Bowdoin Polar Bears Men's Hockey
2002-2003 Team Statistics

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Overall Statistics

Sean StarkeFSr241515301.25002900
Jon LandryFFr231114251.08701500
Adam DannFFr241114251.04170120
Adam MantinFSr231014241.04351010
Chris PelletierFJr21149231.09524330
Nate RiddellDSo18414181.00000401
Ryan SeymourDSr24313160.66670000
Shannon McNevanFSo2386140.60870100
Matt RoyFFr2377140.60870100
Jared PorterDSr2429110.45831000
Albert MayerFSr2482100.41672000
Jesse MinnemanDFr243690.37500000
Michael StevensFJr204480.40000000
Brooks BoucherDSo111780.72730000
Peter NasveschuckDJr235270.30430100
Chad HartDSr194370.36840100
Bobby CavanaghFSo72460.85710000
Kevin RichardsonFFr130660.46150000
Marty BriseboisFJr72350.71431100
Adam MackieFSo112350.45451000
Matt KovacichFSo120550.41670000
Andy NelsonFFr70550.71430000
Mike O'NeillFJr170440.23530000
Kevin CastonguayDSr50110.20000000
Ben YormakG10000.00000000
Dave SandalsGSo20000.00000000
George PapachristopoulosGFr50000.00000000
Chris DonnellyFSo50000.00000000
Mike HealeyGJr230000.00000000

Overall Goaltending Statistics

Mike HealeyJr231264.6366212982.86540508.891
George PapachristopoulosFr5101.75041421.6929049.925
Dave SandalsSo2000.0003228.071704.571
Ben Yormak1000.000070.0000031.000
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NESCAC Conference-Only Statistics

Sean StarkeFSr191211231.21052700
Adam DannFFr19813211.10530010
Jon LandryFFr18911201.11111300
Chris PelletierFJr16126181.12504320
Adam MantinFSr18710170.94441010
Nate RiddellDSo16312150.93750301
Ryan SeymourDSr19310130.68420000
Shannon McNevanFSo1874110.61110100
Matt RoyFFr1865110.61110100
Brooks BoucherDSo81781.00000000
Jesse MinnemanDFr192570.36840000
Albert MayerFSr194260.31581000
Michael StevensFJr163360.37500000
Chad HartDSr153360.40000100
Jared PorterDSr191560.31581000
Marty BriseboisFJr72350.71431100
Peter NasveschuckDJr182130.16670100
Kevin RichardsonFFr110330.27270000
Mike O'NeillFJr130330.23080000
Adam MackieFSo91120.22220000
Matt KovacichFSo90220.22220000
Bobby CavanaghFSo40110.25000000
Ben YormakG00000000
Dave SandalsGSo10000.00000000
George PapachristopoulosGFr30000.00000000
Kevin CastonguayDSr40000.00000000
Andy NelsonFFr60000.00000000
Chris DonnellyFSo40000.00000000
Mike HealeyGJr190000.00000000

NESCAC Conference-Only Goaltending Statistics

Mike HealeyJr191134.7224910962.68310429.897
George PapachristopoulosFr3001.5002731.6499029.935
Dave SandalsSo1000.0002252.173901.333
Ben Yormak0000.0000000.000
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Overall and NESCAC Comparison

Sean StarkeFSr24151530291912112327
Jon LandryFFr2311142515189112013
Adam DannFFr2411142501198132100
Adam MantinFSr2310142410187101710
Chris PelletierFJr211492343161261843
Nate RiddellDSo184141804163121503
Ryan SeymourDSr243131600193101300
Shannon McNevanFSo2386140118741101
Matt RoyFFr2377140118651101
Jared PorterDSr242911101915610
Albert MayerFSr248210201942610
Jesse MinnemanDFr24369001925700
Michael StevensFJr20448001633600
Brooks BoucherDSo1117800817800
Peter NasveschuckDJr23527011821301
Chad HartDSr19437011533601
Bobby CavanaghFSo724600401100
Kevin RichardsonFFr13066001103300
Marty BriseboisFJr723511723511
Adam MackieFSo1123510911200
Matt KovacichFSo1205500902200
Andy NelsonFFr705500600000
Mike O'NeillFJr17044001303300
Kevin CastonguayDSr501100400000
Ben YormakG100000000000
Dave SandalsGSo200000100000
George PapachristopoulosGFr500000300000
Chris DonnellyFSo500000400000
Mike HealeyGJr23000001900000

Overall and NESCAC Goaltending Comparison

Mike HealeyJr231264.6362.86540.891191134.7222.68310.897
George PapachristopoulosFr5101.7501.69290.9253001.5001.64990.935
Dave SandalsSo2000.0008.07170.5711000.00052.17390.333
Ben Yormak1000.0000.000001.0000000.0000.000

Detailed Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (13-6-5, 11-3-5 NESCAC)

11/22/02@ St. Anselm210141215141421-70-718A. Dann, S. Starke, C. Pelletier, J. Porter
11/23/02@ New England College322 7111613 401-71-429J. Landry, S. Starke, C. Hart, C. Pelletier (3), P. Nasveschuck
12/01/02vs. Curry334 10121414 402-80-714A. Mantin, C. Hart, A. Mackie, P. Nasveschuck, C. Pelletier, B. Cavanagh, A. Dann, S. Starke, M. Stevens, N. Riddell
12/03/02 Colby122 51388 292-50-330A. Dann, P. Nasveschuck, R. Seymour, C. Pelletier, N. Riddell
12/06/02@ Skidmore112 4131013 360-41-612J. Landry, A. Mayer, A. Mantin (2)
12/07/02@ Mass Coll Lib Arts122 5132113 471-90-48M. Roy, A. Mayer, J. Minneman, J. Landry, C. Pelletier
12/27/02vs. Worcester State563 1418349 612-51-48P. Nasveschuck (2), A. Dann, S. Starke, J. Landry, A. Mantin (2), M. Roy, S. McNevan, B. Cavanagh, J. Minneman, A. Mayer (3)
12/28/02@ Salem State110 2181020 480-63-525C. Pelletier, A. Dann
01/10/03 Massachusetts-Boston202 4101113 340-40-26B. Boucher, J. Landry, A. Mayer, S. Starke
01/11/03 Babson311 511811 302-80-1032R. Seymour, M. Stevens, C. Pelletier, C. Hart, S. Starke
01/17/03 Williams0101281053261-30-28M. Roy, C. Pelletier
01/18/03 Middlebury110 26107 230-51-614A. Mantin, C. Hart
01/24/03@ Tufts327 1214918 411-10-36J. Landry, A. Mayer, A. Dann (2), A. Mantin, M. Roy, S. Starke, S. McNevan (3), M. Brisebois (2)
01/25/03@ Connecticut College042061216143451-51-412M. Stevens, S. Starke, J. Landry, S. McNevan, M. Roy (2)
01/31/03 Trinity143 8121618 463-91-522N. Riddell, M. Stevens, S. McNevan (2), A. Dann, J. Landry (3)
02/01/03 Wesleyan001012114115510-41-16S. Starke
02/07/03@ Norwich014 54128 241-30-314S. McNevan, M. Roy, A. Dann, A. Mantin, C. Pelletier
02/08/03@ St. Michael's000 013813 340-50-625
02/11/03@ Colby010 15157 270-41-716J. Porter
02/14/03 Southern Maine331 711159 354-101-1030A. Mantin, R. Seymour, C. Pelletier (2), N. Riddell, S. Starke (2)
02/15/03 Salem State10304915144422-80-724J. Minneman, C. Pelletier, S. Starke, A. Mantin
02/21/03@ Amherst21104913114370-32-310A. Mackie, A. Dann (2), S. Starke
02/22/03@ Hamilton00101816214491-51-512S. Starke
03/01/03 Hamilton111 3131312 382-91-732J. Landry, A. Mayer, S. Starke

Team Summary


Scoring First9-1-2
Opp. Scores First4-5-3
When Outshooting Opponent11-2-4
When Outshot by Opponent2-4-1
1-goal Games3-0
When ...LeadingTrailingTied
After 110-0-01-3-12-3-4
After 210-0-11-6-32-0-1

Special Teams

Power Play2713719.7
Penalty Kill10512186.8

By Period

Score by Period123otTot.
Shots by Period123otTot.

Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (13-6-5, 11-3-5 NESCAC)

 GoalsOpp. GoalsShotsOpp. Shots 
11/22/02@ St. Anselm210141020312151414251075271-70-718
11/23/02@ New England College322 7111 3111613 401087 251-71-429
12/01/02vs. Curry334 10101 2121414 4010710 272-80-714
12/03/02 Colby122 5210 31388 2913118 322-50-330
12/06/02@ Skidmore112 4001 1131013 368119 280-41-612
12/07/02@ Mass Coll Lib Arts122 5010 1132113 47672 151-90-48
12/27/02vs. Worcester State563 14011 218349 61854 172-51-48
12/28/02@ Salem State110 2221 5181020 487128 270-63-525
01/10/03 Massachusetts-Boston202 4111 3101113 345104 190-40-26
01/11/03 Babson311 5011 211811 30697 222-80-1032
01/17/03 Williams0101201001810532616471281-30-28
01/18/03 Middlebury110 2121 46107 238912 290-51-614
01/24/03@ Tufts327 12110 214918 41786 211-10-36
01/25/03@ Connecticut College0420641106121614345107144351-51-412
01/31/03 Trinity143 8111 3121618 461677 303-91-522
02/01/03 Wesleyan00101010012114115516661190-41-16
02/07/03@ Norwich014 5144 94128 24111611 381-30-314
02/08/03@ St. Michael's000 0011 213813 34111312 360-50-625
02/11/03@ Colby010 1022 45157 279165 300-41-716
02/14/03 Southern Maine331 7110 211159 35522 94-101-1030
02/15/03 Salem State10304112049151444213663282-80-724
02/21/03@ Amherst2110421104913114371216112410-32-310
02/22/03@ Hamilton001010100181621449111533321-51-512
03/01/03 Hamilton111 3231 6131312 38878 232-91-732

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