USA Today/USA Hockey Magazine Men's College Hockey Poll

March 30, 2015

TeamPoints(First Place Votes)Last PollRecord
1University of North Dakota492(17)329- 9-3
2Boston University491(17)227- 7-5
3University of Omaha Nebraska401920-12-6
4Providence College3671424-13-2
5Minnesota State University359129- 8-3
6University of Denver339624-14-2
7Miami University290425-14-1
8University of Minnesota Duluth286721-16-3
9Michigan Tech University252529-10-2
10St Cloud State University1861320-19-1
11Harvard University175821-13-3
12University of Minnesota1091023-13-3
13Quinnipiac University1031123-12-4
14Boston College831221-14-3
15Yale University81NR18-10-5
Others receiving votes: RIT 34, UMass Lowell 13, Bowling Green 12, Colgate University 3, St. Lawrence University 3, University of Michigan 1.

Final USA Today/USA Hockey Magazine Women's College Hockey Poll

March 24, 2015

TeamPoints(First Place Votes)Last PollRecord
1University of Minnesota190(19)134-3-4
2Harvard University161427-6-3
3University of Wisconsin160329-7-4
4Boston College141234-3-2
5Boston University104525-9-3
6Quinnipiac University95626-9-3
7Clarkson University80724-11-3
8University of North Dakota47822-12-3
9Cornell University46919-11-3
10Bemidji State University161021-17-1
Others receiving votes: University of Minnesota Duluth 5.