WIAC Men's Conference Statistics: 2014-2015

(WIAC conference games only)

Scoring Leaders

1Brandon Wahlin, So, F, Wisconsin-Eau Claire14513181.29130
 Kyle Sharkey, So, F, Wisconsin-Stevens Point15117181.20240
3Patrick Moore, So, F, Wisconsin-Eau Claire14512171.21201
4Ethan Nauman, Jr, F, Wisconsin-Eau Claire1497161.14140
5Ross Andersen, Sr, F, Wisconsin-Eau Claire1496151.07102
 Garrett Ladd, Sr, F, Wisconsin-Stevens Point14510151.07110
 Kyle Gattelaro, Fr, F, Wisconsin-River Falls1596151.00230
8Kevin Gibson, Sr, D, Wisconsin-Stevens Point15311140.93110
9Justin Moody, So, F, Wisconsin-Stout1367131.00100
 Jack Callahan, Sr, D, Wisconsin-Eau Claire14310130.93010
 Scott Henegar, Sr, F, Wisconsin-Stevens Point1549130.87010
12Anton Svensson, So, F, Wisconsin-Superior1557120.80100
 Lawrence Cornellier, So, F, Wisconsin-Stevens Point1566120.80302
14Alex Brooks, Jr, D, Wisconsin-Stevens Point1529110.73010
 Mitch Kontny, So, F, Wisconsin-River Falls1556110.73200
 Joe Kalisz, Jr, F, Wisconsin-Stevens Point1556110.73010
17Eliot Grauer, So, F, Wisconsin-Stevens Point1337100.77010
 Taylor Burden, So, F, Wisconsin-River Falls1528100.67100
19Adam Knochenmus, So, F, Wisconsin-Eau Claire124590.75110
 Kyle Brodie, Sr, D, Wisconsin-Stevens Point135490.69140
 Blake Huppert, Sr, F, Wisconsin-River Falls132790.69010
 Joey Haydock, So, F, Wisconsin-Stout134590.69030
 Terry Leabo, Fr, D, Wisconsin-River Falls142790.64010
 Andrew Kolb, Sr, F, Wisconsin-Stevens Point155490.60110
25Christian George, So, F, Wisconsin-River Falls133580.62020
 Danny Ray, Jr, D, Wisconsin-Stout132680.62010
 Craig Lindegard, So, F, Wisconsin-Stout135380.62010
 Jake Hopfner, Fr, F, Wisconsin-Eau Claire145380.57120
 Ryan Doner, So, F, Wisconsin-River Falls155380.53120
30David Henry, So, F, Wisconsin-Eau Claire132570.54010
 Jacob Barber, So, F, Wisconsin-Stevens Point134370.54011
 Jordan Neduzak, So, F, Wisconsin-Superior134370.54030
 Jeff Pauluk, Jr, D, Wisconsin-Eau Claire141670.50010
 Mike Fazio, So, F, Wisconsin-River Falls154370.47111
 Mike Dietrich, So, F, Wisconsin-River Falls154370.47010
 Eric Shand, So, D, Wisconsin-Superior154370.47020
37T.J. Stuntz, Fr, F, Wisconsin-Eau Claire123360.50200
 Tyler Cayemberg, So, F, Wisconsin-Stout131560.46000
 Derek Sand, So, D, Wisconsin-Stout131560.46000
 Jake Useldinger, Jr, F, Wisconsin-Stout133360.46010
 Trace Strahle, So, D, Wisconsin-Stevens Point151560.40000
 Cory Lushanko, So, F, Wisconsin-River Falls153360.40000
43Logan Lemirande, Jr, F, Wisconsin-Stevens Point111450.45010
 Mac Jansen, Fr, F, Wisconsin-Eau Claire122350.42000
 Thomas Paine, Jr, F, Wisconsin-Superior130550.38000
 Preston Hodge, So, D, Wisconsin-Eau Claire130550.38000
 Alex Kromm, Jr, F, Wisconsin-Stevens Point142350.36000
 Mark Bittner, So, D, Wisconsin-Stevens Point150550.33000
 Cody Hotchkin, Sr, F, Wisconsin-Superior154150.33020
 Matt Audette, So, D, Wisconsin-Superior150550.33000
 Jeff Bergh, So, D, Wisconsin-River Falls151450.33010
 Mike Williams, Jr, F, Wisconsin-River Falls152350.33000
53Jordan Stejskal, Fr, D, Wisconsin-Stout131340.31000
 Jordan Tredinnick, Sr, D, Wisconsin-Stout132240.31010
 Tate Rusk, So, D, Wisconsin-Stout131340.31000
 AJ Jarosz, Fr, F, Wisconsin-River Falls131340.31000
 Ian Ecklund, Fr, F, Wisconsin-Superior143140.29000
 Tanner Dion, Sr, F, Wisconsin-Superior153140.27010
 Evan Dixon, Jr, F, Wisconsin-Stevens Point152240.27100
60Todd Koritzinsky, Fr, F, Wisconsin-Eau Claire82130.38110
 Riley Colvard, So, F, Wisconsin-Stout110330.27000
 Karl Andersen, So, F, Wisconsin-Stout111230.27100
 Colton Wolter, Fr, F, Wisconsin-Eau Claire120330.25000
 Shayne McLaughlin, So, F, Wisconsin-Stout132130.23000
 Matt Millis, Sr, F, Wisconsin-Stout132130.23100
 Joe Schmitz, Jr, D, Wisconsin-Eau Claire140330.21000
 Derek Knetter, Jr, D, Wisconsin-Eau Claire140330.21000
 Owen Stauber, So, D, Wisconsin-Superior151230.20000
 Danny Hamburg, So, F, Wisconsin-River Falls151230.20101
 Alex Murphy, Jr, D, Wisconsin-River Falls151230.20100
71Jake Davidson, Fr, F, Wisconsin-Eau Claire70220.29000
 Jason Eddy, So, F, Wisconsin-Eau Claire72020.29000
 Connor Faupel, So, D, Wisconsin-Superior120220.17000
 Alex Thompson, Fr, F, Wisconsin-Superior131120.15100
 James Hughes, So, F, Wisconsin-Superior131120.15000
 Jordan Shockley, So, F, Wisconsin-Superior151120.13000
 Dylan Nelson, Fr, D, Wisconsin-Superior150220.13000
 Wes Judnick, Jr, D, Wisconsin-Superior150220.13000
 Drew Graves, Jr, F, Wisconsin-Stevens Point151120.13000
80Dillon Mershon, So, F, Wisconsin-River Falls10111.00000


1Kyle Sharkey, So, F, Wisconsin-Stevens Point1511
2Ethan Nauman, Jr, F, Wisconsin-Eau Claire149
 Ross Andersen, Sr, F, Wisconsin-Eau Claire149
 Kyle Gattelaro, Fr, F, Wisconsin-River Falls159
5Justin Moody, So, F, Wisconsin-Stout136
 Lawrence Cornellier, So, F, Wisconsin-Stevens Point156
7Craig Lindegard, So, F, Wisconsin-Stout135
 Kyle Brodie, Sr, D, Wisconsin-Stevens Point135
 Patrick Moore, So, F, Wisconsin-Eau Claire145
 Jake Hopfner, Fr, F, Wisconsin-Eau Claire145
 Garrett Ladd, Sr, F, Wisconsin-Stevens Point145
 Brandon Wahlin, So, F, Wisconsin-Eau Claire145
 Mitch Kontny, So, F, Wisconsin-River Falls155
 Ryan Doner, So, F, Wisconsin-River Falls155
 Joe Kalisz, Jr, F, Wisconsin-Stevens Point155
 Anton Svensson, So, F, Wisconsin-Superior155
 Andrew Kolb, Sr, F, Wisconsin-Stevens Point155
18Adam Knochenmus, So, F, Wisconsin-Eau Claire124
 Joey Haydock, So, F, Wisconsin-Stout134
 Jordan Neduzak, So, F, Wisconsin-Superior134
 Jacob Barber, So, F, Wisconsin-Stevens Point134
 Mike Dietrich, So, F, Wisconsin-River Falls154
 Cody Hotchkin, Sr, F, Wisconsin-Superior154
 Scott Henegar, Sr, F, Wisconsin-Stevens Point154
 Mike Fazio, So, F, Wisconsin-River Falls154
 Eric Shand, So, D, Wisconsin-Superior154
27T.J. Stuntz, Fr, F, Wisconsin-Eau Claire123
 Jake Useldinger, Jr, F, Wisconsin-Stout133
 Eliot Grauer, So, F, Wisconsin-Stevens Point133
 Christian George, So, F, Wisconsin-River Falls133
 Ian Ecklund, Fr, F, Wisconsin-Superior143
 Jack Callahan, Sr, D, Wisconsin-Eau Claire143
 Kevin Gibson, Sr, D, Wisconsin-Stevens Point153
 Cory Lushanko, So, F, Wisconsin-River Falls153
 Tanner Dion, Sr, F, Wisconsin-Superior153
36Jason Eddy, So, F, Wisconsin-Eau Claire72
 Todd Koritzinsky, Fr, F, Wisconsin-Eau Claire82
 Mac Jansen, Fr, F, Wisconsin-Eau Claire122
 Jordan Tredinnick, Sr, D, Wisconsin-Stout132
 Blake Huppert, Sr, F, Wisconsin-River Falls132
 Danny Ray, Jr, D, Wisconsin-Stout132
 David Henry, So, F, Wisconsin-Eau Claire132
 Matt Millis, Sr, F, Wisconsin-Stout132
 Shayne McLaughlin, So, F, Wisconsin-Stout132
 Terry Leabo, Fr, D, Wisconsin-River Falls142
 Alex Kromm, Jr, F, Wisconsin-Stevens Point142
 Evan Dixon, Jr, F, Wisconsin-Stevens Point152
 Alex Brooks, Jr, D, Wisconsin-Stevens Point152
 Mike Williams, Jr, F, Wisconsin-River Falls152
 Taylor Burden, So, F, Wisconsin-River Falls152


1Brandon Wahlin, So, F, Wisconsin-Eau Claire1413
2Patrick Moore, So, F, Wisconsin-Eau Claire1412
3Kevin Gibson, Sr, D, Wisconsin-Stevens Point1511
4Garrett Ladd, Sr, F, Wisconsin-Stevens Point1410
 Jack Callahan, Sr, D, Wisconsin-Eau Claire1410
6Scott Henegar, Sr, F, Wisconsin-Stevens Point159
 Alex Brooks, Jr, D, Wisconsin-Stevens Point159
8Taylor Burden, So, F, Wisconsin-River Falls158
9Blake Huppert, Sr, F, Wisconsin-River Falls137
 Eliot Grauer, So, F, Wisconsin-Stevens Point137
 Justin Moody, So, F, Wisconsin-Stout137
 Ethan Nauman, Jr, F, Wisconsin-Eau Claire147
 Terry Leabo, Fr, D, Wisconsin-River Falls147
 Anton Svensson, So, F, Wisconsin-Superior157
 Kyle Sharkey, So, F, Wisconsin-Stevens Point157
16Danny Ray, Jr, D, Wisconsin-Stout136
 Jeff Pauluk, Jr, D, Wisconsin-Eau Claire146
 Ross Andersen, Sr, F, Wisconsin-Eau Claire146
 Mitch Kontny, So, F, Wisconsin-River Falls156
 Lawrence Cornellier, So, F, Wisconsin-Stevens Point156
 Joe Kalisz, Jr, F, Wisconsin-Stevens Point156
 Kyle Gattelaro, Fr, F, Wisconsin-River Falls156
23Adam Knochenmus, So, F, Wisconsin-Eau Claire125
 Preston Hodge, So, D, Wisconsin-Eau Claire135
 Joey Haydock, So, F, Wisconsin-Stout135
 Derek Sand, So, D, Wisconsin-Stout135
 David Henry, So, F, Wisconsin-Eau Claire135
 Thomas Paine, Jr, F, Wisconsin-Superior135
 Christian George, So, F, Wisconsin-River Falls135
 Tyler Cayemberg, So, F, Wisconsin-Stout135
 Mark Bittner, So, D, Wisconsin-Stevens Point155
 Trace Strahle, So, D, Wisconsin-Stevens Point155
 Matt Audette, So, D, Wisconsin-Superior155
34Logan Lemirande, Jr, F, Wisconsin-Stevens Point114
 Kyle Brodie, Sr, D, Wisconsin-Stevens Point134
 Jeff Bergh, So, D, Wisconsin-River Falls154
 Andrew Kolb, Sr, F, Wisconsin-Stevens Point154
38Riley Colvard, So, F, Wisconsin-Stout113
 Mac Jansen, Fr, F, Wisconsin-Eau Claire123
 Colton Wolter, Fr, F, Wisconsin-Eau Claire123
 T.J. Stuntz, Fr, F, Wisconsin-Eau Claire123
 Craig Lindegard, So, F, Wisconsin-Stout133
 Jordan Stejskal, Fr, D, Wisconsin-Stout133
 AJ Jarosz, Fr, F, Wisconsin-River Falls133
 Jake Useldinger, Jr, F, Wisconsin-Stout133
 Jordan Neduzak, So, F, Wisconsin-Superior133
 Tate Rusk, So, D, Wisconsin-Stout133
 Jacob Barber, So, F, Wisconsin-Stevens Point133
 Derek Knetter, Jr, D, Wisconsin-Eau Claire143
 Jake Hopfner, Fr, F, Wisconsin-Eau Claire143

Power Play Goals

1Kyle Brodie, Sr, D, Wisconsin-Stevens Point134
 Ethan Nauman, Jr, F, Wisconsin-Eau Claire144
 Kyle Sharkey, So, F, Wisconsin-Stevens Point154
4Joey Haydock, So, F, Wisconsin-Stout133
 Jordan Neduzak, So, F, Wisconsin-Superior133
 Brandon Wahlin, So, F, Wisconsin-Eau Claire143
 Kyle Gattelaro, Fr, F, Wisconsin-River Falls153
8Christian George, So, F, Wisconsin-River Falls132
 Jake Hopfner, Fr, F, Wisconsin-Eau Claire142
 Ryan Doner, So, F, Wisconsin-River Falls152
 Cody Hotchkin, Sr, F, Wisconsin-Superior152
 Eric Shand, So, D, Wisconsin-Superior152
13Todd Koritzinsky, Fr, F, Wisconsin-Eau Claire81
 Logan Lemirande, Jr, F, Wisconsin-Stevens Point111
 Adam Knochenmus, So, F, Wisconsin-Eau Claire121
 Jordan Tredinnick, Sr, D, Wisconsin-Stout131
 Craig Lindegard, So, F, Wisconsin-Stout131
 Jake Useldinger, Jr, F, Wisconsin-Stout131
 Blake Huppert, Sr, F, Wisconsin-River Falls131
 Eliot Grauer, So, F, Wisconsin-Stevens Point131
 Danny Ray, Jr, D, Wisconsin-Stout131
 David Henry, So, F, Wisconsin-Eau Claire131
 Jacob Barber, So, F, Wisconsin-Stevens Point131
 Terry Leabo, Fr, D, Wisconsin-River Falls141
 Garrett Ladd, Sr, F, Wisconsin-Stevens Point141
 Jack Callahan, Sr, D, Wisconsin-Eau Claire141
 Jeff Pauluk, Jr, D, Wisconsin-Eau Claire141
 Kevin Gibson, Sr, D, Wisconsin-Stevens Point151
 Mike Dietrich, So, F, Wisconsin-River Falls151
 Scott Henegar, Sr, F, Wisconsin-Stevens Point151
 Joe Kalisz, Jr, F, Wisconsin-Stevens Point151
 Alex Brooks, Jr, D, Wisconsin-Stevens Point151
 Tanner Dion, Sr, F, Wisconsin-Superior151
 Jeff Bergh, So, D, Wisconsin-River Falls151
 Mike Fazio, So, F, Wisconsin-River Falls151
 Andrew Kolb, Sr, F, Wisconsin-Stevens Point151

Shorthanded Goals

1Ross Andersen, Sr, F, Wisconsin-Eau Claire142
 Lawrence Cornellier, So, F, Wisconsin-Stevens Point152
3Jacob Barber, So, F, Wisconsin-Stevens Point131
 Patrick Moore, So, F, Wisconsin-Eau Claire141
 Danny Hamburg, So, F, Wisconsin-River Falls151
 Mike Fazio, So, F, Wisconsin-River Falls151

Goaltending Leaders

(Minimum 33% of team's total minutes needed to qualify)

1Brandon Jaeger, Sr, Wisconsin-Stevens Point1511-3-1868:3733354.9152.2795
2Tanner Milliron, Jr, Wisconsin-River Falls159-6-0891:0536438.9242.4240
3Jay Deo, So, Wisconsin-Eau Claire96-2-0506:5323268.9212.7225
4Tyler Green, Jr, Wisconsin-Eau Claire64-2-0329:1015123.8912.7342
5Bryce Fink, Fr, Wisconsin-Superior92-6-1503:5726214.8923.0955
6Chase Hollander, So, Wisconsin-Stout72-4-0344:2520194.9073.4842
7Spencer Viele, So, Wisconsin-Stout81-6-0437:0332277.8964.3931

Save Percentage

1Tanner Milliron, Jr, Wisconsin-River Falls15.924
2Jay Deo, So, Wisconsin-Eau Claire9.921
3Brandon Jaeger, Sr, Wisconsin-Stevens Point15.915
4Chase Hollander, So, Wisconsin-Stout7.907
5Spencer Viele, So, Wisconsin-Stout8.896
6Bryce Fink, Fr, Wisconsin-Superior9.892
7Tyler Green, Jr, Wisconsin-Eau Claire6.891

Minutes Played

1Tanner Milliron, Jr, Wisconsin-River Falls15891:05
2Brandon Jaeger, Sr, Wisconsin-Stevens Point15868:37
3Jay Deo, So, Wisconsin-Eau Claire9506:53
4Bryce Fink, Fr, Wisconsin-Superior9503:57
5Spencer Viele, So, Wisconsin-Stout8437:03
6Chase Hollander, So, Wisconsin-Stout7344:25
7Tyler Green, Jr, Wisconsin-Eau Claire6329:10
8Cory Simons, So, Wisconsin-Superior5282:52
9Zach Thompson, So, Wisconsin-Superior2118:26
10Max Milosek, Fr, Wisconsin-Stevens Point132:55


1Brandon Jaeger, Sr, Wisconsin-Stevens Point154
2Chase Hollander, So, Wisconsin-Stout71
 Tanner Milliron, Jr, Wisconsin-River Falls151

Team Offense

1Wisconsin-Stevens Point4.07
2Wisconsin-Eau Claire3.79
3Wisconsin-River Falls3.07

Team Defense

1Wisconsin-Stevens Point2.27
2Wisconsin-River Falls2.47
3Wisconsin-Eau Claire2.71

Power Play

1Wisconsin-Stevens Point17-of-6127.87
2Wisconsin-Eau Claire14-of-5923.73
3Wisconsin-River Falls12-of-5920.34

Penalty Killing

1Wisconsin-Eau Claire53-of-5891.4
2Wisconsin-River Falls40-of-5178.4
4Wisconsin-Stevens Point36-of-4875.0

Penalty Minutes

 Wisconsin-Eau Claire77-for-16812.00
4Wisconsin-River Falls72-for-15510.33
5Wisconsin-Stevens Point57-for-1288.53

Shorthanded Goals

1Wisconsin-Eau Claire3
 Wisconsin-Stevens Point3
3Wisconsin-River Falls2

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Statistics by U.S. College Hockey Online (USCHO) are compiled from official game box scores. Some box scores may not have been available at the time that statistics were compiled. Also, changes may have been made to the official box score after it was released to the media. Consequently, USCHO's figures may disagree with reports published by other sources.