College Hockey:
Gaudreau, Carey, Dowd make up 2014 Hobey Hat Trick

Boston College’s Johnny Gaudreau, St. Lawrence’s Greg Carey and St. Cloud State’s Nic Dowd, all forwards, are the top three vote-getters for the 2014 Hobey Baker Award.

The Hobey Baker Award Foundation revealed the Hobey Hat Trick on Wednesday.

The winner will be unveiled on Friday, April 11 in Philadelphia.

Gaudreau is the only member of the Hat Trick who will be part of the Frozen Four.

The national scoring leader and a Boston College junior, Gaudreau has 35 goals and 77 points in 39 games this season.

Carey was one of the top 10 finalists in 2013, and as a senior he posted 39 assists and 57 points in 38 games. A senior free agent, he signed last week with the Phoenix Coyotes.

Dowd was a first-team all-NCHC selection and the league’s defensive forward of the year and scholar-athlete of the year. He signed this week with the Los Angeles Kings after exhausting his eligibility.

The Hat Trick was selected from a group of 10 finalists by a 27-person selection committee. That group’s vote this week also serves as the final selection.

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  • Mariucci3

    I can’t believe Wilcox didn’t make the top three. Let’s face it, Johnny Hockey has had this locked up from almost the beginning, but Wilcox IS in the top three, in my opinion.

    • http://twitter.com/dirtysconsin #1 Wisco SportsFan

      Stop-cox = Snub-cox

      • Justin Sundquist

        I can’t wait to watch the Badgers next Thursday! Oh, wait….

    • patrickolson

      spot on.

    • JakeB

      Come on guys, he’s a freshman… This award usually goes to an upperclassman, someone who has had 1 or 2 strong years leading up to it. And rightfully so, unless someone has an absolutely exceptional “nothing-ever-like-it-before” year.

      • Satriani92

        Sophmore and he backed up this year with a strong freshman year. Freshman year 1.88 GAA, .921 save %, 25 wins and 3 Shoutouts. Sophmore year 1.89 GAA, .934 save %, 25 wins and 4 shutouts. Two years combined 1.88 GAA, .928 save %, 50-13-11 and 7 shutouts. Pretty damn exceptional.

        • JakeB

          My bad, at least one announcer had him as a frosh… Then, I agree, you have a very strong argument.

  • Daniel

    Congratulations Johnny Hockey! Best of luck next weekend! Go Eagles!!

  • Huskiesfan

    You would think with a big award like this they could have a picture of Nick Dowd not Kevin Gravel???

    • Huskiesfan

      Thanks for changing the picture.

  • cmh

    I didn’t know Dowd was left handed.

  • Satriani92

    No offense to any of the selected but the continued over emphasis on scoring as the only requisite for winning the Hobey Baker award is very disappointing. While I think that there isn’t much doubt Johnny hockey will win this year the fact that those voting neglect all other aspects of the game in their selections is in a word, lame. The is more to hockey than scoring.

    • Stephen

      Johnny Hockey doesn’t just score. He gets past 3 defenders and scores. He was on the ice during the final minute when Lowell pulled their goalie. He is a clutch, dynamic player that can do much more than just score. He creates opportunities from nothing.

      • Paul Scioli

        I think he’s referring to the lack of a goaltender in the final three.

      • Satriani92

        You totally missed the point of the comment. Try re-reading it.

        • ExiledGopher

          I wouldn’t try too hard — I’m not sure he realizes that hockey is played outside of Chestnut Hill. Or, if he does, then whatever happens in Chestnut Hill is just better because its happens in Chestnut Hill.

          • JakeB

            That’s a laugh… Same could be said for fans following your Gophs. Why else all this pushing so hard for Wilcox? Because he plays for Ferris, right? Please.

          • ExiledGopher

            Actually, it is a laugh because you’ll see a few of Gopher fans who have posted that they think Gaudreau will win. And, I’ll add myself to that mix as well. There’s nothing wrong with a wanting a guy from “your school” to be win or be in the mix, the problem is when you can’t see beyond your school — like knocking a guy out of consideration because he’s a freshman, when he’s actually a sophomore who had a great season last year as well. Please.

          • JakeB

            Yeah, someone else corrected me on that (and admitted it if you care to look back). Problem I have is why the Chestnill Hill crap, OR anywhere else for that matter. The guy made the case for Gaudreau’s ability… Not because he plays for BC. You sound like you’re jealous… Or you just like to complain.

          • ExiledGopher

            OK – I don’t have energy to explain why I had a problem with the post and the poster.

            To other your other points:

            1) Yes – I am jealous of BC having Gaudreau — wish he was on the Gophers.

            2) Yes – I do like to complain.

            As I stated previously, Gaudreau will probably win the Hobey, and that’s not bad choice. I can’t say its absolutely correct because there are numerous players who were in the top 10 that I have seen very much of (or at all) or followed. I do, however, agree with others who have made the case for Wilcox in the final three — he deserves to be in the conversation (if not the actual Hat Trick), and I am disappointed he’s not. Fair?

          • hockeyman41

            Your honest reply is refreshing and appreciated.

          • JakeB

            Absolutely… He’s obviously had the 1-2 very good seasons I talked about. I’m not so sure I’d include Carey in the top 3, but he’s had at least one other good year, too. I’ll leave it up to people who see these guys a lot more than me to decide.

          • Daniel

            Great post, as a BC fan I would just disagree with your wording that Gaudreau is “not a bad choice” and state that he is a great choice. The problem with these awards is that like the Heisman, Wooden and Howser trophies are all offensively slanted. Are there better two way players than Gaudreau, which I think is the point you are making? Absolutely. I think the voters look at it from this perspective, which college hockey player out there forces opposing coaches and teams to completely alter how they play their game to account for the player that is in the opposing sweater. I would have loved to have seen either Wilcox or Hellebuyck in the Hat Trick. Wilcox for me would get the edge, facing over 1,000 shots this year he was quite dominant. Gaudreau has taken the nation’s youngest team and got them back in the Frozen Four through a very tough bracket. I guess, like the Heisman, these awards while nice may or may not transition to the next level. I am sure that Wilcox will gladly pass on this years Heisman for a shot at a NC and future dominance in Olympic and NHL stages. Go Eagles!!

    • SCSU

      There is also more to the award than hockey. You have to be just as good in the classroom and in the community as you are on the ice.

      • Satriani92

        I would definitely like to see that be more of a factor, however given some of the past candidates, that has not always been the case.

        • Nick

          I think those factors are what won it for Leblanc last year, and I think they are a big reason Dowd is in it this year. I think they are slowly moving in that direction.

    • JakeB

      Great point… Other positions (goaltending in particular), should get far more consideration than they have.

  • ExiledGopher

    I’d love to see the final votes looked like — just curious as to who got votes in addition to the 3 finalists.

  • William Blake

    “And the finalists are…Johnny Gaudreau and two forwards we picked out of a hat.”

    • Daniel

      Now that’s funny…and so true.

    • goldy


  • mfla

    Based on the numbers, I have no problem with the results. I like to look past just the points number tho. Someone mentioned Wilcox from MN for instance, MN played the number 1 SOS this year which makes his performance much better in my mind. Also, I’d like to see how many shots Gaudreau takes, if he makes up 25% of his teams shots, his goals are much less impressive to me. I’ve watched a lot of college hockey and I would say Gaudreau is THE most protected player in college hockey. In my mind that diminishes his being named the “Top Player”. But that’s not his fault. If I were building my team, I’d take Wilcox over Gaudreau every time. From all accounts, without Wilcox MN would have lost maybe 9-10 more games – that to me is the definition of the best college hockey player. BTW: if you watch this weekend, watch the result if Gaudreau gets hit hard (and legally) – that player will be marched off to the penalty box.

    • Daniel

      Not really sure where you are going with this, you say you want to look past the numbers, but are trying to use numbers to justify your logic in making his “goals less impressive” to you. Gaudreau took 12.379% of his teams shots, about half of what you said would diminish his numbers, while Carey took 13.982% of his teams shots, with the winner, albeit it with far less points was Dowd at 8.003%. Now both Gaudreau and Dowd scored on 23% of their shots, where Carey scored on only 11% of his shots. You mentioned Wilcox, and he is a great goaltender, but if you want to look at the micro level a little more, the goaltenders primary responsibility is stopping shots, I am sure most will agree. When judging a goaltenders skillsets, how do they function on an island, and ultimately bring you wins when the pressure is on. Wilcox this season was in goal for all of Minnesota’s shootouts, he allowed 38.095% of the shots against him to reach the back of the net, while goaltenders which are considered less “top players” allowed 22.727% to light the lamp. I am not going to speculate how good the defense is in front of Wilcox, because outside of the two games I saw BC-Minn play, I haven’t had much exposure to them. However I have watched 90% of BC’s games and can assure you that Gaudreau is not “THE most protected player” in college hockey. There is no player in Hockey East that is double teamed, chipped, tripped, mugged, checked and generally abused than Gaudreau, but because of his passing ability and hockey IQ, he not only scores goals, but he makes his linemates much more dangerous (look at the statistics.) I think you need to look at a couple things, if you made your post “based on the numbers” you targeted the wrong player (Carey should have been your target,) I think you need to understand that without Johnny Gaudreau (7 GWG, 10 PPG and 77 points) BC would have (speculation) lost 9-10 more games which would fit your definition of college hockey’s best player. With regards to whom you would use to build your own team, that is a matter of opinion, if you are a defensive minded person (Wilcox 1.887 GAA 0 SOW and on the fifth least penalized team in the nation, only the 25th best PK team in the nation) then yes, Wilcox is your man.

      • GoGophs

        Its never easy to put up numbers like Gaudreau has. I think his body of work (which, for me, is mainly watching WJC and a few games the past few seasons – oh, and a few highlight reels, lol!) has demonstrated what a special player he is. To me, this is no snub of Wilcox or any of the other talented players that didn’t even get mentioned. I’ll be applauding him on Friday!

  • goldy

    Ya know… I would have liked to see Wilcox on this list but the way I approach things, if I’m going to be the winner than I don’t think it really matters. I mean, I think the winner has been decided for a while now so does it really matter if you are 2nd thorough ____ place? Just my opinion…

    • GoGophs

      Totally agree. (Could argue this allows Wilcox to focus on the game ahead.) I like how the post above put it.. Johnny G and two other guys lol.

  • KellyGOSIOUX!

    I can’t wait till next thursday when North Dakota takes down the Gophers!
    GO SIOUX!!!

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