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North Dakota captains to miss season opener after team party ends in violation of team rules

North Dakota announced Tuesday that senior captain Andrew MacWilliam and assistant captains Corban Knight, Danny Kristo and Carter Rowney have been suspended for the opening game of the 2012-13 regular season for a violation of team rules.

The suspensions are a result of a team party on Saturday, Sept. 15, according to a school-issued news release.

“The behavior in this situation was unacceptable,” North Dakota athletic director Brian Faison said in a statement. “Measures taken by the athletics department do not preclude possible additional measures by the department, or actions by the university or local and state authorities.”

“Recent actions by our team are not a good representation of our place as role models within our community,” added North Dakota coach Dave Hakstol. “We have young men of high character in our locker room, but our players, and in particular our leaders, must be accountable for their actions.”

In addition to the suspension of the team captains, Faison announced several additional team disciplinary measures including, but not limited to, athletics department-issued team probation under which any further violations by a team member could result in immediate reduction of scholarship, suspension from competition or expulsion from the program, the implementation of a mandatory team community service program and weekly team alcohol education programming.

The four captains will miss North Dakota’s game Oct. 19 against Alaska-Anchorage at the Brice Alaska Goal Rush in Fairbanks.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=531960170 Brad Schaack

    Not the way to start out the season. They will miss the Alaska game not the first exibition game. Gotta give Hak credit for taking charge right away unlike that NDSU football coach down south.

    • HACK

      Hack didn’t do anything. If you read the release off the UND athletics site, it was the AD who stepped up and did his job, not Hack. Anytime he has to punish someone, its probably because he was told to by the AD. Take the Blood-Rau handshake incident last year, he reluctantly only took away Blood’s A. Didn’t suspend him or anything. And by the end of the year, Blood was a captain again! Hakstol will do whatever he can to not punish his guys and let them do whatever they want!

      • Chris

        Bologne at its finest. Hak is a hard nosed coach who does the right thing, not when he is told to. Call it what you want. Hakstol is tough on these guys same as Dean Blais was. They never get off with a slap on the wrist up there. I personally got to see punishment back in the day for simply over sleeping and missing part of a morning class. Bad day to over leep when the head coach stopped by to do a head count for his players in the class.

        • Wrong

          So flipping the bird to the ref during the game is Hak doing the right thing???

  • Guest


  • Mike

    All they do is break rules. Why do these guys still have scholarships? Give them to real students.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=531960170 Brad Schaack

      I’m sure REAL students have never touched alcohol. Not condoning what they did but lets be real. It’s college for crying out loud and Hak is sending a message early. Hey Mike I’m guessing 80% of college hockey players drink. Shocking eh.

      • lakes19

        Hakstol didn’t do anything….. it was the AD that sent the message. Please read the story!
        I agree that it’s not a big deal, most college students do go to a party and drink.
        I would question having Kristo as a captain for North Dakota.
        And yes i’m a Gopher Fan.

        • AS

          I agree he probably isn’t the greatest leader, but turn down NHL offer’s for 3 straight years to shows great commitment to the program, and imo earned him a letter.

          • Goon

            That’s cuz he will never make it to the NHL so he might as well stay at a place that can guarantee him a NCAA tourney loss for 4 years :)

  • AS

    Wow, Hak is sure sending a message to his players. We have big goals this year, can’t even have a pre-season party. I bet every NCAA hockey player in the country was doing the same thing on Saturday.

    • Nick McMasters

      It doesn’t say they were suspended for just having a party.

      • AS

        “The suspensions are a result of a team party”

        • Guest

          “have been suspended for the opening game of the 2012-13 regular season for a violation of team rules.”

  • Chrisgal

    North Dakota- The Boston University of the West. Kristo being a captain basically says all you need to know….

    • SiouxAlumDenver

      Yeah, drinking alcohol and serving it to people under 21(something everyone has done in college) is exactly the same as sexually assaulting women.

      • http://twitter.com/pucknut9 Kegs

        Love how people throw college kids under the bus for something 99% of us all did. Not condoning what they did but give me a break.

      • Joseph Crowley

        Also, while the conduct of some players at both schools is less than to be desired, the fact that both schools are addressing the issues is what should be encouraged. At least hockey programs can address them, as opposed to Big Money sports like D-I football and basketball.

    • Genowayout

      Hey come on, Danny was being responsible. Can’t freeze your toes off in September. Hey, at least Frattin wasn’t there. They didn’t say that the party resulted in a bar fight this time

      • AS

        When was there ever a bar fight involving the UND hockey team?

  • What Next

    But, but it’s so unlike anything to go wromg at North Dakota.

  • UMD Bulldogs Fan

    We don’t know exactly what happened during the party, but I commend the UND Athletic Department and Hackstol (Yes, him too) for doing the right thing for suspending them a regular season game. I know a lot of teams that wouldn’t have taken this action. Don’t bring the past into this. It’s an isolated incident.



  • GopherTuba69

    Hakstol is so full of it! “Role models for our community” or “We have
    men of high class in our locker room”. Hakstol wouldn’t know a role
    model or a person of class if they sat on his giant shark nose! I’m glad
    that the AD has the balls to do something about this. I bet Hack was at
    the party too and was running out the back door when the cops came so
    he wouldn’t get in trouble! Stay classy NoDak, the season hasn’t even
    started yet ;)

    • Tubasaregay.

      What’s that kettle? How about the gopher players cited earlier this summer for drinking and urinating in public? Golden Halos are out early this year.

      • Sara

        The Gopher player that didn’t get punished for being an embarrassment to his hockey program that was drunk at Blarney’s this weekend?

      • http://twitter.com/pucknut9 Kegs

        He got off scott free. That player being Haula.

        • http://www.facebook.com/phil.vanschepen Phil Van Schepen

          Haula is not a captain, this is the main reason why he never will be. If he wasn’t the leading scorer, he probably wouldn’t even have a scholarship.

        • WCHA HOCKEY

          That player being drafted

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=531960170 Brad Schaack

            So him being drafted makes it okay to be drunk in public and pissing where ever he feels like it? Alrighty then.

    • Guest

      I lived by the U of M last year, believe me, there are plenty of Rodent hockey players getting smashed in Dinkeytown…. I have no problem with that! Lucia just looks the other way and I am fine with that also

      • http://www.facebook.com/phil.vanschepen Phil Van Schepen

        They are usually discreet about team parties. I agree this is much ado about nothing, but word got out so action needed to be taken.

  • Fan Man

    Hey at least the message has been sent early and this did not happen say over the Christmas break.. It sucks but hopefully the C and 3 A’s (sounds like my report card j/k) wake up and realize they need to be stronger leaders off the ice. Let all the jokesters on here take their shots early at ND’s hockey team and let the players shut them up later! I know I didn’t drink in college either
    I still like UND’s chances up in Anchorage. It’s not technically home ice for Fairbanks and ol’ Hak will get a chance to see where some of the underclass men stand right away (not exhibition).


      Sioux back to doing what they do best, get in trouble and fans complaining about everything. Advise, don’t get caught. Also this isn’t a positive for the underclass.

  • Suture

    Knowing the Sue, the problem was probably that these guys didn’t drink, which is a team offense

  • UofMGoldenChokers

    Haters are going to hate. All these goophs fans just need something to talk about since they cant talk about having more championships and a better program. I remember a few years ago when the entire goophs team was drinking in Blarneys in Dinkytown. Im sure that was ok to do, though………

    • ancienthistory

      Season hasn’t started yet and the North Dakota “We have more titles!!!” crowd is out in force.


      I remember Kristo falling in a snowbank drunk a few years ago as well

      • Bar Down

        …..Do I need to bring up the Haula incident?

        • Satriani92

          Seriously for every Gopher indescretion you can think of I can come up with 2 or more North Dakota incidents.

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=531960170 Brad Schaack

            I’m happy for ya.

          • Satriani92

            Another quality response….Sheesh.

  • Leggs2

    Must have been reading the BU story and figured they had to one-up them. Sioux–eeeee!!!!!!

  • Sioux Poo

    Big Deal! What else is there to do in North Dakota?

    • Guess one more time

      At least we have a team to watch that wins! Twins/Vikings/T-Wolvers/(Wild (unfortunately))! Gopher Football, baseball, basketball almost won the toilet bowl championship last year and last but not least… The gopher hockey team last ten years
      Women’s sports are different mind you

      • Sioux Poo

        I agree that MN is a miserable place to live, but NoDak takes the prize as the biggest shithole in the midwest. Ignorant hicks and pasty white fat chicks are a lethal combination. You also forget that UMD won the national championship two years ago… in hockey. Boo hoo sioux poo

  • Siouxyaya

    there is alot more to the story than just a party…..

  • http://www.facebook.com/phil.vanschepen Phil Van Schepen

    The captains should know better than to drink with the underage players at a team party. Deniability is the key. I just wonder who blew the whistle.

  • NotForTheNCHC

    These captains should join the ECHL not the WCHA.
    Get these guys out of rinks for the up coming season. I hope the Commish Mcleod steps in and suspends them for the rest of the season this is worse then stealing bikes.
    University of Manitoba might need a few North Dokata captains to join their team.

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