Northeast-10 Men's Conference Statistics: 2012-2013

(Northeast-10 conference games only)

Scoring Leaders

1Bryan Rooney, Jr, F, Stonehill10127191.90040
2Dana Borges, Sr, F, Stonehill10611171.70130
3Roscoe Sweeney, Sr, F, Franklin Pierce1148121.09110
4Keven Meehan, Sr, C, Assumption938111.22021
5Robbie Dorgan, Fr, F, Stonehill937101.11010
 Michael Carr, Sr, F, Franklin Pierce1146100.91111
7Kyle Zobler, Jr, F, Assumption83691.12100
 Bill Carey, Jr, F, Stonehill92791.00000
 Brendan Greene, So, D, Stonehill104590.90220
10Ross White, Jr, F, Assumption96280.89030
 Anthony Chighisola, Sr, F, Franklin Pierce93580.89100
 Joe Collins, Fr, F, So. New Hampshire102680.80010
 Jim Gabrione, Fr, F, So. New Hampshire104480.80210
14Kevin Aufiero, So, F, Stonehill102570.70000
 Brendan McCarron, Sr, D, Franklin Pierce113470.64120
16Nate Soter, Fr, F, Stonehill81450.62000
 Brennen Shaw, So, F, Assumption92350.56000
 Brian Troy, Jr, F, So. New Hampshire91450.56010
 Dane Caracino, So, F, So. New Hampshire103250.50101
 Steven Berry, So, F, So. New Hampshire103250.50020
 Zach Lubinski, Jr, F, So. New Hampshire104150.50001
 John Humphrey, So, F, So. New Hampshire102350.50010
 Doug Usseglio, Fr, F, Franklin Pierce102350.50000
24Sean McNeil, Sr, F, Stonehill71340.57000
 Mike Heyde, Jr, F, Assumption80440.50000
 Kyle Craig, Jr, D, Franklin Pierce80440.50000
 Dan Graham, Fr, F, Stonehill82240.50000
 Anthony D'Elia, Fr, F, Stonehill91340.44000
 Travis Army, Fr, D, Stonehill90440.44000
 Andrew Miller, Jr, D, Stonehill93140.44100
 Matt Batis, Fr, F, Franklin Pierce103140.40010
 Sean Dunn, Sr, F, Franklin Pierce103140.40000
 Dino Federico, Sr, F, Franklin Pierce112240.36100
34Charles Wisniewski, Sr, F, So. New Hampshire61230.50000
 Thomas DePoalo, Fr, F, Stonehill60330.50000
 Stephen Balsamo, So, F, Stonehill72130.43000
 Richard Harris, Fr, F, Stonehill72130.43000
 J.J. Sabin, Sr, D, Stonehill91230.33110
 Connor Fallon, Fr, D, Stonehill92130.33001
 Tim Sullivan, So, F, Franklin Pierce91230.33000
 Michael Rotondi, Jr, F, So. New Hampshire102130.30000
 Paddy Murphy, Fr, F, Franklin Pierce111230.27010
43Joe Fimiani, Sr, RW, Assumption21121.00000
 Christopher Gorovitz, Sr, F, Stonehill20221.00000
 Michael Tallo, Fr, F, Franklin Pierce51120.40000
 George DeMello, Sr, F, Stonehill60220.33000
 Michael Settipani, So, F, So. New Hampshire71120.29000
 Matt Calos, Jr, D, Assumption91120.22000
 Teddy Walsh, Jr, F, Franklin Pierce91120.22000
 Trevor Plante, So, F, Assumption91120.22100


1Bryan Rooney, Jr, F, Stonehill1012
2Ross White, Jr, F, Assumption96
 Dana Borges, Sr, F, Stonehill106
4Brendan Greene, So, D, Stonehill104
 Zach Lubinski, Jr, F, So. New Hampshire104
 Jim Gabrione, Fr, F, So. New Hampshire104
 Roscoe Sweeney, Sr, F, Franklin Pierce114
 Michael Carr, Sr, F, Franklin Pierce114
9Kyle Zobler, Jr, F, Assumption83
 Andrew Miller, Jr, D, Stonehill93
 Robbie Dorgan, Fr, F, Stonehill93
 Anthony Chighisola, Sr, F, Franklin Pierce93
 Keven Meehan, Sr, C, Assumption93
 Steven Berry, So, F, So. New Hampshire103
 Sean Dunn, Sr, F, Franklin Pierce103
 Matt Batis, Fr, F, Franklin Pierce103
 Dane Caracino, So, F, So. New Hampshire103
 Brendan McCarron, Sr, D, Franklin Pierce113
19Stephen Balsamo, So, F, Stonehill72
 Richard Harris, Fr, F, Stonehill72
 Dan Graham, Fr, F, Stonehill82
 Connor Fallon, Fr, D, Stonehill92
 Brennen Shaw, So, F, Assumption92
 Adam Dallaire, Sr, F, Franklin Pierce92
 Bill Carey, Jr, F, Stonehill92
 Joe Collins, Fr, F, So. New Hampshire102
 Doug Usseglio, Fr, F, Franklin Pierce102
 John Humphrey, So, F, So. New Hampshire102
 Michael Rotondi, Jr, F, So. New Hampshire102
 Kevin Aufiero, So, F, Stonehill102


1Dana Borges, Sr, F, Stonehill1011
2Keven Meehan, Sr, C, Assumption98
 Roscoe Sweeney, Sr, F, Franklin Pierce118
4Robbie Dorgan, Fr, F, Stonehill97
 Bill Carey, Jr, F, Stonehill97
 Bryan Rooney, Jr, F, Stonehill107
7Kyle Zobler, Jr, F, Assumption86
 Joe Collins, Fr, F, So. New Hampshire106
 Michael Carr, Sr, F, Franklin Pierce116
10Anthony Chighisola, Sr, F, Franklin Pierce95
 Brendan Greene, So, D, Stonehill105
 Kevin Aufiero, So, F, Stonehill105
13Kyle Craig, Jr, D, Franklin Pierce84
 Mike Heyde, Jr, F, Assumption84
 Nate Soter, Fr, F, Stonehill84
 Brian Troy, Jr, F, So. New Hampshire94
 Travis Army, Fr, D, Stonehill94
 Jim Gabrione, Fr, F, So. New Hampshire104
 Brendan McCarron, Sr, D, Franklin Pierce114
20Thomas DePoalo, Fr, F, Stonehill63
 Sean McNeil, Sr, F, Stonehill73
 Anthony D'Elia, Fr, F, Stonehill93
 Brennen Shaw, So, F, Assumption93
 Doug Usseglio, Fr, F, Franklin Pierce103
 John Humphrey, So, F, So. New Hampshire103
26Christopher Gorovitz, Sr, F, Stonehill22
 Charles Wisniewski, Sr, F, So. New Hampshire62
 George DeMello, Sr, F, Stonehill62
 Dan Graham, Fr, F, Stonehill82
 Tim Sullivan, So, F, Franklin Pierce92

Power Play Goals

1Bryan Rooney, Jr, F, Stonehill104
2Ross White, Jr, F, Assumption93
 Dana Borges, Sr, F, Stonehill103
4Keven Meehan, Sr, C, Assumption92
 Brendan Greene, So, D, Stonehill102
 Steven Berry, So, F, So. New Hampshire102
 Brendan McCarron, Sr, D, Franklin Pierce112
8Jon Baldwin, Fr, F, Assumption71
 Brian Troy, Jr, F, So. New Hampshire91
 J.J. Sabin, Sr, D, Stonehill91
 Robbie Dorgan, Fr, F, Stonehill91
 Joe Collins, Fr, F, So. New Hampshire101
 John Humphrey, So, F, So. New Hampshire101
 Matt Batis, Fr, F, Franklin Pierce101
 Jim Gabrione, Fr, F, So. New Hampshire101
 Roscoe Sweeney, Sr, F, Franklin Pierce111
 Paddy Murphy, Fr, F, Franklin Pierce111
 Michael Carr, Sr, F, Franklin Pierce111

Shorthanded Goals

1Connor Fallon, Fr, D, Stonehill91
 Keven Meehan, Sr, C, Assumption91
 Zach Lubinski, Jr, F, So. New Hampshire101
 Dane Caracino, So, F, So. New Hampshire101
 Michael Carr, Sr, F, Franklin Pierce111

Goaltending Leaders

(Minimum 33% of team's total minutes needed to qualify)

1Matthew Palella, Fr, Stonehill73-2-0345:3215179.9232.6047
2Tyler Holske, Jr, So. New Hampshire104-5-1581:3626268.9122.6823
3Dave O'Brien, Jr, Franklin Pierce85-3-0479:2324279.9213.0039
4Bobby Bowden, Jr, Assumption82-4-1427:2926266.9113.6493
5Chris Tasiopoulos, So, Stonehill52-3-0247:3017141.8924.1212

Save Percentage

1Matthew Palella, Fr, Stonehill7.923
2Dave O'Brien, Jr, Franklin Pierce8.921
3Tyler Holske, Jr, So. New Hampshire10.912
4Bobby Bowden, Jr, Assumption8.911
5Chris Tasiopoulos, So, Stonehill5.892

Minutes Played

1Tyler Holske, Jr, So. New Hampshire10581:36
2Dave O'Brien, Jr, Franklin Pierce8479:23
3Bobby Bowden, Jr, Assumption8427:29
4Matthew Palella, Fr, Stonehill7345:32
5Chris Tasiopoulos, So, Stonehill5247:30
6Pat Dunn, Sr, Franklin Pierce3183:59
7Chris Hemhauser, Fr, Assumption3111:03
8Dave Letarte, Fr, So. New Hampshire123:05
9Tyler Stillings, Fr, Assumption114:18


1Tyler Holske, Jr, So. New Hampshire102
2Pat Dunn, Sr, Franklin Pierce31
 Matthew Palella, Fr, Stonehill71

Team Offense

2Franklin Pierce2.91
3So. New Hampshire2.70

Team Defense

1So. New Hampshire2.70
2Franklin Pierce2.91

Power Play

2So. New Hampshire6-of-5311.32
4Franklin Pierce6-of-619.84

Penalty Killing

1So. New Hampshire57-of-6193.4
3Franklin Pierce41-of-5082.0

Penalty Minutes

2So. New Hampshire69-for-17617.60
4Franklin Pierce59-for-13712.45

Shorthanded Goals

1So. New Hampshire2
 Franklin Pierce1

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