Bowling Green Falcons Men's Hockey
2014-2015 Team Statistics

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Overall Statistics

Kevin DufourFSo1492110.7857121300
Matt PohlkampFSo1446100.71435101010
Brandon HawkinsFFr144590.6429361200
Pierre-Luc MercierFSo141890.64296121000
Mitchell McLainFFr144480.57145101110
Ben MurphyFJr143470.5000000200
Mike SullivanDSr142570.5000121000
Nolan ValleauDFr140770.5000240000
Sean WalkerDSo142460.42868161101
Mark CooperFJr142460.42867141000
Adam BerkleFSr141560.42864190000
Dan DeSalvoFSr130660.4615240000
Tyler SpeziaFFr124150.4167121000
Jakob ReichertFFr132350.38467141001
Brent TateFJr63140.6667120100
Mark FriedmanDFr141340.285711330000
Dajon MingoFSr140440.28575100000
Brett D'AndreaFFr81120.2500000000
Chris NellGFr40000.0000000000
Jose DelgadilloDJr80000.0000240000
Ben GreinerFFr30000.0000000000
Tomas ShollGSo30000.0000000000
Tommy BurkeGJr70000.0000000000
Rusty HafnerDSr20000.0000120000
Connor KuceraDSr50000.0000240000

Overall Goaltending Statistics

Tommy BurkeJr7421.643144241.98320181.928
Chris NellFr44001.00082402.00001112.933
Tomas ShollSo3210.66781802.6681070.897
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WCHA Conference-Only Statistics

Matt PohlkampFSo84370.8750361010
Kevin DufourFSo84260.7500000100
Brandon HawkinsFFr83360.7500240200
Pierre-Luc MercierFSo80660.7500360000
Mitchell McLainFFr82350.62505101110
Adam BerkleFSr81450.62504190000
Mike SullivanDSr81450.6250121000
Dan DeSalvoFSr80550.6250120000
Ben MurphyFJr82240.5000000100
Sean WalkerDSo81340.50008161001
Tyler SpeziaFFr63030.5000121000
Jakob ReichertFFr72130.4286481001
Mark CooperFJr82130.3750481000
Nolan ValleauDFr80330.3750000000
Mark FriedmanDFr80330.3750360000
Brett D'AndreaFFr71120.2857000000
Dajon MingoFSr80110.1250480000
Brent TateFJr20110.5000120000
Jose DelgadilloDJr50000.0000120000
Ben GreinerFFr20000.0000000000
Tommy BurkeGJr40000.0000000000
Tomas ShollGSo20000.0000000000
Rusty HafnerDSr0000000000
Connor KuceraDSr30000.0000000000
Chris NellGFr20000.0000000000

WCHA Conference-Only Goaltending Statistics

Tommy BurkeJr44001.00062401.50130109.948
Chris NellFr22001.00021201.0000155.965
Tomas ShollSo2110.50061203.0025048.889
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Overall and WCHA Comparison

Kevin DufourFSo1492112138426001
Matt PohlkampFSo14461010108437610
Brandon HawkinsFFr144596128336402
Pierre-Luc MercierFSo1418912108066600
Mitchell McLainFFr14448101182351011
Ben MurphyFJr143470028224001
Mike SullivanDSr142572108145210
Nolan ValleauDFr140774008033000
Sean WalkerDSo14246161181341610
Mark CooperFJr1424614108213810
Adam BerkleFSr14156190081451900
Dan DeSalvoFSr130664008055200
Tyler SpeziaFFr124152106303210
Jakob ReichertFFr1323514107213810
Brent TateFJr63142012011200
Mark FriedmanDFr1413433008033600
Dajon MingoFSr1404410008011800
Brett D'AndreaFFr81120007112000
Chris NellGFr40000002000000
Jose DelgadilloDJr80004005000200
Ben GreinerFFr30000002000000
Tomas ShollGSo30000002000000
Tommy BurkeGJr70000004000000
Rusty HafnerDSr20002000000000
Connor KuceraDSr50004003000000

Overall and WCHA Goaltending Comparison

Tommy BurkeJr7421.6431.98320.92844001.0001.50130.948
Chris NellFr44001.0002.00001.93322001.0001.00001.965
Tomas ShollSo3210.6672.66810.8972110.5003.00250.889

Detailed Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (10-3-1, 7-1-0 WCHA)

10/10/14 Miami111 3161012 382-60-26K. Dufour (2), B. Tate
10/12/14@ Miami101 21359 271-51-412K. Dufour, M. Friedman
10/17/14@ Alabama-Huntsville212 5111812 412-40-48M. McLain, K. Dufour, B. Hawkins, M. Pohlkamp, B. Murphy
10/18/14@ Alabama-Huntsville031 4151716 482-80-522B. Hawkins, J. Reichert, K. Dufour (2)
10/24/14@ Clarkson02002111062290-10-24K. Dufour, M. McLain
10/25/14@ Clarkson410 51193 231-31-48K. Dufour, B. Murphy, M. McLain, T. Spezia, P. Mercier
10/31/14 Minnesota State101 2685 190-11-24T. Spezia (2)
11/01/14 Minnesota State102 32910 210-40-614B. D'Andrea, T. Spezia, K. Dufour
11/07/14@ Alaska201 313713 330-51-48M. Cooper, B. Hawkins, M. Pohlkamp
11/08/14@ Alaska210 39137 290-20-48B. Murphy, M. Pohlkamp, M. Cooper
11/14/14 Ohio State101 261110 270-10-425B. Tate (2)
11/15/14@ Ohio State111 381012 301-70-38M. Sullivan, S. Walker, B. Hawkins
11/21/14 Bemidji State012 34129 250-50-26A. Berkle, M. Sullivan, J. Reichert
11/22/14 Bemidji State201 31169 261-40-733M. McLain, M. Pohlkamp, S. Walker

Team Summary


Scoring First7-3-0
Opp. Scores First3-0-1
When Outshooting Opponent6-1-1
When Outshot by Opponent4-2-0
1-goal Games6-2
When ...LeadingTrailingTied
After 17-1-01-0-12-2-0
After 24-0-14-2-02-1-0

Special Teams

Power Play105617.9
Penalty Kill495392.5

By Period

Score by Period123otTot.
Bowling Green181114043
Shots by Period123otTot.
Bowling Green1361451332416
Avg./GameBowling GreenOpp.Bowling GreenOpp.

Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (10-3-1, 7-1-0 WCHA)

 GoalsOpp. GoalsShotsOpp. Shots 
10/10/14 Miami111 3011 2161012 387125 242-60-26
10/12/14@ Miami101 2120 31359 2712152 291-51-412
10/17/14@ Alabama-Huntsville212 5000 0111812 41497 202-40-48
10/18/14@ Alabama-Huntsville031 4010 1151716 48785 202-80-522
10/24/14@ Clarkson02002110021110622951084270-10-24
10/25/14@ Clarkson410 5112 41193 2311815 341-31-48
10/31/14 Minnesota State101 2131 5685 19121111 340-11-24
11/01/14 Minnesota State102 3010 12910 2151012 270-40-614
11/07/14@ Alaska201 3110 213713 3310126 280-51-48
11/08/14@ Alaska210 3020 29137 29101117 380-20-48
11/14/14 Ohio State101 2003 361110 278412 240-10-425
11/15/14@ Ohio State111 3101 281012 3014114 291-70-38
11/21/14 Bemidji State012 3100 14129 25868 220-50-26
11/22/14 Bemidji State201 3011 21169 2681514 371-40-733

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