Boston University Terriers Women's Hockey
2014-2015 Team Statistics

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Overall Statistics

Sarah LefortFJr171312251.47066121511
Marie-Philip PoulinFSr12106161.3333243122
Kayla TutinoFSr17212140.82357140010
Victoria BachFFr1794130.7647001400
Rebecca RussoFJr1767130.7647243010
Rebecca LeslieFFr1757120.7059121000
Shannon DoyleDSr16210120.7500481100
Maddie EliaFSo173690.52949181100
Samantha SutherlandFSo172680.4706000100
Lillian Ribeirinha-BragaDJr171780.470611380000
Dakota WoodworthFJr171340.2353390000
Sarah SteeleDSo171340.23535100100
Shannon StoneburghDSr171340.23535100000
Jordan JuronFJr131230.2308120000
Alexis WoloschukDJr150330.20005100000
Caroline CampbellDSr171120.117622441100
Sarah BayersdorferFSr161010.0625000000
Natalie FlynnFSo170110.0588360000
Erin O'NeilGFr80110.1250000000
Diana BennettDJr30000.0000000000
Victoria HansonGSo100000.0000000000
Savannah NewtonDFr100000.0000120000

Overall Goaltending Statistics

Victoria HansonSo10811.850185911.82640187.912
Erin O'NeilFr8421.643194342.62950182.905
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Hockey East Conference-Only Statistics

Sarah LefortFJr1094131.3000360311
Kayla TutinoFSr101890.90007140000
Marie-Philip PoulinFSr64481.3333122021
Rebecca RussoFJr104480.8000122000
Shannon DoyleDSr102680.8000481100
Victoria BachFFr106170.7000000200
Rebecca LeslieFFr102460.6000121000
Lillian Ribeirinha-BragaDJr100550.50009340000
Maddie EliaFSo102240.40005101000
Samantha SutherlandFSo101340.4000000000
Sarah SteeleDSo101340.4000360100
Shannon StoneburghDSr101340.4000360000
Dakota WoodworthFJr100330.3000120000
Caroline CampbellDSr101120.200016321100
Alexis WoloschukDJr90220.2222360000
Sarah BayersdorferFSr91010.1111000000
Natalie FlynnFSo100110.1000360000
Erin O'NeilGFr50110.2000000000
Jordan JuronFJr70110.1429120000
Diana BennettDJr20000.0000000000
Victoria HansonGSo60000.0000000000
Savannah NewtonDFr70000.0000000000

Hockey East Conference-Only Goaltending Statistics

Victoria HansonSo6510.833123462.07890117.907
Erin O'NeilFr5310.75082511.91130114.934
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Overall and Hockey East Comparison

Sarah LefortFJr171312251215109413603
Marie-Philip PoulinFSr12106164316448220
Kayla TutinoFSr17212141400101891400
Victoria BachFFr17941301410617002
Rebecca RussoFJr17671343010448220
Rebecca LeslieFFr17571221010246210
Shannon DoyleDSr162101281110268811
Maddie EliaFSo173691811102241010
Samantha SutherlandFSo1726800110134000
Lillian Ribeirinha-BragaDJr171783800100553400
Dakota WoodworthFJr1713490010033200
Sarah SteeleDSo17134100110134601
Shannon StoneburghDSr17134100010134600
Jordan JuronFJr131232007011200
Alexis WoloschukDJr1503310009022600
Caroline CampbellDSr171124411101123211
Sarah BayersdorferFSr161010009101000
Natalie FlynnFSo1701160010011600
Erin O'NeilGFr80110005011000
Diana BennettDJr30000002000000
Victoria HansonGSo100000006000000
Savannah NewtonDFr100002007000000

Overall and Hockey East Goaltending Comparison

Victoria HansonSo10811.8501.82640.9126510.8332.07890.907
Erin O'NeilFr8421.6432.62950.9055310.7501.91130.934

Detailed Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (12-3-2, 8-2-0 Hockey East)

10/03/14vs. St. Cloud State104 5141015 393-50-36S. Lefort, M. Elia, R. Russo, M. Poulin, V. Bach
10/04/14@ Minnesota020 27615 280-82-36R. Leslie (2)
10/17/14@ Clarkson021 31167 240-20-36D. Woodworth, M. Poulin, S. Lefort
10/18/14@ Clarkson311 5995 230-10-26R. Leslie, V. Bach, J. Juron, M. Poulin (2)
10/24/14@ Maine021 313143 300-30-36M. Poulin, V. Bach, S. Lefort
10/25/14@ Maine101 2161017 430-31-26R. Russo, S. Bayersdorfer
10/28/14 Northeastern210 37179 331-31-38S. Doyle, R. Russo (2)
11/02/14 New Hampshire013 48715 300-41-36R. Leslie, R. Russo, S. Lefort (2)
11/08/14@ Yale112041013104372-72-715R. Russo, K. Tutino, V. Bach, S. Lefort
11/11/14 Northeastern102 310913 321-40-36S. Lefort, K. Tutino, V. Bach
11/15/14@ Connecticut021 312813 330-31-510V. Bach, M. Elia (2)
11/16/14 Connecticut310 411109 301-30-714M. Poulin (2), S. Steele, V. Bach
11/21/14 Harvard010011010114351-41-12S. Sutherland
11/23/14 New Hampshire114 67119 275-92-714V. Bach (2), S. Lefort (3), C. Campbell
11/29/14@ Dartmouth211 47910 261-52-614M. Poulin (2), L. Ribeirinha-Braga, S. Lefort
12/06/14@ Vermont121 4111116 380-20-622R. Leslie, S. Sutherland, S. Lefort (2)
12/08/14 Providence111 312913 340-60-816S. Stoneburgh, S. Doyle, M. Poulin

Team Summary


Scoring First7-1-1
Opp. Scores First5-2-1
When Outshooting Opponent9-2-2
When Outshot by Opponent2-0-0
1-goal Games2-0
When ...LeadingTrailingTied
After 17-1-10-2-15-0-0
After 29-0-11-3-12-0-0

Special Teams

Power Play157220.8
Penalty Kill597281.9

By Period

Score by Period123otTot.
Boston University171923059
Shots by Period123otTot.
Boston University1751691908542
Avg./GameBoston UniversityOpp.Boston UniversityOpp.

Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (12-3-2, 8-2-0 Hockey East)

 GoalsOpp. GoalsShotsOpp. Shots 
10/03/14vs. St. Cloud State104 5011 2141015 39584 173-50-36
10/04/14@ Minnesota020 2140 57615 287147 280-82-36
10/17/14@ Clarkson021 3010 11167 24668 200-20-36
10/18/14@ Clarkson311 5011 2995 236611 230-10-26
10/24/14@ Maine021 3000 013143 306711 240-30-36
10/25/14@ Maine101 2013 4161017 439138 300-31-26
10/28/14 Northeastern210 3200 27179 33111513 391-31-38
11/02/14 New Hampshire013 4002 28715 3071413 340-41-36
11/08/14@ Yale112040310410131043710882282-72-715
11/11/14 Northeastern102 3222 610913 3211108 291-40-36
11/15/14@ Connecticut021 3002 212813 336612 240-31-510
11/16/14 Connecticut310 4101 211109 30367 161-30-714
11/21/14 Harvard01001100011010114355723171-41-12
11/23/14 New Hampshire114 6002 27119 273149 265-92-714
11/29/14@ Dartmouth211 4002 27910 261057 221-52-614
12/06/14@ Vermont121 4010 1111116 38456 150-20-622
12/08/14 Providence111 3010 112913 34862 160-60-816

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