Fever Pitch

If this were an older building … the old Boston Garden, or even Matthews Arena … the foundation would be disintegrating beneath us. The balcony on our end is positively jammed, with the BU/NU students situated side-by-side as opposed to sitting catty-corner from each other as they have been in many previous matchups.

The lights dropped, the video halo that fronts the deck glimmered and flashed with images of the Boston skyline and the unmistakable Garden marquee. Gold searchlights skimmed the ice, newly added to complement the host Boston Bruins. A video of Beanpot highlights graced the high-def, four-screen board suspended over center ice, and the partial parties roared their support of their representative programs when so featured.

It was futile to try to discern the ageless Jim Prior introductions over the full-throated crowd.

This will be a game to stir the blood, and if there’s any justice, the tilt will be one for the ages.

The teams are ready,

… so let’s play hockey.

Cleverness Abounds

… and thank goodness, after last week’s depressing events.

The Dog House (NU) just sang something indecipherable at BU’s Dog Pound, to which — among other responses — a single fan in the center of the pack held up a posterboard-sign that read, simply, “WRONG”.


Playoff Atmosphere

With an expansive rumble, the teams take to the ice. The Terriers streak off their bench in their sanguine scarlet alternates, replete with triple-striped shoulders and seriph-sculpted script on the nameplates. The Huskies are wearing their home whites, “Northeastern” arced over the red-and-black split N, as the players take their places on the sheet.

The masses thunder their approval as their squads take their spots …

… and the clock hits 35:00, as in thirty-five minutes until the opening faceoff.

Have I mentioned that this will be fun?

Longest Chant Ever

Well this is a first, for me at least. The Huskies fans broke out in a “let’s go Huskies (clap, clap, clap-clap-clap)” … the BU faithful responded with “go BU” … and after a couple seconds, the timing synched up, and it ended up being one long, overlapping cheer with “go BU” coming through during NU’s claps, and “let’s go Huskies” during BU’s pauses.

Since then, we’ve now heard a “your mom’s husky” from the BU side, and seen matching “UMass-Roxbury” and “UMass-Kenmore” signs from both groups.

Keep in mind, there are still 40 minutes to the drop of the puck. This will be fun.

The Counts

Merely out of curiosity, I’ll be keeping a running tally of a few things at the bottom of my posts. Profanities, pro/anti chants (those supporting your team versus those against the other team), I dunno … whatever comes to mind. Cheers.

Crimson Crushed

Woe is Harvard. The Cambridge Ivy (5-14-1) failed to secure a single non-conference victory this season with it’s 4-3 defeat at the hands of Boston College, and it has yet to win away from its home Bright Hockey Center. Boston College improves to 13-9-4, and swept Harvard by a combined 9-4 score.

Up next is the week’s marquee matchup, pitting No. 3 Northeastern against No. 1 Boston University. Stay tuned to the blog, because even if the game gets out of hand, the Dueling Fans never disappoint.

Satiating the Salivating

Ask and ye shall receive. With the Terrier/Husky conglomerate clamoring for a quick conclusion to the consolation contest, Boston College senior Benn Ferriero complies. 4-3 on a far-side squeaker, beating the otherwise impressive Carroll under his left arm.

41.3 ticks on the clock.

Boston's Buzzing

The crowd is definitely swelling, and there’s finally a real game-time feel to this one. 6:12 left in the third as the puck leaves the surface, both sides playing even.

Trading Places

Now it’s Boston College on the advantage, as nearby Somerville, Mass. native Matt McCollem put his stick across an Eagles’ torso. (It’s called a cross-check.)

3-3, 7:20 and ticking …

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