End 2

With 40 minutes by the boards, the teams discuss the remaining 20 (or more?) with BU 3, NU 2 on the scoreboard.

The Huskies will resume play with a 1:41 power play, courtesy of a Zach Cohen minor, but in a relatively defensive battle (compared to our previous three Beanpot games) the Terriers hold an 18-13 shot advantage.

Fans ejected: 1, that I can tell …

Profane cheers: 1, by NU … at the ejected BU fan …

What The … ?

A moment later, winger Chris Donovan’s stick snaps, leaving NU with three and a half defenders, effectively. Fortunately, BU tried to jam the puck through Thiessen, who took the opportunity to cover up for the whistle.

Just as Rassey emerges, BU gets a one-timer opportunity on par with the one Northeastern scored on.

A huge pileup forms around Thiessen as BU takes numerous whacks at the loose puck in Thiessen’s crease, but not only was there no whistle, but the puck trickled out and the white-shirts cleared the zone.

But when the clutter cleared, Thiessen was lying flat on his stomach, Brandon Yip was trying to pull his stick from underneath Thiessen, to no avail: it was stuck in the goalie’s chest/arm pad. The Dog House (NU) brayed for a penalty, but there was none to be called … until the officials called Tyler McNeely for a 10-minute misconduct and a game misconduct, ostensiby for something he said rather than something he did. The game misconduct banished him from the contest, but did not lead to any man-advantages.

Thiessen eventually shook it off and dismissed his trainer; the fans commenced verbally assaulting each other …

1:15 on the board, and we’ve got ourselves a full-fledged tilt.

Livin' On a Prayer

A good song, yes, but I was never a big fan of that particular Bon Jovi melody during sporting events … unless the team’s in dire straights, of course. The Terrier band just broke it out with 27 minutes still remaining in regulation and the team up a goal. I don’t get it, I really don’t.

I figured I’d hear a lot of witty, masse repartee between these ferocious fan bases, but the game — I dare say — has been too enthralling to require wit or timing. On with it; 6:40 and counting downward …

NU now has to kill another minor, as senior center Rob Rassey gets picked up on a tripping warrant.


As NU put a lid on BU’s post-kill celebration, so did the Terriers silence their goal-chanting neighbors with Jason Lawrence’s wide-open back-door tip-in. 3-2 with 7:45 to play before the second intermission.

It’s safe to say that so far, Thiessen has not been the Kevlar-coated curtain that he was last Monday against Boston College.

Not Gonna Help the PP Pct

… but the Huskies potted a rebound goal of their own, just as the Terriers had returned to full strength. Sophomore Tyler McNeely deposited a soft rebound of Strathman’s blast, drawing the game even at deuces wild.

Posterize This

Six-foot-four BU defenseman Eric Gryba was in position on 5’10″ Husky center Steve Silva in a one-on-one. Silva tried to loop to the outside, and Gryba had him lined up for a Richter-registering hit … until Silva slipped away with the puck, leaving Gryba to plaster himself to the BU half-boards.

NU power play, down one with 11 minutes to go in the second.

The Game Thus Far

Northeastern may as well have signed a lease on the first period; aside from the 5×3, it was a Paint It Black period. However, the two-man-up goal can’t be discounted, and it maintained BU’s place in this crazy affair. The Terriers appeared hesitant and anxious, and boasted few momentum-building moments.

Millan looks more confident than he did last week, but the BU bench must be praying that he’s not the deciding factor in this game. Northeastern is simply too potent.

On the Northeastern side, the white-sweatered hounds are trying to reassert themselves after a gangbusters introduction. Their fate could be decided by how they react to a deficit despite massive energy exertions on their part.

Jack Parker seems to have settled the boys between periods, as the Scarlet & White no longer appear to suffer from the yips (the nervous affliction, not Brandon). The passes are sharper, the play more poised, and we currently stand at 2-1 CommAve Canines. The teams are even at 11 in shots.

Agony and Ecstasy

Just as Northeastern thought they’d dodged a Brandon Yip breakaway bullet, in flies sophomore center Nick Bonino to pick up the shorthanded rebound goal.

Yip split the Husky defense in the neutral zone to retrieve a loose puck, stormed Thiessen alone, but whipped the bid high to the goalie’s blocker side. The defense, however, utterly failed to account for hard-charging Bonino, who brought the candy-cane colored Dog Pound back to its feet.

2-1 BU, 17:55 on the clock.

Hansen Update

Word from Hockey East commissioner Joe Bertagna is that Hansen will be ok; he was cut above the eye and taken to the hospital. Meanwhile, referee Tom Fyrer — who worked the consolation game — will replace Hansen as the second referee.

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