College Hockey:
Target Center picked to host NCHC postseason tournament

The NCHC announced Monday that its postseason tournament will be held at the Target Center in Minneapolis starting in 2014 as the conference has signed a five-year agreement with the rink.

The winners of the conference quarterfinals, which will be played on the home ice of the top four regular-season finishers in the league, will qualify to come to Minneapolis. The CBS Sports Network will televise the two semifinal games and the championship game. A third-place game will also be played.

“The athletic directors and coaches of our member institutions are pleased that we will present our men’s ice hockey championship at a first-class venue in one of the nation’s best markets for college ice hockey,” said NCHC commissioner Jim Scherr in a news release. “It is our goal to become an outstanding college ice hockey conference in every way and this announcement is in keeping with that goal.”

“Target Center and Minneapolis have a solid reputation for making teams and fans feel welcome,” added Minnesota-Duluth coach Scott Sandelin. “Our conference’s players, coaches and loyal fans will have a great home for our tournament in a city with a great history of supporting college ice hockey.”

The 21-year-old Target Center previously hosted the WCHA postseason tournament prior to the Xcel Energy Center.

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  • JrCollege

    Sigh. Not exactly the best venue available. The location is great of course, but the venue is dated. I am gonna assume the WCHA has dibs on the Xcel. To bad the Excel could not host the event.

    • Guest

      Big Ten has dibs on Xcel

  • scpa0305

    Terrible location. That place is a sore thumb downtown. How can the WCHA keep the Excel? There are going to be no decent teams left in that conference.

    • JRA

      Another hockey a-clown.

    • Mike

      Oh I know … No decent teams at all …. Let me do a recount here Frozen 4 last season …. 1 Team from the new WCHA and 0 from the NCHC.

      I mean clearly all the teams left are terrible. They might as well get rid of their hockey teams. In fact, Why do any teams outside of the NCHC even play hockey? Oh yeah because the NCHC isn’t special at all. Perhaps I dare say that there are no decent teams in the NCHC. How on earth did they even get the Target Center for their postseason tournament? Just doesn’t make any sense at all.

  • ReturntoGoldCountry


  • TVCLemson

    Did the WCHA get the Xcel Center for odd years when the Big Ten is in Detroit? That could be why NCHC is doing Target Center. As far as I heard, the Big Ten has the X for even years.

  • Yooper Hockey

    Good place for the NCHC the Target Center.

    Is there going to be a basketball game in between games.

    What a joke. Why not a NHL venue like the Pepsi Center in Denver. Isn’t that where the culprits are located in breaking up the WCHA. The NCHC belongs in Colorado not Minneaota.

    Maybe Kevin Love will drop the puck in honer of the Timberwolves.

    I think the NCHC balls are bouncing out of bounds on this one.

    • TVClemson

      Why Minneapolis instead of Denver? Simple math. In Denver you’ll have two teams that will bring in fans: Denver and CC. In Minneapolis you’ll have three: St. Cloud, Duluth, and UND.

      • B.D.

        Key think about Denver is that everyone there is actually from somewhere else. No real fan base…
        Colorado College is similar in that the town is heavily military and thus everyone is from somehwere else.

    • ReturntoGoldCountry

      This just shows that no one was interested in hosting this tournament.

  • HockeyFan

    I’m excited about the NCHC and everything about it!
    I’ll miss Minnesota & Wisconsin, but I won’t miss watching Bemidji, Mankato, Mich Tech and Anchorage.
    It’s going to be big time hockey every weekend in THE NATIONAL, like SEC Football. St. Cloud will likely be like Vanderbilt, but everyone else is BIG TIME!!!

    • Mike

      Really I think you are living in a dream world if you think every weekend in the national will be big time hockey. You have UNO, St. Cloud State, Western Michigan.

      You put down BSU, Mankato, Mich Tech and UAA. For example you have UNO who has a losing record against BSU. You even have Miami that split with Bemidji. You have St. Cloud who is inconsistent. And how on earth do you consider Western Michigan to be a big time hockey program that will be big time hockey every weekend.

      Great you are pumped up for your new conference but maybe you should be a little realistic. SEC of College Hockey …. Please! If you want to make such statements maybe the national teams should of been in the championship game the last 4 years. Maybe even have a Frozen 4 team this last season. Then you can start throwing out such dumb comments.

      As of right now I’ll say the national is going to be like the SEC of the 90s. You have Florida and Tennessee and then a bunch of solid/adequate teams for the rest of the conference.

    • Beaver Hockey

      Oh yes big time hockey every weekend in the NCHC. What a joke!

      I personally am so glad that this new conference is formed and Bemidji State is still in the WCHA. I’m sure all the other fans of the teams still in the WCHA agree with me. No longer do we have to try and separate ourselves from the NCHC fans who think they are better than everyone else.

      In the last 5 years the NCHC has a record of 20-24 in the tournament. 15-19 against teams outside the NCHC. That is showing you are the best. Take out Duluth and it gets quite worse.

      In the last 5 years the WCHA teams have a record of 5-4. Clearly they can’t compete with other conferences. I mean Bemidji State clearly can’t compete with these NCHC teams either since there record is 20-24-7 against the NCHC the last 3 years. I mean how dare these teams try to compete.

      What a joke indeed!

      • WCHA Fan

        I’m with you Beaver! Clearly no one can argue that most of the teams in the NCHC have great hockey histories and several NCAA titles. The other truth though, is that many of the “Leftover” WCHA teams have great histories as well. In my opinion, the gap between the power programs and the others in college hockey has been closing over the past 20 years, not growing wider.
        It’s fun to read what the NCHC supporters think about the chances of the WCHA teams in 2013. What they seem to be forgetting is the reality of recent post-seasons. Did they already forget who won the CCHA title this year and made it to the NCAA title game?
        Maybe some of them should ask UMD fans who the last team was to beat them in the playoffs before they won their 2011 title. Better yet, ask the number one seed Notre Dame fans how easy it was to blow by the Beavers in the 2009 tourney. Don’t believe them? Ask Cornell fans next.
        Truth is, Bemidji may have had a hard time being better than average their first two years in the current WCHA, but in the post season they have proven they know how to get things done. Deep down, the NCHC fans should be worried that teams like Bemidji and Ferris State will have a much better opportunity to rear their ugly heads in the NCAA post-season.
        Here’s to some WCHA “Leftover” fireworks come 2014!

        • BulldogFan

          Is there a banner hanging at the Sanford Center honoring the win against UMD in the WCHA tourney in 2011? Because everytime I walk in to Amsoil I see the 2011 NCAA NATIONAL CHAMPIONS banner. How did BSU do in the NCAAs in 2011….oh yeah they were golfing. Wow the bar is low in the nWCHA.

          • WCHA Fan

            Apparently you missed the point of my comment. I’m trying to say that the level of post season play by the WCHA teams is often on the level with your “NCAA Champion” caliber teams. No banner for the win over the dogs, no. (Nor would anyone want one) There are 13 national championship banners hanging in Sanford however, and another DI National Semifinalist banner from 2009. Ask SCSU or WMU how many of those they have hanging as long as you bring up low bars. Just to be clear, Ferris State, Bemidji, Michigan Tech, LSSU, Northern Michigan and Bowling Green all have at least one.
            By the way, how did UMD do in 2009? Oh yeah, they were golfing with the rest of the NCHC and B1G… What a stupid pointless comment that was.
            Enjoy your 2011 banner. It was well earned and fun for us Minnesota based hockey fans to watch. I was there and was a HUGE Bulldog supporter. Now come down to earth and realize that it may be another 30 years before you see another and start supporting hockey in general. It will only hurt the college hockey landscape as a whole if the WCHA does not prosper. If you don’t believe that there are some storied programs left in it with recent successes, then you really don’t know much about college hockey at all.

          • BulldogFan

            You really need to do your research. The Bulldogs won the WCHA Final 5 in 2009, first team to win the play-in game and go on to win the title. They beat Princeton in the first round of the NCAAs, after scoring 2 goals in the last 37 seconds, then winning in OT. Then lost to Miami 2-1 in the regional final. UMD had a goal waived off that should have counted and the goalie for Miami was outstanding. And come on when your program moves to D1 thats when you stop talking about D2, D3 and NAIA titles. BSU has none at the D1 level. period.

          • WCHA Fan

            But UMD was not in the Frozen Four that year. Do you know who else wasn’t? SCSU WMU and UNO. Actually, all of those schools have never been there. So, before picking on BSU who has been there, and has been in the NCAA tournament 4 times in their first 10 years as a DI program, try picking on some of your own who actually deserve it.
            Considering UMD never played at the DII level I’m not sure it’s you who gets to decide what alumni from other schools with multiple national championships can or cannot talk about. Anyway, BSU has been a DI program for 12 years and has had post-season success. UMD has been a DI program since the first tournament champion was named in 1948. It took them 36 years to reach their first frozen four, and 63 years to win their first, and only, championship. Impressive!!
            Here’s to your embarassment the first time the lowly Beavers from the lowly WCHA knock you out of the tournament.

          • BulldogFan

            UMD went D1 in 1961 not 1948. Prior to 1961 they played at the D3 level in the MIAC. BSU fans are worse than Chicago Bear fans. Have a conversation with a Bears fan for more than 30 seconds and they mention 1985. Have a conversation with a BSU fan, and they bring up 2 things the ONE year they went to the Frozen Four (AT THE D1 LEVEL) and how they were the last team to beat the ‘dogs before the title run. Hopefully Ferris fan won’t start acting like this.

          • WCHA Fan

            Talk to an UMD fan in 25 years and they will still be mentioning 2011. Funny….

          • BulldogFan

            You really need to do some research before posting. UMD was in the NCAAs in 2009. They won the WCHA Final Five, first team to win 3 games to do it. They then beat Princeton in the first round of the NCAA tourney, they scored 2 goals in the last 37 seconds, including the game tying goal with .8 seconds left before winning in OT. They lost in the regional final to Miami 2-1, UMD had a goal waived off that should have counted, but the goalie for Miami was outstanding. And when your program moves to D1 that’s the point when gloating about D2, D3 and NAIA title ends. Come on there was like 6 teams that played at the D2 level back then.

        • Anti-NCAA

          Sounds like some crying over Wheaties…. Boo Hoo! It wasn’t the NCHC that did this to college hockey. It was the Big Ten flexing their might and forcing Minn. and Wisc. out of the WCHA.

          You’ll also note that the WCHA really didn’t ‘want’ Bemidji State as a college hockey institution. They accepted them because of scheduling ease, relation to other Minnesota schools, etc. The also were accepted because the league really wanted UNO in the league with their commitment to top notch venue, fan base, community support, recruiting efforts, etc.

          Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not happy that the WCHA split up! I was shocked as was most others. We would want to stick together, but let’s face it, it sucked having to go out to Alaska-Anchorage, brushing Mankato and Mich. Tech into the snowbank. So, why would the larger programs want to continue that AND include other struggling hockey programs in Alabama, , etc.

          Hockey programs become powerhouses by extensive recruiting, playing the most difficult schedule possible, and having the fan base/venue that supports the prior two. Over 1/2 of the new WCHA can’t do that, period. I’d want to remain in the league, but it just doesn’t look pretty after this season.

          So, don’t go getting mad at Denver, G.F., and Duluth. They’ve made a commitment to the best hockey in the west. You’ll see more than one team enter the regional tourney, but you can’t say that for the new WCHA or Big Ten. They’ll struggle once more for talent, which means one stake already into the heart…..

          Just calling the kettle black.

          • WCHA Fan

            First off, nobody here is crying over anything. I’m fine with the new conference line-ups. I think it is nothing but good for schools like Bemidji, LSSU, Mankato and the like. I’m happy to see the UND fans North Dakota-ing up someone else’s tournament.
            Second, you are dead wrong about the WCHA and Bemidji. Bemidji applied after reaching the Frozen Four and building a brand new beautiful arena. The WCHA then went shopping for a 12th team so they could bring Bemidji in… UNO was the last addition and sought out by the WCHA solely to balance out the schedule with the addition of BSU.
            Talent will continue to exist in every conference. There are too many talented kids out there to have it any other way. When Bemidji was in the CHA, the true bottom feeder conference in the NCAA, they still found a way to make it to the Frozen Four. That was with worse circumstances than they will probably ever see again. (Recruiting, travel, and strength of schedule) So thank you for making my point. One team in the tourney is all the conference needs to make an impact on the teams “loaded” with lots of “freshman and sophomore” talent.
            Kettle meet pot.

    • ReturntoGoldCountry

      The NCHC will be lucky if they are among the top 3 conferences in college hockey.

      • ozzy

        you don’t know hockey…what a dumb statement.
        this will be the best college hockey in the world. no disrespect to hockey east. they will be a very close
        second best.

        • george

          NCAA titles
          23 Big Ten
          17 NCHC
          13 Hockey East

          • Scott Reed

            schools can claim titles but conferences can not.
            BIG TEN – 0
            NCHC – 0

        • ReturntoGoldCountry

          They are so good that they had to settle for teams they originally did not want because their top choices for teams said no thanks.

      • CCFAN

        Yea you are rigtht LOL, after last seasons final rankings the NCHC only had 5 of its 8 teams in the top 15 and 7 in the top 23. What a stupid comment

  • SuperYooper

    I won’t miss watching teams like North Dokata, St Cloud, Denver, Colorado College and University. Of Nebraska Omaha. All these teams had to leave to some phoney league.

    Good rindance, the NCHC was formed. It will be nice to see this league fold. Show me in sports history of new leagues forming who end up folding.

    The NCHC will leave a black eye on college hockey history. Why? The league was formed because it was money driven. The league didn’t care about rivals. It left the WCHA with four teams and the CCHA with five teams. The NCHC was formed with no respect to the remaining small schools left in the dust.

    Why did the WCHA keep expanding throughout the years UAA and St Cloud in the 1990′s, Mankato 1999, and Bemdji and UNO lately.

    Why did these teams let the WCHA become a 12 team with expansion through the years then say now that your in my league(WCHA) we are going to bail on these teams because we are too good to play you know. It just doesn’t make sense.

    Yes Minnesota and Wisconsin left but that left the WCHA with ten teams. What is wrong with this number. College hockey got screwed over and some teams will struggle financially because some teams from Denver and Grand Forks think they are Ann Arbor and Minneapolis.

    College hockey has some great traditions and winners from small western towns like Soo, Marquette, Houghton, Big Rapids, Bemdji, Mankato, Fairbanks, Ankorage and Huntsville.

    The good thing about college hockey is could see a team from Ann Arbor go to Soo, team from Minneapolis go to Houghton, Columbus to Marquette. Last time I counted their was less then sixty teams in college hockey which leaves not many teams to play.

    The NCHC “like minded” schools should just play each other home/home for twenty eight games if they think their teams are so high and mighty. Why did they leave that four non conference gap. Are they worried they have to play everybody else. Obviously the former WCHA teams will avoid the former CCHA schools as much as possible. That’s why they have ONLY 24 game schedule instead of 28 games in conference.

    Why don’t like minded schools play other like minded schools home and home because they don’t like other like minded schools.All the NCHC needs is six non conference games.

    Thanks for the napkin at the Hotel with the scribbles on it. Who do we invite? Notre Dame, BU, BC? Joel Maluri Commish? no, no, no

    • B.D.

      ANother name Homeboy?

  • ReturntoGoldCountry

    Wait a minute, this is just another announcement about an upcoming announcement.

  • Yooper Hockey

    The NCHC will be lucky to have any fans at this venue. Like I said this is going to be a joke for college hockey.

    The Target Center is a basketball first for like minded universities.

    The NCHC should ride the Pink Pony. Come on a basketball venue for a hockey tournament.

    The Pepsi Center is an NHL rink. If fans can’t show up in Denver at a NHL rink then the NCHC must not have many fans.

    I hear the Bruce McLeod trophy is available for the NCHC. They can honer a great hockey Commish that Denver, CC, ND, UMD, St Cloud and UNO so loved so much they left him standing still on the University of Denver’s campus.

    • HuskyHauler

      bitter much?

    • Fan Man

      The reason the tournament is not in Denver (I wouldn’t mind it being there, Ave’s fan here) is because Denver and CC have some of the most un-supporting fan base in the ol’ WCHA as far a attendance and travel wise… Also, the Target Center will be getting major renovations and will not be as bad as a place to play hockey in as you think! Not saying I wouldn’t rather have it at the Xcel, its just that it will be a nice place for Sioux to continue their domination in postseason tournaments! that was partially a joke to you haters out there

  • OldTimeHockeyWCHA1951

    NCAA Championships

    WCHA.–37 titles
    NCHC–00. Titles
    Big 10–00 titles
    Hockey East–13 titles

    It looks like it going to take the NCHC many years to keep up with the WCHA. And please NCHC don’t take credit for NCAA titles in the WCHA. Like minded schools have zero titles as far as am I concerned.

    • B.D.

      Now please seperate the teams and recount according to the new conferences.

  • OldTimeHockey1951

    NCAA Championships

    NCHC–00 titles
    Big 10–00 titles
    WCHA–37 titles

    I hear the NCHC is going to play for the Bruce McLeod trophy from the defunct College Hockey America.

    Good luck in playing at a basketball court NCHC.

    You also have an expert in Wrestling as a Commish a bonus with no hockey background.

    Also, how many National Championships do your elite teams have:

    UNO Mavericks-0 titles
    St Cloud Huskies-0 titles
    WMU Broncos–0 titles
    UMD Bulldogs-1 titles
    CC Tigers-2 titles

    The New WCHA National Championships

    MTU Huskies-3 titles
    LSSu Lakers-3 titles
    Bowling Green Falcons-1 title
    NMU Wildcats-1 title

    NCHC=five teams=3 titles

    New WCHA=four teams=8 titles

    Who do you think has the best track record? New WCHA


    • bill

      you forgot north dakota and denver national championships friend. no dak has 5 and denver 2 so that seven and that totals 10.

      • Fan Man

        @BILL You forgot to add 2 to that 5 National Championships the Sioux own! 2+5=7 Titles….
        Im sure Old Time Hockey51′ left that out to make his case in point better. However, his argument is irrelevant and this case will only be proven later next year

    • Fan Man

      The Sioux have 7 titles themselves which almost beats your top four teams in one swipe… What are you really trying to say because I am extremely confused by your logic here bud!

      • WCHA Fan

        It pains me to admit it, but I think he is trying to say that minus North Dakota and Denver, the conference is really not that elite. Two teams with multiple national championships. I’m excluding CC with their 2 in the 1800′s. Everyone else is just along for the ride and no better than half the teams left in the WCHA. There are more titles and recent national success left in the WCHA than several of the tag along programs who will join the NCHC. That’s what he is trying to say.

      • WCHA Fan

        I think he is trying to say that other than UND and Denver, the other teams in the conference have very few if any titles. CC has what, 2 in the 50′s? UMD one. Other than that, you got SCSU, WMU, UNO, and Miami all riding the coat-tails of UND and Denver. More history, more titles and more left in the WCHA when you exclude those two teams.

    • bill

      oh yeah and another thing look at the won loss records of mtu ,lssu,bg,and northern over the last 8 years. as well as there NCAA tournament apperances. i think the number might be like 3.

    • B.D.

      Yet ANOTHER new name homeboy?


    As much I wanted the NCHC tourny in Denver. It really wouldnt make sense. Outside of the Pepsi Center being a great hockey venue we didnt really have too much else to offer. I hate saying this but BOTH the Word Arena (CC) and Magness (DU) are filled up by a community crowd that might just be looking for something to do on the weekend. Being a season ticket holder for 16 years the CC student section doesnt even usually sell out the bottom section (unless we are playing DU and getting the gold pan). DU has a very fair weathered fan base as well. The schools student body size hurt our chances. I went to the WCHA Final Five 4 or 5 times and the atmosphere is AMAZING for hockey….I feel it beats a NHL game by far. I dont see the Pepsi Center getting that type of crowd. It did make sense with CC DU and UNO all withing driving distance but it would not bring the money and attendance and thats what college hockey is slowly but surely making their decisions on. I would have liked to see a rotation of Tournament sights the first few seasons to give all venues a chance !!!

  • coryc711

    People forget that the target center is being remodeled as part of the vikings stadium deal so it should fill in as a good option for the conference. As umd fan, I do think it should rotate between Minneapolis and denver

  • Duluth06ChE

    Yeah, I get that Target Center isn’t the best for hockey, but it’s not as horrible as people are making it out to be. Before tX opened, Minny and Sconnie used to play a game there almost every year AND the WCHA tournament was there. It’s a big building that will hold a lot of drunk NoDak fans. I was actually hoping that the tournament would rotate between Minneapolis and Omaha, but I don’t know how well UMD fans or SCSU fans would travel. Not to sound too cocky, but I think a lot of fans will save their money for trips to the NCAA regionals rather than spring for a conference tournament trip.

  • Beaver4life

    So which would you choose? Conference championship game of your choice – tickets, all expenses paid, etc.
    The NCHC title game featuring Miami and Western at the Target Center in front of maybe 4000 fans or the WCHA championship game at MacInnes featuring Tech and Northern in front of a standing room only crowd of 4500. Which would have the better atmosphere?
    The new WCHA has been rumored to be considering campus sites for the post seaon tourney. I haven’t heard anything new on this for a few months. Now that the BT and NCHC have announced their post season locations I would assume we should hearing from the WHCA yet this summer.

    • B.D.

      The problem is the nWCHA will NEVER attract 4000 fans at a playoff in a neutral ice town….

  • OldTimeHockeyWCHA1951

    I believe the MTU huskies have more wins then five NCHC teams have played.

    If I am not mistaken MTU huskies have more WiINS then UNO, St Cloud, WMU, and Miami have PLAYED.

    Those teams must be elite.

    • B.D.

      Right. Keep telling yourself that.

    • CCFAN

      I think your posting name says it all……you are living in the old time college hockey days! To even try and compare MTU to any school in the NCHC is just crazy and a little bit funny as well. Just some quick numbers for fun…MTU has had one season with a winning conference record , just ONE since 1990. That is over 20 seasons….And one more stat just for laughs …..since 1990…MTU over all record in the WCHA is 171 – 405 – 68…well over twice as many losses than wins….I am not happy the WCHA split up but there is a reason why Tech is staying in the WCHA, good news is they might be able to improve on that conference record now that the elite teams from the old WCHA are gone… There is just no reason to compare Tech to a NCHC school at this time

  • WCHA1951

    NCAA Championships

    Miami Redhawks -zero
    WMU Broncos-zero
    St Cloud Huskies-zero
    UNO Mavericks-zero
    UMD Bulldogs-one
    CC Tigers-two

    NCHC has six teams with three titles.

    MTU Huskies-3 titles
    LSSU Lakers-3 titles
    NMU Wildcats-1 title
    Bowling Green Falcons-1 title

    New WCHA has four teams with eight titles.

    The NCHC should play for the Bruce MCleod Trophy.

    • Hockeyfanfan

      Then why are you here commenting? The prestigious New WCHA should have nothing to worry about……

    • pevan52

      Oops I’m sure it was an just oversight that you forgot DU 7 titles and UND 7 titles.

  • WCHA1951

    How many National Championships for Big 10?

    Ohio State Buckeyes- zero
    Penn State -zero
    Michigan State Spartans-2 Titles
    Minnesota Golden Gophers-3 titles
    Wisconsin Badgers-5 titles

    New WCHA
    MTU Huskies-3 titles
    NMU Wildcats-1 title
    LSSU Lakers-3 titles
    Bowling Green-1 title

    Pretty close Big ten and New WCHA.

    • BulldogFan

      Wrong! The Badgers have 6 titles not 5, Sparty has 3 titles not 2, Minnesota has 5 titles not 3 and you forgot about Michigan’s 9. To your created you did get OSU and PSU right so if this were a test you would have gotten 2 out of 6 right. Probably the same non-conference winning percentage of the nWCHA.

    • lakes19

      Why did you not post Michigan’s national titles? They are part of the Big Ten as well?

  • UofMGoldenChokers

    I don’t get why the NCHC just doesn’t use the Xcel on the years the big joke conference isn’t there and then use either the pepsi center in Denver or the rink the Marvericks use in Omaha. Target center is NOT a hockey arena. Terrible choice

    • hockeyfan2007

      Because the Xcel will possible not be available as there is a NHL team playing, Minnesota State High League State hockey tournament there, the WCHA tournament (if they still play there) and also the Big Ten tournament (also if they still play there). That’s why they looked at Target Center as a possibility. Plus it is a center and neutral location for the conference.

  • Yooper Hockey

    I love it how coach Haskol says when he played at the Target it has good sight lines and good views from the boards.

    Haskol played two games at the Target and tells how great it is for hockey. A joke.

    • B.D.

      Homeboy, why you hate soooo much?

  • WCHA1951OldTimeHockey

    You don’t have to wait three weeks for the next NCHC announcements. Here they are:

    The NCHC has announced they have taken the Bruce McLeod Trophy from the defunct College Hockey America. The NCHC felt it right to honer a great Commish from the former league the members have loved so much. In two seasons America will be able to see the WMU Broncos take the McLeod trophy home to Kalmazoo.

    The next announcement is the NCHC has developed a logo.

    The logo is N$H$. Also, the cronies have go together to develop a slogan.

    “The NCHC glad we misnamed are league so please call us Hockey West.”" This is thanks to the good guys like Notre Dame, Boston university and Boston College we arent National.”

    So now the NCHC has its trophy and logo and slogan.

  • MountainSun

    Wow, I can’t tell if these comments are from college alums, or 6th graders. Talk about a mass of bitter, misleading comments with no actual knowledge behind the “facts” they post.
    So it’s not the Xcel, that kind of sucks, but you know what else is no good? Not being able to get a hotel in downtown St. Paul for the FF because the whole state of catholics goes there for St. Paddys day. Maybe there will be hope for a hotel in MPLS.
    And nobody is happy about the formation of the new leagues, GET OVER IT. Get a hobby.

  • Yooper Hockey

    This conference (NCHC) is a joke to college hockey. Why?

    First, you put this league together with no game plan and you wing it. You try to hire Joel Maluri as Commish who was an AD at Minnesota, Denver and Miami. He says no.

    Then you announce you have six teams consists of five WCHA teams and one CCHA team. After the six teams you invite Notre Dame, Boston University, and Boston College who all decline to enter this National conference which makes it another Western conference not National which it was indented to be. So have a small WCHA conference with six teams. Some unproven programs are in the original six. UNO Mavericks, Miami Redhawks, CC tigers, and UMD Bulldogs. All only combine for three National Championships which is equal to Lake Superior Lakers National Championships of three.

    Out of desperation to make eight teams you invite two more unproven teams to your so called National. WMU Broncos and St cloud Huskies who also have a grand total of zero national championships. So now we have eight teams in this new league. This leaves the WCHA with a whopping four teams and the CCHA with five teams. So this NCHC leaves two leagues in limbo the CCHA with fourty years as a league and forever dominant WCHA which has had sixty years of college hockey.

    So you force these nine programs that you call leftovers to merge. But out of the leftovers four of the programs have a total of eight National Championships which is more then Miami, UNO, St Cloud, WMU, CC and UMD combined. I see no elites or any better in this group of teams. Just because the leftover schools are division two, smaller venues and cities doesn’t make these teams not completive and a good track record and history.

    Then the league hires a Commish without a hockey background a big mistake for the league. He doesn’t understand the game and having never played it he will hurt the game. A hockey gu should have been hired. Bad Move.

    Then the NCHC picks a basketball stadium to play the championship. Big ‘Mistake. A hockey venue a NHL venue should have been picked every other year the Pepsi and Excell should have been alternated. If your a big time league you wouldn’t have picked the Target. if your big time hockey you would have chosen a NHL venue with no if or buts about it. Bad bad choice.

    The league should have been planned. Just scrambling throwing together teams not knowing who is going to playing with you and not having a Commish right offf the bat hurt the development of the league. The league should have had leadership right away which it didnt. A non hockey guy with a championship in a non hockey venue makes me sick that you ruined the WCHA for this league which misnamed Hockey West.

    Thanks for pulling the plug on the best league ever in college
    Hockey the WCHA.

    • BulldogFan

      You know what is a joke? the playoff format the new WCHA will have. regardless of where the two Alaska schools finish in the standing they will meet in the first round of the WCHA playoffs as a cost saving measure. This type of cost saving thinking is why the big boys bolted the WCHA.

      • B.D.

        Yep, Elliot Schlossman of the Grand Forks Herald agrees with you.
        “A source told the Herald that when business was conducted in the Western Collegiate Hockey Association, there were often times two blocks of voting.The schools with larger budgets typically wanted to spend money, invest and try new things. Schools with smaller budgets often resisted.With Minnesota and Wisconsin departing for the Big Ten Hockey Conference, the smaller-budget schools take over control of the voting block. This caused athletic directors with larger budgets to worry about the future of the conference.”Grand Forks Herald -July 10, 2011Its obvious that those fears were correct. The nWCHA will not spend the money to keep in the game at an acceptable level, and the NCHC will.Homeboy will be so disappointed to see this when it happens.

    • waterlover

      The bitterness has gotten old. Time to move on and prove what a mistake the NCHC is by showing it on the ice. Lets see what the renovations to Target Center bring. The sight lines in the lower bowl are fine now, the upper bowl not so much. Does the upper bowl matter? Will there be enough fans to need it? We won’t know until 2014 or later.

    • B.D.

      That plug got pulled when Minnesota and Wisconsin bolted to the Big Ten. After that happened with the two prime raison detra for UND to remain in that leage disappeared.
      After all, would YOU like to play only teams like Michigan Tech if you had the chance to actually play quality teams?

  • Luckoftheirish

    The NCHC should play their championship in Winipeg Manitoba close. For the North Dokata fans to go.

    It would bE cool to play in the Jets rink.

    • B.D.

      I gotta give you “thinking out of the box” on that one. But the foreign travel aspect would automatically limit the fanbase.

  • pevan52

    Let’s face it, the NCHC will be the best conference in college hockey, but it will take five years for anybody to notice them. They need to get a big city market to get any credibility. Without a big city fan base, the tournament location is their only choice to gain visibility.

    The best place for this tournament would be the Excel Center. But while the NCHC was picking out office furniture and figuring out what to call themselves, the B1G locked that venue up. It doesn’t make sense to go up against the B1G in St Paul, and the Target center sucks for hockey, but where else can you put this tournament? The Pepsi Center will draw 3,000, and CBS doesn’t want to broadcast from Omaha or Grand Forks.

    Target Center is a lousy idea, but it beats every other idea.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000687756456 Nick Swanson

    Crap arena, crap agreement. Why not just play in Colorado Springs or Denver.

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