Norwich Men's Hockey
Team History

SeasonCoachConferenceDivWLTWin %RSLTNCAAs
Norwich Cadets • NEHC • NCAA Division III
2015-16Mike McShaneNEHCIII1782.667
Norwich Cadets • ECAC East • NCAA Division III
2014-15Mike McShaneECAC EastIII2541.850xxx
2013-14Mike McShaneECAC EastIII2073.717xx
2012-13Mike McShaneECAC EastIII2441.845xx (3)
2011-12Mike McShaneECAC EastIII2432.862xxx (3)
2010-11Mike McShaneECAC EastIII2263.758xxx (3)
2009-10Mike McShaneECAC EastIII2614.903xxx (1)
2008-09Mike McShaneECAC EastIII1384.600x
2007-08Mike McShaneECAC EastIII2370.767xxx (3)
2006-07Mike McShaneECAC EastIII1980.704xx
2005-06Mike McShaneECAC EastIII2252.793xxx
2004-05Mike McShaneECAC EastIII1853.750x
2003-04Mike McShaneECAC EastIII2440.857xxx (3)
2002-03Mike McShaneECAC EastIII2730.900xxx (1)
2001-02Mike McShaneECAC EastIII2750.844xxx (2)
2000-01Mike McShaneECAC EastIII1891.661x
1999-00Mike McShaneECAC EastIII2921.922xxx (1)
1998-99Mike McShaneECAC EastIII2722.903xxx (3)
1997-98Mike McShaneECAC EastIII13122.519
1996-97Mike McShaneECAC EastIII2172.733x (4)
1995-96Mike McShaneECAC EastIII12120.500
1994-95Bill CahillECAC EastIII10121.457
1993-94Bill CahillECAC EastIII11111.500
1992-93Bill CahillECAC EastIII13100.565
1991-92Tony MarianoECAC EastIII13113.537
1990-91Tony MarianoECAC EastIII10160.385
1989-90Tony MarianoECAC EastIII11114.500
1988-89Tony MarianoECAC EastIII12120.500
1987-88Tony MarianoECAC EastIII1780.680
1986-87Tony MarianoECAC EastIII16131.550x
1985-86Tony MarianoECAC EastIII16111.589
1984-85Tony MarianoECAC EastIII18110.621
1983-84Tony MarianoECAC EastIII1790.654
1982-83Tony MarianoECAC EastIII1790.654
1981-82Don CahoonECAC EastIII18111.617
1980-81Don CahoonECAC EastIII18111.617
1979-80Don CahoonECAC EastIII12130.480
1978-79Bob PriestleyECAC EastIII19100.655
1977-78Bob PriestleyECAC EastIII14110.560
1976-77Bob PriestleyECAC EastIII13130.500
1975-76Bob PriestleyECAC EastIII12111.521
1974-75Bob PriestleyECAC EastIII13140.481
1973-74Bob PriestleyECAC EastIII1392.583
1972-73Bob PriestleyECAC EastIII13112.538
1971-72Bob PriestleyECAC EastIII5171.239
1970-71Bob PriestleyECAC EastIII11130.458
1969-70Bob PriestleyECAC EastIII9130.409
1968-69Bob PriestleyECAC EastIII12100.545
1967-68Bob PriestleyECAC EastIII3220.120
1966-67Bob PriestleyECAC EastIII1581.646
1965-66Bob PriestleyECAC EastIII7150.318
1964-65Bob PriestleyECAC EastIII1380.619
1963-64Bob PriestleyECAC EastIII1081.553
1962-63Bob PriestleyECAC EastIII1291.568
1961-62Bob PriestleyECAC EastIII8121.405
1960-61Bob PriestleyECAC EastIII10110.476
1959-60Bob PriestleyECAC EastIII6120.333
1958-59Bob PriestleyECAC EastIII8100.444
1957-58Bob PriestleyECAC EastIII8100.444
1956-57Bob PriestleyECAC EastIII6121.342
1955-56Bob PriestleyECAC EastIII660.500
1954-55Bob PriestleyECAC EastIII1050.667
1953-54Bob PriestleyECAC EastIII960.600
1952-53Bob PriestleyECAC EastIII1121.821
1951-52Bob PriestleyECAC EastIII1410.933
1950-51J SantosuossoECAC EastIII660.500
1949-50J SantosuossoECAC EastIII640.600
1947-48Jerry DesRosierECAC EastIII770.500
1946-47Chub SimeoneECAC EastIII440.500
1940-41Joe ChouinardECAC EastIII231.417
1939-40No CoachECAC EastIII431.562
1938-39No CoachECAC EastIII130.250
1935-36Les HeonECAC EastIII030.000
1930-31No CoachECAC EastIII040.000
1929-30Jerry EllisECAC EastIII042.167
1928-29Jerry EllisECAC EastIII260.250
1927-28Dewey GrahamECAC EastIII022.250
1925-26Dewey GrahamECAC EastIII110.500
Program Totals:100364064.606
  • RS — Won Regular Season Conference Title
  • LT — Won Conference Postseason Tournament Championship
  • NCAAs — Went to NCAA tournament (Top 4 Finish)

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