Huskies Hopping

The Terriers couldn’t handle a loose puck following a collision to goalie Kieran Millan’s left, and the puck drifted just out of reach of backchecking forward Higgins. Mike McLaughlin charged in, elevating the rebound over Millan to send the TD BankNorth Garden a-rattlin’.

BU head coach Jack Parker demanded an explanation, sustaining — most likely — that Higgins had played the puck after the penalty had been called, and therefore the goal shouldn’t have counted. Replays, however, showed that Higgins never really had possession, and was in fact in the process of committing the infraction at the time of the play anyhow.

1-1, end of the second.

First Bite

BU bit first, taking a one-goal chunk out of Thiessen and Northeastern’s mystique. Colby Cohen roofed a low-angle shot over the goalie’s shoulder; the disc popped out again in a hurry, but not before the official on the spot had vehemently indicated the goal’s legitimacy.

The play went under review, of course, but it took under 30 seconds for the proper call to be upheld.

A freak carom led to a shocking stoppage on the ensuing play, as a rim-ringing slapshot leapt off the glass and caught ref Scott Hansen around the eye socket. Hansen writhed on the ice as the trainers rushed to his aid; the veteran referee bled enough to require an ice-crew touch-up, and put a definite damper on the game as he was attended to. He skated off under his own power, but the game continued with one referee and two linesmen.

Terriers on the PP

After some serious sustained grappling low to Thiessen’s left, the stripes finally had enough, calling second-year blueliner Mike Hewkin for holding. Five minutes left, 5×4 for BU …

… and once again, I spoke too soon! NU loses another body, as defenseman Louis Liotti joins Hewkin. 1:22 two-man advantage for the Terriers, who have been streaking along at a nearly 25 percent clip this season. Tide-turner coming?

Non-Call II

Now it’s BU who should be breathing a sigh of relief. Not only are the Terriers dodging some serious rubber, but they also nearly put themselves on the penalty kill again with a potential tripping call at the blue line.

The Dog House (NU) is jumping, and the Terriers are playing a suicidal brand of “bend-don’t-break” hockey right now. Who’s No. 1 again …? Might need to remind me before the night’s up.

Power Play Dwindling …

The Huskies have worked the large umbrella nicely, holding possession but failing to find the cross-ice or back-door seam that the umbrella is designed to create. BU shoots it down the river, and we’re back to even strength hockey with eight minutes on the board.

NU Advantage

Brandon Yip now gets the heave-ho, boxed for two minutes for hitting-from-behind. 10:13 on the clock in a rip-roaring, riled-up and raucous first period. Scoreless from the Beanpot Finals.

Thiessen's First Test

Terrier senior Chris Higgins dangled across Thiessen’s face, and tried the backhand, far-side chip over the junior goalkeep, but he couldn’t raise the puck enough, and Thiessen got the toe on it to hold the line.

NU to the power play, as Higgins’ classmate John McCarthy is dismissed for a deuce …

… and before I can even reach “publish”, it’s NU ‘s David Strathman taking an obstruction-interference minor only nine seconds later.

Non-Call I

BU forward got cross-checked in the small of the back, while standing a foot off the NU end-boards. Didn’t catch the players involved, unfortunately, but everyone up here agrees that it was a pick-your-penalty incident. Huskies dodge their first bullet.

Pet Peeves, Vol. Whatever

During the anthem: a) take off your hat, and b) don’t make a sound until you hear the word “brave”.

You’ve been chanting for an hour, and you’ve got another two and a half two go. Take a three-minute break for respect, wouldja?

Oh, c) don’t boo the performer, even if she is from Boston College.

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