Final USA Today/USA Hockey Magazine Men's College Hockey Poll

April 14, 2014

TeamPoints(First Place Votes)Last PollRecord
1Union College510(34)232-6-4
2University of Minnesota476128-7-6
3Boston College442328-8-4
4UMass Lowell380426-11-4
5University of North Dakota363525-14-3
6Ferris State University334629-11-3
7University of Wisconsin318824-11-2
8St. Cloud State University251722-11-5
9Providence College235922-11-6
10Quinnipiac University1951024-10-6
11University of Notre Dame1851123-15-2
12Minnesota State University1511226-14-1
13Colgate University1261320-14-5
14University of Vermont501420-15-3
15University of Denver211520-16-6
Others receiving votes: Cornell University 20, University of Michigan 20, Northeastern University 3.

Final USA Today/USA Hockey Magazine Women's College Hockey Poll

March 25, 2014

TeamPoints(First Place Votes)Last PollRecord
1Clarkson University190(19)231-5-5
2University of Minnesota171138-2-1
3University of Wisconsin152328-8-2
4Cornell University121524-6-4
5Boston College103627-7-3
6Meryhurst University92424-9-4
7Harvard University90723-7-4
8University of North Dakota481020-12-4
9Boston University43824-13-1
10Quinnipiac University30922-6-9
Others receiving votes: Robert Morris University 4, Rochester Institute of Technology 1.