College Hockey:
North Dakota to resume use of Fighting Sioux nickname

A petition with more than 17,000 signatures was delivered to North Dakota’s secretary of state office on Tuesday supporting the reinstatement of the Fighting Sioux nickname to all of UND’s athletic teams.

The Grand Forks Herald reported that petitions were counted and numbered, with counting and verifying of signatures starting Wednesday. Tuesday night’s filing will immediately suspend the “repeal act” adopted by the legislature during its November special session.

Then on Wednesday, another Herald article stated that the head of North Dakota’s Board of Higher Education, Grant Shaft, said the board may go to court if a law requiring the University of North Dakota to revert to its Fighting Sioux nickname is restored.

Also Wednesday, UND president Robert Kelley issued a statement saying that the university “has resumed the use of the Fighting Sioux nickname and logo for our athletic teams.”

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  • Kazakh-mike

    Great. North Dakota seems to be one of the only places left in America where racism wins out. It’s not like it’s a good university, but it should have some pride.

    • Tred

      You may be the dumbest person on the planet.

    • GodsSquadForever

      Not cool.  It not racist if the Native American tribe themselves are pushing the name to be restored.

      • Boston Maine~iak

        That’s the thing. The entire tribe isn’t in support of the name, the tribe is divided. If the school had the support like the Seminoles support Florida State, it would be different. 

        • GodsSquadForever

          There are two separte Sioux tribes, which are completly different.  We had approval from one tribe…which is all we had to do. End of story.

          The 2 Standing Rock tribal leaders wouldn’t let there community vote….because they are extremely corrupt.

          • Boston Maine~iak

            I was under the impression that both tribes had to approve in order for North Dakota to keep the “Fighting Sioux” name. If only one was needed, then I stand corrected, and the university should be allowed to keep the name.

          • GodsSquadForever

            OK no worries…as a Sioux fan we simply have to deal with all the MN liberals (sorry MN fans if you aren’t) who bash the use of the logo (FYI to those libs….go check the Warroad Warriors logo).

          • BeaverHockey

            As a Bemidji State fan, I would say that the Fighting Sioux are now our biggest rival.  As much as I hate that team I will say that as long as the Capital of the United States can use a derogatory term like Redskins for their mascot, then North Dakota should be able to use Fighting Sioux.

          • Fan Man

             Funny you say that cause I feel like every team with the exception of BU thinks we are their biggest rival!  J/K…   But in all seriousness, why do you think everyone hates the Sioux hockey team?  They love to play us but hate to lose thus that is where I think the hatred comes from….   The opponent always loses hahaha

          • GodsSquadForever

            I am a die hard Sioux fan but you are partially correct.  Everyone seems to hate us because we do have  great hockey team (for the most part).  But where I don’t agree with you is that we do lose….quite a bit in big games.  But I dont agree with the absolute hatred from many other programs.  I can see with the Gophers because of the close rivalry and the fact (before this year) they have had down years for quite some time.  But we definitly dont hate them like they hate us.

          • collegehockeyfan

            Everyone hates the Sioux hockey team because of the fan base.  There are a few badddddd sioux fans haha…. but I have met countless Sioux fans that I keep up with this to this day because they tend to know the game.  Good people IMO, but nobody can’t disagree that the building electrifies no matter where they go.  Keep the Sioux, more honor than 2 people’s OPINION on the logo. 

          • Phoenixfyre1313

            Actually there are a few people on both sides of the fence that take things too far, but the vast majority of Gopher fans have respect for the players and fans of UND and I would like to think that the same is true of the UND players and fans.

          • WcHa HoCkEy

            Us Minnesotans don’t care if you the logo, it’s kind of cool. Not a big fan of Warroad though.

          • beefheart

            I am a spot on MN liberal…… and I love and support the name/jersey

          • Brice

            From what I’ve seen its total between the two groups and the larger Spirit Lake Tribe was in support of NoDak keeping the logo.

        • Scott Reed

          1 of the 3 tribes never held a vote, they have overwhelming public support for the nickname but weren’t allowed to vote.  The other two tribes voted in favor, so before you spout off about which you obviously don’t know much about… think twice…please… then the rest of us aren’t subject to your stupidity

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XWVU5YKBKBDNFNA6GMIQ2LGKYA Dirk


    • Scott Reed

      You will have to excuse his internal confusion… he is stupid and can’t help it.  cheers for a team in the second most liberal place in the USA besides San Fran, bashes a former republican president.  Then goes against every liberal agenda and only wants to support a homogeneous local population… what happened to free love and helping everybody?

    • SIOUXFAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      your ignorance is bliss

  • Duke

    Ha yeah good argument kaz

  • Brice

    I have Native American roots (Cherokee, not Sioux) and the council of the Standing Rock tribe did not only fail to represent its people, but undermined democracy in their handling of this situation. Members of the Standing Rock tribe were not allowed to vote on whether or not to support the school for using the mascot, but instead the issue to fight the mascot was made through an edict by the chief. There were members of Standing Rock that signed the petition and they should have the ability to represent themselves, as well the rest of the state, when a public university is in play.

    • Scott Reed

      The chief of the Standing Rock Tribe at the time was Ron His Horse is Thunder, please direct all negativity his way, he made his tribe, the Sioux Nation, and all Native Amaerican look unreasonable and uncooperative. Its sad that a small minority of people in powerful place can have such an impact. 

  • wombat

    “it’s not like its a good university”
    You may not be the dumbest, but you have several hundred thousand people that disagree

  • beefheart

    As a Gopher fan this may not be a popular thing to say, but the Sioux jerseys are as good as it gets in college hockey. Twenty years ago I would have been all about the perceived racism and such but I really don’t see it anymore. The Native American icon that is used to represent the school is anything but racist, in fact, I find it to be a sign of respect. There will always be people who oppose things for whatever reason they find suits them, sometimes justifiably so. This is not one that I find any reason ( anymore ) to oppose. 

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s a great logo, being part native, it fills me with pride and if removed will be lost forever.

  • Plastikjeebus

    the biggest issue to me as a native is that there was a ceremony in 1969 by our elders that gave permission to UND to use the nickname. And our native society has always kept our elder’s word in the highest regard and we should respect this ceremony and not allow outsider’s to make our decisions!

  • Stanleedle

    As a Badger season hockey ticket holder I want the Sioux, I like the unies

  • nogofer

    “North Dakota to resume use of Fighting Sioux nickname.”     I never stopped.

  • HugeHockeyFan

    I have but 2 questions for the NCAA:

    1.  If nicknames are so demeaning and derogatory, then why do you allow “white” nicknames like Patriots, Minutemen, Vikings, Irish, and etc..?  You’re demeaning these wonderful and proud groups.and….2.  If nicknames are so demeaning and derogatory, why is it that if you give a cut of the money from items sold to the tribe and in essence buy them off to keep the name like Florida does with the Seminole nickname, the nickname is no longer demeaning?  I find it interesting that the NCAA puts the principle of money above the principle of what they supposedly consider racism.

    • Jrsim88

      The patriots and minutemen were nit victims of genocide and then forced to live on reservations. The fact is that some people are truly offended by the name and usage of the logo. When you see some of the horrible propaganda that has been distributed you will see why some people are offended. To me I have wondered why this argument has primarily focused on our hockey team. No other team wears the logo or name, all of teams wear north Dakota jerseys. The hockey team would be the ones least effected because regionals are held a a neut site. But football comes with home field advantage. I know this is a college hockey site but I saw the article and thought that it needed to be pointed out that others will be effected.

      • Jrsim88

        Not…pardon my typos as I sent this from my phone

  • zoozilla65

    FSU and UND & CMU are a few of the places where the liberal “guilt trip” hasn’t won out. Count Stanford, Eastern Michigan and others as having lost. There is absolutely nothing derogatory or racist about honoring a native tribe by using their symbol as a badge of unity. I’m sorry but the liberal agenda has to be removed from this and replaced by common sense. I’m of Irish decent (at least in part) so should I be offended by Notre Dame’s athletic team name? The answer is no. Maybe PETA will take up sides with the animal kingdom to eliminate Wolverines, Badgers, Gophers and the like as well. When does it end? 

    • GodsSquadForever

      You are so right…..it’s becoming terrible.  I feel they are the racist one’s.  By taking this away they are one step closer to making everyone completely forget these tribes ever existed.  Its pretty sad actually.

    • Stonecoldwolv

      As a native I have no problem with them using the name as long as they have approval. On to the derogatory part the reason some tribes have a problem with the name is the way they are use. Colleges are not as bad or even close to pro sports. For example the Washington redskins use of redskin is racist. The owner who came up with the name was a known racist towards Indians. Redskin is derogatory. The Cleveland Indians the picture on the mascot depicts Indians in a negative manner. North Dakota I feel as well as the Seminoles and central Michigan have not depict natives in a bad way. How one is portrayed matters. I would like to use other ethnicities as nicknames to show examples but it’s not right.

  • krf


  • Goldy

    Minnesota fan here who was sincerely glad to read this news. They have an awesome hockey program up there, among many successful athletic teams.

  • pspoolplayer

    It’s not the nickname that is offensive, it’s the drunken fan who wears face paint
    and dresses up in Indian garb that truly offends.

    • Guest

      and if you’ve been to a game at the Ralph you would know that doesnt happen there

    • nogofer

      When did you witness that?

      • nogofer

        Yeah, that is what I thought…

  • Goldy is back

    im pretty jacked they get to keep their nickname. i was a bit upset that my “SOIUX are PIOUX” t-shirt was only going to be mocking the ex hockey teams and not any teams of the future. J/K…seriously though, i hate the souix but wish we could play against them every weekend and when we start the big ten schedule i sure am going to miss them…along with all the teams in the WCHA.

  • on

    It just shows that people are sick and tired of this political correctness crap and how little guts the University of North Dakota’s Administration and Board have.  Fire them all and replace them with regular North Dakotan’s.

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