Hockey East Men's Conference Statistics: 2014-2015

(Hockey East conference games only)

Scoring Leaders

1Jack Eichel, Fr, F, Boston University12244.00000
 Jonathan Turk, Jr, F, Vermont23142.00110
 Mario Puskarich, So, F, Vermont21342.00000
 Mike Paliotta, Sr, D, Vermont21342.00000
5Evan Rodrigues, Sr, F, Boston University10333.00000
 Danny O'Regan, Jr, F, Boston University12133.00000
 Michael Matheson, Jr, D, Boston College20331.50000
 Alexx Privitera, Jr, D, Vermont21231.50010
 Adam Gilmour, So, F, Boston College22131.50120
 Zack LaRue, Sr, F, Massachusetts31231.00000
11Ahti Oksanen, Jr, F/D, Boston University10222.00000
 Cason Hohmann, Sr, F, Boston University11122.00000
 Zack Kamrass, Sr, D, Massachusetts-Lowell10222.00000
 Joe Gambardella, So, F, Massachusetts-Lowell11122.00000
 Matt Lane, Jr, F, Boston University10222.00000
 Noah Hanifin, Fr, D, Boston College20221.00000
 Dalen Hedges, So, F, Northeastern21121.00000
 Kyle Reynolds, Sr, F, Vermont20221.00000
 Garret Cockerill, Fr, D, Northeastern20221.00000
 Zach Aston-Reese, So, F, Northeastern20221.00000
 Brendan Bradley, So, F, Vermont20221.00000
 Alex Tuch, Fr, F, Boston College21121.00000
 Jake Horton, Fr, D, Massachusetts31120.67000
24Chris Maniccia, So, F, Massachusetts-Lowell10111.00000
 Hampus Gustafsson, So, F, Merrimack11011.00100
 Ryan McGrath, Jr, F, Massachusetts-Lowell10111.00000
 A.J. Greer, Fr, F, Boston University11011.00000
 Kyle Singleton, Sr, F, Merrimack10111.00000
 John MacLeod, Fr, D, Boston University10111.00000
 Clayton Jardine, Sr, F, Merrimack10111.00000
 Evan Campbell, So, F, Massachusetts-Lowell11011.00000
 Robbie Baillargeon, So, F, Boston University11011.00000
 Mathieu Tibbet, Fr, F, Merrimack10111.00000
 A.J. White, Jr, F, Massachusetts-Lowell10111.00000
 Chris Calnan, So, F, Boston College11011.00000
 Brian Christie, Jr, F, Merrimack10111.00000
 Brett Seney, Fr, F, Merrimack11011.00000
 Michael Fallon, Jr, F, Massachusetts-Lowell11011.00010
 Nikolas Olsson, Fr, F, Boston University11011.00100
 Michael Louria, Fr, F, Massachusetts-Lowell11011.00100
 C.J. Smith, Fr, F, Massachusetts-Lowell10111.00000
 Brandon Fortunato, Fr, D, Boston University10111.00000
 Robert Francis, Jr, F, Massachusetts-Lowell11011.00000
 Mike McMurtry, Jr, F, Northeastern20110.50000
 Dax Lauwers, Sr, D, Northeastern21010.50000
 Emerson Auvenshine, Sr, F, Massachusetts21010.50100
 Colin Markison, Sr, F, Vermont20110.50000
 Mike Stenerson, So, F, Vermont21010.50100
 Quinn Smith, Sr, F, Boston College21010.50000
 Torin Snydeman, Sr, F, Northeastern21010.50000


1Jonathan Turk, Jr, F, Vermont23
2Danny O'Regan, Jr, F, Boston University12
 Jack Eichel, Fr, F, Boston University12
 Adam Gilmour, So, F, Boston College22
5A.J. Greer, Fr, F, Boston University11
 Joe Gambardella, So, F, Massachusetts-Lowell11
 Nikolas Olsson, Fr, F, Boston University11
 Hampus Gustafsson, So, F, Merrimack11
 Brett Seney, Fr, F, Merrimack11
 Michael Fallon, Jr, F, Massachusetts-Lowell11
 Robert Francis, Jr, F, Massachusetts-Lowell11
 Chris Calnan, So, F, Boston College11
 Cason Hohmann, Sr, F, Boston University11
 Robbie Baillargeon, So, F, Boston University11
 Evan Campbell, So, F, Massachusetts-Lowell11
 Michael Louria, Fr, F, Massachusetts-Lowell11
 Mike Stenerson, So, F, Vermont21
 Alexx Privitera, Jr, D, Vermont21
 Dax Lauwers, Sr, D, Northeastern21
 Emerson Auvenshine, Sr, F, Massachusetts21
 Jake Fallon, Sr, F, Vermont21
 Mike Szmatula, So, F, Northeastern21
 Alex Tuch, Fr, F, Boston College21
 Mario Puskarich, So, F, Vermont21
 Mike Paliotta, Sr, D, Vermont21
 David Drake, Fr, D, Connecticut21
 Trevor Gerling, Sr, F, Connecticut21
 Torin Snydeman, Sr, F, Northeastern21
 Ryan Fitzgerald, So, F, Boston College21
 Quinn Smith, Sr, F, Boston College21


1Evan Rodrigues, Sr, F, Boston University13
 Michael Matheson, Jr, D, Boston College23
 Mario Puskarich, So, F, Vermont23
 Mike Paliotta, Sr, D, Vermont23
5Ahti Oksanen, Jr, F/D, Boston University12
 Zack Kamrass, Sr, D, Massachusetts-Lowell12
 Jack Eichel, Fr, F, Boston University12
 Matt Lane, Jr, F, Boston University12
 Zach Aston-Reese, So, F, Northeastern22
 Alexx Privitera, Jr, D, Vermont22
 Noah Hanifin, Fr, D, Boston College22
 Garret Cockerill, Fr, D, Northeastern22
 Kyle Reynolds, Sr, F, Vermont22
 Brendan Bradley, So, F, Vermont22
 Zack LaRue, Sr, F, Massachusetts32
16Joe Gambardella, So, F, Massachusetts-Lowell11
 Ryan McGrath, Jr, F, Massachusetts-Lowell11
 Chris Maniccia, So, F, Massachusetts-Lowell11
 Danny O'Regan, Jr, F, Boston University11
 Brian Christie, Jr, F, Merrimack11
 Cason Hohmann, Sr, F, Boston University11
 Brandon Fortunato, Fr, D, Boston University11
 Mathieu Tibbet, Fr, F, Merrimack11
 A.J. White, Jr, F, Massachusetts-Lowell11
 C.J. Smith, Fr, F, Massachusetts-Lowell11
 Clayton Jardine, Sr, F, Merrimack11
 John MacLeod, Fr, D, Boston University11
 Kyle Singleton, Sr, F, Merrimack11
 Thatcher Demko, So, G, Boston College21
 Kevin Roy, Jr, F, Northeastern21

Power Play Goals

1Adam Gilmour, So, F, Boston College22
2Michael Fallon, Jr, F, Massachusetts-Lowell11
 Alexx Privitera, Jr, D, Vermont21
 Jonathan Turk, Jr, F, Vermont21
 Shane Walsh, Jr, F, Massachusetts31
 Ray Pigozzi, So, F, Massachusetts31

Goaltending Leaders

(Minimum 33% of team's total minutes needed to qualify)

1Rasmus Tirronen, Sr, Merrimack11-0-062:19117.9440.9628
2Connor LaCouvee, Fr, Boston University11-0-060:00131.9691.0000
3Brody Hoffman, Jr, Vermont22-0-0120:00343.9351.5000
4Rob Nichols, So, Connecticut20-2-0121:36460.9381.9737
5Kevin Boyle, Jr, Massachusetts-Lowell11-0-060:00219.9052.0000
6Thatcher Demko, So, Boston College21-1-0119:03540.8892.5199
7Derick Roy, Jr, Northeastern20-1-078:57435.8973.0399
8Henry Dill, Fr, Massachusetts31-1-0126:39771.9103.3162
9Clay Witt, Sr, Northeastern10-1-040:00521.8087.5000

Save Percentage

1Connor LaCouvee, Fr, Boston University1.969
2Rasmus Tirronen, Sr, Merrimack1.944
3Rob Nichols, So, Connecticut2.938
4Brody Hoffman, Jr, Vermont2.935
5Henry Dill, Fr, Massachusetts3.910
6Kevin Boyle, Jr, Massachusetts-Lowell1.905
7Derick Roy, Jr, Northeastern2.897
8Thatcher Demko, So, Boston College2.889
9Clay Witt, Sr, Northeastern1.808

Minutes Played

1Henry Dill, Fr, Massachusetts3126:39
2Rob Nichols, So, Connecticut2121:36
3Brody Hoffman, Jr, Vermont2120:00
4Thatcher Demko, So, Boston College2119:03
5Derick Roy, Jr, Northeastern278:57
6Rasmus Tirronen, Sr, Merrimack162:19
7Kevin Boyle, Jr, Massachusetts-Lowell160:00
 Connor LaCouvee, Fr, Boston University160:00
9Steve Mastalerz, Sr, Massachusetts152:39
10Clay Witt, Sr, Northeastern140:00

Team Offense

1Boston University8.00
4Boston College3.00

Team Defense

1Boston University1.00
6Boston College3.00

Power Play

 Boston College2-of-825.00
5Boston University0-of-00.00
 New Hampshire0-of-00.00
 Notre Dame0-of-00.00

Penalty Killing

 Boston University3-of-3100.0
7Boston College7-of-977.8
 New Hampshire0-of-00.00
 Notre Dame0-of-00.00

Penalty Minutes

2Boston College12-for-2412.00
7Boston University3-for-66.00
 New Hampshire0-for-00.00
 Notre Dame0-for-00.00

Shorthanded Goals

1Boston College0
 Boston University0

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