WCHA Men's Conference Statistics: 2014-2015

(WCHA conference games only)

Scoring Leaders

1Alex Petan, Jr, F, Michigan Tech21342.00000
 Pierre-Luc Mercier, So, F, Bowling Green20442.00000
 Brandon Hawkins, Fr, F, Bowling Green22242.00020
4David Johnstone, Sr, F, Michigan Tech21231.50010
 Matt Pohlkamp, So, F, Bowling Green21231.50000
 Kevin Dufour, So, F, Bowling Green23031.50010
 Reid Sturos, So, F, Michigan Tech21231.50010
 Tanner Kero, Sr, F, Michigan Tech21231.50100
9Ben Murphy, Jr, F, Bowling Green21121.00010
 Blake Hietala, Sr, F, Michigan Tech22021.00000
 Malcolm Gould, Jr, F, Michigan Tech21121.00000
 Mitchell McLain, Fr, F, Bowling Green21121.00101
 Dylan Steman, Fr, F, Michigan Tech21121.00000
 Nolan Valleau, Fr, D, Bowling Green20221.00000
 Alex Gillies, Fr, F, Michigan Tech20221.00000
 Mark Friedman, Fr, D, Bowling Green20221.00000
 Blake Pietila, Sr, F, Michigan Tech22021.00100
 Alex Globke, So, F, Lake Superior20221.00000
19Joel L'Esperance, Fr, F, Michigan Tech10111.00000
 Tyler Heinonen, So, F, Michigan Tech10111.00000
 Shane Hanna, So, D, Michigan Tech20110.50000
 Matt Johnson, So, F, Lake Superior20110.50000
 Riley Sweeney, Sr, D, Michigan Tech20110.50000
 Bryce Schmitt, Jr, F, Lake Superior20110.50000
 Garret Clemment, So, F, Lake Superior21010.50000
 Dan DeSalvo, Sr, F, Bowling Green20110.50000
 Ian Miller, So, F, Lake Superior21010.50010
 Frank Misuraca, Jr, D, Alabama-Huntsville21010.50000
 Jason Bird, Fr, D, Lake Superior21010.50000
 Cliff Watson, So, D, Michigan Tech20110.50000
 Daniel Vernace, Jr, F, Lake Superior21010.50000
 Mike Neville, So, F, Michigan Tech20110.50000
 Brent Fletcher, So, F, Alabama-Huntsville20110.50000
 Adam Berkle, Sr, F, Bowling Green20110.50000
 Max McHugh, Fr, F, Alabama-Huntsville20110.50000
 Jakob Reichert, Fr, F, Bowling Green21010.50100
37Chris Nell, Fr, G, Bowling Green10000.00000
 Jayson Angus, So, F, Lake Superior10000.00000
 Mitchell Nardi, So, F, Lake Superior10000.00000
 Chris Ciotti, Sr, F, Lake Superior10000.00000
 Craig Pierce, Sr, F, Alabama-Huntsville10000.00000
 Mark Auk, Fr, D, Michigan Tech10000.00000
 Kyle Chatham, Fr, D, Lake Superior10000.00000
 Carmine Guerriero, So, G, Alabama-Huntsville10000.00000
 Anderson White, Jr, D, Alabama-Huntsville10000.00000
 Kevin Aldridge, Fr, G, Lake Superior10000.00000
 Walker Hyland, Jr, D, Michigan Tech10000.00000
 Richard Buri, Fr, D, Alabama-Huntsville10000.00000
 Jose Delgadillo, Jr, D, Bowling Green10000.00000
 Chad Brears, Jr, F, Alabama-Huntsville10000.00000


1Kevin Dufour, So, F, Bowling Green23
2Blake Hietala, Sr, F, Michigan Tech22
 Blake Pietila, Sr, F, Michigan Tech22
 Brandon Hawkins, Fr, F, Bowling Green22
5Tanner Kero, Sr, F, Michigan Tech21
 Jakob Reichert, Fr, F, Bowling Green21
 Matt Pohlkamp, So, F, Bowling Green21
 David Johnstone, Sr, F, Michigan Tech21
 Ben Murphy, Jr, F, Bowling Green21
 Jason Bird, Fr, D, Lake Superior21
 Frank Misuraca, Jr, D, Alabama-Huntsville21
 Dylan Steman, Fr, F, Michigan Tech21
 Malcolm Gould, Jr, F, Michigan Tech21
 Mitchell McLain, Fr, F, Bowling Green21
 Reid Sturos, So, F, Michigan Tech21
 Daniel Vernace, Jr, F, Lake Superior21
 Ian Miller, So, F, Lake Superior21
 Alex Petan, Jr, F, Michigan Tech21
 Garret Clemment, So, F, Lake Superior21


1Pierre-Luc Mercier, So, F, Bowling Green24
2Alex Petan, Jr, F, Michigan Tech23
3Tanner Kero, Sr, F, Michigan Tech22
 Alex Globke, So, F, Lake Superior22
 Matt Pohlkamp, So, F, Bowling Green22
 David Johnstone, Sr, F, Michigan Tech22
 Alex Gillies, Fr, F, Michigan Tech22
 Nolan Valleau, Fr, D, Bowling Green22
 Reid Sturos, So, F, Michigan Tech22
 Brandon Hawkins, Fr, F, Bowling Green22
 Mark Friedman, Fr, D, Bowling Green22
12Tyler Heinonen, So, F, Michigan Tech11
 Joel L'Esperance, Fr, F, Michigan Tech11
 Cliff Watson, So, D, Michigan Tech21
 Ben Murphy, Jr, F, Bowling Green21
 Matt Johnson, So, F, Lake Superior21
 Dan DeSalvo, Sr, F, Bowling Green21
 Adam Berkle, Sr, F, Bowling Green21
 Mike Neville, So, F, Michigan Tech21
 Riley Sweeney, Sr, D, Michigan Tech21
 Max McHugh, Fr, F, Alabama-Huntsville21
 Dylan Steman, Fr, F, Michigan Tech21
 Malcolm Gould, Jr, F, Michigan Tech21
 Mitchell McLain, Fr, F, Bowling Green21
 Bryce Schmitt, Jr, F, Lake Superior21
 Shane Hanna, So, D, Michigan Tech21
 Brent Fletcher, So, F, Alabama-Huntsville21

Power Play Goals

1Brandon Hawkins, Fr, F, Bowling Green22
2David Johnstone, Sr, F, Michigan Tech21
 Ben Murphy, Jr, F, Bowling Green21
 Kevin Dufour, So, F, Bowling Green21
 Reid Sturos, So, F, Michigan Tech21
 Ian Miller, So, F, Lake Superior21

Shorthanded Goals

1Mitchell McLain, Fr, F, Bowling Green21

Goaltending Leaders

(Minimum 33% of team's total minutes needed to qualify)

1Chris Nell, Fr, Bowling Green11-0-060:000201.0000.0000
2Tomas Sholl, So, Bowling Green11-0-059:54119.9501.0017
3Jamie Phillips, Jr, Michigan Tech22-0-0119:42436.9002.0050
4Matt Larose, So, Alabama-Huntsville10-1-060:00444.9174.0000
5Gordon Defiel, Fr, Lake Superior20-2-098:56864.8894.8518
6Carmine Guerriero, So, Alabama-Huntsville10-1-060:00536.8785.0000

Save Percentage

1Chris Nell, Fr, Bowling Green11.000
2Tomas Sholl, So, Bowling Green1.950
3Matt Larose, So, Alabama-Huntsville1.917
4Jamie Phillips, Jr, Michigan Tech2.900
5Gordon Defiel, Fr, Lake Superior2.889
6Carmine Guerriero, So, Alabama-Huntsville1.878

Minutes Played

1Jamie Phillips, Jr, Michigan Tech2119:42
2Gordon Defiel, Fr, Lake Superior298:56
3Chris Nell, Fr, Bowling Green160:00
 Matt Larose, So, Alabama-Huntsville160:00
 Carmine Guerriero, So, Alabama-Huntsville160:00
6Tomas Sholl, So, Bowling Green159:54
7Kevin Aldridge, Fr, Lake Superior120:00


1Chris Nell, Fr, Bowling Green11

Team Offense

1Michigan Tech5.00
2Bowling Green4.50
3Lake Superior2.00

Team Defense

1Bowling Green0.50
2Michigan Tech2.00
4Lake Superior5.00

Power Play

1Bowling Green4-of-1233.33
 Bemidji State0-of-00.00
 Ferris State0-of-00.00
 Minnesota State0-of-00.00
 Northern Michigan0-of-00.00

Penalty Killing

1Bowling Green9-of-9100.0
 Bemidji State0-of-00.00
 Ferris State0-of-00.00
 Minnesota State0-of-00.00
 Northern Michigan0-of-00.00

Penalty Minutes

2Lake Superior10-for-2010.00
 Bemidji State0-for-00.00
 Ferris State0-for-00.00
 Minnesota State0-for-00.00
 Northern Michigan0-for-00.00

Shorthanded Goals

1Bowling Green1
 Lake Superior0
 Michigan Tech0

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