PairWise Comparison: Division III Men West

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St. Norbert*3127- 3- 10.887110.516570.523360.502977- 1- 10.83331
Adrian*2417- 3- 40.791720.4834200.4746200.5011102- 2- 00.50003
St. Thomas*2821- 5- 20.785730.519550.527350.504154- 4- 00.50003
Wisconsin-Stevens Point*2921- 6- 20.758640.527920.532840.518318- 4- 10.65382
Wisconsin-Eau Claire*2819- 8- 10.696450.518760.519470.517424- 7- 00.36367
Gustavus Adolphus*2716- 7- 40.666760.511980.517480.5008130- 6- 10.071416
St. Scholastica2916- 9- 40.620770.5027130.5061110.4959202- 5- 20.33338
St. John's2616- 10- 00.615480.4879180.4801190.503461- 6- 00.142914
Wisconsin-River Falls*2715- 9- 30.611190.5054110.5027120.510743- 4- 10.43755
Augsburg2513- 9- 30.5800100.4685230.4519230.501591- 5- 00.166712
Concordia (Minn.)2612- 9- 50.5577110.4660240.4485240.5011112- 3- 10.41676
Lake Forest2714- 12- 10.5370120.4908150.4857150.5009120- 6- 10.071416
St. Olaf2712- 11- 40.5185130.520240.534330.4921220- 6- 30.166712


  • GP: Games played
  • W-L-T: Team record
  • Win%: Team winning percentage
  • Win% Rk: Winning percentage rank
  • SOS: Strength of Schedule: 2/3 OWP + 1/3 OOP
  • SOS Rk: Strength of Schedule rank
  • OWP: Opponents' winning percentage
  • OWP Rk: Opponents' winning percentage rank
  • OOP: Opponents' winning percentage against a team's opponents
  • OOP Rk: Opponents' winning percentage against a team's opponents rank
  • RkW-L-T: Record against NCAA-ranked teams (late season criterion)
  • RWP: Winning percentage against NCAA-ranked teams
  • RWP Rk: Winning percentage against NCAA-ranked teams rank
  • *NCAA Ranked Team


The West Region PairWise Comparisons provide for our readers the raw data that the NCAA Division III Selection Committee uses to determine participants for the men's hockey tournament. A team is only compared against Division III teams within that team's region. Teams in the MCHA, MIAC, and NCHA are compared against each other.

The PWC compares only those teams at or above .500.

The PWC compares only those teams at or above .500.

The PWC can be reformatted and redistributed by any media outlet or person, provided USCHO's URL (http://www.uscho.com/) accompanies the results.

Note: The NCAA Division III men's ice hockey championship manual states that at-large teams shall be selected by winning percentage, opponents winning percentage, opponents opponents' winning percentage, head-to-head record, record against common opponents, and record against ranked teams, but not necessarily in that order. The NCAA championship manual does not specify any weighting for each of the criteria. Therefore, the selection committee may exercise the authority to weigh each of the criteria arbitrarily during any given season's selection process. The committee has chosen not to reveal publicly how it weights the criteria.