North Dakota Men's Hockey
Team History

SeasonCoachConferenceDivWLTWin %RSLTNCAAs
North Dakota Fighting Hawks • NCHC • NCAA Division I
2015-16Brad BerryNCHCI3464.818
North Dakota • NCHC • NCAA Division I
2014-15Dave HakstolNCHCI29103.726xx (3)
2013-14Dave HakstolNCHCI25143.631x (3)
North Dakota • WCHA • NCAA Division I
2012-13Dave HakstolWCHAI22137.607x
2011-12Dave HakstolWCHAI26133.655xx
North Dakota Fighting Sioux • WCHA • NCAA Division I
2010-11Dave HakstolWCHAI3293.761xxx (3)
2009-10Dave HakstolWCHAI25135.640xx
2008-09Dave HakstolWCHAI24154.605xx
2007-08Dave HakstolWCHAI28114.698x (3)
2006-07Dave HakstolWCHAI24145.616x (3)
2005-06Dave HakstolWCHAI29161.641xx (3)
2004-05Dave HakstolWCHAI25155.611x (2)
2003-04Dean BlaisWCHAI3083.768xx
2002-03Dean BlaisWCHAI26125.663x
2001-02Dean BlaisWCHAI16192.459
2000-01Dean BlaisWCHAI2989.728xx (2)
1999-00Dean BlaisWCHAI3185.761xx (1)
1998-99Dean BlaisWCHAI3262.825xx
1997-98Dean BlaisWCHAI3081.782xx
1996-97Dean BlaisWCHAI31102.744xxx (1)
1995-96Dean BlaisWCHAI19181.513
1994-95Dean BlaisWCHAI18183.500
1993-94John "Gino" GaspariniWCHAI11234.342
1992-93John "Gino" GaspariniWCHAI12251.329
1991-92John "Gino" GaspariniWCHAI17211.449
1990-91John "Gino" GaspariniWCHAI24172.581
1989-90John "Gino" GaspariniWCHAI28134.667x
1988-89John "Gino" GaspariniWCHAI22181.549
1987-88John "Gino" GaspariniWCHAI21201.512
1986-87John "Gino" GaspariniWCHAI4080.833xxx (1)
1985-86John "Gino" GaspariniWCHAI24161.598
1984-85John "Gino" GaspariniWCHAI24162.595
1983-84John "Gino" GaspariniWCHAI31122.711x (3)
1982-83John "Gino" GaspariniWCHAI21132.611
1981-82John "Gino" GaspariniWCHAI35120.745xx (1)
1980-81John "Gino" GaspariniWCHAI21152.579
1979-80John "Gino" GaspariniWCHAI3181.787xx (1)
1978-79John "Gino" GaspariniWCHAI30111.726xx (2)
1977-78Rube BjorkmanWCHAI15221.408
1976-77Rube BjorkmanWCHAI19190.500
1975-76Rube BjorkmanWCHAI15210.417
1974-75Rube BjorkmanWCHAI6282.194
1973-74Rube BjorkmanWCHAI10231.309
1972-73Rube BjorkmanWCHAI17172.500
1971-72Rube BjorkmanWCHAI21141.597
1970-71Rube BjorkmanWCHAI14172.455
1969-70Rube BjorkmanWCHAI14151.483
1968-69Rube BjorkmanWCHAI18101.638
1967-68Bill SelmanWCHAI20103.652x (2)
1966-67Bill SelmanWCHAI19100.655xx (4)
1965-66Bob PetersWCHAI17121.583
1964-65Bob PetersWCHAI2580.758xx (3)
1963-64Barry ThorndycraftWCHAI12112.520
1962-63Barry ThorndycraftWCHAI2273.734xx (1)
1961-62Barry ThorndycraftWCHAI9170.346
1960-61Barry ThorndycraftWCHAI9191.328
1959-60Barry ThorndycraftWCHAI19112.625
North Dakota Fighting Sioux • Independent • NCAA Division I
1958-59Bob MayIndependentI20101.661x (1)
North Dakota Fighting Sioux • WIHL • NCAA Division I
1957-58Bob MayWIHLI2471.766xx (2)
1956-57Al RenfrewWIHLI18110.621
1955-56Cliff (Fido) PurpurWIHLI11161.411
1954-55Cliff (Fido) PurpurWIHLI14131.518
1953-54Cliff (Fido) PurpurWIHLI14121.537
North Dakota Fighting Sioux • MCHL • NCAA Division I
1952-53Cliff (Fido) PurpurMCHLI1550.750
1951-52Cliff (Fido) PurpurMCHLI13111.540
North Dakota Fighting Sioux • Independent • NCAA Division I
1950-51Cliff (Fido) PurpurIndependentI12122.500
1949-50Cliff (Fido) PurpurIndependentI1562.696
1948-49Don NormanIndependentI9121.432
1947-48Don NormanIndependentI1150.688
1946-47John JamiesonIndependentI760.538
1935-36No CoachIndependentI220.500
1932-33No CoachIndependentI180.111
1930-31No CoachIndependentI010.000
1929-30No CoachIndependentI110.500
Program Totals:1465941139.603
  • RS — Won Regular Season Conference Title
  • LT — Won Conference Postseason Tournament Championship
  • NCAAs — Went to NCAA tournament (Top 4 Finish)

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