Adrian Bulldogs Men's Hockey
2014-2015 Team Statistics

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Overall Statistics

Kyle BrothersFFr181414281.5556245510
Josh RanalliFSr191210221.15798271400
Mathew ThompsonFFr161010201.2500481300
Jeremy OlinykFSo19713201.05265100100
Duston HebebrandFSr18711181.00007141410
Taylor McCloyFFr12414181.5000240200
Ryan LoweFSr1848120.66672123200
Ryan GieselerDSr18111120.66677141000
Chris LeoneDJr1829110.6111121000
Kevin BalasFSr164480.5000480200
Austin RustFFr141670.5000240000
Micki MihailovichDSr172460.352910280000
Austin HerveyFSo144150.35715100000
Adam DaviesDJr191450.26328220001
Brett PinkertonFSo131450.3846360000
Rob HeathDSr93140.4444120111
Pat GeorgeFJr122130.25009400101
Grant TelferDSr142130.21435100000
Jake FlegelDSo121230.25005100000
Brent SauveFSo71230.4286240000
Blake ButzowDFr141120.1429360000
David HaafDSo100220.2000240000
Michael HoyDSo100220.20006310000
Scott ShackellGSr140110.0714000000
Daniel LisiFSo50000.00005100000
Dillon KelleyGFr40000.0000000000
James HambyGSr60000.0000120000

Overall Goaltending Statistics

Scott ShackellSr14913.808237711.78943319.933
James HambySr6220.500172534.0276089.840
Dillon KelleyFr42001.00041201.9975033.892
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NCHA Conference-Only Statistics

Kyle BrothersFFr12912211.7500004300
Josh RanalliFSr1296151.25005211200
Jeremy OlinykFSo12411151.2500480000
Duston HebebrandFSr1177141.27275101410
Taylor McCloyFFr849131.6250240200
Mathew ThompsonFFr1057121.2000360100
Ryan LoweFSr1147111.00002123200
Kevin BalasFSr104480.8000480200
Chris LeoneDJr122680.6667121000
Ryan GieselerDSr120880.6667480000
Austin RustFFr91670.7778240000
Micki MihailovichDSr112350.45455100000
Brett PinkertonFSo81450.6250120000
Austin HerveyFSo103140.4000480000
Adam DaviesDJr120440.33337200000
Pat GeorgeFJr82130.37507360101
Rob HeathDSr72130.4286120111
Grant TelferDSr91120.2222360000
Blake ButzowDFr101120.2000240000
David HaafDSo50220.4000000000
Jake FlegelDSo61010.1667480000
Brent SauveFSo30110.3333120000
Michael HoyDSo60110.16673140000
Scott ShackellGSr100110.1000000000
Daniel LisiFSo20000.0000480000
Dillon KelleyGFr20000.0000000000
James HambyGSr30000.0000000000

NCHA Conference-Only Goaltending Statistics

Scott ShackellSr10711.833165211.84152209.929
James HambySr32001.00071293.2571041.854
Dillon KelleyFr21001.0003712.5508015.833
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Overall and NCHA Comparison

Kyle BrothersFFr181414284551291221043
Josh RanalliFSr1912102227141296152112
Mathew ThompsonFFr16101020813105712601
Jeremy OlinykFSo197132010011241115800
Duston HebebrandFSr187111814141177141014
Taylor McCloyFFr124141840284913402
Ryan LoweFSr18481212321147111232
Ryan GieselerDSr1811112141012088800
Chris LeoneDJr18291121012268210
Kevin BalasFSr1644880210448802
Austin RustFFr141674009167400
Micki MihailovichDSr172462800112351000
Austin HerveyFSo14415100010314800
Adam DaviesDJr191452200120442000
Brett PinkertonFSo131456008145200
Rob HeathDSr93142017213201
Pat GeorgeFJr12213400182133601
Grant TelferDSr1421310009112600
Jake FlegelDSo1212310006101800
Brent SauveFSo71234003011200
Blake ButzowDFr1411260010112400
David HaafDSo100224005022000
Michael HoyDSo10022310060111400
Scott ShackellGSr1401100010011000
Daniel LisiFSo500010002000800
Dillon KelleyGFr40000002000000
James HambyGSr60002003000000

Overall and NCHA Goaltending Comparison

Scott ShackellSr14913.8081.78943.93310711.8331.84152.929
James HambySr6220.5004.02760.84032001.0003.25710.854
Dillon KelleyFr42001.0001.99750.89221001.0002.55080.833

Detailed Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (13-3-3, 10-1-1 NCHA)

10/31/14 Northland333 9151417 463-90-412C. Leone, T. McCloy, K. Balas, K. Brothers (3), J. Ranalli (2), A. Hervey
11/01/14 Northland142 712129 331-72-614M. Thompson, T. McCloy, D. Hebebrand, J. Olinyk, G. Telfer, K. Brothers, K. Balas
11/07/14 Milwaukee School of Engineering113 518621 451-71-718M. Mihailovich, T. McCloy, J. Olinyk (2), R. Lowe
11/08/14 Milwaukee School of Engineering122 59107 260-21-418M. Mihailovich, J. Ranalli, M. Thompson, C. Leone, R. Heath
11/14/14@ Concordia (Wis.)023 5121010 322-50-00J. Ranalli, D. Hebebrand (2), R. Lowe, K. Brothers
11/15/14@ Concordia (Wis.)123 681018 363-62-424A. Rust, D. Hebebrand, R. Lowe, M. Thompson, J. Ranalli, R. Heath
11/21/14@ Wisconsin-Eau Claire122 5111212 352-40-26G. Telfer, M. Thompson, K. Brothers (2), J. Ranalli
11/22/14@ Wisconsin-Stevens Point132 65106 213-51-516M. Thompson, J. Olinyk, J. Ranalli (2), R. Gieseler, A. Davies
11/29/14 Wisconsin-Stevens Point102 31179 271-71-410M. Thompson (3)
11/30/14 Neumann000 0131211 360-42-523
12/05/14 Marian222 6121210 341-50-412K. Brothers, B. Butzow, J. Olinyk, K. Balas, M. Thompson, B. Pinkerton
12/06/14 Marian241 710129 313-80-512J. Ranalli, A. Hervey, K. Brothers, T. McCloy, D. Hebebrand (3)
01/06/15 Geneseo00000910142350-50-216
01/09/15@ Bethel034 7101413 371-31-410K. Brothers (3), J. Olinyk (2), B. Sauve, R. Heath
01/10/15@ Wisconsin-River Falls1000189140310-20-410A. Hervey
01/16/15@ St. Scholastica1100282166411-81-214M. Thompson, J. Ranalli
01/17/15@ St. Scholastica012 33106 190-30-335K. Brothers, R. Lowe, P. George
01/23/15@ Finlandia000 0121118 410-51-24
01/24/15@ Finlandia124 7171617 503-60-614J. Ranalli (2), J. Flegel, K. Brothers, P. George, A. Hervey, K. Balas

Team Summary


Scoring First8-1-2
Opp. Scores First5-2-1
When Outshooting Opponent8-2-3
When Outshot by Opponent5-1-0
1-goal Games1-0
When ...LeadingTrailingTied
After 16-0-23-2-04-1-1
After 211-0-01-2-01-1-3

Special Teams

Power Play2510124.8
Penalty Kill607382.2

By Period

Score by Period123otTot.
Shots by Period123otTot.

Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (13-3-3, 10-1-1 NCHA)

 GoalsOpp. GoalsShotsOpp. Shots 
10/31/14 Northland333 9002 2151417 46759 213-90-412
11/01/14 Northland142 7011 212129 33636 151-72-614
11/07/14 Milwaukee School of Engineering113 5220 418621 456108 241-71-718
11/08/14 Milwaukee School of Engineering122 5012 39107 264119 240-21-418
11/14/14@ Concordia (Wis.)023 5210 3121010 32121011 332-50-00
11/15/14@ Concordia (Wis.)123 6110 281018 3617128 373-62-424
11/21/14@ Wisconsin-Eau Claire122 5020 2111212 3561211 292-40-26
11/22/14@ Wisconsin-Stevens Point132 6112 45106 21131410 373-51-516
11/29/14 Wisconsin-Stevens Point102 3213 61179 2711813 321-71-410
11/30/14 Neumann000 0121 4131211 368117 260-42-523
12/05/14 Marian222 6000 0121210 34873 181-50-412
12/06/14 Marian241 7101 210129 3115159 393-80-512
01/06/15 Geneseo0000000000910142356862220-50-216
01/09/15@ Bethel034 7120 3101413 37498 211-31-410
01/10/15@ Wisconsin-River Falls100010010189140319992290-20-410
01/16/15@ St. Scholastica110020110282166415392191-81-214
01/17/15@ St. Scholastica012 3000 03106 1912411 270-30-335
01/23/15@ Finlandia000 0003 3121118 41487 190-51-24
01/24/15@ Finlandia124 7111 3171617 50276 153-60-614

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