Big Ten Men's Conference Standings: 2014-2015

Final standings, adjusted for tie breakers and showing playoff seeding

Conference | Overall | Home | AwayWLTSOWin %Pts.GF-GAWLTWin %GF-GAWLTWLT
(1) Minnesota12530.6753981-5423133.628137-981431572
(2) Michigan State11722.6003747-4217162.51483-80951681
(3) Michigan12800.6003688-6022150.595143-10712305100
(4) Penn State10910.5253162-6618154.541119-1131323490
(5) Ohio State81111.4252656-7114193.43198-117790683
(6) Wisconsin21532.1751134-754265.18659-12931141111

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Standings are based on conference record and conference point totals and may not reflect varying postseason tie-breakers assigned by conferences from season to season.