Boston College Eagles Women's Hockey
2015-2016 Team Statistics

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Overall Statistics

Alex CarpenterFSr151913322.1333246522
Haley SkarupaFSr151016261.7333242210
Makenna NewkirkFFr15910191.26675101301
Megan KellerDSo15511161.06677142201
Kristyn CapizzanoFJr15412161.0667120000
Andie AnastosFJr1578151.0000121200
Kali FlanaganDSo15213151.0000240000
Dana TrivignoFSr15410140.933310200000
Lexi BenderDSr15311140.93337141011
Kenzie KentFSo1538110.7333001200
Tori SullivanFSo1546100.6667240001
Toni Ann MianoDSo1528100.66676120100
Meghan GrievesFSr154590.6000000000
Kaliya JohnsonDSr151450.3333361000
Grace BizalDFr150110.0667120000
Katie BurtGSo130110.0769000000
Molly SloweFFr30000.0000000000
Kathleen McNamaraDFr20000.0000000000
Gabriella SwitajGSo20000.0000000000
Serena SommerfieldDFr120000.0000240000
Haley McLeanFJr130000.0000000000
Ryan LittleFFr150000.0000000000

Overall Goaltending Statistics

Katie BurtSo1313001.000147811.07606280.952
Gabriella SwitajSo22001.00041202.0017031.886
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Hockey East Conference-Only Statistics

Haley SkarupaFSr988161.7778002110
Alex CarpenterFSr968141.5556122110
Kristyn CapizzanoFJr949131.4444120000
Dana TrivignoFSr929111.22228160000
Andie AnastosFJr94591.0000000200
Makenna NewkirkFFr94591.0000241200
Megan KellerDSo91891.0000361000
Kali FlanaganDSo92680.8889000000
Lexi BenderDSr92680.8889361000
Tori SullivanFSo92460.6667240001
Toni Ann MianoDSo91560.66676120100
Meghan GrievesFSr93140.4444000000
Kenzie KentFSo93140.4444001200
Kaliya JohnsonDSr91340.4444121000
Katie BurtGSo80110.1250000000
Molly SloweFFr0000000000
Kathleen McNamaraDFr20000.0000000000
Gabriella SwitajGSo10000.0000000000
Serena SommerfieldDFr90000.0000240000
Grace BizalDFr90000.0000120000
Haley McLeanFJr70000.0000000000
Ryan LittleFFr90000.0000000000

Hockey East Conference-Only Goaltending Statistics

Katie BurtSo88001.00064810.74855165.965
Gabriella SwitajSo11001.0001601.0017022.957
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Overall and Hockey East Comparison

Alex CarpenterFSr1519133246596814221
Haley SkarupaFSr1510162642298816021
Makenna NewkirkFFr159101910139459412
Megan KellerDSo155111614229189610
Kristyn CapizzanoFJr154121620094913200
Andie AnastosFJr1578152129459002
Kali FlanaganDSo15213154009268000
Dana TrivignoFSr15410142000929111600
Lexi BenderDSr153111414109268610
Kenzie KentFSo1538110129314012
Tori SullivanFSo1546104009246400
Toni Ann MianoDSo152810120191561201
Meghan GrievesFSr154590009314000
Kaliya JohnsonDSr151456109134210
Grace BizalDFr150112009000200
Katie BurtGSo130110008011000
Molly SloweFFr30000000000000
Kathleen McNamaraDFr20000002000000
Gabriella SwitajGSo20000001000000
Serena SommerfieldDFr120004009000400
Haley McLeanFJr130000007000000
Ryan LittleFFr150000009000000

Overall and Hockey East Goaltending Comparison

Katie BurtSo1313001.0001.07606.95288001.0000.74855.965
Gabriella SwitajSo22001.0002.00170.88611001.0001.00170.957

Detailed Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (15-0-0, 9-0-0 Hockey East)

10/02/15 Minnesota-Duluth220 410912 311-40-36D. Trivigno, A. Carpenter, A. Anastos (2)
10/03/15 Minnesota-Duluth121 411157 330-40-48M. Keller, A. Carpenter (3)
10/11/15 St. Lawrence223 7191313 453-70-24T. Miano, A. Carpenter, H. Skarupa, M. Keller (2), T. Sullivan, M. Newkirk
10/12/15 St. Lawrence313 7142310 471-30-36A. Carpenter (3), M. Newkirk, M. Grieves, T. Sullivan, M. Keller
10/17/15 Maine220 424208 520-20-36M. Grieves, H. Skarupa (2), A. Carpenter
10/18/15 New Hampshire222 61497 301-40-510K. Kent (2), K. Capizzano (2), A. Anastos, M. Grieves
10/23/15@ Cornell103 4111716 441-30-612M. Newkirk, A. Carpenter (2), L. Bender
10/24/15@ Cornell323 814812 342-20-48A. Carpenter (3), H. Skarupa, D. Trivigno, M. Newkirk (2), A. Anastos
10/30/15 Connecticut121 4162126 631-40-24M. Newkirk, H. Skarupa, K. Capizzano, L. Bender
10/31/15@ Connecticut022 422149 452-40-38M. Keller, H. Skarupa, K. Kent, K. Flanagan
11/07/15@ Boston University224 8111816 451-21-48K. Flanagan, L. Bender, A. Anastos, H. Skarupa, A. Carpenter, M. Newkirk (3)
11/10/15 Boston University20114178153430-31-38A. Carpenter (2), D. Trivigno, K. Capizzano
11/13/15 New Hampshire231 613198 402-30-12D. Trivigno, H. Skarupa (2), A. Carpenter, A. Anastos (2)
11/14/15@ New Hampshire210 31287 272-40-38A. Carpenter, T. Miano, H. Skarupa
11/20/15 Northeastern103 471212 310-31-36T. Sullivan (2), M. Grieves, K. Johnson

Team Summary


Scoring First11-0-0
Opp. Scores First4-0-0
When Outshooting Opponent14-0-0
When Outshot by Opponent1-0-0
1-goal Games1-0
When ...LeadingTrailingTied
After 113-0-00-0-02-0-0
After 210-0-01-0-04-0-0

Special Teams

Power Play175232.7
Penalty Kill464993.9

By Period

Score by Period123otTot.
Boston College262327177
Shots by Period123otTot.
Boston College2152141783610
Avg./GameBoston CollegeOpp.Boston CollegeOpp.

Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (15-0-0, 9-0-0 Hockey East)

 GoalsOpp. GoalsShotsOpp. Shots 
10/02/15 Minnesota-Duluth220 4001 110912 31878 231-40-36
10/03/15 Minnesota-Duluth121 4011 211157 3381115 340-40-48
10/11/15 St. Lawrence223 7022 4191313 453129 243-70-24
10/12/15 St. Lawrence313 7012 3142310 47363 121-30-36
10/17/15 Maine220 4000 024208 526110 170-20-36
10/18/15 New Hampshire222 6000 01497 308144 261-40-510
10/23/15@ Cornell103 4001 1111716 44595 191-30-612
10/24/15@ Cornell323 8000 014812 344127 232-20-48
10/30/15 Connecticut121 4000 0162126 63555 151-40-24
10/31/15@ Connecticut022 4000 022149 45254 112-40-38
11/07/15@ Boston University224 8100 1111816 455106 211-21-48
11/10/15 Boston University201140210317815343101571330-31-38
11/13/15 New Hampshire231 6010 113198 405810 232-30-12
11/14/15@ New Hampshire210 3000 01287 277611 242-40-38
11/20/15 Northeastern103 4101 271212 31978 240-31-36

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