Atlantic Hockey Men's Conference Statistics: 2014-2015

(Atlantic Hockey conference games only)

Scoring Leaders

1Cody Wydo, Sr, F, Robert Morris55381.60020
2Nolan Sheeran, Fr, F, Canisius41561.50100
 Cody Freeman, Sr, F, Canisius43361.50210
4Matt Garbowsky, Sr, F, RIT32351.67100
 Josh Mitchell, Jr, F, RIT32351.67020
 Johnny Hrabovsky, So, D, Air Force40551.25000
 Shane Conacher, So, F, Canisius42351.25011
 Ralph Cuddemi, Jr, F, Canisius44151.25030
 Cole Gunner, Sr, F, Air Force42351.25000
 Brady Ferguson, Fr, F, Robert Morris53251.00110
 Matt Cope, Jr, F, Robert Morris52351.00202
 Zach Luczyk, Jr, F, Sacred Heart51451.00000
13Scott Holm, Sr, F, Air Force41341.00100
 Chad Demers, Sr, F, Air Force42241.00000
 Brandon Denham, Jr, F, Robert Morris52240.80000
 Zac Lynch, Jr, F, Robert Morris50440.80000
 Conor Andrle, Fr, F, Army50440.80000
 Greg Gibson, Jr, F, Robert Morris51340.80000
 John Rey, So, D, Robert Morris51340.80010
 Tyler Pham, Fr, F, Army62240.67010
 Maurice Alvarez, Sr, D/F, Army62240.67020
22Andrew Gladiuk, Jr, F, Bentley23031.50020
 Matthew Zay, Sr, F, Mercyhurst20331.50000
 Matt Vidal, Jr, F, Holy Cross30331.00000
 Spencer Dorowicz, Fr, F, Robert Morris32131.00000
 Tyler Wiseman, Sr, F, Canisius41230.75000
 A.J. Reid, So, F, Air Force42130.75120
 Mitch Nylen, So, D, Sacred Heart40330.75000
 Johno May, Fr, F, American International50330.60000
 Kory Kennedy, Fr, F, Sacred Heart51230.60000
 David Gandara, Jr, F, American International52130.60000
 Andrew Debrincat, Fr, D, American International51230.60000
 Justin Danforth, So, F, Sacred Heart51230.60001
 David Rigatti, Sr, F, Robert Morris51230.60000
 Scott Jacklin, Sr, F, Robert Morris52130.60100
 Bryant Christian, Fr, F, American International51230.60000
 Brendan McGuire, Fr, F, Army62130.50000
 Clint Carlisle, So, F, Army60330.50000
39Tyler Deresky, So, F, Bentley20221.00000
 Jonathan Charbonneau, Fr, F, Mercyhurst21121.00000
 Alex Grieve, Sr, F, Bentley20221.00000
 Charlie Donners, So, D, Bentley21121.00100
 Logan Smith, So, D, Holy Cross21121.00000
 Zac Frischmon, Sr, F, Mercyhurst20221.00000
 Brad McGowan, Sr, F, RIT21121.00000
 Alec Shields, Jr, F, Mercyhurst21121.00100
 Michael Reardon, Jr, F, Bentley20221.00000
 Matt Blomquist, Jr, D, Bentley20221.00000
 Chris Bodo, Sr, F, Mercyhurst21121.00000
 Karl Beckman, Jr, D, Holy Cross30220.67000


1Cody Wydo, Sr, F, Robert Morris55
2Ralph Cuddemi, Jr, F, Canisius44
3Andrew Gladiuk, Jr, F, Bentley23
 Cody Freeman, Sr, F, Canisius43
 Brady Ferguson, Fr, F, Robert Morris53
6Josh Mitchell, Jr, F, RIT32
 Jake Bolton, Jr, D, Holy Cross32
 Matt Garbowsky, Sr, F, RIT32
 Spencer Dorowicz, Fr, F, Robert Morris32
 Hugo Turcotte, Jr, C, Niagara32
 Chad Demers, Sr, F, Air Force42
 A.J. Reid, So, F, Air Force42
 Shane Conacher, So, F, Canisius42
 Phil Boje, Fr, D, Air Force42
 Cole Gunner, Sr, F, Air Force42
 Matthew Grazen, Sr, F, Canisius42
 Scott Jacklin, Sr, F, Robert Morris52
 C.J. Reuschlein, So, F, Army52
 Matt Cope, Jr, F, Robert Morris52
 Brandon Denham, Jr, F, Robert Morris52
 Ben Lake, Sr, F, Sacred Heart52
 Zach Sabatini, Fr, F, Sacred Heart52
 Alexander MacMillan, Sr, F, American International52
 David Gandara, Jr, F, American International52
 Tyler Pham, Fr, F, Army62
 Brendan McGuire, Fr, F, Army62
 Maurice Alvarez, Sr, D/F, Army62
28Vincent Russo, Fr, F, Bentley11
 Danny Lopez, Fr, F, Holy Cross11
 Nardo Nagtzaam, Sr, F, Mercyhurst21


1Nolan Sheeran, Fr, F, Canisius45
 Johnny Hrabovsky, So, D, Air Force45
3Zach Luczyk, Jr, F, Sacred Heart54
 Zac Lynch, Jr, F, Robert Morris54
 Conor Andrle, Fr, F, Army54
6Matthew Zay, Sr, F, Mercyhurst23
 Josh Mitchell, Jr, F, RIT33
 Matt Garbowsky, Sr, F, RIT33
 Matt Vidal, Jr, F, Holy Cross33
 Cody Freeman, Sr, F, Canisius43
 Shane Conacher, So, F, Canisius43
 Scott Holm, Sr, F, Air Force43
 Mitch Nylen, So, D, Sacred Heart43
 Cole Gunner, Sr, F, Air Force43
 Cody Wydo, Sr, F, Robert Morris53
 Matt Cope, Jr, F, Robert Morris53
 Johno May, Fr, F, American International53
 John Rey, So, D, Robert Morris53
 Greg Gibson, Jr, F, Robert Morris53
 Clint Carlisle, So, F, Army63
21Matt Blomquist, Jr, D, Bentley22
 Michael Reardon, Jr, F, Bentley22
 Alex Grieve, Sr, F, Bentley22
 Tyler Deresky, So, F, Bentley22
 Zac Frischmon, Sr, F, Mercyhurst22
 Matt Abt, Fr, D, RIT32
 Karl Beckman, Jr, D, Holy Cross32
 Chad Demers, Sr, F, Air Force42
 Tyler Wiseman, Sr, F, Canisius42
 Max Hartner, Jr, F, Air Force42

Power Play Goals

1Ralph Cuddemi, Jr, F, Canisius43
2Andrew Gladiuk, Jr, F, Bentley22
 Josh Mitchell, Jr, F, RIT32
 A.J. Reid, So, F, Air Force42
 Phil Boje, Fr, D, Air Force42
 Cody Wydo, Sr, F, Robert Morris52
 Maurice Alvarez, Sr, D/F, Army62
8Jake Bolton, Jr, D, Holy Cross31
 Drew George, Sr, F, Sacred Heart31
 Mike Barrett, So, F, Holy Cross31
 Hugo Turcotte, Jr, C, Niagara31
 Cody Freeman, Sr, F, Canisius41
 Shane Conacher, So, F, Canisius41
 Jordan Minello, So, F, Sacred Heart51
 Chase Golightly, Jr, D, Robert Morris51
 Chris Porter, Jr, F, American International51
 Brady Ferguson, Fr, F, Robert Morris51
 John Rey, So, D, Robert Morris51
 Tyler Pham, Fr, F, Army61

Shorthanded Goals

1Matt Cope, Jr, F, Robert Morris52
2Hugo Turcotte, Jr, C, Niagara31
 Brady Norrish, Fr, D, RIT31
 Shane Conacher, So, F, Canisius41
 Matthew Grazen, Sr, F, Canisius41
 Justin Danforth, So, F, Sacred Heart51
 Ben Lake, Sr, F, Sacred Heart51

Goaltending Leaders

(Minimum 33% of team's total minutes needed to qualify)

1Dalton Izyk, So, Robert Morris22-0-0119:54169.9860.5004
2Matt Ginn, Sr, Holy Cross32-0-1185:00469.9451.2973
3Reilly Turner, Fr, Canisius22-0-087:06239.9511.3777
4Alex Murray, Fr, American International31-1-1185:006127.9551.9459
5Parker Gahagen, So, Army52-2-1303:2012158.9292.3736
6Terry Shafer, Jr, Robert Morris32-0-1184:36884.9132.6002
7Alex Vazzano, Jr, Sacred Heart52-3-0299:0413153.9222.6081
8Hunter Leisner, So, American International20-2-0118:18662.9123.0431
9Keegan Asmundson, Sr, Canisius31-1-0149:32868.8953.2100
10Chris Truehl, So, Air Force42-2-0222:0512101.8943.2420
11Jimmy Sarjeant, Sr, Mercyhurst21-1-0119:42761.8973.5088
12Gabe Antoni, Jr, Bentley21-1-084:45532.8653.5398
13Mike Rotolo, So, RIT31-2-0163:351059.8553.6679
14Adrian Ignagni, So, Niagara20-2-0119:49855.8734.0061

Save Percentage

1Dalton Izyk, So, Robert Morris2.986
2Alex Murray, Fr, American International3.955
3Reilly Turner, Fr, Canisius2.951
4Matt Ginn, Sr, Holy Cross3.945
5Parker Gahagen, So, Army5.929
6Alex Vazzano, Jr, Sacred Heart5.922
7Terry Shafer, Jr, Robert Morris3.913
8Hunter Leisner, So, American International2.912
9Jimmy Sarjeant, Sr, Mercyhurst2.897
10Keegan Asmundson, Sr, Canisius3.895
11Chris Truehl, So, Air Force4.894
12Adrian Ignagni, So, Niagara2.873
13Gabe Antoni, Jr, Bentley2.865
14Mike Rotolo, So, RIT3.855

Minutes Played

1Parker Gahagen, So, Army5303:20
2Alex Vazzano, Jr, Sacred Heart5299:04
3Chris Truehl, So, Air Force4222:05
4Matt Ginn, Sr, Holy Cross3185:00
 Alex Murray, Fr, American International3185:00
6Terry Shafer, Jr, Robert Morris3184:36
7Mike Rotolo, So, RIT3163:35
8Keegan Asmundson, Sr, Canisius3149:32
9Dalton Izyk, So, Robert Morris2119:54
10Adrian Ignagni, So, Niagara2119:49
11Jimmy Sarjeant, Sr, Mercyhurst2119:42
12Hunter Leisner, So, American International2118:18
13Reilly Turner, Fr, Canisius287:06
14Gabe Antoni, Jr, Bentley284:45
15Cole Bruns, Fr, Army159:35
16Jackson Teichroeb, So, Niagara158:48
17Blake Dougherty, Sr, Bentley135:15
18Ken MacLean, Jr, RIT120:00
19Connor Girard, Fr, Air Force117:09


1Dalton Izyk, So, Robert Morris21
 Matt Ginn, Sr, Holy Cross31
 Parker Gahagen, So, Army51

Team Offense

1Robert Morris4.20
5Air Force3.00
6Holy Cross2.67
7Sacred Heart2.60
10American International2.00

Team Defense

1Holy Cross1.33
2Robert Morris1.80
4American International2.60
 Sacred Heart2.60
7Air Force3.25

Power Play

2Holy Cross2-of-728.57
3Robert Morris5-of-2123.81
4Air Force4-of-1921.05
8American International1-of-911.11
9Sacred Heart2-of-296.90

Penalty Killing

2Robert Morris22-of-2491.7
4Air Force15-of-1788.2
5Holy Cross7-of-887.5
6Sacred Heart20-of-2387.0
9American International12-of-1675.0

Penalty Minutes

3Robert Morris31-for-8116.20
5Air Force24-for-5614.00
6Sacred Heart26-for-6012.00
10American International18-for-367.20
11Holy Cross9-for-186.00

Shorthanded Goals

 Robert Morris2
 Sacred Heart2
6Air Force0
 American International0
 Holy Cross0

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