Marisa Ketterman: Career Statistics

Position: Forward
Height: 5’-5”
Hometown: Palmer, Alaska
Previous team: Gilmour Academy

Season totals

2013-2014Franklin Pierce24119200.83120.083000
2014-2015*Franklin Pierce181214261.44360.331040
Career Totals422323461.10480.194040
*Exhibition Games do not count in team stats.

Game by game

11/07/14E3@St. Anselm00000:00
11/08/14E3New England College01100:00Scoring
3: Brolsma (Barbieri, Ketterman) 3:04 (2nd)
1: Ketterman (Brolsma, Barbieri) 6:29 (1st)
2: Ketterman (Flynn) 14:15 (2nd)
4: Ketterman (Brolsma, Bureau) 12:05 (3rd)
Tripping 15:03 (3rd), Tripping 15:03 (3rd)
11/15/14E3@Holy Cross10100:00Scoring
2: Ketterman (Brolsma) 16:36 (3rd)
11/21/14E3@St. Michael's01100:00Scoring
1: Sheils (Brolsma, Ketterman) 6x4 17:08 (3rd)
11/22/14E3@University of New England01112:00Scoring
2: Baker (Ketterman, Brolsma) 4:25 (2nd)
Tripping 18:16 (2nd)
11/29/14NCBuffalo State02200:00Scoring
1: Arnold (Brolsma, Ketterman) 17:44 (1st)
4: Sheils (Ketterman, Harron) 6x5 9:39 (3rd)
11/30/14NCBuffalo State00000:00
12/05/14NCSacred Heart21300:00Scoring
2: Ketterman (Barbieri, Brolsma) 17:39 (1st)
4: Ketterman (unassisted) 17:40 (2nd)
6: Baker (Doucette, Ketterman) 4:56 (3rd)
12/06/14NC@Sacred Heart00000:00
3: Ketterman (Flynn, Harron) 2:16 (2nd)
5: Ketterman (Harron, Arnold) 6x5 11:22 (3rd)
1: Ketterman (Harron, Diltz) 18:09 (1st)
2: Harron (Ketterman, Matsumoto) 1:56 (2nd)
4: Paciello (Ketterman, Harron) 16:33 (3rd)
01/09/15NCWilliam Smith03300:00Scoring
1: Craig (Ketterman, Brolsma) 4:45 (1st)
3: Craig (Ketterman, Brolsma) 11:12 (2nd)
5: Brolsma (Arnold, Ketterman) 6x5 16:37 (2nd)
01/10/15NCWilliam Smith01100:00Scoring
3: Sheils (Ketterman, Brolsma) 6x5 1:50 (2nd)
01/16/15E3St. Michael's20200:00Scoring
1: Ketterman (Barbieri, Brolsma) 15:25 (1st)
2: Ketterman (Brolsma) 18:11 (1st)
5: Sheils (Harron, Ketterman) 6x5 16:08 (3rd)
01/24/15E3@St. Michael's10100:00Scoring
2: Ketterman (Brolsma, Barbieri) 18:56 (2nd)
01/30/15E3St. Anselm01100:00Scoring
1: Doucette (Ketterman) 6x4 19:45 (3rd)

Tripping 0:40 (3rd)
11/02/13NCPlymouth State00000:00
2: Ketterman (Sheils) 3:37 (2nd)
3: Paciello (Danforth, Ketterman) 6x4 0:25 (3rd)
11/12/13NC@Holy Cross10100:00Scoring
1: Ketterman (Barbieri, Arnold) 6x5 3:16 (2nd)
4: Ketterman (Arnold, Paciello) 6x4 18:32 (3rd)
12/07/13NC@Buffalo State01100:00Scoring
3: Danforth (Ketterman, Paciello) 6x5 12:07 (2nd)
12/08/13NC@Buffalo State00000:00
4: Barbieri (Sheils, Ketterman) 11:12 (2nd)
5: Ketterman (Danforth) 19:51 (3rd)
01/05/14NC@St. Anselm00000:00
01/07/14NCSt. Michael's10100:00Scoring
3: Ketterman (Danforth, Arnold) 6x5 7:20 (3rd)
01/11/14NC@Plymouth State20200:00Scoring
1: Ketterman (unassisted) 7:15 (2nd)
3: Ketterman (unassisted) 4:37 (3rd)
01/14/14NC@Salve Regina11200:00Scoring
2: Ketterman (Wiley, Harron) 8:32 (3rd)
3: Harron (Ketterman, Arnold) 6x5 14:06 (3rd)
01/17/14NCUniversity of New England02200:00Scoring
5: Barbieri (Arnold, Ketterman) 6x5 9:02 (2nd)
6: Barbieri (Arnold, Ketterman) 6x5 9:02 (2nd)
01/18/14NC@University of New England10100:00Scoring
1: Ketterman (Paciello, Danforth) 7:03 (2nd)
01/21/14NCSt. Michael's01100:00Scoring
2: Matsumoto (Ketterman, Danforth) 2:32 (2nd)
01/24/14NCSacred Heart00000:00
01/25/14NCSacred Heart11200:00Scoring
2: Ketterman (Doucette, Sheils) 3:43 (3rd)
3: Barbieri (Ketterman, Paciello) 6x5 5:21 (3rd)
02/07/14NC@University of New England00000:00
02/11/14NC@St. Anselm00000:00
02/14/14NC@Sacred Heart11200:00Scoring
2: Danforth (Matsumoto, Ketterman) 4:20 (3rd)
4: Ketterman (Matsumoto, Arnold) 17:11 (3rd)
02/15/14NC@Sacred Heart00000:00

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