Framingham State Rams Men's Hockey
2006-2007 Team Statistics

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Overall Statistics

Nicholas GlumCJr23149231.00000510
Tim RichardFJr23611170.73910400
Jonathan LamkenFJr23106160.69572300
Ben ColbyDSr2169150.71430500
Jason AkstinFJr2159140.66670000
Jeremy SchmidtFFr2357120.52170200
Colin GoodwinDFr1319100.76920000
Joseph MulveyFFr215380.38100000
Kyle HallettWSo233580.34780100
Stephen ButlerFJr191670.36840000
Ryan SullivanDFr171670.41180100
Brett CasavantFFr152350.33330100
Sean BoudreauFSo152350.33330000
Stephen FicaroDFr181450.27780000
Joshua WilliamsDFr221450.22730000
Joseph HurleyFFr193140.21050000
David TrantinDSo151120.13330000
Stephan DavisDFr121120.16670000
Sean MaguireFSo190220.10530000
Neil DonahueFSo50220.40000000
Patrick DonovanDJr20000.00000000
Thomas SmithGFr10000.00000000
Chris GianatassioFJr30000.00000000
Adam ClancyDJr20000.00000000
Scott RiversDFr50000.00000000
Matthew TruszGSo110000.00000000
Patrick SampsonGJr40000.00000000
Trevor JohnsonFFr160000.00000000
Andy JoyceGFr110000.00000000

Overall Goaltending Statistics

Matthew TruszSo11181.150546145.27370374.874
Andy JoyceFr11180.111445564.74910272.861
Patrick SampsonJr4040.000212056.15480127.858
Thomas SmithFr1000.000187.214402.667
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ECAC Northeast Conference-Only Statistics

Nicholas GlumCJr1597161.06670410
Ben ColbyDSr1448120.85710400
Tim RichardFJr1537100.66670300
Jeremy SchmidtFFr155490.60000200
Jason AkstinFJr142790.64290000
Jonathan LamkenFJr157180.53330200
Joseph MulveyFFr144370.50000000
Stephen ButlerFJr141670.50000000
Colin GoodwinDFr71560.85710000
Brett CasavantFFr122350.41670100
Kyle HallettWSo151450.33330000
Joseph HurleyFFr113140.36360000
Ryan SullivanDFr101340.40000100
Sean BoudreauFSo101230.30000000
Stephen FicaroDFr111120.18180000
David TrantinDSo91120.22220000
Sean MaguireFSo130220.15380000
Joshua WilliamsDFr140220.14290000
Neil DonahueFSo30110.33330000
Patrick DonovanDJr10000.00000000
Thomas SmithGFr00000000
Chris GianatassioFJr10000.00000000
Adam ClancyDJr00000000
Scott RiversDFr20000.00000000
Matthew TruszGSo70000.00000000
Patrick SampsonGJr40000.00000000
Trevor JohnsonFFr100000.00000000
Stephan DavisDFr80000.00000000
Andy JoyceGFr60000.00000000

ECAC Northeast Conference-Only Goaltending Statistics

Matthew TruszSo7061.071354035.21500245.875
Andy JoyceFr6040.000252945.09940129.838
Patrick SampsonJr4040.000212056.15480127.858
Thomas SmithFr0000.0000000.000
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Overall and ECAC Northeast Comparison

Nicholas GlumCJr23149230515971604
Tim RichardFJr23611170415371003
Jonathan LamkenFJr2310616231571802
Ben ColbyDSr2169150514481204
Jason AkstinFJr215914001427900
Jeremy SchmidtFFr235712021554902
Colin GoodwinDFr13191000715600
Joseph MulveyFFr21538001443700
Kyle HallettWSo23358011514500
Stephen ButlerFJr19167001416700
Ryan SullivanDFr17167011013401
Brett CasavantFFr15235011223501
Sean BoudreauFSo15235001012300
Stephen FicaroDFr18145001111200
Joshua WilliamsDFr22145001402200
Joseph HurleyFFr19314001131400
David TrantinDSo1511200911200
Stephan DavisDFr1211200800000
Sean MaguireFSo19022001302200
Neil DonahueFSo502200301100
Patrick DonovanDJr200000100000
Thomas SmithGFr100000000000
Chris GianatassioFJr300000100000
Adam ClancyDJr200000000000
Scott RiversDFr500000200000
Matthew TruszGSo1100000700000
Patrick SampsonGJr400000400000
Trevor JohnsonFFr16000001000000
Andy JoyceGFr1100000600000

Overall and ECAC Northeast Goaltending Comparison

Matthew TruszSo11181.1505.27370.8747061.0715.21500.875
Andy JoyceFr11180.1114.74910.8616040.0005.09940.838
Patrick SampsonJr4040.0006.15480.8584040.0006.15480.858
Thomas SmithFr1000.0007.21440.6670000.0000.000

Detailed Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (2-20-1, 0-14-1 ECAC Northeast)

11/08/06@ Johnson and Wales002 27146 271-132-933T. Richard, J. Schmidt
11/10/06@ Worcester State200 2141313 400-50-820N. Glum, T. Richard
11/11/06vs. Assumption31206912112342-103-820J. Akstin, B. Colby, J. Lamken, J. Williams, N. Glum, K. Hallett
11/13/06 Salve Regina101 2778 221-21-510N. Glum, J. Hurley
11/18/06 So. New Hampshire123 6101512 373-103-830N. Glum (2), T. Richard, S. Boudreau, J. Hurley, B. Colby
11/21/06@ Curry000 04113 180-120-512
11/28/06@ Massachusetts-Boston101 25179 310-41-210J. Akstin, J. Lamken
12/02/06@ Franklin Pierce0300341462263-81-720R. Sullivan, B. Colby, N. Glum
12/05/06 Western New England010 11298 291-71-918N. Glum
12/11/06 Salem State010 18138 290-81-618T. Richard
12/28/06vs. Skidmore011 2055 100-61-718N. Glum, K. Hallett
12/29/06vs. Suffolk213 68109 271-81-931S. Davis, S. Boudreau, B. Colby, J. Lamken, J. Akstin, N. Glum
01/06/07 Plymouth State2010313980301-31-823J. Schmidt, C. Goodwin, K. Hallett
01/09/07@ Southern Maine002 2338 141-60-831J. Mulvey, T. Richard
01/13/07@ Nichols221 59114 240-63-510J. Schmidt, J. Akstin, J. Lamken (2), J. Mulvey
01/18/07@ Assumption121 4141812 441-82-510N. Glum (2), T. Richard, J. Lamken
01/20/07@ Suffolk101 2858 210-20-24N. Glum, J. Hurley
01/24/07 Fitchburg State131 5101310 332-52-510J. Schmidt (2), S. Ficaro, B. Casavant, J. Mulvey
01/27/07@ Worcester State202 4121110 330-32-616J. Lamken, J. Mulvey (2), J. Akstin
02/03/07@ Western New England112 49910 282-34-512B. Colby, J. Lamken (2), B. Casavant
02/06/07@ Stonehill111 316119 361-22-48D. Trantin, B. Colby, N. Glum
02/10/07 Massachusetts-Dartmouth100 11265 231-20-48N. Glum
02/17/07 Wentworth101 291212 331-31-12J. Lamken, S. Butler

Team Summary


Scoring First1-7-0
Opp. Scores First1-13-1
When Outshooting Opponent0-3-1
When Outshot by Opponent2-17-0
1-goal Games1-6
When ...LeadingTrailingTied
After 10-3-00-11-12-6-0
After 21-3-10-13-01-4-0

Special Teams

Power Play2213616.2
Penalty Kill10413676.5

By Period

Score by Period123otTot.
Framingham State231926068
Shots by Period123otTot.
Framingham State2032481944649
Avg./GameFramingham StateOpp.Framingham StateOpp.

Game-by-Game Statistics
Record: (2-20-1, 0-14-1 ECAC Northeast)

 GoalsOpp. GoalsShotsOpp. Shots 
11/08/06@ Johnson and Wales002 2230 57146 271486 281-132-933
11/10/06@ Worcester State200 2111 3141313 4014158 370-50-820
11/11/06vs. Assumption312060241791211234810101292-103-820
11/13/06 Salve Regina101 2211 4778 22191011 401-21-510
11/18/06 So. New Hampshire123 6142 7101512 37799 253-103-830
11/21/06@ Curry000 0052 74113 18181211 410-120-512
11/28/06@ Massachusetts-Boston101 2100 15179 3114912 350-41-210
12/02/06@ Franklin Pierce030031020341462268492233-81-720
12/05/06 Western New England010 1112 41298 2912108 301-71-918
12/11/06 Salem State010 1111 38138 29141316 430-81-618
12/28/06vs. Skidmore011 2325 10055 10132511 490-61-718
12/29/06vs. Suffolk213 6201 38109 27141214 401-81-931
01/06/07 Plymouth State201030121413980301314122411-31-823
01/09/07@ Southern Maine002 2125 8338 14171914 501-60-831
01/13/07@ Nichols221 5205 79114 24211725 630-63-510
01/18/07@ Assumption121 4212 5141812 44181017 451-82-510
01/20/07@ Suffolk101 2312 6858 21121612 400-20-24
01/24/07 Fitchburg State131 5412 7101310 3391411 342-52-510
01/27/07@ Worcester State202 4203 5121110 3316814 380-32-616
02/03/07@ Western New England112 4312 69910 281298 292-34-512
02/06/07@ Stonehill111 3141 616119 36151516 461-22-48
02/10/07 Massachusetts-Dartmouth100 1121 41265 23121814 441-20-48
02/17/07 Wentworth101 2313 791212 33142112 471-31-12

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