Babson Beavers Men's Hockey
2014-2015 Team Statistics

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Overall Statistics

Michael PhillipsFSo201011211.0500482500
Mike VollminDJr19316191.00008271100
Bill SeligmanFSo20116170.85005103310
Charlie AckermanFFr2085130.65006122301
Mike DriscollFSr1867130.72227141100
Max FranklinFJr2084120.6000362410
Tim SearlesFSo2039120.6000241000
Dan CaseyFSo1465110.78576342301
Rob DevaneyFFr2029110.55008160011
Jared WiedemannDJr20011110.55005100000
Joe DiPietroDSr134590.6923000200
Bobby HallFFr202790.45005100000
Jake DonahueDFr201780.400011220000
Andrew BonazzaFSr136170.5385240210
Jimmy MagrathFJr203250.2500240000
Joe DePiettoDFr141450.35716120000
Phil SaviukDJr201450.25005100000
Matt McMorrowFFr181450.2778120000
Ryan GouveiaFFr91230.3333120000
Jamie MurrayGJr200110.0500000000
Matt HoltshouserDFr130110.0769240000
Gene LaneGSo10000.0000000000
Patrick YoungFSo80000.0000240000
Josh CasperDFr10000.0000000000
George BlinickGFr10000.0000000000

Overall Goaltending Statistics

Jamie MurrayJr201442.7503211911.61214521.942
George BlinickFr1000.0000110.0000051.000
Gene LaneSo1000.000090.0000031.000
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ECAC East Conference-Only Statistics

Bill SeligmanFSo1386141.0769242310
Michael PhillipsFSo1377141.0769362400
Mike VollminDJr12311141.16676231100
Tim SearlesFSo1337100.7692121000
Charlie AckermanFFr135490.6923241200
Mike DriscollFSr134480.6154481000
Jared WiedemannDJr130880.6154480000
Max FranklinFJr134370.5385240200
Joe DiPietroDSr103470.7000000200
Rob DevaneyFFr132570.53855100011
Bobby HallFFr130770.5385360000
Jake DonahueDFr131560.46158160000
Jimmy MagrathFJr133140.3077000000
Dan CaseyFSo92240.4444121100
Andrew BonazzaFSr63030.5000240010
Matt McMorrowFFr121230.2500000000
Ryan GouveiaFFr71120.2857120000
Joe DePiettoDFr81120.2500240000
Phil SaviukDJr131120.1538360000
Jamie MurrayGJr130110.0769000000
Matt HoltshouserDFr80110.1250000000
Gene LaneGSo10000.0000000000
Patrick YoungFSo50000.0000120000
Josh CasperDFr10000.0000000000
George BlinickGFr0000000000

ECAC East Conference-Only Goaltending Statistics

Jamie MurrayJr13931.731237781.77314343.937
Gene LaneSo1000.000090.0000031.000
George BlinickFr0000.0000000.000
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Overall and ECAC East Comparison

Michael PhillipsFSo20101121825137714624
Mike VollminDJr1931619271112311142311
Bill SeligmanFSo20116171033138614423
Charlie AckermanFFr208513122313549412
Mike DriscollFSr186713141113448810
Max FranklinFJr20841262413437402
Tim SearlesFSo203912410133710210
Dan CaseyFSo14651134239224211
Rob DevaneyFFr2029111600132571000
Jared WiedemannDJr2001111100013088800
Joe DiPietroDSr1345900210347002
Bobby HallFFr20279100013077600
Jake DonahueDFr201782200131561600
Andrew BonazzaFSr136174026303400
Jimmy MagrathFJr2032540013314000
Joe DePiettoDFr1414512008112400
Phil SaviukDJr20145100013112600
Matt McMorrowFFr1814520012123000
Ryan GouveiaFFr91232007112200
Jamie MurrayGJr2001100013011000
Matt HoltshouserDFr130114008011000
Gene LaneGSo10000001000000
Patrick YoungFSo80004005000200
Josh CasperDFr10000001000000
George BlinickGFr10000000000000

Overall and ECAC East Goaltending Comparison

Jamie MurrayJr201442.7501.61214.94213931.7311.77314.937
George BlinickFr1000.0000.000001.0000000.0000.000
Gene LaneSo1000.0000.000001.0001000.0000.000001.000

Detailed Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (14-4-2, 9-3-1 ECAC East)

11/01/14@ Curry112 413128 330-60-319A. Bonazza, M. Franklin, M. Phillips, C. Ackerman
11/07/14@ St. Anselm232 710166 322-50-38M. Driscoll (2), J. DiPietro, M. Phillips, J. Magrath, B. Seligman, D. Casey
11/08/14@ New England College101 213149 360-10-24D. Casey, C. Ackerman
11/21/14 Skidmore330 6202313 563-61-36P. Saviuk, B. Seligman, C. Ackerman, J. Magrath, M. Vollmin (2)
11/22/14 Castleton003 3121314 390-40-48T. Searles, A. Bonazza (2)
11/25/14 Massachusetts-Dartmouth422 8211910 504-70-612M. Driscoll, M. Franklin (2), B. Seligman (2), D. Casey (2), A. Bonazza
11/29/14 Nazareth014 519712 382-71-416B. Hall, C. Ackerman (2), M. Driscoll, D. Casey
11/30/14 Elmira020 2121615 431-21-412M. Phillips, D. Casey
12/05/14 Southern Maine111 3111316 401-40-36M. Phillips, M. Franklin, A. Bonazza
12/06/14 University of New England022 417913 391-30-410C. Ackerman (2), B. Seligman, J. DePietto
12/10/14 Salem State112 491812 392-71-714M. Franklin, B. Seligman, M. Phillips, A. Bonazza
01/03/15@ Plymouth State0200271982360-51-26B. Hall, J. DiPietro
01/06/15@ Amherst000 0161513 440-30-26
01/09/15@ St. Michael's241 713127 322-51-410M. Phillips (2), C. Ackerman, B. Seligman, J. DiPietro, T. Searles, M. Franklin
01/10/15@ Norwich020027921190-20-512R. Gouveia, M. Vollmin
01/16/15 New England College1200391293330-21-26T. Searles, J. DiPietro, M. Driscoll
01/17/15 St. Anselm133 7111810 393-53-510J. Donahue, M. Franklin, B. Seligman, M. McMorrow, M. Driscoll, M. Phillips, R. Devaney
01/23/15 Massachusetts-Boston130 411176 342-40-323M. Phillips, B. Seligman (2), M. Franklin
01/24/15@ Massachusetts-Boston11103231191441-41-24B. Seligman, J. Magrath, M. Phillips
01/30/15@ Castleton001 191721 470-21-24R. Devaney

Team Summary


Scoring First8-3-1
Opp. Scores First6-1-1
When Outshooting Opponent13-3-2
When Outshot by Opponent1-1-0
1-goal Games1-3
When ...LeadingTrailingTied
After 19-1-01-1-14-2-1
After 211-1-10-3-03-0-1

Special Teams

Power Play248428.6
Penalty Kill587082.9

By Period

Score by Period123otTot.
Shots by Period123otTot.

Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (14-4-2, 9-3-1 ECAC East)

 GoalsOpp. GoalsShotsOpp. Shots 
11/01/14@ Curry112 4010 113128 339810 270-60-319
11/07/14@ St. Anselm232 7000 010166 32988 252-50-38
11/08/14@ New England College101 2000 013149 36657 180-10-24
11/21/14 Skidmore330 6001 1202313 56559 193-61-36
11/22/14 Castleton003 3000 0121314 39788 230-40-48
11/25/14 Massachusetts-Dartmouth422 8010 1211910 50878 234-70-612
11/29/14 Nazareth014 5002 219712 3821612 302-71-416
11/30/14 Elmira020 2010 1121615 431087 251-21-412
12/05/14 Southern Maine111 3000 0111316 40754 161-40-36
12/06/14 University of New England022 4100 117913 397811 261-30-410
12/10/14 Salem State112 4001 191812 391199 292-71-714
01/03/15@ Plymouth State0200210102719823610780250-51-26
01/06/15@ Amherst000 0010 1161513 44121110 330-30-26
01/09/15@ St. Michael's241 7001 113127 3212510 272-51-410
01/10/15@ Norwich02002101137921191415155490-20-512
01/16/15 New England College1200312003912933341272250-21-26
01/17/15 St. Anselm133 7122 5111810 3911118 303-53-510
01/23/15 Massachusetts-Boston130 4011 211176 34151412 412-40-323
01/24/15@ Massachusetts-Boston111030211423119144612173381-41-24
01/30/15@ Castleton001 1021 391721 4715152 320-21-24

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