College Hockey:
Penalties hurt Michigan in title game

— For a team that was 33rd in the nation in penalty minutes this season, Michigan found itself in the box a lot this weekend. In their 2-0 semifinal win over North Dakota, the Wolverines took six minor penalties to UND’s three. In the title game tonight, they took 10 penalties to Minnesota-Duluth’s five.

In regional action in St. Louis two weeks ago, the Wolverines had a total of 13 minor penalties, but so did their opponents. In fact, Michigan matched both Nebraska-Omaha and Colorado College in penalties in their contests in the West Regional.

Michigan's Greg Pateryn saves a goal in the third period (photo: Melissa Wade).

“You can’t kill nine penalties,” said Michigan coach Red Berenson. “Like we said before the game, if they get three, if we can kill three penalties, that should be it. We’re not out there to take penalties.”

But that wasn’t all Berenson had to say.

“Every time a player falls down, it shouldn’t be a penalty, not in NCAA championship game hockey.”

The Wolverines’ penalty killing allowed one power-play goal on 13 opponent chances in the Frozen Four, but when a team spends that much time killing penalties, it’s difficult to win a game. Coming from behind to tie the contest — as UM did late in the second period of tonight’s match — is one thing, but staying fresh enough to compete into overtime in the second game of a tournament is another story entirely.

“Some guys get more tired than others, and it’s tough…to really get some sustained pressure,” said senior Carl Hagelin, “but I think we did a good job only allowing one goal and they have a really good power play. Obviously, some of us got a bit tired by playing too much PK.”

Too much PK, especially in the second period tonight: Kevin Clare for hitting after the whistle at 4:10, Mac Bennett for hooking at 9:09, Chris Brown for interference at 12:06 and Clare again two seconds after the Wolverines killed off Brown’s penalty, at 14:08.

“Penalties had a big part in the whole game, just too many penalties,” said Berenson. “Were they good penalties? I can’t tell you what I really think. You can’t talk about refereeing and penalties, but when one team gets nine and the other one gets four, it’s tough that it doesn’t add up. We just felt we were on our heels a lot because of penalties.”

The Wolverines knew coming into the weekend that they’d have to stay out of the box to have a shot at a title. Michigan’s offense averaged 3.32 goals per game compared to North Dakota’s 4.05 and UMD’s 3.40. The Wolverines were well aware that North Dakota’s power play was eighth in the nation, Minnesota-Duluth’s 10th.

“I thought our penalty killing was outstanding — our defensemen, our forwards and our goalie,” said Berenson. “Our assistant coach, Billy Powers, looks after the penalty killing. I thought he did an unbelievable job of preparing our team for this power play. It’s as good a power play as we’ve seen all year, and we were dialed in and of course Shawn had to make a couple of saves.  For the most part, we did a good job.”

Having to play from inside the box though, so to speak, just wasn’t Michigan’s game.

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  • Jdorf40

    LOL…Michigan got completely outplayed this weekend. The Sioux outshot them by more than a 2-1 margin and Duluth was also called for a few penalties that were pretty borderline. Michigan lost their cool tonight and Duluth made them pay. The better team won tonight. Hunwick and some suspect calls in the regional are the only reasons Michigan made it far as they did. Congrats to UM-Duluth…they earned it!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NDQ4LPCQPS4ROQLVQ5VCREYJVY Geoff

      Give me a break.

    • Paula Weston

      No question that UMD deserved the championship. The point of the article, though, is that taking so many penalties was wearing on the Wolverines, a team unaccustomed to being on the lopsided end of penalties.

      • Jdorf40

        Isn’t it ironic that every team that played Duluth ended up having more penalties? That’s what happens when teams lose their cool. When you’re spending an entire game in your end of the ice, you’re probably going to end up holding and grabbing…and eventually the frustration will set in. That’s exactly what happened to Michigan. The Sioux had almost as many shots in the game Thursday as Michigan had in both games. Duh. Shocker that a team that gives up an average of 38 shots per game while actually getting around 21 ended up spending time in the sin bin.

        • collegehockeyfan

          I will agree with this 100%. Michigan got extremely tired in their own zone a few shifts and took some dumb penalties. Can’t do that to your team when you only see 20-30 shots a game in the regular season. Hunwick saw his fair share of shots over the weekend.

        • Guest

          Jdorf40, You sound very jealous. The UND team was great, but Michigan sent them home. I think Michigan has a pretty good program, Do you really think this site speaks for the bulk of their fan base? But hey if your bored, I do not think they have very good baseball or football right now, you could go pick a fight with them.BC forever.

          • Jdorf40

            I’m not jealous at all. Hunwick stood on his head and basically won the game single handedly. He’s also what kept them in the game against Duluth. That’s the beauty of single elimination. The best teams doesn’t always win. The 2 best teams in college hockey this year were Boston College and North Dakota. Minnesota Duluth is the National Champion though, and I congratulate them on that. I think they’re a classy program that has some very good hockey players. I never said Michigan didn’t have a good program. I think they have some very good talent, but they are obviously not as deep or talented as the other teams that dominated them in nearly every aspect of both games in St. Paul. Would I have liked to have seen the Sioux win it all, absolutely! But I’m not jealous that they didn’t. I’m bummed none the less. If Michigan would have won it all, I’d have been crushed. But Duluth taking it to them was justice in my book. It was the next best scenario since NoDak was eliminated. The thing Michigan fans need to understand is that “If you ain’t first, YOUR LAST!”

          • Guest

            I will say this again, you sound jealous, and you hate Michigan. thats cool I’m not a big BU fan. Lets take a look at your comment ( if Michigan would of won it all I would of been CRUSHED). After reading your post in the past I think you are say Michigan did not deserve to be there because of the UNO goal, Iam I right ? If the goal would of been awarded to UNO or UND, I think you would of defended it tooth and nail. I think the refs look at it for ten minutes, I have never seen that long of a review ever. It is a tough way to win or lose, but I think they got it right. Next point would you of been bummed, because if they won they were not the deepest or msot talented team in hockey. There is no doubt they were not the best, BC,UND,Miami and a few other much better teams. Take a look the past NCAA’s and see how many times the best team gets beat, happens all the time. Next statement” If you ain’t first, YOUR LAST ” You are kinda yelling that Michigan is last. Where does that put UND ,double secret last and my Eagles in top secret last. I do not think Michigan worries about our teams to much until the end, they hate MSU. 113 thousand fans to cheer against each other. And as much as I hate to say it, if you look in the record books they are still #1 in everything that counts. We have two NC in the past five years I’m good with that. Last but not least all the focus should be on UMD program and a great win for the blondies. See you next fall , stay passionate and hate on it bring some humor into my day. BC forever

          • Jdorf40

            I work in Ann Arbor. When I say ‘crushed’ I’m referring to the verbal jabs among co-workers. If Michigan had won it all, I’d have had no argument as they came from what I’d say was the toughest regional and would have beaten 4 straight WCHA teams to take the prize. But I don’t however think they should have been there. They just confirmed my suspicions in both games. They were dominated in every aspect of both games except the scoreboard on Thursday, which unfortunately for me and my Sioux is the ultimate stat. And when I said “If you ain’t first your last” I meant exactly that. It doesn’t matter if you’re 2nd or 50th. Yes, that applies to the Sioux as well. The only place that matters is 1st. So as a Sioux fan, I can tell you that I haven’t been satisfied since 2000. Next year will be a tough year for the Sioux. If the juniors do stick around, they will be super competitive again as they’ve got a lot of young talent already on the roster, as well as on the way…but I really thought this year was the year we’d bust the slump. I’m happy with the way they played, and they didn’t lose because there was a lack of effort. Hunwick was just in the zone and as hard as we worked, we couldn’t get a bounce. It happens.

          • Guest

            I know how much it stings to be in a mindset that your team will win it all, I thought with 15 returning NC players we would win a third or have a great chance. UND is a great program you guys will get back there, but I would not count on not seeing Michigan, just like Jerry York , Red Berenson can put a team on the ice that believes they can win no matter what the talent level. BC forever

          • Jdorf40

            There’s no team that I feared going into this tournament as much as BC. The only true way of knowing which of those teams was the best, would be to throw them on the ice and let them play out a 7 game series. It’s too bad that’s not possible. I love the 1 and done format, but it really only takes 1 bad bounce and you can be done. BC has had a heckuva run and they’re super fun to watch. I can’t say I’m disappointed to see that senior class move on as they’ve pretty much made me want to pull my hair out on more than on occasion. I’m sure both programs will rebuild in a short of amount of time. Or should I say reload? Good luck! Enjoy the off season. Let’s hope it seems like a short one!

          • Danmanfu

            Actually, they already have a way of determining which team is best: it’s called the NCAA tournament. Obviously you do not live in reality. The Bulldogs are the best college team in the nation, AND THEY PROVED IT!!!!!!

          • Jdorf40

            They were the team to beat this weekend that’s for sure. I was happy to see it too. But as much as I love the tournament, and the 1 and done format, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the team who wins it is the “best.”

          • Got your back D-man

            Dorflet, you’re rocking it in here! Keep your head up eh? Don’t let anyone get you down. You’re gonna win this thing and get UND the respect it deserves! And f* those people who think your mascot is racist. I mean, what’s racist about referring to a real group of people as “mascots”? Maybe when you hit it big and start your own peewee team in Grand Forks you can call them the “Dorflets,” and just put a picture of Urkle where the Indian head would go. I’d sure like to see that. Perhaps I’d finally have a reason to visit one of the Dakotas after having lived in Minny for 10 years.

            Geez, I can hardly wait for the DORF-MAN to represent! (in the meantime, don’t be so stingy with the tomatoes on my Subway. kthx)

          • Jdorf40

            LMAO…that was a witty post. I agree with you though. I come on here to ruffle some UM feathers and next thing I know, people like you are on board to show me what’s up. For being a sandwich artist I’m sure gathering a lot of attention. 6 inch or footlong?

          • guest

            If I am not mistaken I think the Sioux are the ones with the feathers in the headress,and it was too much fun ruffling them up last week.

          • Guest

            LMFAO!!! Dorf, you “work”? Do you get paid to troll this message board? What a crying shame that you filled a position that could’ve gone to a local Michigander and all you do is steal from your employer while bashing Michigan hockey. You’ve got no conscience, man. Go back to ND and allow a hardworking Michigan Man/Woman to actually do some work there. Loser.

          • Jdorf40

            LOL I think that’s why I’m out here. They couldn’t find anybody to work unless they were under a union contract making $75/hour doing a job you could train a monkey to do. The funniest part of this entire thread is that I laughed with friends before jumping on it because I knew it wouldn’t take long for people like you to get your panties in a bunch. Thanks for making me look smarter than I really am. Local Michigander that works….that was a good one!

          • Siouxpoo

            I must have seen a different game. What aspects of the game did the Sioux dominate Michigan? Michigan got the lead early and played awesome defensive hockey the rest of the way. The Sioux clearly had more shots, but isn’t that what happens when the other team plays zone defense? And most of the Sioux shots were not high quality, because Michigan kept from getting any looks. Thankfully the Bulldogs were able to get on the board, because Michigan tried to do the same thing to them. Hakstol failed to change the game plan and adjust to the defensive style of hockey Michigan played. Michigan dominated in goal-tending, coaching, defensive play and the scoreboard. What exactly did the Sioux dominate?

          • Jdorf40

            That’s the best one I’ve heard yet. “Played awesome defensive hockey.” Is your name Dale?

          • Frank

            I think the BC forever is right on about you hating Michigan hockey. And you work in Ann Arbor ??? I am a diehard Yankees fan, I would not take a job at Fenway Park wear my Yankees stuff and expect hugs and kisses. Let me guess you hate the Yankees . Too funny

          • Jdorf40

            I absolutely hate the Michigan Wolverines. Before I moved to Michigan I actually looked at them as an athletic juggernaut in all sports. Then, after being here for a while I started to look at a majority of their pompous attitudes and wonder why they think they’re the greatest at everything when they’re actually pretty mediocre. I’m a State fan now. They’re real people that aren’t worried about what everyone else thinks of them. The mentality at State is a lot like NoDak. I tried to be a Michigan fan, but I simply can’t. I’m not cool enough.

          • Guest

            No, you’re probably not smart enough. Generally speaking, it’s really hard for smart people to dumb themselves down enough to connect with the likes of you dorf. But yeah, MSU folks should be no prob. Blend in BRAH!

          • Jdorf40

            Oh yes, everyone that I know who went to Michigan is absolutely brilliant! Surely if you go anywhere else you’ve got to be an idiot. Ha Ha Ya know who thinks that Michigan is God’s greatest gift? People who went there. That’s about it. I think the word “BRAH” was actually trademarked by some yuppy frat boy at Michigan who was probably driving his friends around in his mommy’s Volvo. But you should keep using it. It fits the bill. Just think…it’ll be football season before you know it! How much fun is that going to be!!?

          • Siouxpoo

            The Bulldogs sailed under the radar while the pompous Sioux fans heralded their team as the best all year. Now that Ralph Engelstad is dead the donation box is drying up and so will UND’s talent, but maybe the Sioux will have a better chance to win another championship, because right now all they have is a bunch of individuals on the treadmill to the NHL. The Bulldogs were the best team, even if the Sioux had the best talent.

          • Jdorf40

            So UND’s talent is going to dry up eh? Interesting. And aren’t treadmills stationary objects? Doesn’t that mean that they technically aren’t going anywhere? Thought so. I wouldn’t be surprised if a few people left for the money early, but I’m pretty confident that they’ll fill the voids with some talent. I definitely think we’ll be inferior to what we had in the lineup this year, but we’ll compete again next year. We’ve been in the tournament 14 of the last 15 years so I highly doubt the talent pool will be drying up any time soon. And considering that since Ralph died it has had no impact on recruiting, I’ll just forget about your insane logic.

        • NCAAicefan

          Just my observation in the 2 games in Bridgeport, UMD got away with some chippy play, and their opponents get called on the retaliation shots. They are a bit of a cheap shot team.

          Having said that, they do have an EXCELLENT first line, do well at blocking shots, and their goaling came up big when he needed to.

          • Jdorf40

            Define “chippy.” I have yet to see a team in college hockey not get “chippy” from time to time. Especially around the net. That’s how the game is played. Maybe Union should have connected on one of their 9 power plays in the game vs. Duluth eh? And I watched the Yale/Duluth game. Yale was a classic example of your “retaliation shots” argument. They completely lost their cool. The teams that ignore that “chippy” stuff and just play hockey tend to be the ones that stay out of the box. If you’ve got a team that retaliates, I’ll show you a dozen teams that they’ll never beat. The fundamentals are taught at an early level. For some odd reason, teams forget that retaliating will only hurt your team.

      • guest


        Please see some of the comments further down. Hockey East officials are atrocious. If I had to count the number of times HE coaches are left diplomatically trying to explain how their gameplan went to hell because the officials lost control of things I’d have the answer to how large a number infinity is. Look up others if you like, but take special notice of the Beanpot Final this year. Like tonight’s game it was a well played game that only two people on earth saw the need to play half the game at less than 5 on 5. Unfortunately, both nights those two men were wearing stripes. I empathize with Red and his ‘every time someone falls it isn’t a penalty’ lament. We feel it every weekend in New England. But that is the Hockey East way, at least if you are an official.

        • After Further Review

          With the 2 refs that did the championship, I agree with you, guest. The Benedetto, Bunyon pair is horrible. I’m not sure why they didn’t use Hanson and Shea again, they let them play a bit more and did a good job in the UND/Michigan game.

      • Jimmy122

        Paula, we understand the point of the article. However, you never gave the why and how! I thought Duluth forced Michigan into more penalties just as UND did on Thursday. How many times did you see JT Brown forcing someone to rip him down, the problem was a difference in speed. Holding, tripping, and interference penalties were warranted. The unsportsmanlike and hitting after whistle penalties had to be called. I don’t think Michigan has spent as much time in their own zone as they did this past weekend and they didn’t handle it with discipline.

        • Bob

          Except when they played Miami and the same thing happened…tons of penalties and Red making excuses.

        • Cariveau

          I thought the after the whistle hit should have been 5… If the ref wouldn’t have been there he would have hit the boards head first just off the ice.

          • Orleanshomes

            The one against UM, UMD or both. They were pretty much the same. The one against UM might even have been worse.

      • Jdorf40

        That might have been the intention of the article, but that’s not what I gathered from it. This looks like the Yale article a few weeks ago. It’s a whining piece that makes it sound like Michigan was shorthanded because of bad officiating when in fact it was because they lost their composure and couldn’t match up to North Dakota or Duluth. Look at the quotes used in the article. I’m sorry Paula, I don’t envy your job…but I refuse to believe that “the point of the article is that taking so many penalties was wearing on the Wolverines.” Duh…but they were warranted. This piece makes it look like they weren’t warranted penalties and Michigan got screwed. That is totally false. I do however find it ironic that the officiating that awarded them a trip to the Frozen Four is being viewed by UM fans as the reason that they didn’t win in St. Paul. Now that’s irony.

        • Justin

          Officiating “awarded them a trip to the Frozen Four”? How? What wrong call allowed them to advance?

          • Jdorf40

            When an official standing right behind the net looking down at the goal line signals “no goal” and they overturn that decision after watching 9 minutes of inconclusive evidence. If there was conclusive evidence of the puck crossing the line, would it really have taken 9 minutes for them to come to that conclusion? I personally think there was a good chance that it was indeed a goal, but I also know that I didn’t see the puck cross the line entirely, and I also know the rule that says without conclusive evidence, they can’t overturn the call on the ice. Well, they did. The officials totally botched that call. And it was in overtime…thus moving Michigan to the second round of the regional. If you watch the replay of the CC game, you’ll see that there is over 1 second of 4 on 4 hockey left when CC scored their first goal. They should have been on the power play for the final 1:51 of the game. Instead, the officials never went to review the time left on the clock, thus Michigan was at even strength for the remainder of the game. Those decisions, extremely late in games had a remarkable effect on Michigan advancing to the Frozen Four.

          • PKM

            It was a goal against UNO … get over that right now …. It looked conclusive to me when comparing the two views. The right call was made because it was a goal.

            Shouldn’t have people complaining about Michigan getting a call to make it the Frozen 4 and you shouldn’t have people complaining about penalties or the goal not counting in the championship.

            Simply ridiculous. The goal crossed the line against UNO. It should of counted and did. The goal crossed the line before the whistle in the championship but it didn’t matter because the ref decided he was going to blow it before this happened. Simple!

          • Jdorf40

            Not enough evidence to turn over a call when an official is standing right on the line and says “no goal.” Everyone at home sees the same replays that they have at the scorers table. There was 1 angle that was from the other end of the ice which made it look as though it was possibly in, but every other angle failed to show the puck across the line. Based on the rule, they shouldn’t have overturned the on ice call. “Simple.”

          • L Welk

            You are a biased idiot who is all over this board, infecting people with your idiocracy. Shut up. Let people express their opinions which differ from your own. You don’t always have to get the last word, DORF! Man, I’d be pissed too if I had a last name like Dorfman.

          • Jdorf40

            Lawrence Welk? You’re still alive? And for the record, I answered a question directed at me. Boom shaka laka.

          • Orleanshomes

            Obviously it’s because Dean has more class then Red. There was not a single penalty called that wasn’t a penalty.

    • RSRobots

      Your funny guy.. Michigan smoked 3 wcha teams and umd needed over time. Nd is over rated and was exposed. Your posts always humor me, so continue on with your garbage. Refs cost the wolverines, it was a complete hose job. Do you have yellow dyed hair too? Fag.

      • Jdorf40

        That is an awesome response! That’s about what I expected from a Michigan fan. Yeah, you smoked the 3 WCHA teams buddy. An OT win on a controversial call vs. UNO, a 2-1 victory over CC (who I agree, Michigan did out play), but the ice had definitely tilted at the end of the game and if you go back and watch it over, you’ll see that CC scored when there was 1 second left of 4 on 4 hockey. CC should have had 1:51 on the power play to end the game down by 1. And finally, the Sioux held them to under 20 shots on goal while putting up 40 shots despite missing the net about 10 times. So you should try to put yourself in touch with reality. Michigan is the biggest bunch of crybabies on the planet. And you definitely fit the bill Rock Em’ Sock Em’. I love you.

  • HEast Fan

    A) UMD played better tonight/all tournament
    B) A few of those penalties against Michigan were questionable at best…
    C) Michigan got a few penalties their way too… near the end of the 2nd a should-have-been spearing (or at least slashing) call on Michigan was called as a slashing on the UMD player by the back ref… which brings me to “D”
    D) Hockey East refs suck… big time. Their not calling due to bias, they just suck at officiating. I wish they were bias… at least I’d know why they call the games the way they do sometimes. ECAC refs are my primary comparison (NHL too… but they get paid in the bigs), and ECAC refs look way more consistent then their HEA counterparts.

    Tonight UMD won. Congrats to them. Next year I expect at least one HEA team in the Frozen Four so hopefully we’ll have some better officiating in the championship next year.

    • daavski

      They really were horrible. I grew up in Duluth and went to school at Michigan, so I just wanted to see a good game. The one linesman was getting in the way all the time on the boards. I never saw so many huddles and whistles on the face-offs.

      • collegehockeyfan

        it was both ways buddy.

        • daavski

          Yes it was. I didn’t indicate otherwise.

  • Ted

    I’ve never seen the linesman get in the way as much as I did tonight.

    If you’re getting outskated and outshot, you tend to commit more penalties.

  • Grouper909

    Welcome to our world guys(HE Fan). We have to deal with those HE officials all season. Kevin Shea is the worst official in all of college hockey and he works the frozen four? Hopefully we get back to the frozen four so you never have to experience our officials again.

    • GoSiouxGo

      I have little doubt we’ll see some HE teams in the frozen four again. I hate to say that but on the other hand I like the parity between the conferences. It helps the sport.

    • MaineBB

      Well said. When I learned who the officials were I predicted a penalty fest and that’s what we got. I have watched more HE games go down hill as players from both teams get frustrated with the terrible officiating. It spoils the game. I’d take CCHA or WCHA officials over those from HE every time. I wish the coaches could really say what they think instead of having to live with this foolish gag order. Perhaps then the officials would become more accountable.

  • guest2

    Agree the officiating was a factor in the game, especially in the second period. the game is about the players, not the refs. I think UMD deserved to win, but the officials definitely were a factor. I think looking at quality scoring chances the game was about even, even with Michigan in the box so much.

  • TheWeasel

    Waiting to hear Michigan and Yale fans unite. Lets hear all the comments about how these were the first two times the refs affected the outcome of the game.

    • Realist

      Any fan of Yale or any other ECAC hockey team should know that ECAC officials are the biggest disgraces in all NCAA hockey, bar none.

      • Herd

        …and you base your opinion on what? Are you qualified to measure officiating of all 5 leagues? O fany league?

  • Been There

    Red its called discipline and your team did not have any taking way too many penalties that were uncalled for. You your self felt your main concern was taking too many penalties in this game and you were correct, so it shouldb’t be any surprise you lost after fulling your own prophecy. Better luck next time but you were outplayed in the end and your big time guys forgot to show up.

  • Nomar48

    I am a Michigan fan, and I think they got screwed. That being said, I think the better team last night was UMD, They played full tilt the whole game. Mich. allowed easy access to our defensive zone, and there for ended up taking penaltys, deserved or not. The refereeing was about as bad as I have ever seen, especially in a game as big as this one. They should not be allowed to ref ever again. Did Mich. get the short end of the stick, yes they did and weather the refs realized it or not , there were two teams in that game. My CONGRADULATIONS go to U.M.D for a great ending to a good year. One other thing, I know this is new territory to UMD but you usually at least mention the other team in your post game interviews. One other thought, Milbury is the worst analist on T V.

    • Bob

      Every game Michigan loses is a game in which they “got screwed.” Seriously, you guys can’t, well I guess you can, whine all the time.

      • Nomar48

        Come on, you can not seriously think that was good officiating. UMD out played Mich and deserved to win. But the refs sucked, that is not whining, its a fact.

        • Jdorf40

          You’re right. When the goalie for Michigan sucker punched Brown in the face with his blocker they should have called it. And when Hagelin lost his balance and flew into the boards UMD shouldn’t have been called for hitting after the whistle. There was a couple of bad calls in the game, but it went both ways. Michigan was outmatched for the second game in a row and failed to maintain their composure. The same thing happened against Western Michigan in the CCHA tournament. When they get behind or can’t get the puck out of their own zone, which happened in both games of the FF, they lose their cool and resort to trash talk and cheap shots. They got what they deserved. It’s just too bad they even made the championship game. I was there and watched ther replays of both games last night. They were completely outplayed in both games. Hunwick and some crazy luck are the only reason they advanced, let alone were there to begin with. So stop crying about the officials.

          • Nomar48

            I guess you are not listning to what I said. I said the refs sucked, what part of that do you not understand.

          • Jdorf40

            The officials were far from perfect, just like they are every single game. But even if they had been perfect, there would have been several more penalties on Michigan than there would have been Duluth. Were you complaining about the officials during the regional when they overturned a ‘no goal’ decision with inconclusive evidence? Did you complain about the officials not going back to see if the 4 on 4 had expired when CC scored with 1:52 left? The officials helped Michigan reach the Frozen Four. The impact they played in the FF was far less. I don’t recall the last time I watched a game and thought the officiating was perfect. It never is.

          • Nomar48

            I said the refereeing SUCKED, I did not say Michigan deserved to win, they were the 2nd best team on the ice. If you ahve a problem with the refs not checking on the clock for the timing of the goal / penalty expiration, you should bring it up with the UMD coaching staff. They should have made the refs check. I say again, the refs SUCKED.

          • Jdorf40

            So let me get this straight. You didn’t approve of the officiating the other night correct?

          • After Further Review

            What set off Hunwick was what Connolly did after they took the puck off of the top of the net. He pushed it toward the goal, with the intention of putting it in. I am not even sure if it crossed the goal line or not, but that, if you want fair refereeing, is a 2 minute unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. If he doesn’t do that, or they call it, nothing ever escalates beyond that.
            On another whistle, with the puck placed outside the UMD offensive blue line, the officials had to talk about where the face off should be (I know, this happened a lot), but during the talk, one Connolly picked up the puck and threw it to the other who placed it at the dot to the right of Hunwick, where they felt it should be. Not necessarily a penalty, but a bit of lack of class by both of them… I consider that showing up the refs.
            Anyways, I did’t care who won and congrats to UMD as being another team to finally win their first one and I had a great time in St. paul again.

          • Jdorf40

            Really? So pushing the puck in the net warrants a swing by the goalie? You just confirmed what I’ve said on here numerous times. The Michigan players mentally collapsed. They were getting beaten to the puck. UMD and UND both cycled non-stop in both games. Regardless of how antagonistic a team might be, you have to be pretty ignorant to react to such stupid antics with that much on the line. I agree, that stuff would irk me if somebody was doing it to me but there’s two things that are going to happen by reacting to it. 1)The instigator is going to continue doing it because they know you’re being affected, and 2) You’re going to hurt your team by spending time a man down. I’ve watched Michigan play quite a bit over the last 5 years. They are usually the team that’s instigating things and roping the other team into making brain dead decisions that hurt themselves. But Michigan is also usually the better team on the ice when they’re pulling that stuff. In the case of this past weekend, it was apparently obvious to not only everyone watching, but the Wolverines themselves that they were the underdog no matter how you looked at it. And when the other teams played the role that they were used to playing…it rattled them and they reacted like so many other teams before had done with them.

          • Eddy0829

            putting the puck in the net after the whistle in most leagues will get you punched the the head if not worse it is an unwritten rule

          • ItsBusinessTime

            Really? That’s pretty smart.

          • After Further Review

            So, if somebody pushed the puck toward a net at Dell for North Dakota, Bolod, Frattin and the rest of the team would just let him go? Hunwick didn’t bother waiting for help, he took control himself, after all, he was about the only UM player that played all weekend anyways. That is most definitely a 2 minute penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct, or even delay of game, if you prefer.
            You didn’t mention the class or lack there of from the Connolly brothers.
            Again, I went to see good hockey and was happy for UMD, just bringing up some points that UMD is not the “perfect” team that some people are making them out to be.

          • Jdorf40

            I agree with you. I never said anyone was perfect. I just can’t figure out why nobody sees the irony in how UMD was able to get under everyones skin all the way to the championship. Their pp is redonk and they’re at their best when you’re man down. That’s why I was saying it was no very wise to retaliate to any of the shenanigans. That was it.

    • NCAAicefan

      I was at the Yale-UMD game, and I came away with similar thoughts. UMD came out of THAT game with a serious advantage in power play time, it made the difference in the game, and they caught a break in the two key penalty calls (one in a 5 minute game misconduct in which Yale’s best player was shown in replay to have NOT hit the UMD player in the head).

      In that game as well, the referees sincerely sucked.

      Nevertheless, UMD has a great power play, and took it to the other Bulldogs … but it is so good that referees have to be careful that the penalty advantages they get are actually earned.

  • Eddy0829

    I thought red had more class than that could take a lesson from dean blais when he said they {the refs} called it a goal the bottom line is michigan rode their horse {hunwick} one too many times

  • Hockey Rube 1

    I thought WCHA refs Anderson and Campion possibly made some of the worst calls I’ve seen, but after watching these HEA refs… WOW. Way too many unnecessary calls that ruin the flow of the game. However, it still ended up being a godd game to watch in spite of the refs.

    One thing I noticed was that Michigan seemed to let UMD skate uncontested into the zone much more so than they did UND. Michigan wasn’t letting the Sioux skate into the zone with the puck. They did a good job of forcing the Sioux’s play-makers to dump the puck in the zone and chase which made it difficult to get good, quality scoring chances on the rushes. What ever UMD was doing had Michigan on their heels a little more. UMD also did a nice job getting bodies in front of Hunwick.

    I would have really enjoyed a UND vs UMD title game. I think that would have been a better game, but this one was pretty good. Congrats UMD.

  • Max Shiner

    Red’s point is that penalties in a championship game should never be so lopsided (9-4 in PP’s, 10-5 overall). Regardless of whether every single penalty they did call was legit or not, the difference should never be that great. In other words, there were at least 2 calls against UM, where UMD players were diving or just fell down, and at least 2 calls where UMD should have been called for a penalty. That’s a 4 penalty swing and basically evens things up.

    Last year Michigan had to deal with Hockey East refs in their win vs. Bemidji (penalties were 5-1 against UM) and then lost in 2OT to Miami after a HE official disallowed a goal by Michigan that was undoubtedly good to everyone watching except the idiot who reff’d the game, John Gravelese.

    You can say what you want about HE refs being bad, in general, but the disparity I’ve seen as it relates to Michigan games in the NCAA’s indicates that there’s an axe to grind.

    I hate all sporting events where referees try to take over the game. It seems to happen in college hockey with more frequency than any other men’s sport, pro or college. The CCHA had a couple of atrocious refs back in the day too (e.g. Piotrowski, the Shegos brothers) and Piotrowski is now the head of NCAA officials if that tells you something. That guy was f*ing brutal when he was reff’ing and now he’s organizing all NCAA officials? Yikes.

    Anyhow, I think UMD was a good team but I will not go so far as saying they deserved to beat Michigan more than Michigan deserved to beat them. The disallowed goal, the gross disparity in penalties, the favoritism given towards UMD in the faceoff circle, and a couple questionable icing calls, created a major advantage for UMD. Playing 4 vs. 5 for 10 minutes more than your opponent over the course of a 60-minute hockey game provides a major competitive advantage to the team who is working with more resources.

    People who call Michigan fans “whiners” and sour grapes are meatheads. It’s just what you say when you’re a little too stupid to figure out why you’re so happy about something you also feel guilty about. Bottom line is that no one, win or lose, likes to see a championship game refereed in a lopsided fashion. The kids deserved better. I put it in my top 3 worst refereed games in recent memory:

    – 2002 Gold Medal Game in Salt Lake City: McCreary absolutely took over the game and gave Team Canada a retarded advantage in power play opportunities.

    – 2010 series between the Red Wings and San Jose Sharks. That entire series featured some of the worst officiating I’ve ever seen.

    – 2011 NCAA Championship between Michigan & UMD. As noted above.

    • Jdorf40

      Your right, there should never be that many penalties in a game. A team should also not give up 77 shots over two games while only putting up 45. Michigan had a couple of calls that didn’t go their way, but there were several that didn’t get called as well. They went up against 2 teams that dominated them and kept them pinned in their own end for a majority of the game. And just so you know, there is no rule as to how many penalties can be called in a game. If Duluth would have lost the game because the officials put the whistles away while Michigan went on their grabbing and clutching voyage while not being called for anything, would that make it right? Uh, no. UMD deserved it. They won it. The end.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NEWL54EAOHPJKXLHMHOCMV2764 KN

      The no goal call last year that knocked Michigan out of the tournament was the right call. The whistle had blown before the puck crossed the line… therefore, no goal. The problem with the play was that the whistle shouldn’t have blown… the puck was still loose under the goalie… but the ref lost sight of the puck, so he blew his whistle. So bad whistle, but right call on the no goal.

  • fluidguy

    Hey I’m a Michigan fan and I take my hat off to UMD. The penalty disparity was because UMD forced UM into taking them….plain and simple. Referees do not purposly double up penalties on one team for any reason ever. There is no conspiracy here folks so go home and prepare for next season.

    • UML Fan

      I have been following the frozen four for 20 years. More penalties are called during the NCAA tournament than the regular season. I think it has to do with the image the NCAA wants to project. There were a number of penaltys that did not need to be called. It is too bad because it ruins the tournament.

      • fluidguy

        Well I’m not one of those “the ref’s beat us” kind of guys. I grew up watching Michigan play in thje days of Dave Debol, Dean Turner and the likes….the WCHA days where women flashed their ta ta’s at opposing players and as a 10-12 year old I was appreciative! UMD won, they deserved it and that’s it in my mind.

        • Jdorf40

          It’s a crying shame that those days are over!

        • UML Fan

          Don’t get me wrong. UMD won and they deserved it. They were clearly the better team on the ice. I was pulling for them. Congrats to UMD for their first NCAA hockey title.

  • Guest

    For openers, I haven’t read all of the comments above, so I’m sorry if this is redundant. I played four lifetimes ago in the ECAC, and have sent my kids to schools in the CCHA and WCHA. We see a lot of college hockey in person and via satellite. We hold season tickets in the WCHA and regulars at regionals and at the Frozen Four, including St Louis and St Paul this year.

    The farther west you get, the more physical the play, plain and simple. Having ECAC/HEA refs handle CCHA/WCHA games changes the style of play… in the wrong direction! I want the kids to play their game, not have to prescreen every check through an ECAC ref’ing filter before their finish it.

    At least 1/3 of the calls in St Louis and in St Paul would not have been called in a WCHA game, even by our league’s worst refs (every league has ‘em!). I believe Steve Piotrowski and Matt Shegos would have been more lenient and allowed for much better flow.

    I know the economy is awful, but I look at MLB, rotating umpiring crews through both leagues (no more high strike, low strike), and wonder why the major conferences can’t rotate refs through the conferences all season long in the same way, especially in the East and Midwest where distances are small and a little forethought could save major travel $$.

    I believe Michigan benefited by having the same pair of ECAC refs in their two games in St Louis. I don’t want any team to step on the ice for a National Championship Game believing that they have to change their game – on the fly – to suit a couple of refs they have never seen – and who have never seen them – before.

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