somewhere. The bashing are coming from punks that are really not sioux fans at all. The punks are just trying to get in under your skin and it worked, I see. Hats off to Michigan as I am going for them to win. I don’t want UMD to win the final cause UND beat them up this year. So go Michigan. Remember I will never bash teams on here. May the best team win.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QD7KSGIYMAEFXG7Z3S6CBUEAOM John Smith

        Maybe you should read the last two ECAC blogs, where we were preparing for the ncaas and the Sioux fans come in and start saying how bad we are and how yale, union and rpi don’t deserve to be in the tourny. So no teams deserve crap after a tough loss. Unless they start it by every week of the season insulting other teams and leagues when their team isn’t even involved in that weeks match ups. You brought this upon yourself, and that is why the college hockey community has turned against you.

        • Maize&Blue

          Now in all fairness, the ecac really is not good..one win out of the conference and the “number one overall seed” in the tournament had an awful showing barely squeaking by a poor air force team and then getting blitzed by umd

          • Be Careful.

            Maize and Blue, didn’t AFA beat Michigan, the #1 overall seed in the first round of the 2009 East Regional? By your rationale, I guess that means the CCHA isn’t very good either.

          • Hockey7

            Not exactly “blitzed by umd.” More like “reamed by the refs” (giving umd some credit for taking advantage of what the stripers handed them on a silver platter).

          • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QD7KSGIYMAEFXG7Z3S6CBUEAOM John Smith

            Im not saying the ECAC is good just that their blogs have been attacked all season by sioux fans who say they are the best, but clearly not, and that they do deserve the way they are being treated because its the same way they have been treating everyone else all year long. Just saying.

          • B.D.

            We are not allowed to believe that our team is superior and then go on to provide analysis?

          • GoSiouxGo

            I’d say the ECAC teams play good hockey. Perhaps the depth in their conference isn’t like other conferences but none the less those boys can play. This years tournament is a prime example of the fact that the best teams don’t always win. Hats off to Yale for being the 1 seed. They deserved it. I don’t think they were the best team but they were definitely one of the best. Top 5 team for certain. One game whether the first round or the last game doesn’t say much about your team no matter the outcome. Good luck Michigan and UMD you’ll both need it.

        • HockeyNut

          Talk about being hypocritical…. We’re all college hockey fans here, and the hockey community hasn’t turned against ND. Let’s do the sport some justice here. Congratulate Michigan on a hard fought victory, congratulate ND on a great season, and enjoy the championship game tomorrow.

          • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QD7KSGIYMAEFXG7Z3S6CBUEAOM John Smith

            well put, but if you go back to my first comments of today I never said anything about the game last night or the two teams. I was just remarking on how the Sioux fans insult everyone and say they are great, but have been now proven wrong. And that they are no longer talking trash and have been quieted, and embarrassed. if they were gracious like every other team (well mostly) then no one would be happily saying “i can’t hear you sioux fans” “cat got your tongue?”

          • SiouxFanInIowa

            Watch the “graciousness” disappear from almost any other team who was on a roll like that. Gosh it was fun! Trash talking is part of it. I still prefer the posts that are respectful and intelligent, but the obnoxious ones are those that get us responding…like me to yours.

          • B.D.

            Have my postings above been “Insulting?”

          • Tager

            John, I think the issue that people are having is your statement that seems to be built upon “blanket” statements. I get that you do not like the Sioux or the fans, just not sure why you put all fans in the same category or say that Sioux fans insult everyone. I am a big fan of great hockey and die hard Sioux. I stood and clapped for Hunwick at the end of the game, because his play warranted that reaction. I also told a drunk Sioux fan to settle down. It just sounds strange hearing a person be incredibly disrespectful while throwing jabs at people for being disrespectful.

          • Tager

            Oh, and for the record. Yes, I do believe our program is great.

          • just desserts

            Congratulate Michigan on a hard fought victory, congratulate ND on a great season, and enjoy the championship game tomorrow.

            I congratulate the teams but North Dakota fans deserve the bashing they are taking. You might not have been one of the offenders but there were too many of them for you to not have noticed. To act all innocent now is insulting to our intelligence.

          • SiouxFanInIowa

            But then, what about all those posts about empty seats and bad regionals. I say college hockey needs some more fans like the Sioux fans.

          • B.D.

            Hear hear. Hockey East and ECAC could only DREAm about having fans who actually enjoy the sport.

          • GoSiouxGo

            You forget the all important fact of the matter that North Dakota fans though proud aren’t different from any other school. The only difference is that there are largely more passionate Sioux fans than nearly any other school. Maybe Minnesota, BC, or Michigan have more fans but no school or fan base shows the loyalty to their hockey team like North Dakota fans. Surely when you hear the “bad eggs” ranting and raving about North Dakota just know that there are another 99% of Sioux fans sitting back and being objective respectful and proud. Say what you want but no other fan base follows college hockey like North Dakota and I forgive all of you for feeling overwhelmed when you get to hear about how good the current year Sioux team is. I wouldn’t ever bring down another team but I will always let it be known that the team I am rooting for is as good and capable of beating yours.

          • just desserts

            I’m not forgetting anything. It’s one thing to be passionate about your team. It’s another if your only way of expressing it is to tear down other programs. No other fan base proactively went after other teams this year on USCHO like Sioux fans did. If that truly only represents one percent (I’m skeptical) of your fans then those are the ones that all of the taunting now is aimed at. And they deserve it.

          • B.D.

            Are you discussing the controversy where Yale was ranked higher than UND in the polls? For I cannot recall any other subject that brought about mass positing on a subject.
            Discussion of this subject can hardly be considered “Tearing down” another program when the object is to convince the public of an inaccurate rating.

        • B.D.

          Saying you believe one team or league is superior is now verboten?
          You guys out east seem to have “Issues.”

          • unbelievable

            You guys out east seem to have “Issues.”

            Still trying to start East/West fights. Further proof that you’re nothing but a troll.

          • B.D.

            So it is forbidden to mention obvious differences between leagues? THAT makes one a troll?

            Next thing unbelievable will say is that we cannot mention differing qualities between teams as that will make one a troll.
            Am I allowed to mention differences in PLAYERS?

    • BadgerFan

      Well, I wouldn’t say Sioux fans are classless though they’ve had fun lately bithching about the upcoming Big Ten league and pointing out that only Michigan got into the tournament this year. Well, look who’s still standing now!
      That being said, as a Badger fan, I can only sympathize with how ND fans are feeling right now. Last yaer UW was the highest scoring team in the nation, lead by a Hobey winner and like last night’s game, trailed 1-0 going into the 3rd. And just like the Sioux, unexpectedly and unexplicably ended up being shut out. It hurts. Bad. Let’s just hope now the surging Bulldogs can exact some sweet revenge!

      • Proud Sioux Fan

        I am a Sioux fan first but a WCHA fan second. I am also a hockey purist. The Wolverines played the perfect game on Thursday. Red did a great job of prepping his club. I am not ashamed of the Sioux performance at all. With that, I will be cheering on the wcha club today. Go Bulldogs! Oh, and thank you Sioux hockey players for another great season! :)

        • B.D.

          Concur. Michigan deserved to win. It was a great game.

    • Anonymous

      Fans are fans. There’s not much any of us can do about it. I’m a Sioux fan, and I’ll say it makes me sick to think that other Sioux fans are being jerks on other peoples’ boards. That’s incredibly annoying. I know that happens with fans of every team in every sport, everywhere you go though. It’s wrong whoever it is, so none of us should be attacking an entire fan base or defending a fan base either way. Just be a good fan yourself. That’s all you can do. I respect you for not bashing the team. That bothers me, when people wish ill upon a team, because they’ve run into some bad and annoying fans from that team. It’s not the teams fault. They played their guts out and deserve the utmost respect. I respect every team out there, and hate to see the shots of guys hanging their heads on any team at the end of any game…even when my team just beat theirs. I enjoy cheering for my team, but I have nothing to do with their winning or losing. Fans need to realize that and stop tying their lives to the team in a way that they’re living vicariously. This is a great sport. I love it. Just appreciate what your team and the others out there are doing, cheer for your team passionately, and leave the other teams alone.

    • SiouxFanInIowa

      Sioux fans aren’t rude. We are loyal. We were crazy excited that our team was doing so well for a good stretch. But it’s wrong for you to say, in a blanket statement, that we are rude and ignorant. You’re rude to say it like that. Didn’t you read the entries (way back when, it now seems) when some Sioux fans expected a BC/North Dakota final (obviously before the regionals were even settled?) So neither are we all anti-East. We were so pumped up and now we’re down and I guess that makes you happy. That is sad.

    • B.D.

      How many fans of the ECAC and HE fans are on those sites? Half a dozen?
      You simply miscontrue the passionate UND fans who say that they have a belief that WCHA is better than ECAC and HE as “Talking trash.”
      That is not rudeness.
      Yet you show rudeness in insulting my home town.
      Truly peculiar.

  • Wolvrns

    i saw sioux fans flipping off the wolverine goal scorers…what class. the nd schools are both where they belong…gone

    • Jrj123456789

      Really, because Michigan is the classiest school right? Get over yourself. As an ND fan I’ve been to a couple of ccha tourneys and away sites and Michigan fans are by far the rudest to the opposition’s fans. WMU and Miami might be more crude, but at least their fans are realtively polite, unlike all of the Michigan fans who think they’re the center of the universe

      Go Irirsh
      Go Bulldogs beat Skunkbears

      • Duh!

        Sioux are…


        and the fans are…


        • Guest

          Your obviously the classless one Duh! What a joke

          • Duh!

            Yes, you are a joke.

          • Guest

            Id rather not talk to 11 year olds online unlike you

          • B.D.

            Anyone wo would select an identifying screen name of “Duh” obviously has developmental issues.

    • B.D.

      And we have not suffered similar?

    • Cjk24

      Both ND schools?? I wasn’t aware of another one with hockey.

  • Cm10tas

    From a UNH fan; Thank you Fighting Sioux for a great entertaining season as I here in New Hampshire got to see every one of your home games on FCS and you have a fun team to watch. Glad to see your seniors stayed for 4 years and will earn their degrees too. Best of luck to the remaining two teams. Now Go Bulldogs! Pulling for you to win it and I’m already looking forward to going to the Whitt in Durham next Fall and root on those Wildcats!!

    • B.D.

      Likewise I am also cheering for UMD. Hoooray for any time on US HWY 2

  • RandomImmatureComents

    “In fact, coach Dave Hakstol never envisioned it coming to an end.” Really? Even if they didn’t prematurely get knocked out (haha Sioux-zers are premature) it had to end at some point. Besides, this whole article reinforces the pompous attitude that everyone in college hockey has been force to put up with all year. (and this is coming from someone in the ECAC who has put up with Ivy leaguers all year.) Don’t worry Sioux, you lost the game and all self respect, but you are still number one… most hated.

    And to add fuel to the fire, the “all powerful offense” got SHUT OUT.

    And last but not least, why all the sexual lines in this article???

    “There was no tension,” LaPoint said. “There was nobody gripping their sticks too tight.

    “Unable to finish” (This seems contrary to their prematurity that happened earlier…)

    Just saying…



    • B.D.

      Yeah? How did those Semi’s work out for you – BC?

      • DannyKristo

        The semi’s worked out great for me

        • B.D.

          And how would be? I seem to recall BC failing to reach them. Thus if you were truly a BC fan they could not be considered a success.
          But then I forget, you are the homeboy with severe anger issues against the local boys from North Dakota. Jealous of the attention they receive eh?

  • Jason Stanko

    Reminded me of a 97′ frozen four when Michigan was bottled up by BU. Would have loved to see that championship game that year.. Would have been great.

  • Lionel Hitchman

    Reality check. Not a Sioux fan, but here’s the straight story:

    The Sioux dominated the game but lost 2-0. They were by far the better team and (I think) the best team in the country. They were victims of: great goaltending, too many shots that missed the net, no good bounces. That’s hockey – there is a lot of randomness that makes predicting winners almost impossible. Who could have predicted that UND, BC, Yale and Denver would all be out?

    The Sioux weren’t the only team that should have won but didn’t. I was at all of the following games that were eerily similar to last night:

    Union totally dominated Duluth and lost 2-0 (I mean Duluth did nothing all game)
    UNH totally dominated Notre Dame and lost 2-1 (ND barely had any shots)
    Dartmouth totally dominated Cornell in ECAC semis and lost 2-0 (Cornell could barely get the puck out of their zone).

    That’s the nature of hockey – one game can go either way. The Sioux: great team, obnoxious fans, losers again in the NCAA.

    • Hoalie

      Well said Lionel (about the nature of hockey) except the part about fans – don’t limit it to just Sioux fans but almost all hockey fans and spectators. That’s a hockey fan’s nature and is an extension of the game. If you’re so sensitive cheer and blog BB, Lionel, as that is where you belong!

    • FrozenWild

      Duluth did nothing all game? DID YOU WATCH THE GAME? I believe Duluth did a hell of a lot, shutting the “#1 power play unit” in the nation down for 9 power plays count them. We then scored on our power play. I’m sorry but to say Duluth did nothing in that game is an extremely wrong statement.

    • Big Green Mike

      As a former Dartmouth player (Class of ’77), I find the comments that fill this page and other pages in this site rather surprising and somewhat juvenile.

      First, there is no explanation why in a one-and-out tournament that the better team loses. Sometimes it is just not their night and sometimes its the other teams evening. Luck is a huge factor.

      Second, the vitriol about East v. West and East/West v. ECAC and AHA is foolish. It serves no purpose and demeans the young men who work very hard every year whether they are top of the league or at the bottom of their leagues. North Dakota didn’t deserve to win any more than Colgate deserved to have a poor season.

      Lastly, please remember that fans are subjective and see everything in the the colored lenses of their favorite team whether it is Michigan Maize & Blue, Harvard Crimson or Wisconsin Red.

      However, there is a certain arrogance that seems to follow successful programs and the fans that support the programs. You know who you are and there is no need to list the various schools. Arrogance followed some of these programs before I started in Hanover quite some time ago.

      Some people forget that there were hockey successful hockey programs long before other programs started (I attended the 100th Anniversary Celebration of Dartmouth hockey in 2006). This pre-dates a lot of other programs.

      Maybe some of you just need to kick back, lighten up and remember that this is a game played by most who will not be professionals. They are just young men playing the greatest team game available.

  • danb

    While nothing could be sweeter for a gopher fan than last nights UND loss and yesterdays UMD win ( remember Duluth is simply a branch of the Uof M ) you have to admire the quality of play and committment of UND’s seniors. I long for the day that we see more than three seniors on seniors night at Mariucci! Can’t help but respect the players but the arrogance of the fans comes directly from Hasktol. Five final fours and no championships. Hey we fired Woog for that record!

  • FrankEagleBear

    Oh mighty Wakan Tanka, thank you for continuing your curse of the skating Pemmicans and putting it in the face of the state legislature for not changing the name. Predicted here — no ND championship for the next decade. Tobacco tribute has already been offered. Done deal

  • ndhockey8

    Thanks Sioux players for another exciting year in watching you guys have a great run. We all wish it would have ended Saturday night with a win rather than losing Thursday but that’s why we play all the games during the regulars season, you can’t take one for granted, whether in November or April. Knowing a few of you guys as good friends excites me for the future. Some of you will go pro but others will just be difference makers in this world. You are great athletes, but great people as well.

    As a student at UND I remember cheering for you guys for 4 years, with my seat right next to the opposing teams penalty box. It was what I remember most from my days at the Ralph, leaving each and every game without a voice. Sure I heckled the opponents in the box and I got water shot at me and was swung at by opposing players, but it was part of the game. We got in player’s heads and the majority of the time it helped us win games. But I NEVER initiated a conversation with an opposing fan whether in our building or while I was visiting at their arena. If someone through out a comment towards me I most likely would respond with a remark, but never using foul language.

    The boys on the ice are the ones that decide the outcome of the game and as fans we (should) cheer loud and proud for OUR team to come out on top. If your team doesn’t show up to play and lose, they lost. As a fan, you choose to live with these up’s and down’s and must take the good with the bad. Did Michigan play better overall, I’m not sure, they did give up a lot of shots, but those shots weren’t the best of opportunities either. They did get the tally on the scoreboard that counted when the final buzzer rang and now they get to play on Saturday.

    Would I rather our season been done a month ago? Heck no, the almost heart attack feelings you get while watching your team is what makes us fans. We’ll get #8, I guarantee you that the men who will be back are already wanting it more than any fan can imagine. Good luck to the teams on Saturday, but I guarantee it next time you play the boys from North Dakota you’ll get a great contest. Keep playing for the name on the front of the jerseys, because it’s a hell of a lot more important than the on the back. GO SIOUX!

    • Jrwine

      You are another delusional Sioux Fan expressing your frustration by blogging a near book of your incantations of the Fighting Sioux. Please save it for your diary.

      The Fighting Sioux, their canadian recruits and their half drunk fans thought they would waltz into Saint Paul and cream the rest of the field. Well, that did not happen. But, they Fighting Sioux Fandom continue with their attempted pursuit of “we were the best team” and “we dominated Michigan.” We’ll you lost UND and just like in the past, you and your inane school will have to shut your mouths for yet another year.

    • SiouxFanInIowa


  • Frattinwhereareyou

    I’m having a seance and bringing back Fido Purpur to coach next year. Too bad we don’t have Coach Blais. he knew how to win. I never thought the Tony Hrkac years were our glory days.

    • B.D.

      Yep, Troll is a homeboy………

  • UM Deker

    Fans will be fans. Some good, some ignorant. As a UM fan what drove me nuts was the common group think: “no team can roll 4 lines like UND”. Really? No team? Were they undefeated this year? Someone in the press writes it and then it’s echoed all over the place, culminating with the stuff spewing from Melrose’s mouth during the game. If anyone from the national press had a clue about the UM team, they would realize they got where they are because of 4 very stong lines. Heck, two of their best players (Burlon and Wahlberg) are injured and they *still* have 4 good lines. To say a team as talented as UM had basically no chance must have added a bit of motivation for the boys in Maize and Blue. Looking foward to a great championship game. Go Blue!

  • YouSee Alum

    You know, if it weren’t for the obnoxious Sioux fans, I wouldn’t care if they won or lost. But I’m glad they lost. Let the whining by the Sioux fans commence! As a Union fan, I’m pleased with their season. See ya next fall…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_FLAJ4PTOULYK2RLTFLVR3W2WKE Dave

    As a Michigan fan, I know what it’s like to have a great team and not finish. I also know what it’s like to dominate the ice and lose. It happens. It’s hockey. Michigan executed on one of their few offensive opportunities – UND didn’t. That’s it.

    UND played great, but you could tell that Michigan’s gameplan frustrated them. They had a ton of turnovers. Despite the one-sided officiating giving UND the opportunities, Michigan dominated the special teams. They swarmed to the puck on D. And Hunwick played out of his mind. That’s what you need to do when you’re the underdog.

    UND is a great squad and a force to be reckoned with, but they’re going home, and that’s all that matters. They had plenty of opportunities, but great goalie play and a smart defense beat them.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_FBETSQYS6VDXIILQM463BFOTLU Cary Kruger

    This season will be the season of “What IF?” What IF the officials in the UNO/ Michigan game would of had the teams play on after blowing a review!

    Remember what ESPNU said- Not a goal in the NHL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and we all thought that you had to see something rather than assume something.

    Would of UNO scored the winning goals and beaten CC and then followed it up with a win over North Dakota?

    We will never know- Will We? Sorry Maize and Blue for what may become a tainted National Championship.

    • Victors

      Sour grapes much?

      Where I come from, a puck over the goal line counts as a goal, whether it is under the goalie’s skate or not.

      The Mavs played a hood game, but there’s been a lot of hockey since then. Enjoy the final, Cary. Hope you have a nice comfy couch back home in Omaha!

      • guest

        He lives in Denver , but is from Omaha. Not worth your time, he will not let it go.

    • BigTGuy


      There was no guarantee UNO would have won even if the goal was disallowed. You make it sound like that was Michigan’s only chance to win that game. They could have scored in the next minute as well; or UNO could have scored. There was no guarantee UNO would have beaten CC or UND either. In a single game elimination tournament, anything can happen. “Anything” in that first game was the goal being allowed. Let me ask you this, if the roles would have been reversed and UNO had the goal upheld, would you be saying UNO’s run was tainted? I highly doubt it! Stuff happens. Get over it.

      A College Hockey Fan

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_FBETSQYS6VDXIILQM463BFOTLU Cary Kruger

        Totally agree with you. My heart just goes out to Michigan, because win the game tonight and they’ll still have that Title tarnished. My Kansas City Royals won the 85′ World Series and I still here about the Denkinger bad call costing the Cardinals the series. I doubt that UNO was ready this year anyway, but I’m sure without any doubt believe that Michigan’s run is tainted because we will really never know if they could of overcome the continuation of OT.

  • Redhawk in Jersey

    As a Miami alum, I normally root against Michigan. Last night I found myself pulling for UM solely because of the North Dakota fans whining on these boards about some perceived “east coast bias” and WCHA dominance. There is some strange inferiority complex in Grand Forks compelling them to believe that all ND players are the best and any league other than the WCHA is garbage. The fans, not the team, got what they deserved.

    • Dirty

      Being a Miami senior I found myself doing the exact same. Can’t stand Michigan and their fans at games, but I do respect their passion and loyalty towards Michigan and I don’t see them on here blowing up everyone’s blogs like UND. UND is very talented that’s nationally known to college hockey followers and its well documented. That team is stacked with NHL talent. We don’t need to hear about it every 2 seconds. Michigan fans may get a little ignorant, but from speaking with a fair share at last years regional final, they’re at least knowledgeable and respectful in hockey conversation.

      There’s a fine line between passion and ignorance, UND fans need to figure it out because every year its pretty ridiculous.

      On another note, I don’t know how many other teams fans do the “Woop Woop Woop” chant when the opposing team has the puck in their own zone on the powerplay, but I think its hilarious even when on the receiving end of it.

      Looking forward to a competitive championship.

    • Bigbob

      I am a die hard Michigan and have been since 1972. Yes I am older then dirt. The redhawks are such a great team, I wish you guys would of been ther too. I would cheer hard for your team except when they U of M.

  • Jrwine

    North Dakota land of 500,000 whiners and a bunch of unattractive fat chicks.

  • Mischief

    Back in 1974, a lowly Western Michigan University team beat highly rated Bowling Green State University 8-3. Then-BGSU-coach Ron Mason called the loss “the greatest disaster since the sinking of the Titanic.” I guess Coach Hakstol must be a Mason disciple, because he obviously never saw the iceberg. “I don’t think anyone in our locker room even considered it the option of losing down the stretch.” And that’s why the Titanic didn’t carry enough lifeboats; it was unsinkable.
    Hakstol didn’t grasp the message given by the way Michigan’s defense manhandled Colorado College. “Until the final buzzer, we thought we had an opportunity to win the game. There was not one minute or one second throughout the third period where any doubt crept in.” Obviously it should have. It’s not very often that that kind of overconfidence, from the coach to the players to the fans, leads to a championship. Michigan learned that lesson in its loss to that same WMU team in the CCHA tournament semifinal. They will not be overlooking UMD. “In any game, on any night, any team can beat any other team.” Another lesson the Sioux team and coaching staff need to learn for next year.

    • GoSiouxGo

      I don’t think that is what Hakstol meant by his comment. The Sioux clearly did not overlook Michigan. I think that the way the Sioux were playing was a clear indication that they thought they could and would win the game. Hakstol was simply implicating that his team played with confidence the whole game.

      Also, I know you are all saying that Michigan’s defense stopped the Sioux but I’d have to disagree. There were still plenty of quality chances for the Sioux. If anything Hunwick single handedly stopped the Sioux. Okay so your awesome D blocked a lot of shots and allowed few second chances. That may be true yet still 40 shots landed on net? Michigan only wins this game 2-3 times out of ten but unfortunately for UND this was one of those times. The only place you could honestly argue that UM outplayed UND was on the scoreboard (luckily) and possibly special teams. All you blue fans don’t forget that on the power plays Michigan barely even got across.

      That being said UND is at home. Congrats Mich on your unlikely but deserved win. Good luck at getting #10.

  • DoubleDutch

    As a die hard Sioux fan, I must congradulate Michigan on a great game. Never in my mind while watching the game did i think UND would lose. They were dominent the whole game with one exception, in net. But Hunwick stood on his head and the defense played great. When the game was over i was dissapointed, but i wasn’t angry. The Sioux played great and had their chances. They just could not cash in. Hats of to Michigan and Hunwick. We[sioux fans] may think we had the better team, but for one night Michigan waqs better.

  • LincolnJim

    hey where’s my buddy Suture who was talking all that trash about UNO? Where you been buddy? What’s going on? Surprised you’re silent given all you had to say about UNO. Hey where’s your little buddy BD and how bout that other little pup, CBerkas. All you guys are missed

    • B.D.

      Sorry, had to work.
      I cannot recall Suture talking trash. He HAS stated his opinion but has been quite respectful in that.
      Do you have a problem with us stating our opinions?

  • B.D.

    Saying you believe in your team is arrogance?
    Maybe only in Boston.

    • unbelievable

      I didn’t come anywhere close to saying that. And it’s hilarious how you keep taking shots at the east while trying to claim that you’re providing us with “analysis”. You’re a troll. You’re here for no other reason than to start arguments. And don’t bother responding unless you’re going to actually address what I wrote in my prior post.

      • B.D.

        Forgive me for using an analytical approach, it is after all what I do as part of my profession. You have asked me to provide commentary dealing with your previous posting – so posted below is such a commentary. Note that my comments are indented. I have no ability to italicize so we will hav eto make due with this.

        It’s not arrogance. That your fans were complete jerks for most of the season is fact.
        How were we jerks? We said Yale did not belong in the #1 position, which is an honestly held position. Can we not post such anymore? We said the east coast teams were overrated, and that is an honestly held belief that should be open for comment.

        Whose fans complained the most about the polls?

        Of course UND complained most about the polls, my ORSA’s would grin at that one. You would find damn few fans who complain when they understand the poll favors them unduly (In my view Yale, BC, and others. We believed UND was rated to low, and have had past precedent for such. THe fact that UND outlasted all of the other top ranks schools should provide closure to this.

        Even when UND was number one some of you complained that it wasn’t unanimous.

        And? The week previously the poll singularly positioned with what we believed to be a false result. An Eastern team had all the votes yet we did not believe the reult was accurate (Not in the voting, but that the answer was incorrect.) So we are not allowed to question this? damn, good to know that when BD or Yale has 100% of the votes it is just, right, and natural. But when the tide obviously shifts there were still some who voted for MERRIMACK? How logical is THAT?

        Who complained about the pairwise – even though you were the second seed overall?

        I did. I thought Yale was over rated in comparison. I also complained about putting more than one WCHA team in a bracket. So what? I heard other such comments from other teams who sought to create brackets suitable to their needs.

        Who tagged every Yale and ECAC thread in the forums with EZAC and “cupcakes”?

        I cannot recall that. But I did say that east coast hockey IS less physical in nature than WCHA hockey and do believe that that satement DOES stand by itself. A quick viewing of the games of the ECAC and HE in comaprison to the game played by North Dakota and Michigan on thursday will lead to that obvious comparison. (I do not recall ever saying the CCHA did not play physically, nor do I ever remember even THINKING that.

        Who said teams like Merrimack, Yale and Union for example had to “prove themselves” in the postseason before the rankings were legitimate?

        I cannot recall making that statement, but the tourney results lead to such.

        If the only way you guys can show support for your team is to tear down all the others then I would say you are getting exactly what you deserve. And that you are now mad about the payback is hilarious. Like homeboy and others who denigrates the very state of North Dakota? Have you not heard the vile comments makde about our team, school, players, and the very residents of North Dakota? How about the comments made by various screennames belittling the Sioiux nation and commenting on the 7th Cavalry under GA Custer? If you would like I could bring to your attention such comments.

        Please reply.

      • B.D.

        I am awaiting my post which has been moderated to be posted. Probably moderated for length….

  • Kuhn&Friends

    Go broncos…rowdiest and best fans in the nation.

  • Tager

    I am a big Sioux fan and they were certainly fun to watch this year. Hunwick did his job and proved that a goalie is the one player who can determine the outcome of a game. UND fans talk trash as to gopher fans and a whole lot of people out east (come to think of it, every team that produces wins has fans who act like they personally skated a bunch of shifts). The notion that hockey east does not trash talk is easily disproven by the newspapers that declare their conference to be the toughest.

    Congrats to UMD on their 1st, it was an exciting game and they deserved the win that night.

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