Big Ten Men's Conference Statistics: 2014-2015

(Big Ten conference games only)

Scoring Leaders

1Max Shuart, So, F, Michigan21342.00000
2JT Compher, So, F, Michigan22131.50000
 Casey Bailey, Jr, F, Penn State21231.50100
 Andrew Copp, Jr, F, Michigan21231.50001
5Luke Juha, Jr, D, Penn State20221.00000
 Michael Downing, So, D, Michigan22021.00000
 Michael Ferrantino, Jr, F, Michigan State20221.00000
 Zach Hyman, Sr, F, Michigan21121.00000
 Matt Berry, Sr, F, Michigan State21121.00110
 Alex Kile, So, F, Michigan21121.00000
 Kevin Lohan, So, D, Michigan20221.00000
 Travis Lynch, Sr, F, Michigan20221.00000
 Nick Schilkey, So, F, Ohio State21121.00010
 Cristoval Nieves, Jr, F, Michigan21121.00000
 Zach Werenski, Fr, D, Michigan20221.00000
 Dylan Larkin, Fr, F, Michigan20221.00000
17Eric Scheid, Jr, F, Penn State11011.00000
 Taylor Holstrom, Sr, F, Penn State21010.50010
 Cutler Martin, Fr, D, Michigan20110.50000
 Carson Gatt, Fr, D, Michigan State20110.50000
 Sam Jardine, Jr, D, Ohio State20110.50000
 Tyler Motte, So, F, Michigan21010.50100
 Villiam Haag, So, F, Michigan State21010.50000
 Tyler Lundey, Jr, F, Ohio State21010.50000
 Travis Walsh, Jr, D, Michigan State20110.50000
 Chad Niddery, Sr, F, Ohio State20110.50000
 Mackenzie MacEachern, So, F, Michigan State20110.50000
 Drew Brevig, So, D, Ohio State20110.50000
 Brent Darnell, Sr, F, Michigan State21010.50000
 Darik Angeli, Sr, F, Ohio State21010.50000
 David Gust, So, F, Ohio State20110.50000
 Matt Johnson, Sr, F, Ohio State21010.50100
 Max Gardiner, Sr, F, Penn State21010.50010
 Christian Lampasso, Fr, F, Ohio State20110.50000
35Sam Piazza, Fr, D, Michigan10000.00000
 Dylan Pavelek, Fr, F, Michigan State10000.00000
 Janik Möser, Fr, D, Ohio State10000.00000
 Nicholas Jones, Fr, F, Ohio State10000.00000
 Peter Sweetland, Jr, D, Penn State10000.00000
 Mike Chiasson, Sr, D, Michigan10000.00000
 Clark Cristofoli, Sr, D, Ohio State10000.00000
 Justin Hoomaian, Sr, F, Michigan State10000.00000
 Justin DaSilva, Sr, D, Ohio State10000.00000
 Jonathan Milley, Jr, F, Penn State10000.00000
 Josh Healey, So, D, Ohio State10000.00000
 Nate Jensen, Sr, D, Penn State10000.00000
 Kevin Miller, Fr, F, Ohio State10000.00000
 Erik Autio, Fr, D, Penn State20000.00000
 Rhett Holland, Jr, D, Michigan State20000.00000
 Dexter Dancs, Fr, F, Michigan20000.00000
 Anthony Greco, Jr, F, Ohio State20000.00000
 Luke Stork, Fr, F, Ohio State20000.00000
 John Draeger, Jr, D, Michigan State20000.00000
 Matt Tomkins, So, G, Ohio State20000.00000
 Patrick Koudys, Sr, D, Penn State20000.00000
 David Goodwin, So, F, Penn State20000.00000
 Jacob Friedman, Jr, F, Penn State20000.00000
 Brennan Serville, Sr, D, Michigan20000.00000
 Ryan Keller, Jr, F, Michigan State20000.00000
 Al McLean, Sr, D, Ohio State20000.00000
 Kenny Brooks, Jr, F, Penn State20000.00000
 Craig Dalrymple, Jr, D, Ohio State20000.00000
 Ricky DeRosa, So, F, Penn State20000.00000
 Tommy Olczyk, Jr, F, Penn State20000.00000
 Andrew Sinelli, Sr, F, Michigan20000.00000
 David Thompson, So, D, Penn State20000.00000
 JT Stenglein, So, F, Michigan State20000.00000
 Curtis Loik, Jr, F, Penn State20000.00000
 Mike Williamson, So, D, Penn State20000.00000
 Nick Oddo, Sr, F, Ohio State20000.00000
 Joe Cox, So, F, Michigan State20000.00000
 Eamon McAdam, So, G, Penn State20000.00000
 Jake Hildebrand, Jr, G, Michigan State20000.00000
 Zach Nagelvoort, So, G, Michigan20000.00000
 Thomas Ebbing, So, F, Michigan State20000.00000
 Scott Conway, Fr, F, Penn State20000.00000
 Matt DeBlouw, Jr, F, Michigan State20000.00000
 Tony Calderone, Fr, F, Michigan20000.00000
 RJ Boyd, Sr, D, Michigan State20000.00000
 James Robinson, Fr, F, Penn State20000.00000


1JT Compher, So, F, Michigan22
 Michael Downing, So, D, Michigan22
3Eric Scheid, Jr, F, Penn State11
 Brent Darnell, Sr, F, Michigan State21
 Taylor Holstrom, Sr, F, Penn State21
 Darik Angeli, Sr, F, Ohio State21
 Matt Berry, Sr, F, Michigan State21
 Alex Kile, So, F, Michigan21
 Max Gardiner, Sr, F, Penn State21
 Zach Hyman, Sr, F, Michigan21
 Matt Johnson, Sr, F, Ohio State21
 Villiam Haag, So, F, Michigan State21
 Cristoval Nieves, Jr, F, Michigan21
 Tyler Lundey, Jr, F, Ohio State21
 Tyler Motte, So, F, Michigan21
 Andrew Copp, Jr, F, Michigan21
 Casey Bailey, Jr, F, Penn State21
 Nick Schilkey, So, F, Ohio State21
 Max Shuart, So, F, Michigan21


1Max Shuart, So, F, Michigan23
2Kevin Lohan, So, D, Michigan22
 Dylan Larkin, Fr, F, Michigan22
 Zach Werenski, Fr, D, Michigan22
 Michael Ferrantino, Jr, F, Michigan State22
 Andrew Copp, Jr, F, Michigan22
 Casey Bailey, Jr, F, Penn State22
 Travis Lynch, Sr, F, Michigan22
 Luke Juha, Jr, D, Penn State22
10Mackenzie MacEachern, So, F, Michigan State21
 Drew Brevig, So, D, Ohio State21
 Matt Berry, Sr, F, Michigan State21
 Alex Kile, So, F, Michigan21
 Chad Niddery, Sr, F, Ohio State21
 Christian Lampasso, Fr, F, Ohio State21
 Zach Hyman, Sr, F, Michigan21
 Travis Walsh, Jr, D, Michigan State21
 JT Compher, So, F, Michigan21
 Cristoval Nieves, Jr, F, Michigan21
 Sam Jardine, Jr, D, Ohio State21
 Nick Schilkey, So, F, Ohio State21
 Carson Gatt, Fr, D, Michigan State21
 Cutler Martin, Fr, D, Michigan21
 David Gust, So, F, Ohio State21

Power Play Goals

1Taylor Holstrom, Sr, F, Penn State21
 Max Gardiner, Sr, F, Penn State21
 Matt Berry, Sr, F, Michigan State21
 Nick Schilkey, So, F, Ohio State21

Shorthanded Goals

1Andrew Copp, Jr, F, Michigan21

Goaltending Leaders

(Minimum 33% of team's total minutes needed to qualify)

1Matt Tomkins, So, Ohio State21-1-0116:54346.9391.5398
2Zach Nagelvoort, So, Michigan21-1-0118:59466.9432.0171
3Jake Hildebrand, Jr, Michigan State21-1-0118:22459.9372.0276
4Eamon McAdam, So, Penn State21-1-0119:561075.8825.0028

Save Percentage

1Zach Nagelvoort, So, Michigan2.943
2Matt Tomkins, So, Ohio State2.939
3Jake Hildebrand, Jr, Michigan State2.937
4Eamon McAdam, So, Penn State2.882

Minutes Played

1Eamon McAdam, So, Penn State2119:56
2Zach Nagelvoort, So, Michigan2118:59
3Jake Hildebrand, Jr, Michigan State2118:22
4Matt Tomkins, So, Ohio State2116:54


1Matt Tomkins, So, Ohio State21

Team Offense

2Ohio State2.00
 Penn State2.00
4Michigan State1.50

Team Defense

1Ohio State1.50
 Michigan State2.00
4Penn State5.00

Power Play

1Michigan State1-of-520.00
 Penn State2-of-1020.00
3Ohio State1-of-714.29

Penalty Killing

1Penn State9-of-9100.0
2Michigan State6-of-785.7
3Ohio State4-of-580.0

Penalty Minutes

2Penn State10-for-2010.00
3Michigan State8-for-168.00
4Ohio State7-for-147.00

Shorthanded Goals

2Michigan State0
 Ohio State0
 Penn State0

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