College Hockey:
North Dakota to keep Fighting Sioux nickname, logo

According to a published report in the Grand Forks Herald, the University of North Dakota will renew merchandise licenses to use the Fighting Sioux nickname and logo during 2011-2012 school year.

Citing the North Dakota Legislature’s passage of a law requiring UND to keep the nickname and the uncertainty that followed concerning how the issue might be resolved, the NCAA has told university officials that it won’t attend the scheduled meeting next Friday in Bismarck, N.D.

“Given the passage of HB 1263, it appears that the usage of the Fighting Sioux nickname and logo has not been resolved between the institution and the state’s executive and legislative branches,” Bernard Franklin, the athletics association’s vice president for membership, wrote in an email to UND president Robert Kelley.

“The difference of opinion seems to transcend the nickname/logo issue to the fundamental matters of governmental operation and authority. The NCAA has no role in that discussion among state and university leaders scheduled for April 22 and so the NCAA believes it is appropriate to decline your invitation to attend that meeting.”

This past season was to have been the last year for the name and logo. UND had been working toward their retirement in August, but transition committees were told to suspend their work after the legislature acted.

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  • Guest

    The University of North Dakota Nickname To Be Determined At A Later Date.

    It’s a bit long, but catchy. I like it.

    • Duluth06ChE

      Maybe they could take a page out of Prince’s playbook and just change their nickname to a symbol. I think Coach Hakstol has already suggested the middle finger.

  • Kazzy53

    How about The University of North Dakota Frattins!

    • Guest

      I like it. The University Of North Dakota Druken Urinating Elevator Riders.

      • TimeToReload

        That’s weird. Usually when people make fun of somebody they don’t make themselves look like a 4th grader. Not so in this case. Maybe when USCHO gets a spell check option on the comment boards it won’t be so obvious that you went to a Big 10 school.

      • Iowaviking0413

        The only difference between Frattin and the majority of the rest of college athletes is that he got caught. Give it a rest, he was a kid that made a mistake, guess everyone that is constantly cutting him down never made any mistakes in life, or at least never got caught. Grow up.

        • Duluth06ChE

          Actually, the difference is that UND tolerates that sort of behavior. There was a player committed to going to UMD this past season who got arrested for abusing his girlfriend. He is no longer welcome to play hockey at UMD.

          • B.D.

            So, you equate the throwing of a lawn mower into the street withthe abuse of a woman?

      • Don Lucia is awesome

        The University of Minnesota Crack Dealers — Renamed in honor of Nate Hagemo

        The University of Minnesota Insane Clowns — Renamed in honor of Tyler Hirsch


    • Booger

      That will put the fear of God into lawnmowers everywhere!

  • Guest

    USCHO Hockey: Why did you think the UND fans were so classless and think they would boo if Frattin didn’t win the Hobey Baker?

    • Anonymous

      I completely agree… IMO your writer owes the UND fans an apology considering that he showed us disrespect that was uncalled for. I recognized numerous Sioux fans cheering when Miele won it as well as THOUSANDS that cheered UMD Bulldogs on to win the National Title (one of our biggest rivals) if UND fans don’t have class in the rink then you are sadly mistaken.

  • Guest

    Way to go ND legislature. Stick it to the NC$$

    • Danmanfu

      I think the NCAA should let the school keep the Indian nickname. Since when does anyone care about North Dakota anyway? It is a horrible place to live (bad weather, fat chicks, no diversity or culture, etc) so let them call themselves whatever they want.

      • Suture1

        And, what, you have some kind of impressive life? What, are you a janitor in some grade school? Let me tell you something you tool of a human being, where you live has nothing to do with your sucess and life and the kind of person you are. I came from ND and have people numerous people from ivy league schools and other schools from “supposedly” nicer states. You continue to live your pathetic little life and think that living where ever you do defines who you are. That is so laughable it makes me actually feel bad for you. Oh well, the world needs ditch diggers too…have a nice day bud…in your “great” state…where ever that might be?

        • Danmanfu

          I would rather dig ditches or be a janitor than live in North Dakota. Quality of life is important to me. I feel sorry for you and NoDak, especially since having a racist moniker is so important to you.

          • B.D.

            Quality of life is important to you? then why do you NOT live there. Low crime, unparalleled low unemployment, low mortality rates,and high satisfaction scores in all polls.

            Hell, you do not know what you are missing.

          • SiouxPoo

            Not so convincing…Low crime, because ND has the highest percentage of police force to people. Low unemployment, because the population is so small there is little competition for jobs. Low mortality rates, because ND people hibernate for 10 months. High satisfaction, because the only people who live there are the ones who are too scared to leave.

          • B.D.

            all the arguments you presented are flawed.

            Actually, it does NOT have the highest police to personnel ratio. But as we always said, “-30F keeps the riffraff out.” How did you end up there?

            The logic behind “Low population = high employment” is flawed. Try again.

          • NDSioux

            North Dakota is a great place to live. You are probably from Minnesota and are a Gopher fan who loves to collect all the free government handouts you can get (which is one of the reasons why your state has a 6 billion dollar deficit). You can continue to be sour towards our state and we will continue to smile at our billion dollar surplus. By the way GO SIOUX!

      • B.D.

        You have obviously never been there.

        • Danmanfu

          Obviously you are in denial.

          • B.D.

            No, I am in southern Arizona.

    • Duluth06ChE

      Yeah way to go ND legislature! Way to deprive your school of any opportunity to host post season NCAA events that could bring notoriety and income to Grand Forks! Way to keep such a tiresome debate alive and well! There’s not one person in the nation who doesn’t think UND will benefit from continuing to fight a losing battle against the chief governing body of college athletics! KEEP STICKIN’ IT TO THE MAN!

      • Talk2tim

        Now the NCAA can host tournaments in empty buildings in St Louis.

        • B.D.

          Ha! Score to Talk2tim!

  • notasiouxfan

    The should change it to the University of North Dakota Fighting Sue’s. The logo could be two (or more) women named Sue.

    • Love Suzies NOT

      Make that University of North Dakota Fighting Suzies!!

  • Sandro

    The NCAA should just drop hockey and hockey should be under at totally different governing body maybe College Hockey Incorporated or a someone that actually understands the sport. The NCAA has done nothing to improve the sport and doesn’t realize that some of these logo’s at various schools are so very important to alumni and the communities, especially the schools where ice hockey is the top sport! You rarely ever see a big football school have to change there name. One could say that the Rebels of Ole Miss were named after that because they were for slavery, or Florida State Seminoles. The NCAA is a joke!!!

    • SiouxNoNo

      You should read up on your facts before you rant. The seminoles nickname was approved by local tribes, unlike the Sioux.

      • Fan

        So is the Fighting Sioux nickname!

      • Dogs drool

        The Seminole nation readily agreed to FS using the name in exchange for monetary compensation….. 30% of all merchandise sold. Its all about the money. Look at the NCAA and what they bring in. Considering how much money the NCAA pulls in, the NCAA should pay college players and all the tribes. Call it national collegiate (AA) redistribution of wealth.

        UND currently has approval from 1 of the 2 Sioux tribes…so your math is off their Dog.

        BTW – Congrats on winning your first hockey title. Too bad it wasn’t an all WCHA final.

  • Big Ed of Ct.

    70 percent of Black(African American) in Div. one and two basketball and football college players do NOT get a college degree in any meaningful college major in the NCAA… This NEVER bothers the NCAA who gets huge revenues from March Madness tournaments and college bowl games in those jokes of college sports giving the NBA and NFL a free and cheap minor league system.. The NCAA is a taxpayer funded Joke more interested in ND hockey logo or the Missisippi state flag than the education of blacks in those scandal riddled sports like college basketball and football. .ALL of the school that play Ice Hockey in college plus all Miss. Univ’s . should drop out of the NCAA and join the NAIA or found a new collegiate org. not riddled with hypocracy like the NCAA is with black atheletes in BB and FB. Sincerely Big ED from Ct.kki

    • Some People

      Have you ever looked at this view from a players prospective? People cant be forced to take meaningful courses. They could if they wanted. Figure it out

      • Duluth06ChE

        Case in point, Brian Bonin graduated from Minnesota with a degree in Engineering. How is it the NCAA’s fault that some athletes are too stupid to actually use their scholarship?

        • B.D.

          Yes, for a young man who is certain to play in the NHL courses in economics that discuss investment strategy and marketing of his “Brand” would be far more valuable than courses in engineering or pre-med when they have no intention of careers in those areas.

    • WCHA1

      Excellent point on Black athletes.

      I, too, think the college hockey community should look affiliating with an entity other than the NCAA. Perhaps such a move would even kill the Big 10 Hockey Conference since I’m sure either the NCAA or the member schools own the right to the name “Big 10″.

      Would it be possible to seek new affiliation and play some exhibition games against Canadian major junior teams? Or minor league teams?

  • Frattin

    just another great chapter in the team’s history and the wonderful legacy of their terrific patriarch, old Ralphie

    • B.D.

      Hey homeboy, did you enjoy the late April snowstorm?

  • Sueh8ter

    it should be changed to the und chiefs, like in the movie slap shot. the sue play the same style goon hockey that the chief’s do in the movie. it would be soooooo fitting!!!!!

    • Suture1

      You are such a tool. Are you a little jealous of the success the Sioux have EVERY SINGLE YEAR. I love how there are so many jealous people on this website. The Sioux have the country’s best hockey program and nobody even comes close. So, you keep taking your cheap shots and have your fun. We don’t really care because we kick everyone’s behind every single year…lol…lmao..

      • Sueh8ter

        well big mouth, you came shy of kicking michigan’s behind now didn’t you??? just shut your yap while you are still ahead.

      • Duluth06ChE

        That would explain why they’ve won so many national titles in the last decade.

    • B.D.

      I take it youare from the ECAC or HE? Only they with their brand of non-contat hockey would equate the WCHA with such a comment.

  • Sioux85

    If the Sioux name is so egregious, why do the Tribes themselves use it?

    • Billymbrew

      They use it because it is their name.

      They object because many UND students are an embarrassment. How would you like it if someone claimed to be you and drove around drunk?

      • B.D.

        Please prove UND students do such activities at higher levels than is is the Norm for age and other demographics.

        • Billymbrew

          The norm is irrelevant. Many UND students engage in activities that the Sioux nation would not want to be associated with.

          The norm would only be relevant if every college aged student in the world had the sioux name plastered all over themselves.

          • GeauxSioux

            This is the perfect example of how not to debate.

    • Danmanfu

      The name “Sioux” was coined by white settlers, not the tribes. In fact, there is no tribe called Sioux. The “Sioux Nation” was once comprised of 7 tribes, but now they are mostly divided among the Santee, Yanktonai and Lakota. Imagine that your family lived in an area for thousands of years. Then foreigners take that land, use and abuse the resources and treat you like an inferior animal and refer to your people as Sioux. It is only natural for Native Americans to feel resentment, and use of the name Sioux is as offensive as any racial slur.

      • Hakstoolsample

        Don’t waste your breath. North Dakota fans have no sense of history. They wouldn’t understand who Agent McLaughlin is or how Sitting Bull was assassinated, the theft of the Black Hills, the violation of the Ft. Laramie treaty, etc. They don’t appreciate the fact that oilmen are making millions in North Dakota on former Indian land and the tribes get nothing and are deeply impoverished at a time that the team was built a palace of an arena by a man who idolized about Adolf Hitler, and they certainly wouldn’t appreciate the fact that the Posse Comitatus had a hard core membership in North Dakota. It’s just beyond them. The creeps don’t know their own history

        • Sioux Proud

          And who are you a fan of? Being a resident of North Dakota my whole life and a student at UND, I most certainly have heard of McLaughlin (who actually saw it as his purpose to make Native American Indians self-sufficient by encouraging them to become educated in the Western ways) and other people of significance in our great state. If you want to make this into a history battle, do you really want to discuss changes that were inevitable to modern society? People that hold no respect for Sioux tribes have no right to be a fan. But for the vast majority of the state (tribes as well) take great pride in our heritage! So I believe you might want to reconsider who you are calling creeps… As from your classy post it appears to me that the creep is really you there bud

          • B.D.

            Don’t bother, he is a local troll with serious inadequacy issues and uncontrolled envy. Not sure why…. Perhaps he is “Beardo the Weirdo” at Peace Studies and this is his way of “Fighting the man.”

        • Give me a break.

          How long did it take you to look all that up on Wikipedia?

        • WCHA

          what about casinos buddy they make a pretty penny off them!!!

          • Jordo

            Actually many don’t because they are managed by “white” companies such as Harrah’s. Also, just like with ANY race and MOST people in power, the money that should get to the people, often times a large chunk either doesn’t reach the people, or is very delayed getting to them.

        • B.D.

          Posse Commitatus – six guys can hardly be called “Hard Core.”

          By the way, I minored in history and later did my thesis’s on the indian wars once upon a time.

          Do you know more than me? Right…….

  • Booth

    Matt Frattin isnt as good a player as Gustav Nyquist and the fighting Sioux and all the other WCHA teams couldnt hack it if they had too play in the Hockey East….. But the Fighting Sioux should keep their name if we have a team in the US capital named the Redskins than whats wrong with the Sioux

    • Archam3

      Booth hockey east is like watching girls high school hockey compared to the wcha being boys high school hockey!

      • Booth

        Oh that must be why UND got spank twice when they ran in to the buzz saw that is UMaine….

        • Anonymous

          Ask BC how their spanking by 7th WCHA ranked CC was…. everyone has great/average/bad games. I believe that BC is the better team but CC was vastly overlooked because they play in the toughest conference in men’s college hockey.

          • Booth

            BC had to play across the country even though they were a top seed and they played a good team that caught them on a bad day… If any one trully think that BC would lose a three game series against CC your sadly mistaken…. but the tounry is one and done and no Hockey East team moved past the second round…This Year….

          • Boonetown

            For the first time in 10 years, BC had to travel outside of New England for an NCAA regional. The horror… the horror…

    • Nyqi

      Really? So I guess the SOS for the top 9 spots all being in the WCHA doesn’t mean anything right? Anyone can say something stupid like this but what can you do to prove it? The WCHA is the toughest conf in college hockey. Not saying that playing in HE is easy, it is a great conf with a lot of top teams but saying Nyquist is better than Frattin? Show some proof of that? Bet he wishes he would have left a year earlier has to hurt to be a Hobey award final 3 and the next year only make the final 10.

    • Suture1

      Who is Gustavo Nyquist? Ole and Lona’s son? Does he play hockey?

    • Suture1

      Who is Gustavo Nyquist? Ole and Lona’s son? Does he play hockey?

      • LENA’s byproduct

        O….ya sure ya betcha. He’s a future hockey hooligan.

  • Frequent guest

    If the Sioux tribes can’t agree, I say nuts to them and change it to the Wild Nokota or Fighting Nokota. There’s no need for the politicians to get involved. If a stallion logo is good enough for Ferrari, it should be good enough for the fine folks in North Dakota…

    • B.D.

      Change it to the fighting Norsemen in honor of the all the Norwegians in eastern North Dakota, change the logo’s hair color, and you have a ready made fix.
      In a year the local nuts who are protesting will be BEGGING to bring back the fighting Sioux name since they will have been ignored…..

  • SiouxWhat?

    What a waste of government time and tax payers money. Nobody ever said UND couldn’t keep their nickname. They just can’t compete in the postseason if they do keep it. According to the NCAA, that’s still the case. ND lawmakers are a little bit full of themselves if they think making this law is going to change the NCAA’s mind. I think it’s funny that the NCAA blew them off.

    • SiouxAlumDenver

      How did a vote waste taxpayer money? And the NCAA didn’t blow them off, they decided that the nickname issue needs to be resolved at the State level before they decide to proceed. The NCAA can now be sued if they impose infractions on UND for using the nickname and logo. Not to mention that the NCAA has much bigger things to worry about than what North Dakota is doing.

    • Crovin

      What are you talking about? UND isn’t going to be banned from competing in post season play. Under the current NCAA restrictions they just wouldn’t be able to wear jerseys with the indian head logo, or the word Sioux on them during national playoffs. Also, the institution wouldn’t be able to host any NCAA national tournament games.

    • SiouxWhat?

      I stand corrected, Crovin. I should have been more specific. Denver, the NCAA blew them off in my opinion. They wanted no part of that meeting. And gov. has wasted time and money on worse things I’m sure, but the point is whether or not it was necessary. UND already filed lawsuit against the NCAA which led to the settlement which led to a UND plan to retire nickname. Now this… It’s beating a dead horse if you ask me. Then again, I have no money, time, emotion, etc.. invested in the nickname or the school.

    • Anonymous

      Yet the NCAA sold gear with the Sioux logo on it at the Frozen Four and I guarantee they made a pretty penny off it…. how’s that for justice?

    • Don Lucia is awesome

      The NCAA didn’t “blow them off”. Once they found out the meeting would be held in public they would not come. They were afraid because they would look like fools trying to justify their social agenda.

  • Sueh8ter

    hot off the press. duluth sports page: ncaa says no go on fighting sue law!!!!!!!! the school will be barred from hosting ncaa postseason sporting events and it’s teams will not be able to wear the nickname and logo on its uniforms in post season contests!!! the standing rock sue tribal council has declined to change its stand!!! sound pretty clear cut to me.

  • Sueha8ter

    it is actually ole and LENA. if you are going to rip someone, do it right!!

    • GeauxSioux

      There is a “reply” button which allows the individual to place his/her comment directly below the comment they are responding to. Write that down.

      Also, the “a” followed by the “8″ in your name is redundant. The “8″ makes the “a” sound.

  • Jordo

    I find a mystery why NO ONE has discussed what the University does for the local Reservation communities in terms of higher education opportunities, graduation, graduate school, and post-doctoral programs and placements that are provided to the Tribes. UND has the HIGHEST graduation rates at the undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate Native American/Indian students in the country. Not to mention the outreach programs that the University provides to the rural communities, including the Reservations. Remind me how that is hostile and abusive.

  • Mike*)&

    Too much haterizing here.
    Can’t we all just get along ?

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