Babson Beavers Men's Hockey
1999-2000 Team Statistics

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Overall Statistics

Eric BookbinderFJr44592.25000001
Brian BufkinFJr44261.50002100
Rob WinslowFJr44261.50001200
Bobby WestonFJr31341.33330100
Glen McLachlanDSr41230.75000000
Jedd MorinDJr40330.75000000
Corey ZahnerFSo21121.00000010
John LobisserFFr41120.50000000
Brad SchroyerFJr40220.50000000
Pat DolezalDFr40220.50000000
Yanik FournierFFr41010.25001000
Nevin BunsteinFFr21010.50000000
Jason SavageauDJr40110.25000000
Ryan SarverDFr40110.25000000
Lee JenisonGSo20000.00000000
Joe GrabiecFJr40000.00000000
Brian RussoFFr20000.00000000
Andy DratchDFr40000.00000000
Jim O'BrienDSo30000.00000000
Jeff PerryFSo40000.00000000
Kyle FruetelDFr10000.00000000
Thomas ChildFFr20000.00000000
Scott MunroeFSr10000.00000000
Greg BerardGSo30000.00000000

Overall Goaltending Statistics

Greg BerardSo33001.00051701.7685097.951
Lee JenisonSo21001.0003802.2500039.929
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ECAC East Conference-Only Statistics

Lee JenisonGSo00000000
Joe GrabiecFJr00000000
Brad SchroyerFJr00000000
Brian RussoFFr00000000
Yanik FournierFFr00000000
Jason SavageauDJr00000000
Nevin BunsteinFFr00000000
Andy DratchDFr00000000
Ryan SarverDFr00000000
Jim O'BrienDSo00000000
Pat DolezalDFr00000000
Jeff PerryFSo00000000
Kyle FruetelDFr00000000
Thomas ChildFFr00000000
Scott MunroeFSr00000000
Brian BufkinFJr00000000
Jedd MorinDJr00000000
Corey ZahnerFSo00000000
Eric BookbinderFJr00000000
Glen McLachlanDSr00000000
Rob WinslowFJr00000000
Greg BerardGSo00000000
John LobisserFFr00000000
Bobby WestonFJr00000000

ECAC East Conference-Only Goaltending Statistics

Lee JenisonSo0000.0000000.000
Greg BerardSo0000.0000000.000
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Overall and ECAC East Comparison

Eric BookbinderFJr445900000000
Brian BufkinFJr442621000000
Rob WinslowFJr442612000000
Bobby WestonFJr313401000000
Glen McLachlanDSr412300000000
Jedd MorinDJr403300000000
Corey ZahnerFSo211200000000
John LobisserFFr411200000000
Brad SchroyerFJr402200000000
Pat DolezalDFr402200000000
Yanik FournierFFr410110000000
Nevin BunsteinFFr210100000000
Jason SavageauDJr401100000000
Ryan SarverDFr401100000000
Lee JenisonGSo200000000000
Joe GrabiecFJr400000000000
Brian RussoFFr200000000000
Andy DratchDFr400000000000
Jim O'BrienDSo300000000000
Jeff PerryFSo400000000000
Kyle FruetelDFr100000000000
Thomas ChildFFr200000000000
Scott MunroeFSr100000000000
Greg BerardGSo300000000000

Overall and ECAC East Goaltending Comparison

Greg BerardSo33001.0001.76850.9510000.0000.000
Lee JenisonSo21001.0002.25000.9290000.0000.000

Detailed Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (7-17-1, 1-15-1 ECAC East)

11/19/99 Amherst  --
11/20/99 Trinity  --
11/27/99 Manhattanville240 691211 322-03-16B. Bufkin, R. Winslow, E. Bookbinder (3), J. Lobisser
11/28/99vs. Hobart1110312161364713-38-118B. Weston, R. Winslow, B. Bufkin
12/03/99@ Salem State  13-38-118
12/04/99@ Southern Maine  13-38-118
12/10/99vs. Fredonia212 56710 236-15-110C. Zahner, N. Bunstein, Y. Fournier, R. Winslow, E. Bookbinder
12/11/99@ Brockport040 42118 212-03-06G. McLachlan, B. Bufkin (2), R. Winslow
01/07/00 Norwich  2-03-06
01/08/00 Middlebury  2-03-06
01/14/00@ Williams  2-03-06
01/15/00@ Mass Coll Lib Arts  2-03-06
01/18/00@ St. Anselm  2-03-06
01/21/00@ Skidmore  2-03-06
01/22/00@ Hamilton  2-03-06
01/28/00@ Massachusetts-Boston  2-03-06
01/31/00 Gustavus Adolphus  2-03-06
02/04/00 New England College  2-03-06
02/05/00 St. Anselm  2-03-06
02/08/00 Assumption  2-03-06
02/11/00 Connecticut College  2-03-06
02/12/00 Wesleyan  2-03-06
02/18/00@ Bowdoin  2-03-06
02/19/00@ Colby  2-03-06
02/26/00@ Norwich  2-03-06

Team Summary


Scoring First2-0-0
Opp. Scores First2-0-0
When Outshooting Opponent1-0-0
When Outshot by Opponent3-0-0
1-goal Games2-3
When ...LeadingTrailingTied
After 12-0-01-0-04-17-1
After 23-0-01-0-03-17-1

Special Teams

Power Play234575.0
Penalty Kill-163-533.3

By Period

Score by Period123otTot.
Shots by Period123otTot.

Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (7-17-1, 1-15-1 ECAC East)

 GoalsOpp. GoalsShotsOpp. Shots 
11/19/99 Amherst    2-03-06
11/20/99 Trinity    2-03-06
11/27/99 Manhattanville240 6010 191211 32101412 362-03-16
11/28/99vs. Hobart11103020021216136474191423913-38-118
12/03/99@ Salem State    13-38-118
12/04/99@ Southern Maine    13-38-118
12/10/99vs. Fredonia212 5200 26710 2316815 396-15-110
12/11/99@ Brockport040 4111 32118 2181111 302-03-06
01/07/00 Norwich    2-03-06
01/08/00 Middlebury    2-03-06
01/14/00@ Williams    2-03-06
01/15/00@ Mass Coll Lib Arts    2-03-06
01/18/00@ St. Anselm    2-03-06
01/21/00@ Skidmore    2-03-06
01/22/00@ Hamilton    2-03-06
01/28/00@ Massachusetts-Boston    2-03-06
01/31/00 Gustavus Adolphus    2-03-06
02/04/00 New England College    2-03-06
02/05/00 St. Anselm    2-03-06
02/08/00 Assumption    2-03-06
02/11/00 Connecticut College    2-03-06
02/12/00 Wesleyan    2-03-06
02/18/00@ Bowdoin    2-03-06
02/19/00@ Colby    2-03-06
02/26/00@ Norwich    2-03-06

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