Kristofer Faric: Career Statistics

Position: Forward
Height: 6’-0”
Weight: 180 lbs
Hometown: Whitby, Ontario
Previous team: Castleton State Previous College: Castleton (

Season totals

2012-2013Salem State25915240.96360.244010
2013-2014Salem State2858130.466120.431000
2014-2015(Current season: no games played yet)
Career Totals531423370.709180.345010

Game by game

(No games played)
Diving 3:33 (1st), Diving 3:33 (1st)
11/12/13@Plymouth State01100:00Scoring
4: Platt (Faric, Cashin) 1:12(ot)
11/14/13Westfield State20200:00Scoring
1: Faric (Defelice) 15:48 (1st)
3: Faric (Goodwin) 6x4 1:26 (2nd)
11/16/13@Framingham State00000:00
11/26/13@Southern Maine00000:00
12/01/13Connecticut College00000:00
12/05/13@Fitchburg State10100:00Scoring
3: Faric (unassisted) 1:46 (3rd)
12/07/13Worcester State01100:00Scoring
6: Needham (Faric, Phelan) 6x5 7:44 (3rd)
01/02/14vs. Babson00000:00
2: Mastropietro (Phelan, Faric) 16:36 (2nd)
01/07/14vs. Massachusetts-Boston00024:00Penalties
Boarding 17:00 (1st), Hitting After the Whistle 1:53 (2nd)
01/11/14Plymouth State00000:00
01/16/14@Westfield State00000:00
01/18/14Framingham State01100:00Scoring
1: Mastropietro (Faric, Banwell) 10:38 (1st)
4: Platt (Banwell, Faric) 6x5 13:24 (2nd)
01/28/14@St. Anselm00000:00
01/30/14Fitchburg State00000:00
02/01/14@Worcester State00000:00
02/06/14@Plymouth State11200:00Scoring
2: Goodwin (Faric, Phelan) 18:59 (1st)
3: Faric (Phelan, Goodwin) 3:21 (2nd)
02/08/14Westfield State00012:00Penalties
Holding 17:50 (1st)
Unsportsmanlike Conduct 18:00 (1st)
02/18/14@Framingham State10100:00Scoring
2: Faric (Minter, Bettencourt) 10:49 (1st)
02/22/14@Fitchburg State01100:00Scoring
1: Needham (Cashin, Faric) 5x6 14:10 (1st)
02/25/14Worcester State01100:00Scoring
1: Phelan (Goodwin, Faric) 1:53 (1st)
03/04/14Framingham State00000:00
03/08/14Plymouth State00000:00

11/15/12@Fitchburg State02200:00Scoring
1: Bettencourt (Faric, Banwell) 18:00 (1st)
2: Bettencourt (Faric, Defelice) 1:25 (2nd)
2: Faric (Bettencourt, McManus) 6x5 15:06 (3rd)
11/25/12@Connecticut College01100:00Scoring
2: Goodwin (Faric, Phelan) 10:15 (3rd)
11/29/12@Plymouth State00012:00Penalties
Contact to the Head 7:24 (2nd)
12/01/12Westfield State11200:00Scoring
4: Faric (Mastropietro, Goodwin) 6x4 19:41 (2nd)
5: Bettencourt (McManus, Faric) 6x5 0:30 (3rd)
12/06/12Framingham State10100:00Scoring
3: Faric (Washington, Bettencourt) 14:43 (2nd)
12/08/12@Worcester State02200:00Scoring
3: Washington (Faric, Bettencourt) 14:50 (1st)
5: Bettencourt (Faric, Goodwin) 6:17 (3rd)
2: Moniz (McManus, Faric) 19:01 (3rd)
Boarding 5:52 (3rd)
01/05/13Southern Maine11200:00Scoring
1: Faric (Macdonald) 17:50 (1st)
5: Goodwin (Faric, Canty) 10:08 (3rd)
01/08/13New England College00000:00
01/12/13Fitchburg State10100:00Scoring
1: Faric (Bettencourt, Goodwin) 6x5 14:46 (3rd)
4: Goodwin (Phelan, Faric) 14:03 (3rd)
01/17/13Plymouth State00000:00
01/21/13@Westfield State00000:00
01/26/13Worcester State02200:00Scoring
2: Macdonald (McManus, Faric) 6x4 8:30 (2nd)
3: Bucci (Phelan, Faric) 8:38 (3rd)
01/29/13St. Anselm00000:00
02/02/13@Fitchburg State10100:00Scoring
1: Faric (Macdonald) 6x5 1:50 (2nd)
1: Goodwin (Faric, Washington) 7:22 (1st)
02/11/13@Plymouth State00000:00
02/14/13Westfield State10100:00Scoring
4: Faric (Bucci) 15:40 (3rd)
02/16/13@Framingham State10112:00Scoring
3: Faric (Kenline) 1:06 (2nd)
Contact to the Head 5:59 (3rd)
02/19/13@Worcester State01100:00Scoring
3: Cashin (Faric, McManus) 12:16 (2nd)
02/23/13Worcester State11200:00Scoring
3: Faric (Moniz, Washington) 13:09 (2nd)
5: Moniz (Faric, Phelan) 6x5 2:37 (3rd)
1: Defelice (Phelan, Faric) 6x5 2:56 (1st)

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