MASCAC Men's Conference Statistics: 2014-2015

(MASCAC conference games only)

Scoring Leaders

1Ryan McDonald, Sr, F, Framingham State665111.83130
2Brendan McCarron, Sr, F, Framingham State55491.80010
 Dalton Jay, Jr, F, Westfield State66391.50111
 Frank Zuccaro, Sr, F, Westfield State63691.50110
 Casey Shea, Fr, F, Massachusetts-Dartmouth62791.50010
6Zach Sarig, Sr, D, Plymouth State61781.33010
 Andrew Wigg, Jr, F, Plymouth State62681.33120
8Ian McGilvrey, So, F, Plymouth State63471.17100
 Josh Woody, Jr, F, Plymouth State65271.17050
 Vaughn Guetens, So, D, Framingham State62571.17020
 Maxime Richard, So, F, Westfield State66171.17120
12Jaret Babych, Fr, F, Massachusetts-Dartmouth65161.00011
 P.J. McCadden, Jr, F, Westfield State63361.00110
 John Needham, So, F, Salem State61561.00010
 Ryan Connolly, Jr, F, Fitchburg State65161.00120
 Jackson Leef, So, F, Westfield State61561.00000
 Shaun Walters, Sr, F, Massachusetts-Dartmouth65161.00010
 Kyllian Kirkwood, Jr, D, Westfield State61561.00010
 Mike Freitag, Sr, F, Plymouth State64261.00000
 Mike Kelly, So, F, Massachusetts-Dartmouth61561.00000
 Mike Economos, So, F, Plymouth State62461.00200
22Andrew Bettencourt, Jr, F, Salem State41451.25000
 Chris Zuccaro, Fr, F, Plymouth State61450.83100
 John Celli, Jr, F, Fitchburg State61450.83000
 Donovan Gardiner, Fr, D, Westfield State60550.83000
 Ryan Callahan, So, F, Plymouth State63250.83000
27Cameron Hoffman, Jr, F, Framingham State51340.80000
 Kristofer Faric, Sr, F, Salem State62240.67000
 Craig Halpin, Sr, D, Fitchburg State60440.67000
 John Sartell, Jr, F, Massachusetts-Dartmouth62240.67000
 Dylan Cosford, Sr, D, Framingham State60440.67000
 Cameron Snyder, So, F, Fitchburg State64040.67011
 Jerry Laakso, Fr, D, Massachusetts-Dartmouth60440.67000
 Justin DeVincentis, So, D, Westfield State60440.67000
 Mike Restuccia, Jr, F, Massachusetts-Dartmouth61340.67000
 Keith Barnaby, Fr, F, Framingham State61340.67000
37TJ Powers, Sr, F, Westfield State41230.75000
 Taylor Laneville, Sr, F, Worcester State40330.75000
 Paul Falanga, Jr, F, Fitchburg State41230.75000
 Roman Pfennings, Fr, F, Westfield State50330.60000
 Nik Passero, Fr, F, Westfield State53030.60000
 Nick Drill, Jr, F, Worcester State51230.60100
 Andrew Bucci, Jr, F, Salem State52130.60000
 Garrett Allen, Jr, F, Massachusetts-Dartmouth61230.50000
 Dan Dupell, So, F, Plymouth State62130.50000
 Cameron Banwell, Sr, D, Salem State61230.50110
 Brian Fahey, Fr, F, Worcester State62130.50000
 Rich Ledy, Sr, D, Worcester State62130.50010
 Mackenzie Cook, Fr, F, Salem State61230.50010
 Matt Baldino, So, F, Massachusetts-Dartmouth61230.50000
 Joe White, Jr, F, Worcester State62130.50000
 Alex Dewitz, So, F, Worcester State62130.50010
 Gabriel Cromp, Jr, D, Salem State61230.50000
54Sean Loebs, Sr, F, Fitchburg State30220.67000
 Kyle Zacharewicz, Fr, F, Massachusetts-Dartmouth41120.50000
 Chad Barthelmess, Sr, F, Plymouth State50220.40000
 Riley Flanagan, So, F, Plymouth State51120.40000
 Dave O'Connor, Sr, F, Westfield State50220.40000
 Mark Essery, So, F, Framingham State50220.40000
 Richard Hill, Jr, D, Framingham State50220.40000
 Kevin Choi, So, D, Massachusetts-Dartmouth51120.40100
 Nathan Stanley, Sr, F, Worcester State61120.33000
 Andrew Bates, Sr, F, Worcester State61120.33000
 Mike Morrison, Jr, D, Fitchburg State61120.33000
 Tord Thoresen, So, D, Plymouth State60220.33000
 Joe Echelmeier, Fr, D, Massachusetts-Dartmouth61120.33010
 Daniel Campbell, Fr, F, Salem State60220.33000
 Jon Johannesson, So, F, Fitchburg State61120.33000
 Ian Canty, Sr, D, Salem State61120.33110
 Richard O'Connor, Jr, F, Framingham State62020.33000
 Tommy Dowell, So, D, Plymouth State60220.33000
 Chris Mastropietro, Jr, F, Salem State61120.33000
 Lenny Caglianone, Fr, D, Westfield State60220.33000
 Chad Goodwin, Jr, F, Salem State61120.33000
 Josh Finkelstein, Fr, D, Westfield State60220.33000
 Kyle Brumfield, Sr, D, Plymouth State60220.33000
77Corey Hayashi, Fr, F, Fitchburg State20110.50000
 Max Lorenzen, Jr, F, Fitchburg State21010.50000
 Ryan Bedard, Jr, F, Fitchburg State20110.50000
 Alex Taddeo, So, D, Worcester State20110.50000


1Dalton Jay, Jr, F, Westfield State66
 Ryan McDonald, Sr, F, Framingham State66
 Maxime Richard, So, F, Westfield State66
4Brendan McCarron, Sr, F, Framingham State55
 Ryan Connolly, Jr, F, Fitchburg State65
 Jaret Babych, Fr, F, Massachusetts-Dartmouth65
 Josh Woody, Jr, F, Plymouth State65
 Shaun Walters, Sr, F, Massachusetts-Dartmouth65
9Cameron Snyder, So, F, Fitchburg State64
 Mike Freitag, Sr, F, Plymouth State64
11Nik Passero, Fr, F, Westfield State53
 P.J. McCadden, Jr, F, Westfield State63
 Ryan Callahan, So, F, Plymouth State63
 Ian McGilvrey, So, F, Plymouth State63
 Frank Zuccaro, Sr, F, Westfield State63
16Andrew Bucci, Jr, F, Salem State52
 Mike Economos, So, F, Plymouth State62
 Brian Fahey, Fr, F, Worcester State62
 Alex Dewitz, So, F, Worcester State62
 Vaughn Guetens, So, D, Framingham State62
 Joe White, Jr, F, Worcester State62
 Richard O'Connor, Jr, F, Framingham State62
 John Sartell, Jr, F, Massachusetts-Dartmouth62
 Andrew Wigg, Jr, F, Plymouth State62
 Rich Ledy, Sr, D, Worcester State62
 Casey Shea, Fr, F, Massachusetts-Dartmouth62
 Dan Dupell, So, F, Plymouth State62
 Kristofer Faric, Sr, F, Salem State62
29Max Lorenzen, Jr, F, Fitchburg State21
 Shayne Bailey, Fr, D, Massachusetts-Dartmouth31
 Ty Griffith, So, F, Plymouth State31
 Tyler Colacchio, Fr, F, Framingham State31
 TJ Powers, Sr, F, Westfield State41
 Paul Falanga, Jr, F, Fitchburg State41
 Peter Mingus, Fr, F, Framingham State41
 Kyle Zacharewicz, Fr, F, Massachusetts-Dartmouth41
 Andrew Bettencourt, Jr, F, Salem State41
 Cameron Hoffman, Jr, F, Framingham State51
 Nick Drill, Jr, F, Worcester State51
 Dean Cavicchi, Sr, F, Framingham State51
 Mike Fish, So, F, Fitchburg State51
 Riley Flanagan, So, F, Plymouth State51
 Michael Casale, Fr, F, Salem State51
 James Gordon, Fr, F, Fitchburg State51
 Kevin Choi, So, D, Massachusetts-Dartmouth51
 Gabriel Cromp, Jr, D, Salem State61
 Mike Kelly, So, F, Massachusetts-Dartmouth61
 Cody Campbell-Rich, Fr, F, Westfield State61
 Alex Minter, So, F, Salem State61
 John Needham, So, F, Salem State61


1Casey Shea, Fr, F, Massachusetts-Dartmouth67
 Zach Sarig, Sr, D, Plymouth State67
3Andrew Wigg, Jr, F, Plymouth State66
 Frank Zuccaro, Sr, F, Westfield State66
5Mike Kelly, So, F, Massachusetts-Dartmouth65
 Vaughn Guetens, So, D, Framingham State65
 John Needham, So, F, Salem State65
 Donovan Gardiner, Fr, D, Westfield State65
 Kyllian Kirkwood, Jr, D, Westfield State65
 Jackson Leef, So, F, Westfield State65
 Ryan McDonald, Sr, F, Framingham State65
12Andrew Bettencourt, Jr, F, Salem State44
 Brendan McCarron, Sr, F, Framingham State54
 Mike Economos, So, F, Plymouth State64
 Dylan Cosford, Sr, D, Framingham State64
 John Celli, Jr, F, Fitchburg State64
 Craig Halpin, Sr, D, Fitchburg State64
 Justin DeVincentis, So, D, Westfield State64
 Chris Zuccaro, Fr, F, Plymouth State64
 Ian McGilvrey, So, F, Plymouth State64
 Jerry Laakso, Fr, D, Massachusetts-Dartmouth64
22Taylor Laneville, Sr, F, Worcester State43
 Cameron Hoffman, Jr, F, Framingham State53
 Roman Pfennings, Fr, F, Westfield State53
 P.J. McCadden, Jr, F, Westfield State63
 Keith Barnaby, Fr, F, Framingham State63
 Mike Restuccia, Jr, F, Massachusetts-Dartmouth63
 Dalton Jay, Jr, F, Westfield State63
29Sean Loebs, Sr, F, Fitchburg State32
 TJ Powers, Sr, F, Westfield State42
 Paul Falanga, Jr, F, Fitchburg State42
 Nick Drill, Jr, F, Worcester State52
 Richard Hill, Jr, D, Framingham State52
 Chad Barthelmess, Sr, F, Plymouth State52
 Dave O'Connor, Sr, F, Westfield State52
 Mark Essery, So, F, Framingham State52
 Gabriel Cromp, Jr, D, Salem State62
 Mike Freitag, Sr, F, Plymouth State62
 Tord Thoresen, So, D, Plymouth State62
 Lenny Caglianone, Fr, D, Westfield State62
 Tommy Dowell, So, D, Plymouth State62
 Matt Baldino, So, F, Massachusetts-Dartmouth62
 Mackenzie Cook, Fr, F, Salem State62
 John Sartell, Jr, F, Massachusetts-Dartmouth62
 Josh Woody, Jr, F, Plymouth State62
 Cameron Banwell, Sr, D, Salem State62
 Daniel Campbell, Fr, F, Salem State62
 Garrett Allen, Jr, F, Massachusetts-Dartmouth62
 Ryan Callahan, So, F, Plymouth State62
 Kristofer Faric, Sr, F, Salem State62

Power Play Goals

1Josh Woody, Jr, F, Plymouth State65
2Ryan McDonald, Sr, F, Framingham State63
3Ryan Connolly, Jr, F, Fitchburg State62
 Vaughn Guetens, So, D, Framingham State62
 Andrew Wigg, Jr, F, Plymouth State62
 Maxime Richard, So, F, Westfield State62
7Brendan McCarron, Sr, F, Framingham State51
 Cameron Snyder, So, F, Fitchburg State61
 Alex Minter, So, F, Salem State61
 Alex Dewitz, So, F, Worcester State61
 John Needham, So, F, Salem State61
 Mackenzie Cook, Fr, F, Salem State61
 P.J. McCadden, Jr, F, Westfield State61
 Ian Canty, Sr, D, Salem State61
 Kyllian Kirkwood, Jr, D, Westfield State61
 Rich Ledy, Sr, D, Worcester State61
 Jaret Babych, Fr, F, Massachusetts-Dartmouth61
 Casey Shea, Fr, F, Massachusetts-Dartmouth61
 Cameron Banwell, Sr, D, Salem State61
 Shaun Walters, Sr, F, Massachusetts-Dartmouth61
 Dalton Jay, Jr, F, Westfield State61
 Zach Sarig, Sr, D, Plymouth State61
 Joe Echelmeier, Fr, D, Massachusetts-Dartmouth61
 Frank Zuccaro, Sr, F, Westfield State61

Shorthanded Goals

1Cameron Snyder, So, F, Fitchburg State61
 Jaret Babych, Fr, F, Massachusetts-Dartmouth61
 Dalton Jay, Jr, F, Westfield State61

Goaltending Leaders

(Minimum 33% of team's total minutes needed to qualify)

1Gordon Ceasar, Jr, Plymouth State54-0-1275:526155.9631.3050
2Jason Pucciarelli, Fr, Salem State43-0-0200:00684.9331.8000
3Ryan Wysocki, Sr, Fitchburg State62-3-1362:2013227.9462.1527
4Ian Perrier, Sr, Westfield State64-2-0329:5017189.9173.0925
5Marcus Zelzer, Fr, Salem State30-3-0158:40982.9013.4034
6Alessio Muggli, So, Framingham State51-3-1303:4219160.8943.7537
7Salvatore Tecci, Jr, Worcester State51-3-1248:3416115.8783.8621
8JJ Solloway, So, Massachusetts-Dartmouth62-2-2368:3024247.9113.9077

Save Percentage

1Gordon Ceasar, Jr, Plymouth State5.963
2Ryan Wysocki, Sr, Fitchburg State6.946
3Jason Pucciarelli, Fr, Salem State4.933
4Ian Perrier, Sr, Westfield State6.917
5JJ Solloway, So, Massachusetts-Dartmouth6.911
6Marcus Zelzer, Fr, Salem State3.901
7Alessio Muggli, So, Framingham State5.894
8Salvatore Tecci, Jr, Worcester State5.878

Minutes Played

1JJ Solloway, So, Massachusetts-Dartmouth6368:30
2Ryan Wysocki, Sr, Fitchburg State6362:20
3Ian Perrier, Sr, Westfield State6329:50
4Alessio Muggli, So, Framingham State5303:42
5Gordon Ceasar, Jr, Plymouth State5275:52
6Salvatore Tecci, Jr, Worcester State5248:34
7Jason Pucciarelli, Fr, Salem State4200:00
8Marcus Zelzer, Fr, Salem State3158:40
9Drew Case, Jr, Worcester State396:58
10Mac Haight, So, Plymouth State291:01
11Matthew Crescione, Sr, Framingham State134:10
12Jonathan LoParco, So, Westfield State129:59
13Robert Meadows, Fr, Framingham State124:20
14Tyler Fallica, Fr, Worcester State116:17


1Ryan Wysocki, Sr, Fitchburg State62
2Jason Pucciarelli, Fr, Salem State41

Team Offense

1Westfield State4.33
2Plymouth State4.17
4Framingham State3.33
5Fitchburg State2.83
6Salem State2.50
7Worcester State1.83

Team Defense

1Plymouth State2.17
2Fitchburg State2.50
3Salem State2.67
4Westfield State2.83
5Worcester State4.00
7Framingham State4.33

Power Play

1Plymouth State8-of-3026.67
2Westfield State6-of-2623.08
3Fitchburg State3-of-1421.43
 Framingham State6-of-2821.43
5Salem State5-of-2718.52
7Worcester State2-of-267.69

Penalty Killing

1Westfield State26-of-2892.9
2Salem State21-of-2487.5
3Fitchburg State17-of-2181.0
5Plymouth State18-of-2378.3
6Worcester State15-of-2075.0
7Framingham State22-of-3268.8

Penalty Minutes

1Fitchburg State29-for-8514.17
 Framingham State33-for-8514.17
3Salem State29-for-7712.83
4Plymouth State30-for-6811.33
 Westfield State30-for-6811.33
7Worcester State23-for-467.67

Shorthanded Goals

1Fitchburg State1
 Westfield State1
4Framingham State0
 Plymouth State0
 Salem State0
 Worcester State0

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Statistics by U.S. College Hockey Online (USCHO) are compiled from official game box scores. Some box scores may not have been available at the time that statistics were compiled. Also, changes may have been made to the official box score after it was released to the media. Consequently, USCHO's figures may disagree with reports published by other sources.