Patrick Leahy: Career Statistics

Position: Forward
Height: 6’-3”
Weight: 200 lbs
DOB: 6/9/79
Hometown: Duxbury, Mass.
Previous team: Boston College HS

Season totals

Career Totals733040700.9611521
*Penalty statistics are not available prior to the 2007-2008 season.

Game by game

1: Leahy (Jardine, Krajnc) 5x4 6:50 (1st)
4: Krajnc (Leahy, Marsch) 5x5 9:36 (3rd)
2: Deskins (Leahy, Marsch) 5x4 1:06 (2nd)
10/21/00@New Hampshire011Scoring
2: Krajnc (Marsch, Leahy) 4x3 13:26 (3rd)
11/03/00Notre Dame000
11/04/00Notre Dame000
11/10/00@Bemidji State011Scoring
2: Kompon (Hartlieb, Leahy) 5x5 6:29 (2nd)
5: Deskins (Hartlieb, Leahy) 5x5 8:07 (3rd)
11/24/00Lake Superior022Scoring
1: Deskins (Leahy) 5x4 17:56 (1st)
2: Hartlieb (Marsch, Leahy) 5x5 6:01 (2nd)
11/25/00Lake Superior112Scoring
2: Leahy (Deskins, Edwardson) 5x4 1:26 (2nd)
4: Deskins (Leahy, Hartlieb) 5x5 19:50 (2nd)
12/01/00@Western Michigan123Scoring
1: Leahy (Krajnc, Edwardson) 5x4 2:34 (1st)
2: Deskins (Leahy, Hartlieb) 5x5 17:15 (2nd)
4: Deskins (Leahy, Marsch) 5x5 16:30 (3rd)
12/02/00@Western Michigan011Scoring
2: Hartlieb (Leahy, Deskins) 5x5 1:51 (2nd)
12/08/00@Notre Dame033Scoring
1: Deskins (Hartlieb, Leahy) 5x5 9:00 (1st)
2: Hartlieb (Deskins, Leahy) 5x5 17:49 (1st)
4: Krajnc (Leahy) 4x5 13:27 (2nd)
12/09/00@Notre Dame112Scoring
1: Deskins (Leahy, Edwardson) 5x4 9:36 (2nd)
3: Leahy (Deskins, Marsch) 5x5 14:43 (2nd)
12/29/00vs. Vermont000
12/30/00vs. New Hampshire000
01/12/01@Ferris State011Scoring
3: Glumac (Leahy, Krajnc) 5x4 17:24 (3rd)
01/13/01@Ferris State011Scoring
1: Deskins (Leahy, Hartlieb) 5x5 13:05 (2nd)
01/19/01@Michigan State000
01/20/01@Michigan State000
01/26/01Bowling Green101Scoring
1: Leahy (Cheverie, Stevens) 5x4 11:32 (1st)
01/27/01Bowling Green112Scoring
7: Leahy (Kompon, Glumac) 5x4 18:41 (2nd)
8: Glumac (Kompon, Leahy) 5x5 4:20 (3rd)
02/02/01Western Michigan000
02/03/01Western Michigan101Scoring
5: Leahy (Glumac, Cheverie) 5x4 16:44 (2nd)
02/09/01@Ohio State202Scoring
3: Leahy (Edwardson) 5x5 19:31 (2nd)
4: Leahy (Edwardson) SHG 19:28 (3rd)
02/10/01Ohio State112Scoring
1: Kompon (Edwardson, Leahy) 5x5 19:13 (1st)
3: Leahy (Kompon, Edwardson) 5x5 4:59 (3rd)
02/23/01Northern Michigan101Scoring
1: Leahy (Edwardson, Stevens) 4x4 17:15 (1st)
02/24/01Northern Michigan000
02/27/01@Ohio State000
03/02/01Ohio State000
03/08/01Bowling Green101Scoring
1: Leahy (Glumac, Jardine) 5x5 15:23 (1st)
03/09/01Bowling Green101Scoring
1: Leahy (Glumac, Edwardson) 5x4 10:46 (1st)

10/08/99@Western Michigan000
10/09/99@Western Michigan112Scoring
1: Leahy (Shalawylo, Mizerek) 5x5 17:18 (1st)
2: Cheverie (Leahy, Mizerek) 5x3 5:11 (2nd)
10/15/99@St. Cloud State112Scoring
1: Leahy (Cheverie, Shalawylo) 5x5 2:25 (1st)
3: Glumac (Cheverie, Leahy) 5x4 2:45 (2nd)
10/16/99@St. Cloud State000
2: Leahy (Mizerek, Cheverie) 5x5 5:58 (2nd)
1: Stewart (Cheverie, Leahy) 5x4 3:20 (1st)
4: Glumac (Leahy, Cheverie) 5x4 15:56 (2nd)
10/28/99@Notre Dame000
10/29/99@Notre Dame000
11/06/99Bowling Green202Scoring
3: Leahy (Whitecotton) 4x5 19:40 (1st)
4: Leahy (unassisted) 4x5 3:48 (2nd)
1: Whitecotton (Mizerek, Leahy) 5x4 2:02 (1st)
2: Cheverie (Leahy, Whitecotton) 4x3 1:00 (2nd)
11/19/99Michigan State123Scoring
1: Jardine (Whitecotton, Leahy) 5x5 16:48 (1st)
2: Leahy (Whitecotton, Jardine) 5x5 9:41 (2nd)
3: Whitecotton (Jardine, Leahy) 5x5 :54 (3rd)
11/20/99Michigan State213Scoring
1: Jardine (Glumac, Leahy) 5x4 4:03 (1st)
2: Leahy (Whitecotton) 4x5 18:47 (1st)
3: Leahy (Whitecotton, Jardine) 5x4 13:41 (2nd)
12/03/99Ohio State011Scoring
1: Jardine (Whitecotton, Leahy) 5x5 4:34 (2nd)
12/05/99@Ohio State000
12/27/99vs. North Dakota101Scoring
2: Leahy (Whitecotton, Jardine) 5x5 10:27 (2nd)
12/28/99vs. Nebraska-Omaha000
01/08/00@Bowling Green112Scoring
2: Leahy (unassisted) 5x3 9:49 (1st)
4: Jardine (Whitecotton, Leahy) 5x5 14:29 (3rd)
1: Jardine (Leahy, Whitecotton) 5x4 10:39 (2nd)
01/21/00Ferris State101Scoring
3: Leahy (unassisted) 5x5 5:01 (2nd)
01/22/00Ferris State314Scoring
1: Leahy (Whitecotton) 5x4 4:33 (1st)
2: Leahy (Whitecotton) 4x5 14:59 (2nd)
3: Glumac (Leahy, Mizerek) 5x4 3:32 (3rd)
4: Leahy (Whitecotton) 5x5 4:29(ot)
01/28/00@Lake Superior101Scoring
2: Leahy (Mizerek, Walford) 5x5 11:33 (3rd)
01/29/00@Lake Superior000
3: Whitecotton (Stewart, Leahy) 5x5 7:17 (2nd)
5: Cheverie (Whitecotton, Leahy) 5x4 4:51(ot)
02/11/00@Bowling Green011Scoring
1: Whitecotton (Jardine, Leahy) 5x4 2:56 (1st)
02/12/00Bowling Green000
1: Jardine (Leahy) 5x5 16:41 (2nd)
2: Jardine (Whitecotton, Leahy) 5x5 1:05 (2nd)
4: Leahy (Mizerek, Jardine) 5x3 9:49 (2nd)
5: Leahy (Medvecz) 5x5 16:03 (2nd)
02/25/00Northern Michigan000
02/26/00Northern Michigan000
02/29/00@Ohio State022Scoring
1: Marsch (Mizerek, Leahy) 5x3 3:11 (2nd)
2: Whitecotton (Marsch, Leahy) 5x4 11:43 (2nd)
03/04/00Ohio State000
03/10/00@Michigan State011Scoring
2: Medvecz (Leahy, Whitecotton) 5x5 13:17 (3rd)
03/11/00@Michigan State000

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