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Gallery: Alaska at Michigan State

Photographer Erica Treais captured these images from Alaska’s 1-1 tie with Michigan State on Friday:

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  • http://www.hendricksonwriter.com Dave Hendrickson

    Please look at Ed Trefzger’s explanation. This blog post isn’t the weekly column of year’s past. It isn’t even this week’s column.

    We’re breaking things up more so an individual blog post may mention only one team. This one covered BU. The quick weekend recap made note of Maine’s sweep as well as BC’s loss, which was a no-brainer since the Eagles were number one in the country. Last week, Jim discussed Maine and Northeastern. This week, Vermont.

    You’re getting as much coverage as in past years, it just isn’t located all in one column.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NEWL54EAOHPJKXLHMHOCMV2764 KN

    That game was set up for Miami to lose. They’re supposedly the 1-seed, but they’re forced to play 15 hours away from home against a 4 seed who’s playing in their home state, only 1 hour from their campus. Miami got screwed by the refs in the second period… they called bogus penalties against Miami and didn’t call legitimate penalties against New Hampshire. Penalties should at least be called both ways.

    Not that Miami played great, because they didn’t… but all teams deserve a fair match-up, especially 1-seeds, and Miami didn’t get anything fair. BC and Miami should have traded regional locations and the games would have been much more fair.

    • Jason

      The rules have been in place for a while now regarding host teams playing at their regional and the committee avoiding intra-conference games. Get over it.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NEWL54EAOHPJKXLHMHOCMV2764 KN

        Well, maybe the rules need to change. What’s wrong with campaigning for a change in the rules? I think a lot of fans would agree. The WCHA has 2 of their 3 teams playing in the same regional. The CCHA has a #1 playing in the home of the #4. The CCHA also has 2 of their teams playing at the same regional. Hockey East has a #1 playing in the wrong regional.

        Maybe the rules suck and if no one takes a stand, they’ll never change.

        • Jim

          Maybe your team had an off night. Is it possible they could have had an off night if game was in Cleveland or Columbus or Cincy? They lost. Deal with it.

        • After Further Review

          But you are using the same argument that has been used for years and plenty have complained. Guess what??? It hasn’t changed!
          The NCAA wants $$$$$.
          And in reply to your other post, there was a definite phantom trip against UNH late and both teams were just superb on the power play anyways, a combined 0-7!

    • Snively

      KN — game wasn’t as close as the score (Miami had calls go their way also, such as a phantom “trip”). Don’t take my word for it, check Check Dave Hendrickson’s appraisal above. They played great for the first 40 seconds or so… just like they played great for the first 59 minutes in last year’d final.

    • Wildcatalum

      Boo hooh!!!

    • MoWanchuck

      Miami played in slow motion. That is on nobody but Miami. They had the right of last line change which is actually more valuable in that game because the UNH crowd was FAAAAAAR from a home crowd at a Wisconsin or UND game. You play sluggish…….you lose….doesn’t matter when or where.

    • Jim

      Don’t forget to sleep with your blankey tonight…the whining is pathetic. Ask Blasi and he will tell you they got bet. End of story.

  • Gken

    really can not believe that unh got such a good draw much have paid of the ncaa the way they paid the hockey east officials this year. hope they play merrimack and get crushed

    • Nailz

      Paying off officials? Wow. Do you know anything about hockey? UNH advances…beats Miami 3-1. Period. Who’s your team Gken?

    • Aes0570

      Gken, you sound like a very bitter Miami or BC fan. I feel bad for you.

    • Jim

      Good luck next year. Do you really think the fact UNH is only an hour away had that much impact on Miami not playing well. You don’t anything about hockey I guess.

    • After Further Review

      Hmmmm, Merrimack huh? Guess not…
      This is not a post against Merrimack fans, just the disgruntled Gken. Congrats on a GREAT season and a tough way to lose it tonight.

  • Preynolds4

    and let the whining begin!!!!

  • Jay

    which Boston school will end Miami’s season this year? Maybe Northeastern could do it…

  • Nailz

    Haven’t heard back from Sundance huh? Must be getting ready for next year….

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NEWL54EAOHPJKXLHMHOCMV2764 KN

    I made one post saying a couple of things were unfair. (Miami gets sent to the Northeast to play a Hockey East team almost every tournament.) And backed up my statement when someone had something rude to say about it. I wouldn’t say that’s “complaining so much.” And I could care less whether you win or not… I’m just saying that if you show some sportsmanship, I will too. *handshake?*

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NEWL54EAOHPJKXLHMHOCMV2764 KN

    The only thing I’ll have to say about the game tonight is congratulations to both teams for playing and good luck to the winner in the future. I show sportsmanship. You’re the one rubbing in my loss… I said several times that my team didn’t play well. I just made one suggestion that the selection committee could have done better and everyone jumped all over me. What do you expect me to say? It’s frustrating watching the same thing happen to my team every year and seeing the Bostons have such success. I just wish that my team could catch a break.

    And, yes, playing at home has a big impact in the CCHA. You’ve obviously never been to a game here. I realize that you Hockey East fans are more reserved than CCHA fans. But don’t tell me that it doesn’t make a difference when you’ve never been to a CCHA game.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NEWL54EAOHPJKXLHMHOCMV2764 KN

    Really? I just said congratulations to your team and good luck in the future. I said UNH played well and Miami didn’t. I made one suggestion for improving the entire tournament for all teams in the future. And you’re calling me a whiner. Who’s the one with sportsmanship here?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NEWL54EAOHPJKXLHMHOCMV2764 KN

    The thing I liked about gken’s comment was the part about “I can’t believe they got such a good draw.” If I could like one sentence and not the rest, I would. I wouldn’t say that they paid off the officials and I certainly couldn’t care less about any comments about Merrimack beating anyone.

    I don’t have a problem with you, your team, or other fans. I love hockey. I didn’t realize that suggesting a change in the selection rules was going to have people up in arms. But after being targetted by everyone else, I had to defend myself. I didn’t realize that making one little comment was going to make me perceived as such an unsporting whiner… after all, I never said anything bad about your schools, your hockey teams, your fans, etc. I made one calm legitimate suggestion about a change in the rules and everyone jumped all over me and rubbed in the loss after I was already frustrated.

    The thing about the power plays is that Miami does much better when playing from ahead than from behind. I think they do have a mental thing about being behind. That’s what made me so upset about all the penalties in the 2nd period. Those penalties gave UNH the momentum and allowed them to take the lead. Getting 2 power plays after we’re already losing is not the same as getting 4 straight power plays while the game is tied. But I agree that it’s Miami’s fault for not finding a way to score… and UNH did play some good defense on the PK. Miami plays too much dump and chase in the tournament. It works ok agaisnt other CCHA teams because Miami can usually win the chase to the puck (or at least slam into their opponents and take the puck back), but it doesn’t work against you Hockey East schools because something in the water makes your players so much faster than ours.

    I agree that Miami didn’t play their best. I agree that UNH played well. I congratulate UNH and wish you and your team luck. I hope that Miami plays more Hockey East teams in the future… they’re not going to get any better against your style of play without playing against them.

  • After Further Review

    And the roller coaster ride continues, the same way as it always does. Play well one day and throw out a clunker the next. ND did anything it wanted to do after they got that first goal.
    I guess I’ll have to be a Notre Dame/Michigan fan now. At least I can enjoy St. Paul and the FF with no stress, that’s my consolation!
    Thanks to our seniors for four years of making the tournament, three tournament wins and a lot of fun!

  • After Further Review

    No worries from me, KN, I do like the enthusiasm you have for the game and for your team.
    Miami does have some struggles and bad luck (’09 BU) against HE teams.
    Good luck to Miami next year and hope to see them again in the tourney. It was nice playing them in a series last year and this year, maybe they can continue that series somewhere down the line too. we’ll both get our National titles, I just hope I’m alive to see them!
    Will see some of you in St. Paul, the rest in October!

  • After Further Review

    If that is true, that’s too bad. And no, not because I want UNH to host, but because it is a great place to watch a game!

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