WIAC Women's Conference Statistics: 2013-2014

(WIAC conference games only)

Scoring Leaders

1Kait Mason, Sr, F, Wisconsin-River Falls15711181.20030
2Chloe Kinsel, So, F, Wisconsin-River Falls1596151.00221
3Dani Sibley, Fr, F, Wisconsin-River Falls1594130.87310
 Cassandra Salmen, Sr, F, Wisconsin-Stevens Point1585130.87200
5Emily Lester, So, F, Wisconsin-Stevens Point1566120.80220
 Brook Story, Sr, F, Wisconsin-River Falls1557120.80010
7Brianna Breiland, Fr, F, Wisconsin-River Falls1574110.73020
8Kerry Mayhew, Sr, F, Wisconsin-Superior1473100.71130
 Allie Tanzer, Sr, F, Wisconsin-Stevens Point1546100.67210
10Katie Batters, Sr, F, Wisconsin-River Falls135380.62130
 Dani Schultz, Jr, F, Wisconsin-Superior142680.57011
 Karen Larson, So, F, Wisconsin-Superior143580.57000
 Paige Johnson, Fr, D, Wisconsin-River Falls151780.53010
 Alice Cranston, Jr, F, Wisconsin-River Falls155380.53210
15Haley Olmstead, Jr, F, Wisconsin-Superior144370.50130
 Sam Greeley, Jr, D, Wisconsin-River Falls152570.47010
 Karleigh Wolkerstorfer, Fr, F, Wisconsin-River Falls155270.47110
18Allie Olson, Jr, D, Wisconsin-River Falls110660.55000
 Lynne Larson, So, F, Wisconsin-Superior143360.43010
 Hailey Adair, Fr, F, Wisconsin-Superior142460.43010
 Crysta Lowell, Jr, F, Wisconsin-River Falls152460.40100
22Kendal Evenson, Jr, D, Wisconsin-River Falls131450.38100
 Emily Stark, Fr, F, Wisconsin-River Falls142350.36000
 Jenna Ulberg, Fr, F, Wisconsin-River Falls140550.36000
 Kelsey Firkus, Sr, F, Wisconsin-Superior141450.36100
 Nikki Kothenbeutel, Sr, F, Wisconsin-Eau Claire141450.36000
 Kiara De Kezel, Jr, F, Wisconsin-Superior142350.36110
 Alison Shrift, Sr, F, Wisconsin-Superior140550.36000
 Leah Gefroh, So, F, Wisconsin-River Falls150550.33000
30Emily Larson, Sr, D, Wisconsin-Eau Claire132240.31010
 Katherine Nejedlo, So, F, Wisconsin-Stevens Point130440.31000
 Hadley Cookson, So, F, Wisconsin-Eau Claire143140.29010
 Sheryl Kaskiw, Sr, D, Wisconsin-Superior141340.29000
 Amanda Coey, Fr, F, Wisconsin-Superior140440.29000
 Shauna Bollinger, So, F, Wisconsin-Stevens Point152240.27101
 Rachel Reynard, So, F, Wisconsin-Stevens Point153140.27000
 Megan Nickelson, Sr, D, Wisconsin-Stevens Point152240.27000
38Sam Knutson, Jr, F, Wisconsin-Eau Claire141230.21010
 Betsy Anderson, So, D, Wisconsin-Stevens Point151230.20001
 Josie Johnson, So, D, Wisconsin-Stevens Point152130.20000
 Nicole Schaub, Jr, D, Wisconsin-Stevens Point150330.20000
 Dani Buehrer, So, D, Wisconsin-River Falls150330.20000
43Alexis Reid, So, F, Wisconsin-Superior82020.25000
 Shanley Peters, Sr, G, Wisconsin-Superior141120.14000
 Pamela McLeod, Fr, D, Wisconsin-Superior140220.14000
 Amanda Kane, Jr, D, Wisconsin-Eau Claire141120.14010
 Katie Burkey, Fr, F, Wisconsin-Eau Claire142020.14000
 Tory Heller, So, F, Wisconsin-Eau Claire141120.14000
 Paige Dale, Fr, F, Wisconsin-Eau Claire141120.14000
 Mariah Czech, Fr, F, Wisconsin-Eau Claire140220.14000


1Chloe Kinsel, So, F, Wisconsin-River Falls159
 Dani Sibley, Fr, F, Wisconsin-River Falls159
3Cassandra Salmen, Sr, F, Wisconsin-Stevens Point158
4Kerry Mayhew, Sr, F, Wisconsin-Superior147
 Kait Mason, Sr, F, Wisconsin-River Falls157
 Brianna Breiland, Fr, F, Wisconsin-River Falls157
7Emily Lester, So, F, Wisconsin-Stevens Point156
8Katie Batters, Sr, F, Wisconsin-River Falls135
 Brook Story, Sr, F, Wisconsin-River Falls155
 Karleigh Wolkerstorfer, Fr, F, Wisconsin-River Falls155
 Alice Cranston, Jr, F, Wisconsin-River Falls155
12Haley Olmstead, Jr, F, Wisconsin-Superior144
 Allie Tanzer, Sr, F, Wisconsin-Stevens Point154
14Hadley Cookson, So, F, Wisconsin-Eau Claire143
 Lynne Larson, So, F, Wisconsin-Superior143
 Karen Larson, So, F, Wisconsin-Superior143
 Rachel Reynard, So, F, Wisconsin-Stevens Point153
18Alexis Reid, So, F, Wisconsin-Superior82
 Emily Larson, Sr, D, Wisconsin-Eau Claire132
 Emily Stark, Fr, F, Wisconsin-River Falls142
 Dani Schultz, Jr, F, Wisconsin-Superior142
 Katie Burkey, Fr, F, Wisconsin-Eau Claire142
 Kiara De Kezel, Jr, F, Wisconsin-Superior142
 Hailey Adair, Fr, F, Wisconsin-Superior142
 Kendall Nelson, Fr, F, Wisconsin-Stevens Point152
 Megan Nickelson, Sr, D, Wisconsin-Stevens Point152
 Crysta Lowell, Jr, F, Wisconsin-River Falls152
 Josie Johnson, So, D, Wisconsin-Stevens Point152
 Shauna Bollinger, So, F, Wisconsin-Stevens Point152
 Sam Greeley, Jr, D, Wisconsin-River Falls152


1Kait Mason, Sr, F, Wisconsin-River Falls1511
2Brook Story, Sr, F, Wisconsin-River Falls157
 Paige Johnson, Fr, D, Wisconsin-River Falls157
4Allie Olson, Jr, D, Wisconsin-River Falls116
 Dani Schultz, Jr, F, Wisconsin-Superior146
 Allie Tanzer, Sr, F, Wisconsin-Stevens Point156
 Emily Lester, So, F, Wisconsin-Stevens Point156
 Chloe Kinsel, So, F, Wisconsin-River Falls156
9Jenna Ulberg, Fr, F, Wisconsin-River Falls145
 Alison Shrift, Sr, F, Wisconsin-Superior145
 Karen Larson, So, F, Wisconsin-Superior145
 Leah Gefroh, So, F, Wisconsin-River Falls155
 Sam Greeley, Jr, D, Wisconsin-River Falls155
 Cassandra Salmen, Sr, F, Wisconsin-Stevens Point155
15Katherine Nejedlo, So, F, Wisconsin-Stevens Point134
 Kendal Evenson, Jr, D, Wisconsin-River Falls134
 Amanda Coey, Fr, F, Wisconsin-Superior144
 Kelsey Firkus, Sr, F, Wisconsin-Superior144
 Nikki Kothenbeutel, Sr, F, Wisconsin-Eau Claire144
 Hailey Adair, Fr, F, Wisconsin-Superior144
 Dani Sibley, Fr, F, Wisconsin-River Falls154
 Crysta Lowell, Jr, F, Wisconsin-River Falls154
 Brianna Breiland, Fr, F, Wisconsin-River Falls154
24Katie Batters, Sr, F, Wisconsin-River Falls133
 Emily Stark, Fr, F, Wisconsin-River Falls143
 Haley Olmstead, Jr, F, Wisconsin-Superior143
 Kerry Mayhew, Sr, F, Wisconsin-Superior143
 Kiara De Kezel, Jr, F, Wisconsin-Superior143
 Lynne Larson, So, F, Wisconsin-Superior143
 Sheryl Kaskiw, Sr, D, Wisconsin-Superior143

Power Play Goals

1Katie Batters, Sr, F, Wisconsin-River Falls133
 Haley Olmstead, Jr, F, Wisconsin-Superior143
 Kerry Mayhew, Sr, F, Wisconsin-Superior143
 Kait Mason, Sr, F, Wisconsin-River Falls153
5Emily Lester, So, F, Wisconsin-Stevens Point152
 Chloe Kinsel, So, F, Wisconsin-River Falls152
 Brianna Breiland, Fr, F, Wisconsin-River Falls152
8Emily Larson, Sr, D, Wisconsin-Eau Claire131
 Sam Knutson, Jr, F, Wisconsin-Eau Claire141
 Dani Schultz, Jr, F, Wisconsin-Superior141
 Hadley Cookson, So, F, Wisconsin-Eau Claire141
 Kiara De Kezel, Jr, F, Wisconsin-Superior141
 Lynne Larson, So, F, Wisconsin-Superior141
 Amanda Kane, Jr, D, Wisconsin-Eau Claire141
 Hailey Adair, Fr, F, Wisconsin-Superior141
 Allie Tanzer, Sr, F, Wisconsin-Stevens Point151
 Megan Menotti, Jr, D, Wisconsin-Stevens Point151
 Brook Story, Sr, F, Wisconsin-River Falls151
 Kendall Nelson, Fr, F, Wisconsin-Stevens Point151
 Dani Sibley, Fr, F, Wisconsin-River Falls151
 Paige Johnson, Fr, D, Wisconsin-River Falls151
 Karleigh Wolkerstorfer, Fr, F, Wisconsin-River Falls151
 Alice Cranston, Jr, F, Wisconsin-River Falls151
 Sam Greeley, Jr, D, Wisconsin-River Falls151

Shorthanded Goals

1Dani Schultz, Jr, F, Wisconsin-Superior141
 Chloe Kinsel, So, F, Wisconsin-River Falls151
 Betsy Anderson, So, D, Wisconsin-Stevens Point151
 Shauna Bollinger, So, F, Wisconsin-Stevens Point151

Goaltending Leaders

(Minimum 33% of team's total minutes needed to qualify)

1Ashley Kuechle, Sr, Wisconsin-River Falls1411-1-2828:3317256.9381.2311
2Shanley Peters, Sr, Wisconsin-Superior144-6-4857:1325382.9391.7498
3Janna Beilke-Skoug, Jr, Wisconsin-Stevens Point137-3-3791:2326340.9291.9712
4Paige Turner, So, Wisconsin-Eau Claire140-13-1805:0159506.8964.3974

Save Percentage

1Shanley Peters, Sr, Wisconsin-Superior14.939
2Ashley Kuechle, Sr, Wisconsin-River Falls14.938
3Janna Beilke-Skoug, Jr, Wisconsin-Stevens Point13.929
4Paige Turner, So, Wisconsin-Eau Claire14.896

Minutes Played

1Shanley Peters, Sr, Wisconsin-Superior14857:13
2Ashley Kuechle, Sr, Wisconsin-River Falls14828:33
3Paige Turner, So, Wisconsin-Eau Claire14805:01
4Janna Beilke-Skoug, Jr, Wisconsin-Stevens Point13791:23
5Hillary Drake, Jr, Wisconsin-Stevens Point2119:43
6Gillian McDonald, So, Wisconsin-River Falls159:21
7Kim Van Brunt, So, Wisconsin-Eau Claire435:38
8Meaghan Wenner, So, Wisconsin-River Falls120:00


1Ashley Kuechle, Sr, Wisconsin-River Falls143
 Shanley Peters, Sr, Wisconsin-Superior143
3Hillary Drake, Jr, Wisconsin-Stevens Point21
 Janna Beilke-Skoug, Jr, Wisconsin-Stevens Point131

Team Offense

1Wisconsin-River Falls4.00
2Wisconsin-Stevens Point2.33
4Wisconsin-Eau Claire0.93

Team Defense

1Wisconsin-River Falls1.40
3Wisconsin-Stevens Point2.07
4Wisconsin-Eau Claire4.36

Power Play

1Wisconsin-River Falls16-of-7421.62
3Wisconsin-Stevens Point5-of-578.77
4Wisconsin-Eau Claire4-of-606.67

Penalty Killing

1Wisconsin-River Falls53-of-5793.0
3Wisconsin-Stevens Point48-of-5882.8
4Wisconsin-Eau Claire51-of-6677.3

Penalty Minutes

1Wisconsin-Eau Claire74-for-15110.79
3Wisconsin-River Falls72-for-1449.60
4Wisconsin-Stevens Point62-for-1359.00

Shorthanded Goals

1Wisconsin-Stevens Point2
2Wisconsin-River Falls1
4Wisconsin-Eau Claire0

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Statistics by U.S. College Hockey Online (USCHO) are compiled from official game box scores. Some box scores may not have been available at the time that statistics were compiled. Also, changes may have been made to the official box score after it was released to the media. Consequently, USCHO's figures may disagree with reports published by other sources.