WCHA Women's Conference Statistics: 2014-2015

(WCHA conference games only)

Scoring Leaders

1Dani Cameranesi, So, F, Minnesota564102.00220
2Hannah Brandt, Jr, F, Minnesota55491.80011
3Karley Sylvester, Sr, F, Wisconsin72681.14000
 Emily Clark, Fr, F, Wisconsin73581.14101
 Blayre Turnbull, Sr, F, Wisconsin73581.14001
6Annie Pankowski, Fr, F, Wisconsin71671.00000
7Becca Kohler, Jr, F, North Dakota51561.20010
 Sarah Nurse, So, F, Wisconsin73360.86120
 Brittany Ammerman, Sr, F, Wisconsin75160.86130
10Milica McMillen, Jr, D, Minnesota52240.80010
 Jenna McParland, Sr, F, Minnesota-Duluth63140.67000
 Sydney McKibbon, So, F, Wisconsin71340.57110
13Audrey Hanmer, Sr, D, St. Cloud State22131.50100
 Julia McKinnon, Jr, F, Ohio State43030.75100
 Rachel Ramsey, Sr, D, Minnesota51230.60100
 Rachael Bona, Sr, F, Minnesota51230.60010
 Kelly Pannek, Fr, F, Minnesota50330.60000
 Meghan Dufault, Jr, F, North Dakota53030.60111
 Gracen Hirschy, So, D, North Dakota51230.60000
 Zoe Hickel, Sr, F, Minnesota-Duluth62130.50000
 Courtney Burke, Jr, D, Wisconsin71230.43000
 Baylee Wellhausen, Fr, F, Wisconsin72130.43100
 Mellissa Channell, So, D, Wisconsin71230.43010
24Andrea Dalen, Sr, F, North Dakota21121.00000
 Abby Ness, Sr, F, St. Cloud State21121.00000
 Sara Schmitt, Sr, D, Ohio State40220.50000
 Danielle Gagne, Sr, F, Ohio State41120.50100
 Natalie Stoltz, Sr, F, Minnesota State41120.50001
 Samantha Hanson, Jr, D, North Dakota41120.50000
 Kendall Curtis, Jr, F, Ohio State42020.50010
 Lauren Spring, Fr, F, Ohio State40220.50000
 Lee Stecklein, So, D, Minnesota50220.40000
 Amy Menke, So, F, North Dakota51120.40110
 Kate Schipper, So, F, Minnesota50220.40000
 Josefine Jakobsen, Sr, F, North Dakota50220.40000
 Meghan Lorence, Sr, F, Minnesota51120.40000
 Megan Wolfe, So, D/F, Minnesota50220.40000
 Halli Krzyzaniak, So, D, North Dakota51120.40000
 Meghan Huertas, Sr, F, Minnesota-Duluth61120.33110
 Ashleigh Brykaliuk, So, F, Minnesota-Duluth60220.33000
 Emma Stauber, Sr, D, Minnesota-Duluth61120.33000
 Lara Stalder, So, D, Minnesota-Duluth60220.33000
 Michelle Löwenhielm, Fr, F, Minnesota-Duluth61120.33010
 Kate&345;ina Mrázová, So, F, Minnesota-Duluth60220.33000
 Katy Josephs, Sr, F, Wisconsin71120.29000
 Jenny Ryan, So, D, Wisconsin70220.29000
47Molly Illikainen, Jr, F, St. Cloud State21010.50001
 Hanna Brodt, Jr, F, St. Cloud State20110.50000
 Brittney Anderson, Fr, D, St. Cloud State20110.50000
 Summer Thibodeau, Fr, F, Bemidji State21010.50000


1Dani Cameranesi, So, F, Minnesota56
2Hannah Brandt, Jr, F, Minnesota55
 Brittany Ammerman, Sr, F, Wisconsin75
4Julia McKinnon, Jr, F, Ohio State43
 Meghan Dufault, Jr, F, North Dakota53
 Jenna McParland, Sr, F, Minnesota-Duluth63
 Sarah Nurse, So, F, Wisconsin73
 Blayre Turnbull, Sr, F, Wisconsin73
 Emily Clark, Fr, F, Wisconsin73
10Audrey Hanmer, Sr, D, St. Cloud State22
 Kendall Curtis, Jr, F, Ohio State42
 Milica McMillen, Jr, D, Minnesota52
 Zoe Hickel, Sr, F, Minnesota-Duluth62
 Karley Sylvester, Sr, F, Wisconsin72
 Baylee Wellhausen, Fr, F, Wisconsin72
16Summer Thibodeau, Fr, F, Bemidji State21
 Lauren Hespenheide, So, F, St. Cloud State21
 Andrea Dalen, Sr, F, North Dakota21
 Amanda Arbogast, Sr, F, St. Cloud State21
 Abby Ness, Sr, F, St. Cloud State21
 Molly Illikainen, Jr, F, St. Cloud State21
 Kristine Grenier, Sr, F, Bemidji State31
 Elin Johansson, Fr, F, Minnesota State41
 Danielle Gagne, Sr, F, Ohio State41
 Savannah Quandt, So, F, Minnesota State41
 Natalie Stoltz, Sr, F, Minnesota State41
 Samantha Hanson, Jr, D, North Dakota41
 Amy Menke, So, F, North Dakota51
 Gracen Hirschy, So, D, North Dakota51
 Halli Krzyzaniak, So, D, North Dakota51


1Karley Sylvester, Sr, F, Wisconsin76
 Annie Pankowski, Fr, F, Wisconsin76
3Becca Kohler, Jr, F, North Dakota55
 Blayre Turnbull, Sr, F, Wisconsin75
 Emily Clark, Fr, F, Wisconsin75
6Hannah Brandt, Jr, F, Minnesota54
 Dani Cameranesi, So, F, Minnesota54
8Kelly Pannek, Fr, F, Minnesota53
 Sydney McKibbon, So, F, Wisconsin73
 Sarah Nurse, So, F, Wisconsin73
11Lauren Spring, Fr, F, Ohio State42
 Sara Schmitt, Sr, D, Ohio State42
 Lee Stecklein, So, D, Minnesota52
 Gracen Hirschy, So, D, North Dakota52
 Milica McMillen, Jr, D, Minnesota52
 Josefine Jakobsen, Sr, F, North Dakota52
 Megan Wolfe, So, D/F, Minnesota52
 Rachael Bona, Sr, F, Minnesota52
 Kate Schipper, So, F, Minnesota52
 Rachel Ramsey, Sr, D, Minnesota52
 Kate&345;ina Mrázová, So, F, Minnesota-Duluth62
 Ashleigh Brykaliuk, So, F, Minnesota-Duluth62
 Lara Stalder, So, D, Minnesota-Duluth62
 Mellissa Channell, So, D, Wisconsin72
 Jenny Ryan, So, D, Wisconsin72
 Courtney Burke, Jr, D, Wisconsin72
27Hanna Brodt, Jr, F, St. Cloud State21
 Payge Pena, So, F, St. Cloud State21
 Andrea Dalen, Sr, F, North Dakota21
 Audrey Hanmer, Sr, D, St. Cloud State21

Power Play Goals

1Brittany Ammerman, Sr, F, Wisconsin73
2Dani Cameranesi, So, F, Minnesota52
 Sarah Nurse, So, F, Wisconsin72
4Lauren Hespenheide, So, F, St. Cloud State21
 Kristine Grenier, Sr, F, Bemidji State31
 Kendall Curtis, Jr, F, Ohio State41
 Hannah Brandt, Jr, F, Minnesota51
 Meghan Dufault, Jr, F, North Dakota51
 Amy Menke, So, F, North Dakota51
 Milica McMillen, Jr, D, Minnesota51
 Rachael Bona, Sr, F, Minnesota51
 Becca Kohler, Jr, F, North Dakota51
 Meghan Huertas, Sr, F, Minnesota-Duluth61
 Michelle Löwenhielm, Fr, F, Minnesota-Duluth61
 Sydney McKibbon, So, F, Wisconsin71
 Mellissa Channell, So, D, Wisconsin71

Shorthanded Goals

1Molly Illikainen, Jr, F, St. Cloud State21
 Natalie Stoltz, Sr, F, Minnesota State41
 Hannah Brandt, Jr, F, Minnesota51
 Meghan Dufault, Jr, F, North Dakota51
 Blayre Turnbull, Sr, F, Wisconsin71
 Emily Clark, Fr, F, Wisconsin71

Goaltending Leaders

(Minimum 33% of team's total minutes needed to qualify)

1Katie Fitzgerald, Jr, St. Cloud State10-0-165:00126.9630.9231
2Julie Friend, Sr, St. Cloud State11-0-060:00121.9551.0000
3Shelby Amsley-Benzie, Sr, North Dakota42-2-0238:49597.9511.2562
4Amanda Leveille, Jr, Minnesota54-0-1308:407140.9521.3607
5Ann-Renée Desbiens, So, Wisconsin75-2-0423:4210151.9381.4161
6Kassidy Sauve, Fr, Ohio State42-2-0222:279101.9182.4275
7Kayla Black, Jr, Minnesota-Duluth61-4-1345:5615168.9182.6017
8Erin Krichiver, Sr, Minnesota State20-1-1114:12658.9063.1524
9Brianna Quade, Jr, Minnesota State30-2-0129:257101.9353.2453
10Brittni Mowat, So, Bemidji State20-2-0120:00754.8853.5000

Save Percentage

1Katie Fitzgerald, Jr, St. Cloud State1.963
2Julie Friend, Sr, St. Cloud State1.955
3Amanda Leveille, Jr, Minnesota5.952
4Shelby Amsley-Benzie, Sr, North Dakota4.951
5Ann-Renée Desbiens, So, Wisconsin7.938
6Brianna Quade, Jr, Minnesota State3.935
7Kassidy Sauve, Fr, Ohio State4.918
 Kayla Black, Jr, Minnesota-Duluth6.918
9Erin Krichiver, Sr, Minnesota State2.906
10Brittni Mowat, So, Bemidji State2.885

Minutes Played

1Ann-Renée Desbiens, So, Wisconsin7423:42
2Kayla Black, Jr, Minnesota-Duluth6345:56
3Amanda Leveille, Jr, Minnesota5308:40
4Shelby Amsley-Benzie, Sr, North Dakota4238:49
5Kassidy Sauve, Fr, Ohio State4222:27
6Brianna Quade, Jr, Minnesota State3129:25
7Brittni Mowat, So, Bemidji State2120:00
8Erin Krichiver, Sr, Minnesota State2114:12
9Katie Fitzgerald, Jr, St. Cloud State165:00
10Lexie Shaw, So, North Dakota160:00
 Julie Friend, Sr, St. Cloud State160:00
12Erin Deters, So, Bemidji State159:11
13Karissa Grapp, Jr, Minnesota-Duluth120:00
14Stacy Danczak, Sr, Ohio State116:22


1Ann-Renée Desbiens, So, Wisconsin72
2Shelby Amsley-Benzie, Sr, North Dakota41
 Kassidy Sauve, Fr, Ohio State41
 Amanda Leveille, Jr, Minnesota51
 Kayla Black, Jr, Minnesota-Duluth61

Team Offense

3St. Cloud State3.00
4North Dakota2.20
5Ohio State1.50
7Minnesota State0.75
8Bemidji State0.67

Team Defense

1St. Cloud State1.00
4North Dakota1.60
5Ohio State2.50
6Bemidji State2.67
8Minnesota State3.25

Power Play

3North Dakota3-of-1618.75
4Bemidji State1-of-911.11
 St. Cloud State1-of-911.11
7Ohio State1-of-205.00
8Minnesota State0-of-90.00

Penalty Killing

1St. Cloud State4-of-4100.0
4Bemidji State8-of-988.9
5North Dakota14-of-1687.5
7Ohio State12-of-1675.0
8Minnesota State11-of-1573.3

Penalty Minutes

1Ohio State18-for-4711.75
2Minnesota State21-for-4511.25
4Bemidji State11-for-3010.00
7St. Cloud State8-for-168.00
 North Dakota20-for-408.00

Shorthanded Goals

 Minnesota State1
 North Dakota1
 St. Cloud State1
6Bemidji State0
 Ohio State0

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Statistics by U.S. College Hockey Online (USCHO) are compiled from official game box scores. Some box scores may not have been available at the time that statistics were compiled. Also, changes may have been made to the official box score after it was released to the media. Consequently, USCHO's figures may disagree with reports published by other sources.