CHA Women's Conference Statistics: 2012-2013

(CHA conference games only)

Scoring Leaders

1Christine Bestland, Jr, F, Mercyhurst222224462.09491
2Jenna Dingeldein, Fr, F, Mercyhurst221019291.32020
3Rebecca Vint, So, F, Robert Morris211313261.24321
4Vaila Higson, So, D, Mercyhurst22717241.09111
5Molly Byrne, So, D, Mercyhurst22419231.05010
6Emily Janiga, Fr, F, Mercyhurst221012221.00450
7Shelby Bram, So, F, Mercyhurst22714210.95120
8Christie Cicero, Jr, F, Mercyhurst15513181.20200
 Lauren Jones, Sr, F, Mercyhurst22117180.82111
 Alison Wickenheiser, So, F, Lindenwood2299180.82331
 Tenecia Hiller, Sr, F, RIT2399180.78070
 Thea Imbrogno, Jr, F, Robert Morris2399180.78330
13Shannon Yoxheimer, Fr, F, Penn State22511160.73010
14Nicole Ferrara, So, F, Syracuse2287150.68410
 Lyndsay Kirkham, Fr, F, Lindenwood22411150.68011
16Holly Carrie-Mattimoe, Sr, F, Syracuse22410140.64010
 Kendra Broad, So, F, Lindenwood2286140.64140
 Kristen Richards, Jr, F, Robert Morris22410140.64020
 Margot Scharfe, Jr, F, Syracuse2277140.64120
20Kelsey Welch, Sr, F, Mercyhurst2149130.62000
 Ariane Yokoyama, Sr, F, RIT23310130.57000
22Kim Schlattman, Sr, F, RIT2184120.57240
 Alyssa West, So, F, Lindenwood2148120.57020
 Stephanie DeSutter, Sr, D, Mercyhurst2157120.57230
 Melissa Piacentini, Fr, F, Syracuse2266120.55111
 Shiann Darkangelo, So, F, Syracuse2284120.55230
 Kelsey Thomas, Sr, F, Robert Morris2339120.52020
28Jenna Hendrikx, Sr, F, Mercyhurst2156110.52200
 Kaillie Goodnough, So, D, Syracuse22110110.50100
 Jamie Joslin, Sr, D, Robert Morris23110110.48000
 Kristina Moss, Sr, D, RIT23110110.48110
32Allysson Arcibal, Jr, F, Lindenwood2264100.45020
 Brittney Krebs, Jr, D, Syracuse22010100.45000
 Chelsea Witwicke, Jr, D, Lindenwood2228100.45110
 Taylor Gross, Jr, F, Penn State2255100.45030
 Akane Hosoyamada, Jr, D, Syracuse2237100.45010
 Cobina Delaney, Sr, F, Robert Morris2364100.43110
 Maddie Collias, So, F, Robert Morris2355100.43100
 Katie Fergus, So, F, Robert Morris2346100.43120
40Gina Buquet, Sr, F, Mercyhurst213690.43000
 Kourtney Kunichika, Jr, F, RIT213690.43020
 Julie Knerr, So, F, Syracuse224590.41100
 Kaleigh Chippy, Jr, F, Mercyhurst222790.41000
44Erin Zach, Jr, F, RIT192680.42001
 Katelyn Scott, So, F, Robert Morris203580.40020
 Caroline Luczak, So, D, Mercyhurst222680.36110
 Nicole Renault, Fr, D, Syracuse222680.36200
48Caitlyn Post, So, F, Lindenwood183470.39100
 Katie Hubert, Fr, F, RIT213470.33120
 Marissa Maugeri, So, F, RIT225270.32310


1Christine Bestland, Jr, F, Mercyhurst2222
2Rebecca Vint, So, F, Robert Morris2113
3Lauren Jones, Sr, F, Mercyhurst2211
4Emily Janiga, Fr, F, Mercyhurst2210
 Jenna Dingeldein, Fr, F, Mercyhurst2210
6Alison Wickenheiser, So, F, Lindenwood229
 Tenecia Hiller, Sr, F, RIT239
 Thea Imbrogno, Jr, F, Robert Morris239
9Kim Schlattman, Sr, F, RIT218
 Nicole Ferrara, So, F, Syracuse228
 Kendra Broad, So, F, Lindenwood228
 Shiann Darkangelo, So, F, Syracuse228
13Vaila Higson, So, D, Mercyhurst227
 Margot Scharfe, Jr, F, Syracuse227
 Shelby Bram, So, F, Mercyhurst227
16Allysson Arcibal, Jr, F, Lindenwood226
 Jacquie Greco, Sr, D, Syracuse226
 Melissa Piacentini, Fr, F, Syracuse226
 Cobina Delaney, Sr, F, Robert Morris236
20Christie Cicero, Jr, F, Mercyhurst155
 Jill Holdcroft, Fr, F, Penn State205
 Jenna Hendrikx, Sr, F, Mercyhurst215
 Stephanie DeSutter, Sr, D, Mercyhurst215
 Shannon Yoxheimer, Fr, F, Penn State225
 Marissa Maugeri, So, F, RIT225
 Taylor Gross, Jr, F, Penn State225
 Dayna Newsom, Sr, F, Robert Morris235
 Maddie Collias, So, F, Robert Morris235
 Celeste Brown, So, F, RIT235
30Alyssa West, So, F, Lindenwood214


1Christine Bestland, Jr, F, Mercyhurst2224
2Jenna Dingeldein, Fr, F, Mercyhurst2219
 Molly Byrne, So, D, Mercyhurst2219
4Vaila Higson, So, D, Mercyhurst2217
5Shelby Bram, So, F, Mercyhurst2214
6Christie Cicero, Jr, F, Mercyhurst1513
 Rebecca Vint, So, F, Robert Morris2113
8Emily Janiga, Fr, F, Mercyhurst2212
9Shannon Yoxheimer, Fr, F, Penn State2211
 Lyndsay Kirkham, Fr, F, Lindenwood2211
11Holly Carrie-Mattimoe, Sr, F, Syracuse2210
 Kaillie Goodnough, So, D, Syracuse2210
 Brittney Krebs, Jr, D, Syracuse2210
 Kristen Richards, Jr, F, Robert Morris2210
 Ariane Yokoyama, Sr, F, RIT2310
 Kristina Moss, Sr, D, RIT2310
 Jamie Joslin, Sr, D, Robert Morris2310
18Kelsey Welch, Sr, F, Mercyhurst219
 Alison Wickenheiser, So, F, Lindenwood229
 Kelsey Thomas, Sr, F, Robert Morris239
 Tenecia Hiller, Sr, F, RIT239
 Thea Imbrogno, Jr, F, Robert Morris239
23Alyssa West, So, F, Lindenwood218
 Chelsea Witwicke, Jr, D, Lindenwood228
25Stephanie DeSutter, Sr, D, Mercyhurst217
 Nicole Ferrara, So, F, Syracuse227
 Lauren Jones, Sr, F, Mercyhurst227
 Kaleigh Chippy, Jr, F, Mercyhurst227
 Margot Scharfe, Jr, F, Syracuse227
 Akane Hosoyamada, Jr, D, Syracuse227

Power Play Goals

1Christine Bestland, Jr, F, Mercyhurst229
2Tenecia Hiller, Sr, F, RIT237
3Jill Holdcroft, Fr, F, Penn State205
 Emily Janiga, Fr, F, Mercyhurst225
5Kim Schlattman, Sr, F, RIT214
 Kendra Broad, So, F, Lindenwood224
7Stephanie DeSutter, Sr, D, Mercyhurst213
 Taylor Gross, Jr, F, Penn State223
 Shiann Darkangelo, So, F, Syracuse223
 Alison Wickenheiser, So, F, Lindenwood223
 Thea Imbrogno, Jr, F, Robert Morris233
12Katelyn Scott, So, F, Robert Morris202
 Katie Hubert, Fr, F, RIT212
 Alyssa West, So, F, Lindenwood212
 Katie Erickson, Jr, D, Lindenwood212
 Rebecca Vint, So, F, Robert Morris212
 Kourtney Kunichika, Jr, F, RIT212
 Carly Payerl, Fr, F, RIT222
 Allysson Arcibal, Jr, F, Lindenwood222
 Jacquie Greco, Sr, D, Syracuse222
 Margot Scharfe, Jr, F, Syracuse222
 Jenna Dingeldein, Fr, F, Mercyhurst222
 Kristen Richards, Jr, F, Robert Morris222
 Shelby Bram, So, F, Mercyhurst222
 Dayna Newsom, Sr, F, Robert Morris232
 Kelsey Thomas, Sr, F, Robert Morris232
 Katie Fergus, So, F, Robert Morris232
28Samantha Redick, Jr, F, Lindenwood41
 Allie LaCombe, So, F, Syracuse201
 Nicole Ferrara, So, F, Syracuse221

Shorthanded Goals

1Erin Zach, Jr, F, RIT191
 Rebecca Vint, So, F, Robert Morris211
 Lauren Jones, Sr, F, Mercyhurst221
 Vaila Higson, So, D, Mercyhurst221
 Melissa Piacentini, Fr, F, Syracuse221
 Alison Wickenheiser, So, F, Lindenwood221
 Lyndsay Kirkham, Fr, F, Lindenwood221
 Christine Bestland, Jr, F, Mercyhurst221
 Dayna Newsom, Sr, F, Robert Morris231

Goaltending Leaders

(Minimum 33% of team's total minutes needed to qualify)

1Stephanie Ciampa, Sr, Mercyhurst1413-1-0831:1118265.9361.2994
2Amanda Makela, So, Mercyhurst86-2-0452:3610142.9341.3257
3Kallie Billadeau, Jr, Syracuse1711-6-0997:2027409.9381.6243
4Ali Binnington, So, RIT197-7-41135:1537487.9291.9555
5Kristen DiCiocco, Sr, Robert Morris199-9-11126:5837449.9241.9699
6Nicole Hensley, Fr, Lindenwood167-5-3961:5236613.9452.2456
7Nicole Paniccia, Jr, Penn State181-15-21065:3063791.9263.5476

Save Percentage

1Nicole Hensley, Fr, Lindenwood16.945
2Kallie Billadeau, Jr, Syracuse17.938
3Stephanie Ciampa, Sr, Mercyhurst14.936
4Amanda Makela, So, Mercyhurst8.934
5Ali Binnington, So, RIT19.929
6Nicole Paniccia, Jr, Penn State18.926
7Kristen DiCiocco, Sr, Robert Morris19.924

Minutes Played

1Ali Binnington, So, RIT191135:15
2Kristen DiCiocco, Sr, Robert Morris191126:58
3Nicole Paniccia, Jr, Penn State181065:30
4Kallie Billadeau, Jr, Syracuse17997:20
5Nicole Hensley, Fr, Lindenwood16961:52
6Stephanie Ciampa, Sr, Mercyhurst14831:11
7Amanda Makela, So, Mercyhurst8452:36
8Taylor Fairchild, So, Lindenwood8419:00
9Jenesica Drinkwater, Jr, Syracuse6335:35
10Laura Chamberlain, Jr, RIT6276:54
11Delayne Brian, Sr, Robert Morris5271:54
12Celine Whitlinger, Fr, Penn State5256:11
13Julia DiTondo, Fr, Mercyhurst231:28
14Courtney Vinet, So, Robert Morris226:01


1Amanda Makela, So, Mercyhurst82
 Stephanie Ciampa, Sr, Mercyhurst142
 Kallie Billadeau, Jr, Syracuse172
 Ali Binnington, So, RIT192
5Laura Chamberlain, Jr, RIT61
 Jenesica Drinkwater, Jr, Syracuse61
 Kristen DiCiocco, Sr, Robert Morris191

Team Offense

3Robert Morris2.48
6Penn State1.09

Team Defense

4Robert Morris2.30
6Penn State3.86

Power Play

4Robert Morris16-of-11813.56
5Penn State11-of-9811.22

Penalty Killing

3Robert Morris91-of-10487.5
6Penn State79-of-10376.7

Penalty Minutes

5Robert Morris116-for-24310.57
6Penn State109-for-2189.91

Shorthanded Goals

 Robert Morris2
6Penn State0

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Statistics by U.S. College Hockey Online (USCHO) are compiled from official game box scores. Some box scores may not have been available at the time that statistics were compiled. Also, changes may have been made to the official box score after it was released to the media. Consequently, USCHO's figures may disagree with reports published by other sources.