Michigan State Men's Hockey
Team History

SeasonCoachConferenceDivWLTWin %RSLTNCAAs
Michigan State Spartans • Big Ten • NCAA Division I
2015-16Tom AnastosBig TenI10234.324
2014-15Tom AnastosBig TenI17162.514
2013-14Tom AnastosBig TenI11187.403
Michigan State Spartans • CCHA • NCAA Division I
2012-13Tom AnastosCCHAI14253.369
2011-12Tom AnastosCCHAI19164.538x
2010-11Rick ComleyCCHAI15194.447
2009-10Rick ComleyCCHAI19136.579
2008-09Rick ComleyCCHAI10235.329
2007-08Rick ComleyCCHAI25125.655x
2006-07Rick ComleyCCHAI26133.655x (1)
2005-06Rick ComleyCCHAI25128.644xx
2004-05Rick ComleyCCHAI20174.537
2003-04Rick ComleyCCHAI23172.571x
2002-03Rick ComleyCCHAI23142.615
2001-02Ron MasonCCHAI2795.720x
2000-01Ron MasonCCHAI3354.833xxx (3)
1999-00Ron MasonCCHAI27114.690xx
1998-99Ron MasonCCHAI2967.774xx
1997-98Ron MasonCCHAI3365.807xxx
1996-97Ron MasonCCHAI23134.625x
1995-96Ron MasonCCHAI28131.679x
1994-95Ron MasonCCHAI25123.662x
1993-94Ron MasonCCHAI23135.622x
1992-93Ron MasonCCHAI24142.625
1991-92Ron MasonCCHAI26108.682x (3)
1990-91Ron MasonCCHAI17185.487
1989-90Ron MasonCCHAI3573.811xxx
1988-89Ron MasonCCHAI3791.798xxx
1987-88Ron MasonCCHAI27163.620xx
1986-87Ron MasonCCHAI33102.756xx (2)
1985-86Ron MasonCCHAI3492.778xx (1)
1984-85Ron MasonCCHAI3860.864xxx
1983-84Ron MasonCCHAI34120.739xx (4)
1982-83Ron MasonCCHAI30111.726xx
1981-82Ron MasonCCHAI26142.643xx
Michigan State Spartans • WCHA • NCAA Division I
1980-81Ron MasonWCHAI12222.361
1979-80Ron MasonWCHAI14240.368
1978-79Amo BessoneWCHAI15210.417
1977-78Amo BessoneWCHAI7272.222
1976-77Amo BessoneWCHAI14211.403
1975-76Amo BessoneWCHAI23152.600
1974-75Amo BessoneWCHAI22171.562
1973-74Amo BessoneWCHAI23141.618
1972-73Amo BessoneWCHAI23121.653
1971-72Amo BessoneWCHAI20160.556
1970-71Amo BessoneWCHAI19120.613
1969-70Amo BessoneWCHAI13160.448
1968-69Amo BessoneWCHAI11161.411
1967-68Amo BessoneWCHAI11162.414
1966-67Amo BessoneWCHAI16151.516x (3)
1965-66Amo BessoneWCHAI16130.552x (1)
1964-65Amo BessoneWCHAI17120.586
1963-64Amo BessoneWCHAI8171.327
1962-63Amo BessoneWCHAI11120.478
1961-62Amo BessoneWCHAI13111.540
1960-61Amo BessoneWCHAI11160.407
1959-60Amo BessoneWCHAI4182.208
Michigan State Spartans • Independent • NCAA Division I
1958-59Amo BessoneIndependentI1761.729x (2)
Michigan State Spartans • WIHL • NCAA Division I
1957-58Amo BessoneWIHLI12110.522
1956-57Amo BessoneWIHLI7150.318
1955-56Amo BessoneWIHLI5180.217
1954-55Amo BessoneWIHLI9171.352
1953-54Amo BessoneWIHLI8141.370
Michigan State Spartans • MCHL • NCAA Division I
1952-53Amo BessoneMCHLI5161.250
1951-52Amo BessoneMCHLI7130.350
Michigan State Spartans • Independent • NCAA Division I
1950-51Harold PaulsenIndependentI6110.353
1948-50Harold PaulsenIndependentI0140.000
Michigan State Spartans • Independent • NCAA Division I
1929-30John KobsIndependentI140.200
1928-29John KobsIndependentI331.500
1927-28John KobsIndependentI330.500
1926-27John KobsIndependentI130.250
1925-26John KobsIndependentI040.000
1924-25John KobsIndependentI010.000
Michigan State Spartans • Independent • NCAA Division I
1922-23No CoachIndependentI240.333
1921-22No CoachIndependentI030.000
Program Totals:1275985149.560
  • RS — Won Regular Season Conference Title
  • LT — Won Conference Postseason Tournament Championship
  • NCAAs — Went to NCAA tournament (Top 4 Finish)

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