NCHC Men's Conference Statistics: 2014-2015

(NCHC conference games only)

Scoring Leaders

1Mark MacMillan, Sr, F, North Dakota25273.50022
2Paul LaDue, So, D, North Dakota22352.50020
3Michael Parks, Sr, F, North Dakota20442.00000
 Jake Guentzel, So, F, Nebraska-Omaha22242.00100
5Dominic Zombo, Sr, F, Nebraska-Omaha22131.50000
 Austin Ortega, So, F, Nebraska-Omaha20331.50000
 Nick Schmaltz, Fr, F, North Dakota20331.50000
8Trevor Moore, So, F, Denver10222.00000
 Ian Brady, So, D, Nebraska-Omaha21121.00001
 Justin Kovacs, Sr, F, Western Michigan20221.00000
 Justin Parizek, So, F, Nebraska-Omaha21121.00000
 Tanner Lane, Jr, F, Nebraska-Omaha21121.00000
 Michael Rebry, So, F, Western Michigan21121.00000
 Teemu Kivihalme, Fr, D, Colorado College21121.00010
 Drake Caggiula, Jr, F, North Dakota20221.00000
 Jono Davis, So, F, Nebraska-Omaha20221.00000
17Kyle Osterberg, So, F, Minnesota-Duluth10111.00000
 Danton Heinen, Fr, F, Denver11011.00010
 Nolan Zajac, Jr, D, Denver10111.00000
 Quentin Shore, Jr, C, Denver10111.00000
 Willie Raskob, So, D, Minnesota-Duluth10111.00000
 Ty Loney, Sr, F, Denver11011.00000
 Joey LaLeggia, Sr, D, Denver11011.00100
 Daniel Doremus, Sr, F, Denver10111.00000
 Nick Mattson, Sr, D, North Dakota10111.00000
 Will Butcher, So, D, Denver10111.00000
 Austin Farley, Jr, W, Minnesota-Duluth11011.00010
 Hunter Fejes, Jr, F, Colorado College21010.50010
 Scott Wamsganz, Sr, F, Colorado College20110.50000
 Jordan Schmaltz, Jr, D, North Dakota21010.50010
 Ian Young, Sr, D, Colorado College20110.50000
 Connor Gaarder, Sr, F, North Dakota20110.50000
 Cody Bradley, Jr, F, Colorado College21010.50000
 Joel Messner, Fr, D, Nebraska-Omaha20110.50000
 Garrett Cecere, Fr, D, Colorado College20110.50000
 Aaron Pearce, Jr, F, Nebraska-Omaha20110.50000
 Sam Rothstein, So, F, Colorado College20110.50000
 Brian Cooper, Jr, D, Nebraska-Omaha21010.50110
 Brendan O'Donnell, Sr, F, North Dakota21010.50100
 Tucker Poolman, Fr, D, North Dakota21010.50110
 Troy Stecher, So, D, North Dakota20110.50000
 Neal Goff, Fr, D, Western Michigan21010.50000
 Jake Randolph, Fr, F, Nebraska-Omaha20110.50000
 Johnny Simonson, Fr, F, North Dakota20110.50000
 Willem Nong-Lambert, Fr, F, Western Michigan20110.50000
46Emil Romig, So, F, Denver10000.00000
 Dominic Toninato, So, F, Minnesota-Duluth10000.00000
 Tony Cameranesi, Jr, C, Minnesota-Duluth10000.00000
 Matt Marcinew, So, F, Denver10000.00000
 Carson Soucy, So, D, Minnesota-Duluth10000.00000


1Mark MacMillan, Sr, F, North Dakota25
2Jake Guentzel, So, F, Nebraska-Omaha22
 Dominic Zombo, Sr, F, Nebraska-Omaha22
 Paul LaDue, So, D, North Dakota22
5Ty Loney, Sr, F, Denver11
 Danton Heinen, Fr, F, Denver11
 Austin Farley, Jr, W, Minnesota-Duluth11
 Joey LaLeggia, Sr, D, Denver11
 Tanner Lane, Jr, F, Nebraska-Omaha21
 Brian Cooper, Jr, D, Nebraska-Omaha21
 Tucker Poolman, Fr, D, North Dakota21
 Ian Brady, So, D, Nebraska-Omaha21
 Jordan Schmaltz, Jr, D, North Dakota21
 Michael Rebry, So, F, Western Michigan21
 Hunter Fejes, Jr, F, Colorado College21
 Teemu Kivihalme, Fr, D, Colorado College21
 Neal Goff, Fr, D, Western Michigan21
 Brendan O'Donnell, Sr, F, North Dakota21
 Justin Parizek, So, F, Nebraska-Omaha21
 Cody Bradley, Jr, F, Colorado College21


1Michael Parks, Sr, F, North Dakota24
2Nick Schmaltz, Fr, F, North Dakota23
 Paul LaDue, So, D, North Dakota23
 Austin Ortega, So, F, Nebraska-Omaha23
5Trevor Moore, So, F, Denver12
 Jake Guentzel, So, F, Nebraska-Omaha22
 Drake Caggiula, Jr, F, North Dakota22
 Jono Davis, So, F, Nebraska-Omaha22
 Justin Kovacs, Sr, F, Western Michigan22
 Mark MacMillan, Sr, F, North Dakota22
11Daniel Doremus, Sr, F, Denver11
 Nick Mattson, Sr, D, North Dakota11
 Will Butcher, So, D, Denver11
 Nolan Zajac, Jr, D, Denver11
 Willie Raskob, So, D, Minnesota-Duluth11
 Quentin Shore, Jr, C, Denver11
 Kyle Osterberg, So, F, Minnesota-Duluth11
 Tanner Lane, Jr, F, Nebraska-Omaha21
 Garrett Cecere, Fr, D, Colorado College21
 Aaron Pearce, Jr, F, Nebraska-Omaha21
 Ian Young, Sr, D, Colorado College21
 Connor Gaarder, Sr, F, North Dakota21
 Dominic Zombo, Sr, F, Nebraska-Omaha21
 Sam Rothstein, So, F, Colorado College21
 Willem Nong-Lambert, Fr, F, Western Michigan21
 Ian Brady, So, D, Nebraska-Omaha21
 Michael Rebry, So, F, Western Michigan21
 Jake Randolph, Fr, F, Nebraska-Omaha21
 Johnny Simonson, Fr, F, North Dakota21
 Teemu Kivihalme, Fr, D, Colorado College21

Power Play Goals

1Paul LaDue, So, D, North Dakota22
 Mark MacMillan, Sr, F, North Dakota22
3Danton Heinen, Fr, F, Denver11
 Austin Farley, Jr, W, Minnesota-Duluth11
 Brian Cooper, Jr, D, Nebraska-Omaha21
 Tucker Poolman, Fr, D, North Dakota21
 Jordan Schmaltz, Jr, D, North Dakota21
 Hunter Fejes, Jr, F, Colorado College21
 Teemu Kivihalme, Fr, D, Colorado College21

Shorthanded Goals

1Mark MacMillan, Sr, F, North Dakota22
2Ian Brady, So, D, Nebraska-Omaha21

Goaltending Leaders

(Minimum 33% of team's total minutes needed to qualify)

1Ryan Massa, Sr, Nebraska-Omaha22-0-0120:00255.9651.0000
 Evan Cowley, So, Denver11-0-060:00130.9681.0000
3Zane McIntyre, Jr, North Dakota22-0-0120:00352.9451.5000
4Frank Slubowski, Sr, Western Michigan10-1-059:25221.9132.0196
5Chase Perry, Fr, Colorado College10-0-043:16220.9092.7735
6Kasimir Kaskisuo, Fr, Minnesota-Duluth10-1-058:37319.8643.0708
7Lukas Hafner, Jr, Western Michigan10-1-058:50421.8404.0793
8Tyler Marble, So, Colorado College20-2-074:35744.8635.6313

Save Percentage

1Evan Cowley, So, Denver1.968
2Ryan Massa, Sr, Nebraska-Omaha2.965
3Zane McIntyre, Jr, North Dakota2.945
4Frank Slubowski, Sr, Western Michigan1.913
5Chase Perry, Fr, Colorado College1.909
6Kasimir Kaskisuo, Fr, Minnesota-Duluth1.864
7Tyler Marble, So, Colorado College2.863
8Lukas Hafner, Jr, Western Michigan1.840

Minutes Played

1Zane McIntyre, Jr, North Dakota2120:00
 Ryan Massa, Sr, Nebraska-Omaha2120:00
3Tyler Marble, So, Colorado College274:35
4Evan Cowley, So, Denver160:00
5Frank Slubowski, Sr, Western Michigan159:25
6Lukas Hafner, Jr, Western Michigan158:50
7Kasimir Kaskisuo, Fr, Minnesota-Duluth158:37
8Chase Perry, Fr, Colorado College143:16


1Ryan Massa, Sr, Nebraska-Omaha21

Team Offense

1North Dakota5.00
4Colorado College1.50
 Western Michigan1.00

Team Defense

3North Dakota1.50
5Western Michigan4.00
6Colorado College5.00

Power Play

1North Dakota6-of-1442.86
4Colorado College2-of-1118.18
 St. Cloud State0-of-00.00
 Western Michigan0-of-100.00

Penalty Killing

2Western Michigan9-of-1090.0
3North Dakota9-of-1181.8
6Colorado College8-of-1457.1
 St. Cloud State0-of-00.00

Penalty Minutes

 Colorado College16-for-5427.00
4Western Michigan14-for-4221.00
5North Dakota14-for-3115.50
 St. Cloud State0-for-00.00

Shorthanded Goals

1North Dakota2
3Colorado College0
 Western Michigan0

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