MASCAC Men's Conference Statistics: 2013-2014

(MASCAC conference games only)

Scoring Leaders

1Ian McGilvrey, Fr, F, Plymouth State20918271.35030
2Shaun Walters, Jr, F, Massachusetts-Dartmouth171212241.41141
 Mike Restuccia, So, F, Massachusetts-Dartmouth18915241.33140
4Alex Minter, Fr, F, Salem State201111221.10030
 Eric Defelice, Sr, F, Salem State20715221.10231
 Zach Fox, So, F, Plymouth State20616221.10110
7Vince Perreault, Sr, F, Westfield State19813211.11330
 Andrew Wigg, So, F, Plymouth State20813211.05112
9Ryan McDonald, Jr, F, Framingham State20811190.95211
 Jackson Leef, Fr, F, Westfield State20118190.95040
11John Celli, So, F, Fitchburg State19108180.95350
 Mike Freitag, Jr, F, Plymouth State20612180.90120
 Brendan McCarron, Jr, F, Framingham State20144180.90270
 Mike Economos, Fr, F, Plymouth State2099180.90221
15TJ Powers, Jr, F, Westfield State15314171.13200
 Dalton Jay, So, F, Westfield State2089170.85122
17Max Lorenzen, So, F, Fitchburg State19313160.84020
 Kyllian Kirkwood, So, D, Westfield State20412160.80020
 Zach Sarig, Jr, D, Plymouth State20412160.80130
 John Needham, Fr, F, Salem State20511160.80221
21Sean Loebs, Jr, F, Fitchburg State19312150.79021
 Josh Woody, So, F, Plymouth State20114150.75340
 Daniel Miressi, Sr, F, Framingham State20312150.75110
24Craig Halpin, Jr, D, Fitchburg State19014140.74000
 Kyle Phelan, Sr, F, Salem State1959140.74010
26Eric Ward, Sr, F, Framingham State1676130.81120
 Frank Zuccaro, Jr, F, Westfield State2058130.65010
28Jake Martin, Fr, F, Fitchburg State1057121.20020
 Chris Mastropietro, So, F, Salem State1275121.00120
 P.J. McCadden, So, F, Westfield State1748120.71010
 Andrew Bates, Jr, F, Worcester State1884120.67001
 Timmy Genova, So, F, Fitchburg State1966120.63000
 Chad Barthelmess, Jr, F, Plymouth State1984120.63020
 Ryan Connolly, So, F, Fitchburg State1984120.63230
 Chad Goodwin, So, F, Salem State2075120.60110
 Kristofer Faric, Jr, F, Salem State2057120.60010
 Billy Miller, Sr, D, Westfield State20210120.60100
 Thomas Tracy, Sr, F, Framingham State2057120.60010
 Cameron Banwell, Jr, D, Salem State20210120.60120
 Dylan Cosford, Jr, D, Framingham State2039120.60000
41Cody Osburn, Jr, D, Worcester State16011110.69000
 Alex Dewitz, Fr, F, Worcester State1865110.61111
 Taylor Murphy, Sr, F, Westfield State2065110.55130
 Robert Driscoll, Sr, D, Framingham State2029110.55120
45John Sartell, So, D, Massachusetts-Dartmouth1837100.56020
 Curtis Martin, Sr, D, Worcester State1964100.53150
 Tyler Prendergast, Sr, F, Westfield State1982100.53100
 Brandon Platt, Fr, F, Salem State2064100.50210
49Mark Macdonald, Sr, F, Salem State136390.69210
 Nathan Stanley, Jr, F, Worcester State163690.56020


1Brendan McCarron, Jr, F, Framingham State2014
2Shaun Walters, Jr, F, Massachusetts-Dartmouth1712
3Alex Minter, Fr, F, Salem State2011
 Josh Woody, So, F, Plymouth State2011
 Jackson Leef, Fr, F, Westfield State2011
6John Celli, So, F, Fitchburg State1910
7Mike Restuccia, So, F, Massachusetts-Dartmouth189
 Ian McGilvrey, Fr, F, Plymouth State209
 Mike Economos, Fr, F, Plymouth State209
10Andrew Bates, Jr, F, Worcester State188
 Tyler Prendergast, Sr, F, Westfield State198
 Vince Perreault, Sr, F, Westfield State198
 Chad Barthelmess, Jr, F, Plymouth State198
 Ryan Connolly, So, F, Fitchburg State198
 Ryan McDonald, Jr, F, Framingham State208
 Andrew Wigg, So, F, Plymouth State208
 Dalton Jay, So, F, Westfield State208
18Chris Mastropietro, So, F, Salem State127
 Eric Ward, Sr, F, Framingham State167
 Dmitry Antipin, Jr, F, Massachusetts-Dartmouth187
 Chad Goodwin, So, F, Salem State207
 Eric Defelice, Sr, F, Salem State207
23Mark Macdonald, Sr, F, Salem State136
 Alex Dewitz, Fr, F, Worcester State186
 Timmy Genova, So, F, Fitchburg State196
 Curtis Martin, Sr, D, Worcester State196
 Mike Freitag, Jr, F, Plymouth State206
 Brandon Platt, Fr, F, Salem State206
 Zach Fox, So, F, Plymouth State206
 Taylor Murphy, Sr, F, Westfield State206


1Ian McGilvrey, Fr, F, Plymouth State2018
2Zach Fox, So, F, Plymouth State2016
3Mike Restuccia, So, F, Massachusetts-Dartmouth1815
 Eric Defelice, Sr, F, Salem State2015
5TJ Powers, Jr, F, Westfield State1514
 Craig Halpin, Jr, D, Fitchburg State1914
7Max Lorenzen, So, F, Fitchburg State1913
 Vince Perreault, Sr, F, Westfield State1913
 Andrew Wigg, So, F, Plymouth State2013
10Shaun Walters, Jr, F, Massachusetts-Dartmouth1712
 Sean Loebs, Jr, F, Fitchburg State1912
 Mike Freitag, Jr, F, Plymouth State2012
 Kyllian Kirkwood, So, D, Westfield State2012
 Daniel Miressi, Sr, F, Framingham State2012
 Zach Sarig, Jr, D, Plymouth State2012
16Cody Osburn, Jr, D, Worcester State1611
 Ryan McDonald, Jr, F, Framingham State2011
 Alex Minter, Fr, F, Salem State2011
 John Needham, Fr, F, Salem State2011
20Cameron Banwell, Jr, D, Salem State2010
 Billy Miller, Sr, D, Westfield State2010
22Kyle Phelan, Sr, F, Salem State199
 Dylan Cosford, Jr, D, Framingham State209
 Dalton Jay, So, F, Westfield State209
 Robert Driscoll, Sr, D, Framingham State209
 Mike Economos, Fr, F, Plymouth State209
27P.J. McCadden, So, F, Westfield State178
 John Celli, So, F, Fitchburg State198
 Frank Zuccaro, Jr, F, Westfield State208
 Jackson Leef, Fr, F, Westfield State208

Power Play Goals

1Brendan McCarron, Jr, F, Framingham State207
2Curtis Martin, Sr, D, Worcester State195
 John Celli, So, F, Fitchburg State195
4Shaun Walters, Jr, F, Massachusetts-Dartmouth174
 Mike Restuccia, So, F, Massachusetts-Dartmouth184
 Josh Woody, So, F, Plymouth State204
 Jackson Leef, Fr, F, Westfield State204
8Ryan Connolly, So, F, Fitchburg State193
 Vince Perreault, Sr, F, Westfield State193
 Alex Minter, Fr, F, Salem State203
 Taylor Murphy, Sr, F, Westfield State203
 Zach Sarig, Jr, D, Plymouth State203
 Ian McGilvrey, Fr, F, Plymouth State203
 Eric Defelice, Sr, F, Salem State203
15Jake Martin, Fr, F, Fitchburg State102
 Chris Mastropietro, So, F, Salem State122
 Gabriel Cromp, So, D, Salem State142
 Nathan Stanley, Jr, F, Worcester State162
 Eric Ward, Sr, F, Framingham State162
 Andrew Bettencourt, So, F, Salem State172
 Tanner Zacharewicz, Fr, F, Massachusetts-Dartmouth182
 John Sartell, So, D, Massachusetts-Dartmouth182
 Sean Loebs, Jr, F, Fitchburg State192
 Max Lorenzen, So, F, Fitchburg State192
 Chad Barthelmess, Jr, F, Plymouth State192
 Cameron Banwell, Jr, D, Salem State202
 Dalton Jay, So, F, Westfield State202
 Robert Driscoll, Sr, D, Framingham State202
 John Needham, Fr, F, Salem State202
 Mike Economos, Fr, F, Plymouth State202

Shorthanded Goals

1Nat Rojas, So, F, Fitchburg State132
 Andrew Wigg, So, F, Plymouth State202
 Dalton Jay, So, F, Westfield State202
4Dave O'Connor, Jr, F, Westfield State151
 Shaun Walters, Jr, F, Massachusetts-Dartmouth171
 Alex Dewitz, Fr, F, Worcester State181
 Andrew Bates, Jr, F, Worcester State181
 Dmitry Antipin, Jr, F, Massachusetts-Dartmouth181
 Sean Loebs, Jr, F, Fitchburg State191
 Mike Fish, Fr, F, Fitchburg State191
 Dan Loughlin, Jr, F, Westfield State201
 Eric Defelice, Sr, F, Salem State201
 Ryan McDonald, Jr, F, Framingham State201
 John Needham, Fr, F, Salem State201
 Mike Economos, Fr, F, Plymouth State201

Goaltending Leaders

(Minimum 33% of team's total minutes needed to qualify)

1Gordon Ceasar, So, Plymouth State139-2-2787:4222364.9431.6758
2Ryan Sutliffe, Sr, Salem State1611-1-2864:1536276.8852.4993
3Ryan Wysocki, Jr, Fitchburg State167-8-1903:4040529.9302.6558
4Eddie Davey, Sr, Westfield State159-6-0869:0342514.9242.8997
5Nicholas Cafrelli, Sr, Framingham State198-8-31119:4355670.9242.9472
6Ben Vandervies, Sr, Massachusetts-Dartmouth123-9-0716:5039421.9153.2644
7Salvatore Tecci, So, Worcester State154-9-1810:2149495.9103.6281

Save Percentage

1Gordon Ceasar, So, Plymouth State13.943
2Ryan Wysocki, Jr, Fitchburg State16.930
3Eddie Davey, Sr, Westfield State15.924
 Nicholas Cafrelli, Sr, Framingham State19.924
5Ben Vandervies, Sr, Massachusetts-Dartmouth12.915
6Salvatore Tecci, So, Worcester State15.910
7Ryan Sutliffe, Sr, Salem State16.885

Minutes Played

1Nicholas Cafrelli, Sr, Framingham State191119:43
2Ryan Wysocki, Jr, Fitchburg State16903:40
3Eddie Davey, Sr, Westfield State15869:03
4Ryan Sutliffe, Sr, Salem State16864:15
5Salvatore Tecci, So, Worcester State15810:21
6Gordon Ceasar, So, Plymouth State13787:42
7Ben Vandervies, Sr, Massachusetts-Dartmouth12716:50
8JJ Solloway, Fr, Massachusetts-Dartmouth6356:27
9Drew Case, So, Worcester State6329:49
10Tyler Ingerson, Sr, Plymouth State5299:12
11Ian Perrier, Jr, Westfield State5272:11
12Dan Finn, Jr, Fitchburg State5229:36
13Joe Cerulo, Fr, Salem State4211:08
14Alessio Muggli, Fr, Framingham State292:10
15Ed Fritz, Jr, Salem State274:15
16Max Motew, Fr, Plymouth State161:37
17Jonathan LoParco, Fr, Westfield State160:00
 Zac Enstrom, Jr, Plymouth State160:00
19Zachary Rondeau, Fr, Salem State159:07


1Gordon Ceasar, So, Plymouth State134
2Eddie Davey, Sr, Westfield State152
3Ben Vandervies, Sr, Massachusetts-Dartmouth121
 Ryan Wysocki, Jr, Fitchburg State161

Team Offense

1Salem State3.85
2Plymouth State3.75
3Westfield State3.45
4Fitchburg State3.00
5Framingham State2.90
7Worcester State2.16

Team Defense

1Plymouth State2.40
2Salem State2.75
3Framingham State3.05
 Westfield State3.05
5Fitchburg State3.16
7Worcester State3.89

Power Play

1Salem State22-of-10820.37
2Fitchburg State19-of-9719.59
3Plymouth State18-of-9419.15
5Framingham State16-of-10115.84
6Westfield State16-of-10215.69
7Worcester State9-of-999.09

Penalty Killing

1Fitchburg State80-of-8792.0
2Westfield State97-of-11485.1
3Salem State75-of-9083.3
4Plymouth State79-of-9781.4
5Worcester State76-of-9480.9
 Framingham State89-of-11080.9

Penalty Minutes

1Framingham State143-for-39219.60
2Worcester State116-for-31316.47
3Fitchburg State111-for-30416.00
4Westfield State126-for-30915.45
5Plymouth State122-for-28414.20
7Salem State110-for-25112.55

Shorthanded Goals

1Fitchburg State4
 Westfield State4
3Plymouth State3
 Salem State2
 Worcester State2
7Framingham State1

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