Big Ten Men's Conference Statistics: 2013-2014

(Big Ten conference games only)

Scoring Leaders

1Mark Zengerle, Sr, F, Wisconsin22819271.23401
 Ryan Dzingel, Jr, F, Ohio State231413271.17261
3Nic Kerdiles, So, F, Wisconsin161016261.62311
4Michael Mersch, Sr, F, Wisconsin22147210.95160
5JT Compher, Fr, F, Michigan21812200.95021
 Greg Wolfe, Sr, F, Michigan State21614200.95020
 Max McCormick, Jr, F, Ohio State23614200.87030
 Tanner Fritz, Jr, F, Ohio State23614200.87030
9Alex Guptill, Jr, F, Michigan1879160.89110
 Andrew Copp, So, F, Michigan2179160.76111
 Kyle Rau, Jr, F, Minnesota2179160.76340
 Luke Moffatt, Sr, F, Michigan2188160.76240
 Frankie Simonelli, Sr, D, Wisconsin22412160.73110
 Nick Oddo, Jr, F, Ohio State23511160.70200
15Matt Berry, Jr, F, Michigan State1887150.83140
 Cristoval Nieves, So, F, Michigan20213150.75000
 Travis Boyd, Jr, F, Minnesota21213150.71010
 Mike Reilly, So, D, Minnesota21312150.71120
 Zach Hyman, Jr, F, Michigan2178150.71110
 Nick Schilkey, Fr, F, Ohio State2378150.65020
21Michael Ferrantino, So, F, Michigan State2177140.67010
22Lee Reimer, Sr, F, Michigan State2176130.62221
 Phil Di Giuseppe, Jr, F, Michigan2194130.62330
 Jake McCabe, Jr, D, Wisconsin21310130.62110
 Justin Kloos, Fr, F, Minnesota2167130.62010
 Joseph LaBate, Jr, F, Wisconsin2267130.59120
27Dylan Richard, Fr, F, Penn State1739120.71011
 Derek DeBlois, Sr, F, Michigan2148120.57100
29Mac Bennett, Sr, D, Michigan1729110.65100
 Tyler Barnes, Sr, F, Wisconsin1856110.61000
 Hudson Fasching, Fr, F, Minnesota2147110.52120
 Jake Chelios, Sr, D, Michigan State21011110.52000
33Sam Warning, Jr, F, Minnesota1973100.53210
 Tyler Motte, Fr, F, Michigan2046100.50000
 Casey Bailey, So, F, Penn State2073100.50030
 Nate Condon, Sr, F, Minnesota2137100.48001
 Seth Ambroz, Jr, F, Minnesota2182100.48330
 Jefferson Dahl, Sr, F, Wisconsin2228100.45100
 Taylor Holstrom, Jr, F, Penn State2264100.45010
 Morgan Zulinick, So, F, Wisconsin2237100.45020
 Kevin Schulze, So, D, Wisconsin2219100.45000
 Sam Jardine, So, D, Ohio State2319100.43000
 Drew Brevig, Fr, D, Ohio State2328100.43110
44Ben Marshall, Jr, D, Minnesota191890.47100
 Taylor Cammarata, Fr, F, Minnesota196390.47120
 David Goodwin, Fr, F, Penn State213690.43110
47Alex Szczechura, Sr, F, Ohio State143580.57030
 Michael Downing, Fr, D, Michigan202680.40000
 Villiam Haag, Fr, F, Michigan State215380.38020
 Dean Chelios, Sr, F, Michigan State212680.38100


1Michael Mersch, Sr, F, Wisconsin2214
 Ryan Dzingel, Jr, F, Ohio State2314
3Nic Kerdiles, So, F, Wisconsin1610
4Phil Di Giuseppe, Jr, F, Michigan219
5Matt Berry, Jr, F, Michigan State188
 Seth Ambroz, Jr, F, Minnesota218
 Luke Moffatt, Sr, F, Michigan218
 JT Compher, Fr, F, Michigan218
 Mark Zengerle, Sr, F, Wisconsin228
10Alex Guptill, Jr, F, Michigan187
 Sam Warning, Jr, F, Minnesota197
 Casey Bailey, So, F, Penn State207
 Lee Reimer, Sr, F, Michigan State217
 Zach Hyman, Jr, F, Michigan217
 Andrew Copp, So, F, Michigan217
 Michael Ferrantino, So, F, Michigan State217
 Kyle Rau, Jr, F, Minnesota217
 Nick Schilkey, Fr, F, Ohio State237
19Taylor Cammarata, Fr, F, Minnesota196
 Greg Wolfe, Sr, F, Michigan State216
 Justin Kloos, Fr, F, Minnesota216
 Taylor Holstrom, Jr, F, Penn State226
 Joseph LaBate, Jr, F, Wisconsin226
 Max McCormick, Jr, F, Ohio State236
 Tanner Fritz, Jr, F, Ohio State236
26Curtis Loik, So, F, Penn State175
 Tyler Barnes, Sr, F, Wisconsin185
 Brady Skjei, So, D, Minnesota215
 Villiam Haag, Fr, F, Michigan State215
 Nick Oddo, Jr, F, Ohio State235


1Mark Zengerle, Sr, F, Wisconsin2219
2Nic Kerdiles, So, F, Wisconsin1616
3Greg Wolfe, Sr, F, Michigan State2114
 Max McCormick, Jr, F, Ohio State2314
 Tanner Fritz, Jr, F, Ohio State2314
6Cristoval Nieves, So, F, Michigan2013
 Travis Boyd, Jr, F, Minnesota2113
 Ryan Dzingel, Jr, F, Ohio State2313
9JT Compher, Fr, F, Michigan2112
 Mike Reilly, So, D, Minnesota2112
 Frankie Simonelli, Sr, D, Wisconsin2212
12Jake Chelios, Sr, D, Michigan State2111
 Nick Oddo, Jr, F, Ohio State2311
14Jake McCabe, Jr, D, Wisconsin2110
15Mac Bennett, Sr, D, Michigan179
 Dylan Richard, Fr, F, Penn State179
 Alex Guptill, Jr, F, Michigan189
 Andrew Copp, So, F, Michigan219
 Kyle Rau, Jr, F, Minnesota219
 Kevin Schulze, So, D, Wisconsin229
 Sam Jardine, So, D, Ohio State239
22Ben Marshall, Jr, D, Minnesota198
 Luke Moffatt, Sr, F, Michigan218
 Zach Hyman, Jr, F, Michigan218
 Derek DeBlois, Sr, F, Michigan218
 Jefferson Dahl, Sr, F, Wisconsin228
 Nick Schilkey, Fr, F, Ohio State238
 Drew Brevig, Fr, D, Ohio State238
29Matt Berry, Jr, F, Michigan State187
 Nate Condon, Sr, F, Minnesota217

Power Play Goals

1Michael Mersch, Sr, F, Wisconsin226
 Ryan Dzingel, Jr, F, Ohio State236
3Matt Berry, Jr, F, Michigan State184
 Luke Moffatt, Sr, F, Michigan214
 Kyle Rau, Jr, F, Minnesota214
6Alex Szczechura, Sr, F, Ohio State143
 Casey Bailey, So, F, Penn State203
 Seth Ambroz, Jr, F, Minnesota213
 Phil Di Giuseppe, Jr, F, Michigan213
 Max McCormick, Jr, F, Ohio State233
 Tanner Fritz, Jr, F, Ohio State233
12Taylor Cammarata, Fr, F, Minnesota192
 Greg Wolfe, Sr, F, Michigan State212
 Lee Reimer, Sr, F, Michigan State212
 JT Compher, Fr, F, Michigan212
 Villiam Haag, Fr, F, Michigan State212
 Mike Reilly, So, D, Minnesota212
 Hudson Fasching, Fr, F, Minnesota212
 Eric Scheid, So, F, Penn State222
 Morgan Zulinick, So, F, Wisconsin222
 Joseph LaBate, Jr, F, Wisconsin222
 Nick Schilkey, Fr, F, Ohio State232
23Tanner Sorenson, Jr, F, Michigan State131
 Nate Jensen, Jr, D, Penn State141
 Alex Kile, Fr, F, Michigan161
 Nic Kerdiles, So, F, Wisconsin161
 Dylan Richard, Fr, F, Penn State171
 Alex Guptill, Jr, F, Michigan181
 Mike Williamson, Fr, D, Penn State191
 Curtis Gedig, Sr, D, Ohio State191

Shorthanded Goals

1Nic Kerdiles, So, F, Wisconsin161
 Dylan Richard, Fr, F, Penn State171
 David Gust, Fr, F, Ohio State171
 Nate Condon, Sr, F, Minnesota211
 Lee Reimer, Sr, F, Michigan State211
 Andrew Copp, So, F, Michigan211
 JT Compher, Fr, F, Michigan211
 Mark Zengerle, Sr, F, Wisconsin221
 Ryan Dzingel, Jr, F, Ohio State231

Goaltending Leaders

(Minimum 33% of team's total minutes needed to qualify)

1Adam Wilcox, So, Minnesota1913-3-31154:3032501.9401.6631
2Joel Rumpel, Jr, Wisconsin2115-5-11274:2146595.9282.1658
3Christian Frey, Fr, Ohio State147-4-3831:1631415.9302.2375
4Zach Nagelvoort, Fr, Michigan146-6-2843:1136419.9212.5617
5Jake Hildebrand, So, Michigan State204-9-61170:1250613.9252.5637
6Matthew Skoff, So, Penn State144-9-1861:1741409.9092.8562
7Steve Racine, So, Michigan84-3-0460:4724215.9003.1251

Save Percentage

1Adam Wilcox, So, Minnesota19.940
2Christian Frey, Fr, Ohio State14.930
3Joel Rumpel, Jr, Wisconsin21.928
4Jake Hildebrand, So, Michigan State20.925
5Zach Nagelvoort, Fr, Michigan14.921
6Matthew Skoff, So, Penn State14.909
7Steve Racine, So, Michigan8.900

Minutes Played

1Joel Rumpel, Jr, Wisconsin211274:21
2Jake Hildebrand, So, Michigan State201170:12
3Adam Wilcox, So, Minnesota191154:30
4Matthew Skoff, So, Penn State14861:17
5Zach Nagelvoort, Fr, Michigan14843:11
6Christian Frey, Fr, Ohio State14831:16
7Steve Racine, So, Michigan8460:47
8Matt Tomkins, Fr, Ohio State8450:13
9Eamon McAdam, Fr, Penn State5262:21
10PJ Musico, So, Penn State6225:29
11Logan Davis, Fr, Ohio State2122:47
12Michael Shibrowski, Sr, Minnesota2119:47
13Will Yanakeff, Sr, Michigan State3119:06
14Landon Peterson, Jr, Wisconsin159:14
15Luke Dwyer, Jr, Michigan13:32
16Adam Janecyk, Sr, Michigan11:31


1Adam Wilcox, So, Minnesota192
2Matthew Skoff, So, Penn State141
 Jake Hildebrand, So, Michigan State201
 Joel Rumpel, Jr, Wisconsin211

Team Offense

4Ohio State2.70
5Michigan State2.05
 Penn State2.05

Team Defense

3Ohio State2.70
4Michigan State2.71
6Penn State3.55

Power Play

1Ohio State20-of-9221.74
4Michigan State12-of-6618.18
6Penn State11-of-7414.86

Penalty Killing

3Penn State71-of-8583.5
5Michigan State59-of-7578.7
6Ohio State65-of-8576.5

Penalty Minutes

2Ohio State107-for-24710.74
3Michigan State94-for-21810.38
4Penn State102-for-2189.91

Shorthanded Goals

 Ohio State2
4Michigan State1
 Penn State1

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