Men's Division I Hockey 2012-2013 Schedule and Results — Week 25

March 14 – March 20, 2013

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Thursday, March 14, 2013
Hockey East
7:00 ETMaine2@(6) Massachusetts-Lowell4HEA TournamentBox Recap
Friday, March 15, 2013
Atlantic Hockey
7:05 MTCanisius4@Air Force3AHA TournamentBox
7:05 ETMercyhurst3@Holy Cross2AHA TournamentBox Recap
7:05 ETRIT2@(15) Niagara3AHA TournamentBox Recap
7:05 ETRobert Morris1@Connecticut4AHA TournamentBox
7:35 ETMichigan State3@(3) Miami0CCHA TournamentBox Recap
7:05 ETBowling Green0@(12) Notre Dame1OTCCHA TournamentBox Recap
7:05 ETFerris State4@Ohio State2CCHA TournamentBox Recap
7:05 ETMichigan4@(9) Western Michigan3CCHA TournamentBox
7:00 ETCornell3@(1) Quinnipiac2ECAC TournamentBox Recap
7:00 ETBrown3@(16) Rensselaer1ECAC TournamentBox
7:00 ETDartmouth1@(19) Union4ECAC TournamentBox
7:00 ETSt. Lawrence1@(13) Yale6ECAC TournamentBox
Hockey East
7:00 ETVermont2@(5) Boston College4HEA TournamentBox Recap
7:30 ETMerrimack0@(18) Boston University3HEA TournamentBox Recap
7:00 ET(7) New Hampshire2@(17) Providence3HEA TournamentBox Recap
7:00 ETMaine1@(6) Massachusetts-Lowell2OTHEA TournamentBox Recap
7:35 MTColorado College3@(11) Denver5WCHA TournamentBox Recap
7:05 CT(20) Nebraska-Omaha3@(10) Minnesota State4OTWCHA TournamentBox
7:35 CTAlaska-Anchorage1@(8) St. Cloud State6WCHA TournamentBox
7:05 CTBemidji State1@(2) Minnesota2OTWCHA TournamentBox Recap
7:35 CTMichigan Tech3@(4) North Dakota5WCHA TournamentBox
7:05 CTMinnesota-Duluth1@(14) Wisconsin3WCHA TournamentBox Recap
Saturday, March 16, 2013
Atlantic Hockey
7:05 MTCanisius4@Air Force3OTAHA TournamentBox
7:05 ETMercyhurst2@Holy Cross3AHA TournamentBox Recap
7:05 ETRIT1@(15) Niagara2OTAHA TournamentBox Recap
7:05 ETRobert Morris3@Connecticut4AHA TournamentBox
7:05 ETMichigan State1@(3) Miami4CCHA TournamentBox Recap
7:05 ETBowling Green3@(12) Notre Dame4CCHA TournamentBox Recap
7:05 ETFerris State1@Ohio State3CCHA TournamentBox Recap
7:05 ETMichigan5@(9) Western Michigan1CCHA TournamentBox
7:00 ETCornell0@(1) Quinnipiac10ECAC TournamentBox Recap
7:00 ETBrown2@(16) Rensselaer6ECAC TournamentBox
7:00 ETDartmouth2@(19) Union5ECAC TournamentBox
7:00 ETSt. Lawrence0@(13) Yale3ECAC TournamentBox
Hockey East
7:00 ETVermont1@(5) Boston College4HEA TournamentBox Recap
7:00 ETMerrimack3@(18) Boston University5HEA TournamentBox Recap
4:00 ET(7) New Hampshire4@(17) Providence1HEA TournamentBox Recap
7:05 MTColorado College2@(11) Denver1WCHA TournamentBox Recap
7:05 CT(20) Nebraska-Omaha2@(10) Minnesota State1WCHA TournamentBox
7:05 CTAlaska-Anchorage1@(8) St. Cloud State5WCHA TournamentBox Recap
7:05 CTBemidji State3@(2) Minnesota4WCHA TournamentBox Recap
7:05 CTMichigan Tech2@(4) North Dakota1WCHA TournamentBox Recap
7:05 CTMinnesota-Duluth1@(14) Wisconsin4WCHA TournamentBox
Sunday, March 17, 2013
Atlantic Hockey
5:05 ETMercyhurst1@Holy Cross0AHA TournamentBox Recap
7:05 ETMichigan State1@(3) Miami4CCHA TournamentBox Recap
7:05 ETFerris State2@Ohio State3CCHA TournamentBox Recap
7:30 ETCornell2@(1) Quinnipiac32 OTECAC TournamentBox Recap
7:00 ETBrown3@(16) Rensselaer2ECAC TournamentBox
Hockey East
4:30 ET(7) New Hampshire2@(17) Providence3HEA TournamentBox Recap
7:05 MTColorado College4@(11) Denver3WCHA TournamentBox Recap
7:05 CT(20) Nebraska-Omaha1@(10) Minnesota State3WCHA TournamentBox
7:05 CTMichigan Tech0@(4) North Dakota6WCHA TournamentBox Recap

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